Maybe a Fox

Maybe a Fox

Kathi Appelt Alison McGhee / Sep 16, 2019

Maybe a Fox Sylvie and Jules Jules and Sylvie Jules adores her older by one year sister Sylvie Sylvie beautiful like their mother Sylvie supreme maker of tiny snow families Sylvie faster than fast Sylvie gone In

  • Title: Maybe a Fox
  • Author: Kathi Appelt Alison McGhee
  • ISBN: 9781442482425
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sylvie and Jules.Jules and Sylvie.Jules adores her older by one year sister, Sylvie.Sylvie beautiful like their mother.Sylvie supreme maker of tiny snow families.Sylvie faster than fast.Sylvie gone.Into thin air, Sylvie goes missing, and as Jules stumbles in grief, a fox cub is born A shadow fox, spirit and animal in one From the minute the cub opens her eyes, she seSylvie and Jules.Jules and Sylvie.Jules adores her older by one year sister, Sylvie.Sylvie beautiful like their mother.Sylvie supreme maker of tiny snow families.Sylvie faster than fast.Sylvie gone.Into thin air, Sylvie goes missing, and as Jules stumbles in grief, a fox cub is born A shadow fox, spirit and animal in one From the minute the cub opens her eyes, she senses something very wrong Someone Jules.Jules steadfast like their father.Jules supreme maker of tiny snow foxes.Jules collector of rocks.Jules heartbroken.Who is this Jules Who is this Sylvie she cries out for And why does the air still prickle with something unsettled As that dark unknown grows, the fates of the girl Jules and the fox cub, laced together with wishes and shadowy ties, are about to collide.

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        Lives in College Station, TX with husband Ken and four adorable cats.Two sons, both musicians.Serves on the faculty at Vermont College of Fine Arts in the MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults Program.


    1. MORE HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GREG!!!3.5 rounding up to 4 because this book wasn't written for old ladies like me with no juice left in their hearts's a sweetly sad middle grade novel about grief and the coping mechanisms and magical thinking we cling to in order to carry on living in the aftermath of devastating loss. and also, magical animals. let's be clear - i read this because of the fox on the cover, thinking it would be like Pax. and surface-level it is - it's a sad book that involves a fox, but i [...]

    2. “Maybe A Fox” is an absolutely beautiful book that I have no doubt will be in the running, and will most likely win, many prestigious awards. It’s one of the rare children’s books that present the issues they live with in a frank manner, thereby avoiding the patronizing attitude with which children’s literature so often suffers.Somehow, there is whimsy and hope mixed in amongst the realities of war and death. The resilience of family is a central theme, along with the promise of hope i [...]

    3. Wellere went my heartIS BOOK HONESTLY CRUSHED MY SOUL LIKE A GRAPE. I can't even tell you how emotional this made me. I would give it five stars if not for someodd spiritual stuff in it. The book talked a lot about creatures being "linked" to nature and other such things, and I wasn't all that fond of that. However, the writing was just lovely and laced with raw emotion. I WANT TO HUG ALL THE PRECIOUS, HURTING CHARACTERS. <3Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just be trying to piece my heart back t [...]

    4. Maybe a Fox . . . Maybe a Newbery . . . if I had a vote. Yup, it's that good! Yup, a book with two authors is eligible for a Newbery (I know, not because I'm a kennen, but because I checked the criteria). The only Newbery problem I foresee is there is not enough space for a sticker on the cover without covering something important.This book is so loving, so emotional, so beautifully written. All of which leaves me in awe, but especially the beautifully written part--how in the world could TWO au [...]

    5. This was totally a cover buy, I absolutely love foxes 🦊. Maybe a fox is a quick, easy, adorable read. I love the relationship between the sisters its real and raw and heartbreaking. The chapters that are from the foxes perspective were my favorite, i think i need a pet fox now ever more. Sam, Jules and Sylvie are very likable characters and have great personalities. Sylvie. Senna. Run. Faster. Beautiful story.

    6. Maybe a Fox is a beautiful, charismatic, charming, emotional book about the bond that two young sisters have, even in the after world.Jules and Sylvie are sisters. It has been just them and their dad since their mum died many years before. Jules is eleven. She is just like her dad. They both love collecting rocks, and are very sensible. Twelve year old Sylvie looks just like her mum, much to the annoyance of Jules. Sylvie is full of energy, and buzzing with adrenaline. She also likes to run, rea [...]

    7. Maybe a Fox is a deeply emotional middle grade book, dealing with relationships, burning wishes, and loss. It is the kind of middle grade that will pull you in and won't let you go until you're finished, the kind that will absolutely devastate you, and you will emerge feeling somehow bereft and hopeful all at once, and with a feeling of gladness for having read it.It's about a family that does its best to carry on after being suddenly downgraded to a single-parent family.And somehow, knowing tha [...]

    8. Thanks for ripping my heart out again!!! Wow! Grab the tissues for this one, it's beautiful!!! I was reading this book while waiting for my son at driver's ed, and cried like a baby in my car. (I hope nobody saw me. That would be embarrassing!) Then, when my son got in the car, I told him about the story and cried again! How am I supposed to booktalk this book with out breaking down into a messy puddle?!?!?!? This is a wonderful story of sisters Sylvie and Jules, but like always with Appelt ther [...]

    9. Lovely little book about life and death and dealing with grief. Not too heavy for kids (the intended audience) for once, and very nice use of animals and nature as characters, rather than METAPHORS, CHILDREN. I can see why this is getting a lot of awards buzz.

    10. Wow. This book just gutted me. It was haunting and magical; sad and heart-wrenching, yet amazingly beautiful. A definite must read. I've put this one high on my list to receive multiple awards next year.

    11. I'd rate this book 3.5 - 3.75 stars, but I just couldn't justify giving it four "official" stars. It is lovely. It is beautiful. It is poignant. It is also going to be a very tough sell for the average reader.It deals with Jules, an adolescent girl, who loses her big sister/best friend Sylvie after she falls into a river and is never seen again. Their best friend Sam and his big brother Elk are also mourning losses: the loss of Elk's best friend Zeke, who went off to war with Elk but didn't foll [...]

    12. A beautiful magical story is about two sisters and a fox. Author Alison McGhee was inspired by writing this book as Alison and her daughter witnessed a a fox In Wirth Park long ago. I love this cover as I actually have a jumper with a fox on and my grandson loves it. I loved the poem by Patricia Fargnoli at the beginning of Maybe a Fox. I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this touching and powerful contemporary story of sisterly love and grief, with a twist of magical realism book [...]

    13. Maybe a Fox definitely has a good chance of winning the Newbery for 2017. Original and so, so good. Cover art is extraordinary, btw. Reminds me of the incredible dust jacket art of my youth. Phenomenal.

    14. Wow. Give this short but powerful novel about grief and healing to your students/ patrons who love sad books. It is achingly sad, beautifully written and peopled by complex, memorable characters. Its Vermont setting is vividly drawn as well.

    15. Gees woman (you know who you are!) you ask so much of me.We know it's hard to cope with grief, to allow time to heal. Hurts.

    16. Very mythical, lyrically written read. I think this an objectively good book but it was hard for me to enjoy. Could have been the timing a bit but it just seemed overly sad (2 deaths in a family of 4 is rough and seemed possibly unnecessary for the themes explored). Also got a bit bogged down with the pacing. I think I needed more to happen. But I do love animal books and all the classical children's lit themes of loss, grief and family gave me plenty of feels. This is also a book that will be a [...]

    17. Is 2016 shaping up to be the Year of Sad or what? (See: Raymie Nightingale and Pax.) By the way, total tangent, I unofficially dubbed 2015 the Year of the Grandparent: Listen, Slowly, Circus Mirandus, Goodbye Stranger, Gone Crazy in Alabama, Bayou Magic, Sunny Side Up, The Lightning Queen, Great Ball of Light, In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse, Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer, and saving the best for (ahem) last, Last Stop on Market Street. That was fun! I'd much rather list bo [...]

    18. If you like this, you might also like The Underneath (which I did) and Pax (which was somewhat of a disappointment.A few aspects of this seemed, to me, a bit contrived for the sake of the story (beyond the big implausibilities, of course). But mostly it was worth it. I love the philosophical discussion aka the Maybe Game. I love Super Friend Sam, and the authors' reminder that other people grieve, too. I don't love Wishing rocks.

    19. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineJules is dealing with the sudden death of her mother when her sister, Sylvie, runs through the woods near their house and plummets to her death at a waterfall. Since her body is not recovered, both Jules and her father struggle, especially since Jules thinks she should have been able to stop her sister. Her friend, Sam, tries to help her, but he's also trying to help his brother Elk deal with the war death of his friend Zeke. Add to this mix Sam's attempts [...]

    20. On an ordinary wintry school day like so many others, while sisters twelve-year-old Sylvie and eleven-year-old Jules are waiting for the school bus, Sylvie runs into the woods and disappears. Why would she go? They were forbidden to go on this path leading to the Slip, a small geological formation in which the river bed disappears into an open cavern and forms a small pool. A shadow fox cub, both animal and spirit, known to be lucky, is born at the same time, somehow linking their lives together [...]

    21. Gelezen op aanraden van mijn 9 jarige dochter die totaal gegrepen was door dit boek. En inderdaad wil het achter elkaar doorlezen. Je voelt al in de eerste paar bladzijden al een opgebouwde spanning naar een gebeurtenis die, gezien de tekst op de achterflap wel in de lijn der verwachting ligt, maar dan toch als een verrassing komt. Hier en daar wordt het een beetje zweverig maar dat doet niets af aan dit prachtige verhaalest zelfs af en toe een traantje wegknipperen

    22. "Maybe a Fox" is a simple book, with a simple story but full of meaning.It was the first time that I ever knew a main character with such a peculiar hobbie and that made the book even better!PS: I hate you Liz Redding!!!

    23. This heartbreakingly beautiful story merges grief, fantasy, yearning and growing-up into a wondrous celebration of sisterhood, family and catharsis. Soulmate sisters Sylvie and Jules are ripped apart when Sylvie vanishes. Jules and her father must find their lives again and redefine their relationship to the Vermont farmland setting that plays a crucial role in this tale. A quirky fantasy element pervades this book forcing to the reader to reconcile their emotions with the animals streams and wo [...]

    24. In some ways this book reminded me of John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany in that one of the two main characters has a sense that their skills will be called upon in a life or death moment and this sense is so strong that it is carried with this character in human and animal form.Sisters Sylvie and Jules live with their Dad in Vermont and each is defined by their singular interests: Sylvie is passionate about running while Jules cares deeply about geology. The book reads in three parts with th [...]

    25. This is a hauntingly beautiful book about grief, friendships and family. Mixed in with the realities of death and war there is also hope and love and magical thinking. It is a story of the bond between sisters, the bond between brothers and friends and how humans cope in the aftermath of loss. The novel can be divided into three parts; the first outlines the past and introduces the girls’ personalities; the second section follows the consequences of the tragedy that occurs in part one, and the [...]

    26. I really love Appelt's books. She always weaves some element of nature into her stories and the animas are smart and elemental to the plot. This book is about two sisters, Jules and Sylvie. One morning Sylvie goes for a run and doesn't return. Jules is left to deal with her grief on her own, until she meets a fox that shows her she is not alone. There are other important storylines, but the most important is the one that follows Jules. I loved the characters and how it handles grief and loss.

    27. Yeesh. A couple dead kids, a dead mom, dead animals. A huge amount of grief and sorrow. Sure, it was written well, but it's one of those books that just doesn't match up with the actual child reader. I can't think of one of my 500 students who would be looking for a book like this. Will not be buying this for my library.

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