Van Gogh in Peppers: a self-portrait of Male Depression

Van Gogh in Peppers: a self-portrait of Male Depression

Christopher Scott Downing StevenHanley / Feb 24, 2020

Van Gogh in Peppers a self portrait of Male Depression Alternate Cover ISBN A cautionary memoir about a man s attempt to overcome depression without doctors therapists or medication the results alternating between hilarity

  • Title: Van Gogh in Peppers: a self-portrait of Male Depression
  • Author: Christopher Scott Downing StevenHanley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate Cover 1507654588 ISBN 13 978 1507654583 A cautionary memoir about a man s attempt to overcome depression without doctors, therapists, or medication, the results alternating between hilarity and tragedy This is an important and timely wake up call to men and their loved ones who misunderstand depression or are commonly resistant to talk about it Meet ChrAlternate Cover 1507654588 ISBN 13 978 1507654583 A cautionary memoir about a man s attempt to overcome depression without doctors, therapists, or medication, the results alternating between hilarity and tragedy This is an important and timely wake up call to men and their loved ones who misunderstand depression or are commonly resistant to talk about it Meet Christopher Scott Downing, a thirty three year old grocery manager with a lot on his mind He s up to his neck with a team of rascals, a second in command who ll do anything for his job, way too much debt, a girlfriend who can t wait for him to break up with her, and, it turns out, a brain that s begun shutting down just when he needs it most As if that wasn t bad enough, his favorite baseball team is having the worst year ever Van Gogh in Peppers chronicles Christopher s misguided plans to deal with all this Without the help of doctors, therapists, or meds, he decides to triumph entirely alone over everything, including his physical brain that s apparently out to get him This plan turns out to be a very, very bad idea.This memoir will begin your own discussion about Major Depressive Disorder by exploring these questions What do men experience under depression How does depression manifest in men uniquely Why do many men refuse help with this treatable disease This memoir won t give you a single piece of sound advice Not for overcoming depression So you can just forget about that.Instead, you ll experience a level of honesty you often don t get from the men as they re going through it Or from most men, really Especially from those who don t want to talk about it Van Gogh in Peppers will put you there in the moment, revealing details of male depression than you might even know to ask.Memoir with a purpose Van Gogh in Peppers not only serves the man struggling to cope with his condition but also his loved ones trying to understand him It can help identify the man who, rather than appearing depressed, is hell bent on destroying everything around him Identifying the possibility of Major Depressive Disorder is the difficult first step toward seeking the help he deserves Depression is a wide spread, secretive disease that needs to be discussed because men are hurting themselves They are hurting their families They are hurting those who care And that needs to stop.Veteran psychologist Steven J Hanley, Ph.D provides the wonderful, thought provoking foreword.2% OF PROCEEDS SERVE CHARITIES FOR MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCACY.

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    1. ‘Van Gogh in Peppers’ is an open and brutally honest memoir of the author’s struggle with a major depressive disorder over a period of six months. His single and most powerful message, especially to men is to not try to go it alone.Christopher Scott Downing’s voice is original and quirky. He tells a personal and at times harrowing and humiliating story about a dark time in his life, but he injects it with powerful humour. As I read about the author’s struggle with alcohol, depression a [...]

    2. A dark, at times difficult account of a man trying to cope with depression and making so many bad choices and decisions along the way. Having said that, I found the book funny at times and even uplifting. Here is a writer with a great sense of himself, clearly exposing some of the less pleasant aspects of his history in what I found to be a deeply touching memoir. There is a line I won’t quote verbatim from early on in the book where he refers to men as unwilling to ask for directions and then [...]

    3. This is a brutally raw memoir of Major Depressive Disorder. I had familiar feelings while reading this book—I have seen and even known people who behaved like this and often wondered why. The fact that depression can cause a person to sabotage their life this way was quite an eye-opener. It’s convincingly written and at times made me shake my head in disgust and hope for him to see the light at the same time. Not at all meant to glorify drug and alcohol abuse, Van Gogh in Peppers instead sho [...]

    4. A must read for everyone. Seriously. Everyone. This book is hilarious, depressing, rewarding, and gritty--all at the same time. Christopher's style is unmatched. You suffer with him in his sorrows and you rejoice in his victories. It's captivating. Most importantly, it's downright hilarious! Through his own struggles, he is able to pinpoint and perfectly describe his depression. It's as if he is able to put words to something so many people struggle to identify. This isn't some sort of abstract [...]

    5. Well where do I start in reviewing this compelling, but harrowing tale of one man's battle with the demons inside his head.Firstly, let me commend Christopher Scott Downing for using the medium of writing to allow us inside his personal "hell". I assume the writing of the tale was part of the overall treatment. I have no doubt putting it all down on paper was extremely cathartic for him. I feel, as a reader, privileged to have such intimate access to someone's very personal feelings and life. I [...]

    6. An exceptional read I'd highly recommend to partners/friends of men (and women) caught in the dark trap of depression.Although there is humour in the book this is a raw and brutally honest account of one man struggling to hold onto his employment and home while self-diagnosing and treating himself for severe depression. Total respect to the author, an obviously intelligent and sensitive man, being prepared to pick at the scabs of his past and write so eloquently and honestly about his feelings a [...]

    7. Here is what I loved about this book -- everything. This is a beautifully written memoir about a man struggling with depression. Not your everyday, garden-variety depression but real, serious major depression. This book is heavy, deep, and insightful. Although parts of it made me want to cry and cringe, other parts made me laugh and feel a kinship for the author. It's brutally honest, heartfelt, and engrossing. I couldn't stop reading it once I started. The author paints a very realistic and acc [...]

    8. A honest and at times shocking memoir that portrays a man with great intelligence, insight and great suffering. We all know these characters: unstable, searching, tormented and destructive to their surroundings. This important and accomplished memoir let's us see into the head of one of those sufferers, in an uncensored, uncompromising and refreshing way. I found the narrative fascinating and disturbing at the same time, the writing style easy to follow and I found myself hoping to see how the a [...]

    9. Van Gogh in Peppers is an honest, poignant and raw account of a man’s descent into self-destructive behavior while battling a mental illness, Major Depression.Christopher Downing courageously tells the story of how his self-loathing demeanor and his refusal to seek professional help cost him everything he held dear. Van Gogh in Peppers is not a book of recovery or a self-help book on depression. It's a memoir of Christopher Downing’s struggle during a dark time of his life.The author depicts [...]

    10. I borrowed this book on KU, and so glad I did. It came at a time when someone in my life is going through much the same depression. Downing's memoirs are in no way a self help book BUT he definitely highlights an illness many disregard, or believe men can't suffer from. His memoirs are written from the heart and from the darkest part of himself. There is humour in Van Gogh in Peppers, its a humour that makes you laugh out loud.As a female, it's opened my eyes to this horrible disease/illness and [...]

    11. Van Gogh in Peppers is not always an easy read, but it's an important one. Christopher Scott Downing's excellent writing drew me in immediately and I found myself taking an often painful journey with the author as he struggles with major depressive disorder. It is his job as a man, Downing claims throughout the memoir, to fix that which he was responsible for breaking- in this case, his mind. It is his attempts to singlehandedly overcome the disease that form the basis of the book. Downing's wri [...]

    12. Not far into Christopher’s story I began to understand; my female brain could see where he was coming from. I know a man, passionate about punctuality, who drives around for hours rather than pull over and ask the way: if his car breaks down he fiddles with the engine rather than call the breakdown service to which he subscribes; men fix things themselves. Health, especially mental health, isn’t a DIY job guys!If this poignant, sometimes horrific, sometimes funny, book helps just one man to [...]

    13. Wow!This is an honest, heart-breaking, hilarious memoir about one man’s battle with depression. This is not a ‘feel good’ book; it is the author’s real journey into the depths of depression. But---he infuses it with humor. An example of an early portion of the book:“During the hour before bed, I kick aside a reciprocating saw with its dead battery and park myself at the computer with a few Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPAs, Age of Empires III, a heavy amount of pot, and of course, Internet [...]

    14. This is a well written, engaging journey into mental illness. As one who has struggled with bipolar over a lot of years, often spending long periods in the depressive state, I could relate. I also wanted to shout; get some meds, see someone. You don't have to spend years of your life in this state. And finally, alcohol and pot are poor self medications that don't really help. In the long term they make things worse. But this book clearly showed that. In all the little day to day, as well as huge [...]

    15. Poignant and humorous, this memoir about depression reads like a comedy about a man trying to make sense of the world while battling his inner demons, which is a treat. Honest to the point of feeling embarrassed for the author, the situations are so commonplace as to be perfectly relatable. Anyone who has tried to make a relationship work while trying to make the mortgage while working a job because it's just a job and it pays the bills while struggling with insecurities and major depression wou [...]

    16. This is a powerful insight into the mind of a man in the darkness of depression but at the same time shafts of light appear in the form of brilliant humor. Unfortunately there seems to be a stigma about male depression and a lot of men will try to tough it out. Hopefully, someone will get them this book, which may well be a ladder to climb back out of the hole. It is impossible not to feel along with the main character as the events progress and one wants to cheer him on at every step. This shou [...]

    17. This book was crafted so well, in a way that you laughed, smiled, cringed and hurt. Depression is certainly a stigmatic issue in society, and we still don't truly understand or appreciate the impact it has on our every day life and decisions. Its not something we are comfortable with at times, and the author makes you feel this discomfort expertly, opening your eyes to something that we should build our awareness of.Well done Christopher on a great and insightful read!

    18. A brutally honest and shocking memoir of an intelligent man and his battle with depression. Christopher Downing’s memoir is jarring, hilarious and poignant. Van Goth in Peppers is an eye opening portrayal of Downing’s daily struggle with depression and how it impacts those around him. I appreciate Downing’s honesty and wit. I feel that Downing’s memoir can indeed serve as a companion for those who struggle with depression.

    19. I read the sample a little bit ago and got busy with life. I came back to it and finished it in one sitting. It is a story spoke much of my truth to the point where I was shaking my head yes at times and also screaming inside for Chris to "don't do it!". Even if you cannot personally relate to everything Chris says, you might know someone in his struggles and it's a beautiful perspective.

    20. Funny, sad, strange, the writer's story about his battle with depression and his desire for those men who think they have depression to find help.The writer has the courage to communicate his past destrucive behavior that hopefully he will never return to.

    21. Van Gogh in Peppers is a well written book that will give you a glimpse into the life of someone dealing with depression. The author bravely depicts the illness and what it does to those suffering from it. The book is written in a very easy to read conversational style from the first person perspective. This would be an excellent read for someone who has never dealt with depression. I really like that it shows that depression isn't something that you can "will" away! This book contains strong la [...]

    22. In a world full of self help and positivity in every book store, this is a tale which would be stacked on its own shelf entirely. The author talks about his struggles with depression and anxiety over a 6 month period and how he tried to self medicate with various means which the end is not good. More like a bares all diary with no holding back, the true face of depression is accurately recorded in a desperate attempt to fix oneself. More of a 'what NOT to do' but a great read and insight into an [...]

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