Deadlight Jack

Deadlight Jack

Mark Onspaugh / Dec 08, 2019

Deadlight Jack Worse things than gators lurk in the Louisiana swamp The author of The Faceless One fuses the twisted imagination of Fritz Leiber with the razor sharp plotting of Joe Hill in this rollicking horror th

  • Title: Deadlight Jack
  • Author: Mark Onspaugh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Worse things than gators lurk in the Louisiana swamp The author of The Faceless One fuses the twisted imagination of Fritz Leiber with the razor sharp plotting of Joe Hill in this rollicking horror thriller Appearances can be deceiving Take Jimmy Kalmaku Anyone passing him on the streets of Lake Nisqually, Washington, would merely see an elderly man But JimmyWorse things than gators lurk in the Louisiana swamp The author of The Faceless One fuses the twisted imagination of Fritz Leiber with the razor sharp plotting of Joe Hill in this rollicking horror thriller Appearances can be deceiving Take Jimmy Kalmaku Anyone passing him on the streets of Lake Nisqually, Washington, would merely see an elderly man But Jimmy is actually a powerful Tlingit shaman, with a link to the god Raven and a r sum that includes saving the world Or take his friend and roommate, George Watters Another ordinary retiree, right Wrong Like Jimmy, George is than he seems to be He too has a link to the supernatural He too has saved the world Then there s Professor Foxfire also known as Deadlight Jack Dressed in the garb of a stage magician, he seems a figure of magic and fun But he isn t fun at all He isn t even human And his magic is of the darkest and bloodiest kind When George s grandson vanishes on a family vacation to the Louisiana bayou, George and Jimmy fly across the country to aid in the search Once they arrive, family feuds and buried secrets bring George face to face with the ghosts of a forgotten past Jimmy finds his powers wilting under the humid Southern sun and deep in the swamp, Deadlight Jack prepares his long awaited revenge.Advance praise for Deadlight Jack Mark Onspaugh s novel, Deadlight Jack, takes you on an incredible journey that slings you from the far Northwest to the bowels of the Louisiana bayous And on this journey, with a masterful flare, Onspaugh brings nightmarish folklores to life The story will haunt you, and the vibrant, unforgettable characters will take root in your heart and refuse to leave A must read Deborah LeBlanc, author of Voices Onspaugh maintains an undercurrent of eldritch terror while keeping the plot buoyed by fast paced action scenes A nicely chilling read for fans of otherworldly horror Publishers WeeklyPraise for Mark Onspaugh s The Faceless One A stunning debut a chilling dark fantasy with an Alaskan shamanic backdrop The beauty of this weird world is as profound as its terror I could not turn these pages fast enough Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander and Paint It Black Onspaugh s writing captures that same eye popping strangeness I loved so much in the works of Charles Beaumont and Fritz Leiber The Faceless One is classic horror from an author who has earned his stripes and knows how to scare you blind Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Dead City and The Savage Dead

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    1. Off-beat and unexpectedly entertaining, Deadlight Jack delivers a delightful supernatural horror read. George and Jimmy, African-American and Native American respectively, found themselves teaming up after becoming friends in a nursing home. (Yes, a nursing home. Both our main characters are well past middle age.) They’ve already solved one case together, one that nearly killed them. They didn’t expect they’d find themselves embarking on another adventure. At least not so soon. But then Ge [...]

    2. When I requested "Deadlight Jack", I had no idea that it was the second book in a series. As it is, that does not matter in the least because this book works very well as a stand alone novel. George Watters is African-American and Jimmy Kalmaku is a Tlingit shaman. They have been best friends for a very long time and both have a connection to the supernatural. When George's young grandson disappears in the Louisiana bayou, George and Jimmy fly across the country to rescue the young boy and come [...]

    3. This was a well thought out scary book that is very much a standalone novel though second in a seriesADLIGHT JACK is quite simply a man who is not a man that steals children in the bayous of the South. Our heroes are a Native American and an African American who use mythological powers to battle Jack and others like him.There are so many things that I liked about this book. First the author took his time building the story. There was no need to read the first book first. The characters were not [...]

    4. This book came as a massive disappointment to me. If I had been rating the first chapter alone, I would have given it a five. Professor Foxfire was by far one of the scariest villains I've encountered in the world of books. Unfortunately, familiarity caused this impression to wear off. Before long, the book deteriorated into soap opera, and although there was a fine supernatural tale in there too, it was marred by whimsy, and by a Deus ex Machina ending. I say ending, but with the defeat of Prof [...]

    5. Posted on my blog MiRakelBooks Deadlight Jack ReviewWhen I asked for this book on Netgalley I didn’t know it was a second book in a duology. But after reading a few reviews on that said this book can be read as a standalone, I choose to read it because the synopsis sounded very interesting. They were right, you can read this book without reading book 1.In this book we read about the two best friends George and Jimmy. They are two men in their 70, living together and fighting supernatural case [...]

    6. Deadlight Jack by Mark Onspaugh is a follow up to his 2013 novel The Faceless One. Jimmy Kalmaku and George Watters are back for another battle against the paranormal. Although those two characters are the same, this can be read as a stand alone novel. You do not need to have read the first one to enjoy the second.George's grandson Donny vanishes while on a family vacations to Louisiana. He has been taken by Deadlight Jack, aka Professor Foxfire, a supernatural being who feeds off the pain and s [...]

    7. An very thrilling read. I am about to go grab a copy of The Faceless Ones and will put Onspaugh on my list of authors to watch.

    8. From the Pacific Northwest to the Louisiana bayou, Mark Onspaugh's latest tale begins with 4-year-old George Watters and ends with Tlingit-Inuit Shaman Jimmy Kalmaku, ghosts, revenants, and all the horrors that Professor Foxfire musters against the 70-year-old Jimmy and George. Professor Foxfire is only one of the many names of the nightmare that is Deadlight Jack who lures children away from their families to feed the swamp lights and Jack.George Watters lost his father in World War II and then [...]

    9. This is not your normal horror novel - I'll never look at swamp lights the same.This is a continuation of another novel by this author - but in the sense the protaganists are the same in both novels.The author captures the sense of deep friendship that comes from shared troubles. The novel starts gently for a horror novel, but simultaneously ramps up the chills and fears that we bring from our childhoods.The authors writing is consistent from start to finish with what rings for me as true resear [...]

    10. Love those novels with Louisiana locations.I really enjoyed the novel immensely. There's times I feel my ancestors must have originated from Louisiana,as I seem to be drawn to stories relating to this state. I Loved the constant banter between the two main characters jimmy and George . It provided not only a degree of humor at times ,but also a degree of reality to the story as a whole. I also loved the character who played the villain Deadlight Jack .The character seems like it could actually b [...]

    11. Pretty creepy.A strange tour through the big swamp, where an evil spirit causes all sorts of misery to those who enter therein. The old guys, George and Jimmy, turn out to be the heroes, especially George. Jimmy, a Thlinget, gives him much support and encouragement. All the children add to the story.

    12. Better than the first one even!The writing and characters are great and the first book was a great read as well, waiting for the third to come out and will be enthusiastic to read it!

    13. Review originally published at Book of Bogan.Hans Christian Andersen meets the denizens of Swamp People in this dark, and disturbing pseudo-fairy tale set in the Louisiana bayou.Deadlight Jack brings together a cast of interesting characters, drawn into a world beyond the one we ordinary folk see around us. The two main roguish protagonists access abilities, and insight which some might see as being magical. The men are set on a quest to rescue a child who has been taken by a devious, will-o-the [...]

    14. What's not to love about two old guys that busted themselves out of the old folk's home and fight evil?

    15. This is not a book to read at night.Repeat.This is not a book to read at night.I generally don’t really creeped out by books but this one, well it creeped me out…g time. Take the cover for instance. The dude’s one orange eye and the salamander are creepy. Then add the swamp and the creepiness factor just goes up.Now, this book starts off after the events of The Faceless One. Jimmy and George are living together, but not together if you know what I mean. After saving the world in the first [...]

    16. Jimmy Kalmaku and George Watters are best friends, but neither one is the typical horror novel hero. They're both in their seventies, Jimmy is a Tlingit man from a small village in Alaska, and George is a black man from Georgia. They first met and became friends in a nursing home, in the previous book. I didn't actually realize that this was the second book in a series when I started reading it, but I had no problem following along. Jimmy and George's quiet life is disrupted when George's grands [...]

    17. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I will definitely be searching for the book The Faceless One to discover the previous adventures of Jimmy Kalmaku and George Watters in their battle against the paranormal. Truly frightening, the character of Professor Foxfire aka Deadlight Jack, aka ? is on a par with Leland Gaunt in King's Needful Things for evilness. The luring of children is a powerful theme, and I would not want to read this in the dark of night. Recommended.

    18. I really enjoyed this book. It had great characters, a compelling story and had me hooked. I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.

    19. It’s Louisiana in 1946 and little Georgie (age 5) had been told by his Grandpa not to go near the swamp at the bottom of the garden on his own; now Grandpa has died but in the night comes a knocking on his window and Grandpa is there with a man called Professor Foxfire, who claims to be a friend. However Professor Foxfire is no friend and wants to lure Georgie away through the window to join his band of ghost children living in the swamps; the ghost of Grandpa can’t help, but fortunately Geo [...]

    20. It’s refreshing to read a story in which the heroes aren’t young, strong, and virile but instead are two senior citizens, old and weary in the ways of the world but still young enough in spirit to have the hope to continue on in the face of adversity. George and Jimmy are good friends, their good-natured japing at each other’s ethnic backgrounds and their courage in each risking everything for the other is evidence of this.Though this novel is obviously the second in a series, having not r [...]

    21. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This book is actually a sequel, hopefully second in a series - because it is fantastic. Even though it is a sequel I did not feel lost, but it also didn't give away so much about the first book as to spoil it. I'm actually going back to the first book now. (And can't wait for more!)The characters and the supernatural powers are reminiscent of Stephen King. In fact, I think that main character George could be [...]

    22. George and Jimmy, old farts on another mission to save the worldJimmy Kalmaku, the last shaman of the Tlingit Eskimo village of Yanut, Alaska, and George Watters, his African-American friend (both in their seventies), now live in their own small house in Lake Nisqually, Washington. Their story first started in THE FACELESS ONE and they had both been shuffled off to a retirement home in it. If you haven't read this first book, you should. It's not absolutely necessary in understanding the happeni [...]

    23. I found this book to be extremely engaging. It was a little slow to start but I love the interaction between the two heroes. I adore the fact that they are not only seniors but also both are PoC. I also liked that both talk about issues that different PoC's face without it being an overwhelming part of the book. It really added depth to the characters and I found them both to be very relatable. I loved the story, I felt like this was a continuation from a previously written book about our two un [...]

    24. What struck me immediately in this novel, was that the bad guy, is truly bad. I love when an author can evoke terror in the first chapter of the book and keep that building until the end. I hate when an evil character seems one dimensional, and that was not the case here. I love the older horror books from the 1970's and early 80's and this book had that feel. In this novel, one should be every bit as afraid of the things they cannot see as they should the things they can. I also liked the main [...]

    25. This book was entertaining. It was a quick, easy read with characters whose company I enjoyed. That being said, the two main characters have a kind of "friend thing" where they trade off race related name calling & while I'm not addressing that issue from a PC standpoint per se it mostly was like the only aspect of the story which felt clunky & it pulled me out of the story every single time which I kind of don't like. So I didn't realize this was a book in a series & I added the fir [...]

    26. I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was an interesting mix of humor, horror, family struggles, magic, and Native American mythology. Basically, a little boy goes missing, his family searches for him, and meets some very unsavory characters along the way. The protagonist, Deadlight Jack, truly is the stuff of nightmares. The author did a fantastic job building the gruesome, creepy world that he rules deep in the swamps of Louis [...]

    27. This was a great roller coaster dark fantasy. Mark Onspaugh created a rich and complex world, that is a good old-fashioned horror thriller, with a modern twist. It was obvious this story takes place after The Faceless One, which I haven't read but is now on my to-be read list. Onspaugh did a great job of making Deadlight Jack a stand-alone story. He provided enough insight and backstory that you could understand the different characters and relationships without feeling like you were missing som [...]

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