Mad River Road

Mad River Road

Joy Fielding / Aug 24, 2019

Mad River Road New York Times bestselling authorJOY FIELDING puts suspense into high gear taking readers on a seductively twisting thrill ride into the heart of danger and desire to a place where nothing is as it s

  • Title: Mad River Road
  • Author: Joy Fielding
  • ISBN: 9780743488037
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling authorJOY FIELDING puts suspense into high gear, taking readers on a seductively twisting thrill ride into the heart of danger and desire to a place where nothing is as it seems She found the perfect lover Jamie Kellogg s life is at a crossroads Stuck in a dead end job, the divorced twenty nine year old has been ruled by the voices ofNew York Times bestselling authorJOY FIELDING puts suspense into high gear, taking readers on a seductively twisting thrill ride into the heart of danger and desire to a place where nothing is as it seems She found the perfect lover Jamie Kellogg s life is at a crossroads Stuck in a dead end job, the divorced twenty nine year old has been ruled by the voices of her judgmental mother and her perfectionist sister long enough Now she s hearing only the sexy whispers of the thrillingly handsome stranger in her bed, the man she met in a Florida bar His name is Brad Fisher, and he s telling her everything she s been dying to hear She s gorgeous She s smart She s adventurous Quitting her job and joining Brad on a spontaneous road trip, Jamie s ready for the ride of her life But this trip has one destination a run down Ohio house on Mad River Road, where vengeance will come home at last and where someone will pay for the secrets and lies of the past

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        Joy Fielding n e Tepperman born March 18, 1945 is a Canadian novelist and actress She lives in Toronto, Ontario.Born in Toronto, Ontario, she graduated from the University of Toronto in 1966, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature As Joy Tepperman, she had a brief acting career, appearing in the film Winter Kept Us Warm 1965 and in an episode of Gunsmoke She later changed her last name to Fielding after Henry Fielding and began writing novels.Fielding is also the screenwriter of the television film Golden Will The Silken Laumann Story.At the age of 8, Joy Tepperman wrote her first story and sent it into a local magazine, and at age 12 sent in her first TV script, however both were rejected She had a brief acting career, eventually giving it up to write full time in 1972 She has published to date 22 novels, two of which were converted into film Fielding s process of having an idea to the point the novel is finished generally takes a year, the writing itself taking four to eight months Joy Fielding sets most of her novels in American cities such as Boston and Chicago She has said that she prefers to set her novels in big American cities, as the landscape seems best for her themes of urban alienation and loss of identity Fielding is a Canadian citizen Her husband s name is Warren, and they have two daughters, Annie and Shannon They have property in Toronto, Ontario, as well as Palm Beach, Florida.Fielding had an interview with the Vancouver Sun in 2007, just after her publication of Heartstopper She enjoys catching readers off guard with the endings of her stories, but insists that it isn t what her fiction is about , but rather about the development of her characters Discussing her novels with the Toronto Star in 2008, she said I might not write fiction in the literary sense But I write very well My characters are good My dialog is good And my stories are really involving I m writing exactly the kind of books I like to write And they re the kind of books I like to read They re popular commercial fiction That s what they are Fielding has been noted as a novelist who is popular in the United States and foreign countries, rather than in her native Canada For example, the novel Kiss Mommy Goodbye was popular in the States, and See Jane Run in Germany In addition, she had an American agent and publisher, although she has now switched to a Canadian publisher.


    1. 'Joy Fielding plays with primal fears and most intimate wishes of women'reads the description of my german version of this book. What the f***?!I don't know, perhaps it's just me, but do you wish to be raped? There is this scene in this book where character A is raped by character B (her boyfriend). B tells A:"I read in a magazine, that women secretly wish to be raped". A weeps a bit and thinks;"he may be true, I once thought it could be romantic." That was the point were I thought I will never [...]

    2. This book is one of those that scares you so bad. You have a hard time sleeping at night or when driving home or are home alone think someone may be watching you and following you.We've all had crazy boyfriends however, this book shows the ipidimy of a crazy boyfriend/lunatic that I'm so glad I've never had the experience to know!

    3. The women in this story were so mind-numbingly stupid that it was almost insulting. And because of their stupidity, I found myself actively rooting against them.

    4. I love nothing more than picking up a Joy Fielding novel and getting pulled into her story, unable to put it downis one, however, fell short of the mark for me. I’ve given it 3 stars- it was good in the sense that her stories flow, and there is enough suspense to keep reading to the end. I think most bothersome were the characters- rather weak, insecure, and making some really bad decisions. As a reader, we also do not really get to know them- what brought them to where they are now? Unfortuna [...]

    5. Felt contrived, and not even in an acceptable way.What parent would put their five year old to bed watching "Friends?"

    6. As with all the Joy Fielding books I've read, this one hooked me right away and kept me reading when I meant to be doing other things (like getting to my office on time or getting enough sleep). The story follows Jamie, who meets a new man after discovering her lover is married, and Emma, who has moved many times with her young son, often changing names, though we don't know for certain why. Jamie already has low self-esteem, and she quickly lets the new man -- Brad -- take over her life. He per [...]

    7. Joy Fielding takes you across the country to Mad River Road, a journey that no one would want to actually take. I found Jamie to be a bit unbelieveable here she was, well educated, yet she fell for a stranger at the drop of a hat, and she succumbed to his moods with such a niave neediness. Ralph, on the other hand, was a great portrayal of what a psychotic individual could be - Prince Charming one minute - the abuser the next - smooth talking liar eliciting sympathy to the weaker, needier perso [...]

    8. Oh how I love Joy Fielding!! This book was soooo so good. I'm a relatively new fan of hers and am so excited to have discovered her. I first read Whispers and Lies (which I absolutely LOVED!), then Don't Cry Now, and just finished Mad River Road. Luckily there are many many more to be read; a friend highly recommends See Jane Run, so I look forward to getting my hands on that one asap. :)I won't give a summary of the plot of Mad River Road beyond what you can find here or on the back of the book [...]

    9. When I glanced at the cover of this dusty old paperback that I had found while cleaning, I thought it was going to be just another garbage dime-a-dozen thriller.And maybe I haven't read that many thrillers, but I believe I was wrong. What's that age old adage about not judging a book and(I've already lost half my readership to boredom)? Mad River Road is a story about liars, deeply troubled people trying to escape their pasts, nothing unusual there, but at its center it's about a whirlwind fanta [...]

    10. Just started book. Already have a tstl woman whose whining is annoying. We'll see. Finished book. Kind of interesting. Really sadistic sociopath - gave me the creeps. Charms the women beyond words, at first. Draws them in and then makes it hard for them to get away. Author did a good job of painting him, even though he made me very uncomfortable. Female characters were good. Lead character Jaime started out weak and whiney (had conversations in her head with her dead mother and living, but judgm [...]

    11. The suspense of this novel was great, and I totally didn't see the ending coming, although I'm not really great with mystery novels so that's not saying much. However, I found a few places within the plot of the story disturbing and hard to read. I also felt like that Brad was too stereotypicalr all the suspense and the twist at the end in hindsight I wish there had been more to him than just the stereotypical characteristics of his type of character. (Can you tell I'm trying not to give anythin [...]

    12. I think I found the right words to describe this book: spell binding. I loved it. It even got to the point of being scared to turn the page to see what happens! The characters were so real and even though the character Jamie was much younger than me, and "Emma" and "Lily" were trying to hide from their estranged husbands and assuming new identities, it was so easy to relate to them. There was never a break in the action and it never got boring. I love this author!

    13. Good pacing, character build up etc. and intrigued with the story I was fast to finish it but was happy with Mad River Road. The story fast unravels to the end, so interested with something with more pages or just a more complicated plot outline when I finished I quickly picked up another bestseller by Joy Fielding.

    14. I love a good mystery novel although the graphic way the author described certain events in the book didn't sit well with me even after I finished the book I still felt bad for the one character!

    15. This is a murder mystery. I stopped reading it because the characters did not seem believable. The two women characters seemed quite stupid.

    16. The main characters were so unrelatable because they were so dumb. I found myself rolling my eyes over and over. "What is wrong with me?" was a phrase written over and over, again with the eye roll. The ending, however, was surprisingly good. Hence two stars instead of one.

    17. Run from meI didn't enjoy this book. It took a while for the overall plot to develop. Too much unnecessary sexual detail for the story line, I kept wanting to skip pages to get on with the story. Unusual for a Joy Fielding book.

    18. I liked the idea of this book, and the characters were good, but I just felt too much was left out. The story left me feeling unsatisfied at the end.

    19. Jamie Kellog made a big mistake, one that could prove to be fatal. After learning that her boyfriend is, in fact, a married man and after years of not being the favored daughter of a judgmental mother, Jamie throws caution to the wind and picks up a handsome stranger in a Florida bar. Brad is thoughtful, passionate and almost too good to be true. He convinces Jamie that what she needs is some time for herself away from her stressful life and she impulsively agrees to a road trip with Brad to vis [...]

    20. This mystery is really a character study in mental and emotional disorders. We have a particularly nasty and vengeful villain, a chameleon of a man who can go from Prince Charming to Jack the Ripper in the blink of an eye. His enjoyment comes from taunting and playing mind games with his victims before disposing of them. Then we have a trio of women characters, Jamie, Lily and Emma, each leading a somewhat shabby existence due to something or someone in their past. Each of the protagonists are w [...]

    21. A suspenseful novel of murder, romance and revenge!From dust jacket:"After spending a year in prison, Ralph Fisher has explicit plans for his first night of freedom: tonight, someone will be held accountable. He goes to murderous lengths to obtain the address of his former wife-the woman he blames for his fate and against whom he has sworn vengeance. Determined to bring her to his idea of justice, Ralph's next step is to travel from Florida's sandy beaches to Dayton, Ohio, where his ex-wife is s [...]

    22. Finished! I went from not knowing what was going on to knowing everything pretty quickly - this book had a lot more buildup than the others I've read. There definitely was that plot twist in the end that she's known for! I liked it a lot, but I'll give it 4 instead of 5 stars because I thought it could have been a little more in depth, and I feel like some of the story came out of nowhere. Definitely recommended, though! It makes you think twice about who you let into your life and I've definite [...]

    23. #8 01/18/06TITLE/AUTHOR: MAD RIVER ROAD by Joy FieldingRATING: 4.5/B+GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Suspense, 2006, 370 pgsCHARACTERS: Jamie Kellogg/divorced working in Ins agency;Lily & Emma -- single mothers; COMMENTS: Very suspenseful. Ralph Fischer is recently released from prison & is on a misson of revenge to seekhis ex-wife & son who have moved from FL to Mad River Roadin Dayton, Ohio. Jamie, has had one unhappy marriage and just finds out her last relationship was w/ a man who was [...]

    24. 3 STARS"Jamie Kellogg's life is at a crossroads. Stuck in a dead-end job, the divorced twenty-nine-year-old has been ruled by the voices of her judgmental mother and her perfectionist sister long enough. Now she's hearing only the sexy whispers of the thrillingly handsome stranger in her bed, the man she met in a Florida bar. His name is Brad Fisher, and he's telling her everything she's been dying to hear: She's gorgeous. She's smart. She's adventurous. Quitting her job and joining Brad on a sp [...]

    25. Na můj vkus se v knize odehrává hodně osudů najednou, přijde mi to překombinované. Žádná z hlavních postav mi nepřirostla k srdci, nebyla mi nijak zvlášť sympatická. Nicméně se kniha četla dobře, nenudila mě. Určitě ji můžu k přečtení doporučit, ale asi spíše těm čtenářům, kteří ještě nemají autorku tolik načtenou nebo nejsou zmlsaní opravdu nervy drásajícími thrillery. Tato kniha je mezi thrillery také řazena, ale já bych ji spíš zařadila mez [...]

    26. I don't usually read murder/mystery type books but picked this one up because my husband had read it and the Joy Fielding is from my home town.Anyway, there's no doubt it was well-written and was sort of a feminist cautionary tale. Its about all the bad things that can happen to you when you don't really know yourself - a lot of the female characters have false identities, low self-esteem, aimless,etc. and so are easy marks for a very self-assured very focused male predator. It was predictable b [...]

    27. Full review and more at: bookserinread/I didn't really enjoy this one. It was darker than most. There were moments that would have been incredibly hard to write, and of course, she wrote them like a pro. I guess I was just waiting for the inspiration I get when I read her books, and I didn't get it. It isn't that it wasn't a great book, but I was expecting more. It left me feeling sad. Possibly because I wanted more. If I had seen the woman in this novel pick up the pieces of their lives and mov [...]

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