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Wrath Warning This book contains extreme violence and scenes that may upset some readers TorJude Pearson could just as well kill me as kiss me most days He was my captor my living hell and yet he became

  • Title: Wrath
  • Author: L.P. Lovell Stevie J. Cole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: ebook
  • Warning This book contains extreme violence, and scenes that may upset some readers TorJude Pearson could just as well kill me as kiss me most days He was my captor, my living hell, and yet, he became my saviour, my heart Stupid Hes heartless, conditioned to feel nothing, and so I ran straight into the clutches of his enemy Joe Campbell wants Jude to suffer, Warning This book contains extreme violence, and scenes that may upset some readers TorJude Pearson could just as well kill me as kiss me most days He was my captor, my living hell, and yet, he became my saviour, my heart Stupid Hes heartless, conditioned to feel nothing, and so I ran straight into the clutches of his enemy Joe Campbell wants Jude to suffer, and I just became a pawn in a very dangerous game.Joe has broken me in every way, everything that I once was stripped away, and in its place is festering hatred and a rage so cold I feel nothing else I have one purpose Revenge JudeLove makes you weak, it makes you irrational She was collateral, completely innocent when she was unwillingly dragged into my corrupt world With the damage Id already caused her, I couldnt let her love me, so I let her go, and nowhe has her No matter where she is, she will always be mine This man has taken every fucking thing from me, and he has the last thing that matters to me I will kill him Slowly Joe Campbell better run because the devil is fucking coming for him Sometimes two wrongs can make a right.Rage.Hate.Revenge Our Wrath binds us, but it may also break us.

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        Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.She s a self confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy Lauren loves to hear from readers so please add her on , Facebook and Twitter Visit her website lplovell.


    1. NOT FOR UNDER 18!!!!!!!**Warning, this book is intended for mature audiences, as it contains sexual content and scenes of violence, blood and vengeance.***Not for sensitive readers easily triggered!!I am adding a few friends reviews so that you understand more why we loved this so much! Radmila's Review/review/showElfina Renee's Review/review/showSnow's Review/review/showHe always seems like sand, slipping through my fingers, no matter how hard I try to hold onT ready to read the next instalment [...]

    2. 3 Stars!!“Wrath” is the second and final installment in this crazy series and picks up right where the first book, - “Wrong” ended. This second book was f@ck-up, intense, angsty, suspenseful and like I mentioned above all kinds of crazy. I've been left a couple of times with my mouth hanging open, which obviously I enjoyed, but there were times when I actually wanted to throttle these characters. “…you know what they say about love it is the greatest of weaknesses. You just became th [...]

    3. ༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author "L.P. Lovell & Stevie J Cole " in exchange for an honest reviewThank you!!TITLE: Wrath AUTHOR: L.P. Lovell GENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: August 25th 2015 MY RATING: 5 STARS!!SIT ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT, NAIL BITING OVERLOAD!!I have been stalking these authors since I read Wrong #1!! Freaking LOVED that BOOK!! If you haven't read it get those fingers one clicking it was epic and I highly recommend itBring on the dark, bring on th [...]

    4. 3.5-4 You're My Everything Stars! Wrath begins where Wrong ended with Tor getting kidnapped at the airport by Jude's #1 enemy. Tor is being held by Joe and let me tell you it wasn't pretty! Joe wants Jude and will take anything or anyone that Jude loves. Jude goes on a killing spree trying to figure out where Tor is. If you don't remember how brutal Jude was in Wrong you will quickly start to remember reading Wrath. Jude always makes me gag! Jude doesn't have time for games he wants his woman ba [...]

    5. A Dark, Emotional Tale Of VengeanceWhat 'Wrong' lacked in dark elements, 'Wrath' more than made up for. Joe is in a completely different league of villains. He is sadistic and depraved, taking great pleasure in breaking down his target's mind and spirit, long before he finally takes their life. Cruel beyond measure, he has his sight set on Jude and knows there's no better way to get to him than by hurting those he holds closest to his heart.When Joe takes Tor, it sets off a chain of tragic event [...]

    6. Twists galore This was just sooooooo good I read it in 1 day I just couldn't put it down things were happening everywhere I m not a great huge fan of dark books but this series was just brilliant I did find this book a lil more darker than Wrong (first book) an there was a few parts in the beginning that had my a lil upset but that's just me I m a big softy but the authors did write it very well This story kicks off where the last book stop an I was dyin to get more after the way it ended damn c [...]

    7. Screw the booze, I need a big ole bottle of pills after thisWrath starts off where Wrong ended and I was not prepared for what happened. I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't read the first book, but just know that it is absolutely certifiable, what happens. Reading what was happening I was angry, then sad, then back to angry. My emotions were just all over the place and I felt a little cray cray.In the first book we got to see a side to Jude that was a little softer than his viol [...]

    8. All hail Stevie J. Cole's Wrath, guaranteed five star read!Wrath (Wrong 2) I slowly glance up at Joe and find myself staring down the barrel of his gun. I smile and find the energy to slowly drag myself into a sitting position. I wrap my fingers around the barrel of his gun and press it against my forehead. "Do it," I say. "Ria, no!" Caleb shouts at me. I don't pay him any attention. I stare straight into the eyes of the devil, daring him to end it right here, right now. I can't remember ever wa [...]

    9. Pretty good. Pretty good.Another enjoyable read. It’s dark and twisty. A bit suspenseful. If you like angsty mafia romance with a ton of push and pull then I would recommend it.I’m not sure that I will continue with the series though. May come back for the last two at another date!

    10. 4 "The. Fucking. End." stars"No matter how much you want to put the past behind you, you can't escape who you are."And I guess to a certain point, it is the truth and it's not. But that is something to dwell upon and the very own decision of wanting to change and working on it.Wrath is a continuation of the turmoil events in Victoria/Tor's life after she managed to survive the first shock of her captive destiny towards accepting the odds and owning it. She survived and elevated herself into the [...]

    11. Title: WrathAuthor: LP Lovell & Stevie J. ColeGenre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Suspense, Mystery/CrimeSeries or Standalone: Series (Wrong #2)Rating: 5 StarsReviewI knew going into Wrath, especially after my experience with Wrong, that it was going to be one hell of a brutal ride, and most likely one that wouldn’t let up until the very end (if it even did it then). I was ready. I could handle it. No matter how dark it got, I was gonna be just fine. Then I saw this message on Facebook. [...]

    12. Sometimes you just know you’re experiencing the greatness of writing when you can’t help but send a message to a friend who’s reading the same book. All my message said was “brilliantly brutal” and my friend knew EXACTLY where I was and the part that I was reading. And holy hell, brilliantly brutal doesn’t even begin to describe the roller coaster ride of emotions Ms. Lovell and Ms. Cole take the reader on in Wrath. Be sure you have your tray table stored and your seat in the upright [...]

    13. I'm going to need therapyFull Review to come after I have a drink5 "Sometimes there is No Right or Wrong. Sometimes you Just have to go with your Heart" STARS“I have a new identity, one I don't want, I just want to go home, to see my sister, to live my life, but I can't. It's all gone. Everyone I ever cared about believes I'm dead.”This is the second book in the Wrong series and it picks up right where Wrong #1 left off.We know that Joe has Tor and he is using her as leverage to get to Jude. [...]

    14. I know Jude, I love him, I trust him, but he always seems like such an anomaly. I know I have him, but I never trust that I can truly keep hold of him. He always seems like sand, slipping through my fingers, no matter how hard I try to hold on. His words bring me relief that I didn't know I needed. They give me the strength to dare to want this with him. I twist my face to look up at him. His eyes shimmer in the darkness. He looks at me like I'm his world, and I have to swallow around the lump i [...]

    15. The dark tale of Tor and Jude continues in Wrath. Wow. What a ride.Tor is in the hands of Joe; Jude's greatest enemy. Her life in his hands is a living hell. Torture and abuse are her every day routine now. She is broken. She has nothing. Until, Jude is back. He wants to get revenge. He wants Joe dead. He wants to fix Victoria.This book focused more on the psychological condition of Tor and I loved to see her character grow and develop even through her pain. She is a changed woman but so is Jude [...]

    16. Wrath is book 2 in the Wrong series and picks up where book 1 ends. Tor has been kidnapped by Joe and boy was the first 30% Dark. What was done to Tor broke my heart and left me wondering if her mind and body would ever be the same. Jude is barely hanging on, he is coming apart first for what was done to Tor and his heart break for his little brother Caleb. Also to add to his stress is the secret Tor has been hiding from him. I must say that I am totally hooked on this series. I love Jude and To [...]

    17. ***5 "You're a survivor!" stars***Well, this was a very difficult ride It was brutal, raw, intense and very wrong!!! But in a weird way so right for me It was one hell of a ride and even though that it pained me a lot, i loved every single moment in thereTo be honest with you, i was so fuckin' scared to start this book and i was avoiding it in every way because i knew that it will be very difficult to witness our heroes painful story, but thank God that i had company to share this burden with me [...]

    18. #36 for 2017 RCGenre : Dark RomanceIf you are looking for sweet, full of angst love story, you will not find here. The story is so bloody dark, no sweetness at all. Somehow it is told you about how you know you are strong until being strong is your only option.Lanjutan cerita "Wrong", diawali dengan penculikan Tor oleh Jude. To tell the truth I could not swallow it, because it was so bloody crazy thing. Saya berharap cerita cepat berlalu di bagian itu tapi I kept on reading not leaving one singl [...]

    19. "Evolve to survive"I loved this one more so than the first!Go read Wrong first, then come back and enjoy the ride. Lovell & Cole give you all the angst and despair in this one. Gah! Wrath is definitely darker than the first, tragically and emotionally gutting at times. God! My eyes were wet a few times. I mean, don't tell anyone and ruin my rep. But, man this book crumbles your heart up like a piece notebook paper.I'm utterly in love with this couple, the spark, the deviance, the desperation [...]

    20. Writing: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★★Characters: ★★★★★Overall rating: 5.0*****5 "Evolve to Survive" Stars*****Where do I start with this book? There have only ever been two books that brought tears to my eyes. This one did more than that, it made me cry, a really ugly cry, and I felt like my heart was shattering. I was so wrapped up in these characters, the authors pulled me in and made me part of their lives. So much so, that when I got to 87% I actually had to put my Kindle [...]

    21. So have you read Wrong ? If your answer is no, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR !?? If your answer is yes, you do know how we felt when Wrath showed up on our kindles. Our anxious wait was over and we were about to learn the fate of the characters we fell in love in Wrong.Without giving anything away, Wrath delivered the same high-speed addicting ride that we experienced when we read Wrong. We have to warn you, this book was at times brutal and we needed to take a break or two, think happy thoughts and [...]

    22. 5 +++ STARS!!!!There is no controlling this wrath.Since Wrong ended with major cliffhanger, I couldn't wait to start Wrath. Wrath picks up right where Wrong ended. Tor is being held by monster Joe and Jude is looking everywhere for her.I am very thankful that Nicoleta decided to be my buddy read. I wouldn't read it without her. The book was hard because lot of characters that I love have died. Last five chapters I read in tears, because I couldn't believe what was happening. But, I am going to t [...]

    23. OMFG !! Wrath is Phenomenal! The title is a perfect Fit. Wrath is the second book in the Wrong series it concludes Jude and Tor's story. And let me just this is one of the best dark reads I think I have ever read. I could not put down and I did not want it to end and. This series had me hooked from the first few pages of Wrong. There are so many thing that happen in this story, and I do not want to ruin a single one of them for you. So all I am going to say is if you like a nail biting story tha [...]

    24. A~Freaking~Mazing!!!This one had it all!!!Full review HereThis was a fast paced story, that was so original and unpredictableI really had no clue what I was in for when I first picked up Wrong and it just got better from there with Wrath Kickass Heroine, Yummy Bad Boy, Damn Hot and a plot that will keep you glued to your kindle from the first swipe!!!bookaholicconfessions

    25. There should be additional genre to this book, like, funny? Because it is! I know.is sounds so weird and kind of off-course but Jude and Tor can be hilarious! Or.ybe it's just me who has weird sense of joke But I think Marney will agree with me though. Jude & Tor quarrel can be really entertaining. And when it's sad it's so fucking sad. This author can be so savage to my favorite characters. T---T

    26. I'm convinced these two authors were trying to give me a heart attack. My heart, my poor little heart, It was pounding, it was breaking, and it was being put back together again, just for them to break it one last time.Jude and Tor were a dark king and queen in my eyes. He would stop at nothing to find her and she was going to do everything to get back to Jude. I was truly gutted over what Tor had to endure, and I completely fell head over heels for Jude even more than I already had.And just whe [...]

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