One Wild Ride

One Wild Ride

Shyla Colt / Sep 21, 2019

One Wild Ride Beneath her bubbling persona Josephine Brooks hide a dirty little secret Her obsession with M C s stems from a source much closer to home As the daughter of a reformed club whore she d always wonder

  • Title: One Wild Ride
  • Author: Shyla Colt
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  • Page: 305
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  • Beneath her bubbling persona, Josephine Brooks hide a dirty little secret Her obsession with M.C s stems from a source much closer to home As the daughter of a reformed club whore, she d always wondered about the lifestyle and her father When the sparks fly between her and Moose while they help plan, her best friend Juliette s wedding, she finds herself dragged head fiBeneath her bubbling persona, Josephine Brooks hide a dirty little secret Her obsession with M.C s stems from a source much closer to home As the daughter of a reformed club whore, she d always wondered about the lifestyle and her father When the sparks fly between her and Moose while they help plan, her best friend Juliette s wedding, she finds herself dragged head first into the life nearly destroyed her mother On and off she s struggling to find her role in Mayhem when the past comes to call.Moose left Canada hell bent on freedom with no strings attached He found his place as Secretary of the Lords of Mayhem When his best friend gets engaged, it s a given he fill the role best man What he didn t count on was the explosive chemistry between him and Joey Torn between his need to roam and her offer of love he runs hot and cold The choice becomes even harder when unexpected complications arise.

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        Shyla Colt is the sassy international bestseller of the popular series Kings of Chaos and Dueling Devils M.C This genre hoppers stories feature three of her favorite things strong females, pop culture, and alternate routes to happy ever after Listening to her Romani soul, she pens from the heart, allowing the dynamic characters, eccentric interests, and travels as a former flight attendant to take her down untraveled roads Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, this mid west girl is proud of her roots She used her hometown and the surrounding areas as a backdrop for a number of books So, if you re a Buckeye, keep an eye out for familiar places As a full time writer, stay at home mother, and wife, there s never a dull moment in her household.She weaves her tales in spare moments and the evenings with a cup of coffee or tea at her side and the characters in her head for company.You can interact with Shyla Colt online via her websiteshylacolt on, Facebook facebook authorshyla and Twitter shylacolt


    1. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Joey and Moose have been friends for a long time. Joey has always grown up around the MC and all the brothers have been like family to her. She gets paired up with Moose to be the maid of honor and best man for their best friends' wedding. This means they end up spending more time together than usual. Even though they both feel sparks of attraction they don't want to run the risk of things going south and ruining the big wedding. But since they [...]

    2. This is the first book I have read by Shyla Colt. This is the second book in the series but most definitely can be read as a stand alone. Josephine aka Joey grew up with her mother raising her and she was always part of a MC. Joey jnew they lifestyle of bikers. Joey meets Moose because she is the maid of honor for her best friend and he is the best man. Moose has learned the hard way that love doesn't come easy or for everyone.when Moose first laid eyes on Joey he knew he had to know her. Moose [...]

    3. Moose is very talented with his words, they even get me going, "damn, baby. I can feel your heat through our pants. Are you wet for me, Jo-Jo?" Joey brings out the animal in him, "her admission made him growl. “You felt that fire, didn’t you? Saw how much I wanted to eff you against any surface I could pin you to." Moose knows how to make light of a situation, "I don’t know what having me here will do, but you got me, babe.” He wrapped an arm around her waist. “Now show me where you gr [...]

    4. This is the second book in the Lords Of Mayhem series and this is Joey and Moose’s story. Josephine (Joey) and Moose have been attracted to each other since they first set eyes on each other but it isn’t until they are thrown together for Juliette and Shooter’s wedding, that they take things further. Being in close proximity has the pairing unable to rein in their lust for each other and they commence on a series of secret hook ups and no pressure to make it anything other than what it is. [...]

    5. OMG! Hold on to your panties ladies, we got a new alpha man in town and his name is Moose.This is the story of Moose and JoJo and the story that turned into a beautiful HEA.These two come together at an event and although they had some great time together, Moose wasn't about to stick around and try to do the whole relationship thing. He does as any free biker alpha does, he leaves and plans on not looking back. JoJo isn't so sure about that so she does what women have been doing for centuries, s [...]

    6. Ganhou uma estrela a mais porque foi o primeiro que teve a consideração de trocar os lençóis antes de transar com a heroína!!!! Aleluia!"He wouldn’t fuck her on the same sheets as the last biker bunny."Won one more star because he was the first hero who had the consideration to change the sheets before him have sex with heroin. Hallelujah!"He wouldn’t fuck her on the same sheets as the last biker bunny."

    7. From the moment they met Joey and Moose have been trying to ignore the sparks that flow between them whenever they're near each other. Tired of denying what they both want, they give in to the heat that's been passing between them only to realize that one night is not nearly enough . Are Moose and Joey in this for the long haul, or will secret pasts tear them apart?Joey and Moose are enough to handle by themselves what with both of them having their own baggage that affects their views on relati [...]

    8. 2 1/2 Stars - Enjoyed this second installment of the Lords of Mayhem more so than the first book. Moose and Joey were interesting characters in the last book and a great fit in their own book. The story drags in parts with scenes of the friends meant to move the story along but which slow the overall pace. There were more than a few inconsistencies in timeline or of something that happened earlier or in the last book.

    9. SNS Rating: 5.0~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~Outstanding story of Moose & Joey finding what each declared they would never allow in their hearts and coming to realize it was exactly what each neededeach other. But before they reach their HEA, they deal with the distractions of physical passion and the demons of their pasts. Just as they begin to reach a peaceful balance between what was and what is, with issues of trust and commitment, Joey's mom hits her with a tidal wave [...]

    10. Joey and Moose are fascinating characters. Joey is the cool chick, the good girl with secrets even she does not know she has. She fits into the lifestyle making no demands on Moose. It is all in the name of good fun, but that can only go on so long, especially when feelings start to get involved. Joey handles it like a grown woman though, if she were my friend I would have thrown my fist up in pride. She makes Moose doubt himself and what he wants, which is his freedom. Of course he is the man r [...]

    11. Joey knows how MCs work. They have a set of rules they live by, so she knows how to interact with the men and women, but her Mom has made sure she has not lived that life. Her Mom is open minded but she does have her own secrets.Meeting Moose was thrilling for Joey. They laugh, talk, kiss and so their relationship begins and all hell breaks loose. There's secrets, lies and betrayal, and all to keep someone safe, but when the secrets and lies are finally out, this brings danger for Joey and for M [...]

    12. The story begins with Joey and Moose meeting while having to be the bestman and maid of honor for there best friends wedding. Moose is not looking for anything serious just someone to pass the time. Joey knows all about the MC life and has promised herself she won't find herself in the same predicament her mom did years ago. Joey has to figure out how to deal with the secrets and lies she discovers throughout the story. She is absolutely drawn in to the intensity of this sexy,dirty talking biker [...]

    13. “I’m coming in you like that shit is crack, and I’m an addict.” Oh man, Moose is one sexy beast. It made the book so much hotter to picture the cover model while reading. (Fanning self). Joey is a spit-fire. It is known from book one that her father is part of an MC, but mom said she wasn’t sure who he was. Well, we find out A LOT more about Joey’s lineage in this book and it is quite mind blowing for her. We also learn a bit about Moose’s past. These two are great together. The st [...]

    14. One Wild RideShyla ColtJosephine is sassy and strong. Raised by a single mom who is an ex biker babe. The MC represents everything Joey doesn't want, or so she though until she meets Moose.Moose is a hot biker who is determined to remain single, that is until he meets Joey. She is something special and even he can see that.Joey's past catches up to her and throws Moose for a loop. Can their relationship survive it?Ms. Colt has well developed characters that are relate-able. When the girls got to [...]

    15. 4.5 starI was pulled right into this story. This story contains heartbreak, pain, betrayal and suspense. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) firstThe Biker's LibrarianThis is Josephine (Joey) and Moose's story. Joey is friends with Juliette and spends time at the clubhouse. She wants Moose but can she really have him? Moose wants Josephine but does not want to have to claim her. So they start by having a secret relationship. But Joey knows a lot about the MC c [...]

    16. I really enjoy Shyla Colt's newer books; she has grown so much as a writer in just a year - amazing! Continuing the Lords of Mayhem MC stories, this one focuses on Moose and Joey, and theirs is a sexy relationship that is troubled at times due to their backstories. Colt does a great job with the background story and character development of the background characters. I read this one right after the first in the series, and I was happy to see Juliette and Shooter and the whole gang again. One of [...]

    17. ExcellentI'm giving this four stars only because of the few grammatical errors that I encountered while reading this awesome book. Normally I hate reading series novels BUT Ms. Colt can weave a tail of suspense and romance very well. Only one thing I found a tad bit annoying was the whole "and he licked his fingers clean" that was used too muchtill every time Moose performed that act on JoeyI knew what was coming next. Anyhoo, I look forward to the next book in the series. I know it's coming. Gr [...]

    18. Fun ReadI think I liked this follow-up more than the original book. Jo-Jo is a girl after my own heart. She's tough, cool, level-headed, and just vulnerable enough. Her Mom, Ellen, is also awesome. The relationship between she and Moose was not insta-love or too unrealistic. I will say that the sex scenes came off a bit cut and paste, but the book is hot and crammed full of action. There's a reason Shyla Colt is one of my favorite IR authors.

    19. It's one ride that's so worth the risk to take. This story is worth the read over and over again and again. It's worth the read!! MUST READ!!!! Take my advice and read the story and see what I'm talking about with the characters and the story it's a love story that's not a love story when you get reading it. Turns into much more.***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review see more of my review @ jmhoward2007 ***

    20. *An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review* Shyla does not disappoint!!! She continues to keep me addicted to her books!!! I LOVE it!!! Joey and Moose are captivated me and held me tight all the way to the very last word in this book!! Moose is sexy as can be and I ate up every single sexual thing this man let out of his mouth! So freaken good!! I do suggest to read book 1 in this series before reading this book so that you are familiar with everyone.

    21. Joey and Moose get paired together to help plan Juliette and Shooter's wedding. They are definitely attracted to each other, but aren't looking for a relationship. They instead opt for an arrangement. All is going well for them until Joey's past comes crashing into the present and changes everything. I loved Joey and Moose together. They just fit plus they are scorching hot together. I loved their story and can't wait to read the next book in the series.I give One Wild Ride 5 hearts!

    22. Fantastic story, that had my gripped throughout.Fantastic story, that had my gripped throughout, the whole book. I loved that the story carried on from Bikers Librarian. The flow and the storyline are seamless, you get to know the characters and the twists and turns in the story make you never want to put the book down. Absolutely brilliant loved it!

    23. Good addition to the series. Joey and Moose have similar ideas on relationships, which was they don't do them. What was supposed to be one night turned in to so much more. Secrets and lies complicate things along with other things. I really enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to the next one.

    24. Linda ChristianiI'm already a fan so how is it I just can't explain how much I truly enjoy anything this author writes! So yeah that just happened anyway this series just gets better love denial and hea everything I need in my book life looking forward to the next one!

    25. My man MooseI like the storyline this series's is following, the relationships are sexy, and this one has a taste of a little BDSM, shame it didn't delve a little deeper Will read the next one.

    26. Wow, a very intriguing book. Love the story of Joey and Moose. Aww Moose, Big Biker MC but adorable, sexy, alpha male. Yum. Cheers to the author.

    27. ARC FOR AN HONEST REVIEW This was a great MC read. With all the action, love and surprises you could get.

    28. YesssI love this series! Shyla keeps you interested in all of her characters all at once. This is a must read series

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