Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story

Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story

Becky Wade / Aug 23, 2019

Love in the Details A November Wedding Story She left him to save his future but they ve never gotten over each other When Josh returns to his hometown of Martinsburg Texas to help his best friend get married he didn t intend to run into chu

  • Title: Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story
  • Author: Becky Wade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She left him to save his future, but they ve never gotten over each other When Josh returns to his hometown of Martinsburg, Texas, to help his best friend get married, he didn t intend to run into church wedding coordinator and ex girlfriend Holly He can t help but pine after the girl he never got over.Holly broke up with Josh years ago in an attempt to ensure his futuShe left him to save his future, but they ve never gotten over each other When Josh returns to his hometown of Martinsburg, Texas, to help his best friend get married, he didn t intend to run into church wedding coordinator and ex girlfriend Holly He can t help but pine after the girl he never got over.Holly broke up with Josh years ago in an attempt to ensure his future success But she loved him then and still loves him now As she helps him plan his best friend s wedding, she can t help but feel horrible for the pain she caused him And even though she longs to be with Josh, she doesn t feel worthy of his big time lifestyle when she is comfortable in her small town world Will Josh and Holly be able to keep things as they are when their true feelings threaten to surface at every turn

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        During her childhood in California, Becky frequently produced homemade plays starring her sisters, friends, and cousins These plays almost always featured a heroine, a prince, and a love story with a happy ending She s been a fan of all things romantic ever since.Becky and her husband lived overseas in the Caribbean and Australia before settling in Dallas, Texas It was during her years abroad that Becky s passion for reading turned into a passion for writing She published three historical romances with Avon Books, then put her career on hold for several years to care for her three kids, then recently returned to writing sheerly for the love of it She felt led to move to the genre of contemporary Christian romance and couldn t be thrilled with it These days Becky can be found failing but trying to keep up with her housework, sweating at the gym, carting her kids around town, playing tennis, hunched over her computer, eating chocolate, or collapsed on the sofa watching TV with her husband.


    1. There's something about a wedding that I just adore. Although it's not Holly's wedding, she's the church's volunteer wedding coordinator and a big Thanksgiving wedding brings her high school sweetheart back to town.Josh and Holly have had years to come to terms with their breakup and neither of them have any intention of trying to get back together. The reason why Holly broke up with Josh in the first place was crazy to me, but she was a young and impressionable young lady, sacrificing herself f [...]

    2. by Andrea Renee CoxWhile Love in the Details was a sweet romance, I was disappointed in this book. There was an expletive and at least one crude comment. The thing that bothered me the most, though, were the multiple mentions of advice for the lead female to see herself as superior to men, which is anti-Biblical (see Genesis 2:18 and 1 Corinthians 11:3). This behavior was never corrected in the story, which told me it was being condoned. I cannot personally condone or recommend a book that is an [...]

    3. There's nothing sweeter than reading about a cute couple. Except maybe reading about a cute couple who are sweet, wonderful individuals on their own!Love in the Details is a fun and tender story about first love for the second time, and the fears that can hold us back from running after our second chances. I really enjoyed watching Holly and Josh find ways to spend time together even while battling reasons why they shouldn't get their hopes up. There's a magnetism in their relationship that make [...]

    4. There's something about a hero longing for the woman he's always loved but could never have that gets me every time! Josh wasn't planning to pursue Holly but after their first encounter since years of separation he just can't help himself. The clincher is that Holly never wanted to lose him but outside forces compelled her to set him free- against both their wills, and she didn't tell him why- which seriously ups the angst factor. I love how Josh conspires to spend more time with Holly and they [...]

    5. 2.5 starsIt was a really fun little story, and the last chapter had plenty of feel-goods, but several things bothered me.-Characters lying to each other-Her friend Sam seeming to think it was okay to leave her husband doing all the housework and all the cooking and cleaning all the time and running around town having, no! Household work should be shared. Poor guy. He might be a "perfect husband," but Sam is far from a perfect wife.-Several uses of "holy _" (several different words) as an [...]

    6. Eight years ago, Holly and Josh were college freshmen and completely in love. He was on a scholarship at MIT and she was at UT San Antonio. When out of the blue, Holly breaks up with Josh. The break up crushes both of them, and over the years neither has really forgotten the other or the love they shared. When his best friend's wedding draws Josh back to his hometown of Martinsburg, Texas, he knows that he will have to work with the local church's wedding coordinator. He doesn't expect it to be [...]

    7. My exposure to the Year of Weddings collection (published by Zondervan, a house under the HarperCollins umbrella) has been limited. I have one of the paperback collections on my shelf and read one other thanks to a blog tour. When I learned rom-com author extraordinaire Becky Wade was contributing a novella to this year’s line up, I knew, without question it’d be a must read. Texas as the home base might set the stage for most of her novels, but this one is “fresh.” It steps away from he [...]

    8. About the BookShe left him to save his future, but they’ve never gotten over each other.When Josh returns to his hometown of Martinsburg, Texas, to help his best friend get married, he didn’t intend to run into church wedding coordinator—and ex-girlfriend—Holly. He can’t help but pine after the girl he never got over. Not a day's gone by since Josh parted from Holly that he hasn't thought about her. The pain of the past eight years has been too much to bear and he doesn't want to make [...]

    9. Love in the Details was a super sweet read! I love books where the romance is a story of second chances and this one was so good! The book starts out with a letter that Holly wrote to Josh, but never sent, explaining why she broke up with himd I feel that was a great way to let readers know their past relationship history.The characters were great. I felt for them and hoped things would work out in the end. I loved the writing style and how it kept me engaged with the story. I also loved the mes [...]

    10. I was in the mood for a quick, light read and this was a perfect fit. I didn't bother reading the synopsis before starting, just dove right in! That's fun to do sometimes. This was a sweet lost-love story, you could really feel the emotions and chemistry and it was fun to see them rekindle those old feelings. It's understandable that they're both hesitant about getting hurt again, but I'm glad that didn't hold them back. Overall, a fun read with likable characters and a fun setting. Content: Cle [...]

    11. The story was good but Josh is what made it so for me. I can relate to his intense personality, his honesty, and love that doesn't disappear even through the hurt.

    12. Could lost love find itself again?I jumped into Love in the Details not sure what to expect (as usual, I didn't read the book description). I was definitely pulled in right away wondering what was going to happen. Since it was a novella, I was able to find out pretty quickly and definitely enjoyed the journey.Holly was easy to relate to for me since she is a writer and living in a small town. Both things I can identify with. I enjoyed seeing the side of her life that involved her writing, but al [...]

    13. When he graduated from high school, Josh was off to MIT. He left behind his first love, Holly. Holly has gone on to college but when Josh starts thinking of returning to Texas, his mother pays a visit to Holly and they decide the best thing for Josh would be for Holly to break up with him.Eight years later, Josh has gone far. He's become very successful in his business. Now he's returning to Texas for his best friends wedding. What's he to do when he runs into Holly, the girl he's never been abl [...]

    14. Love in the Details is nothing less than what I expect from a Becky Wade story – the characters are endearing, and it’s easy to root for them the entire time. She realistically portrays two people who were once in a relationship, meeting again after many years and different roads of life. It’s a genuinely sweet story that had me smiling while reading because they are just such likeable people. I appreciated the cautious, realistic way that they began to reconnect with one another – their [...]

    15. Good story about 2nd chances for Holly and Josh. I loved the way Holly prayed and told God that no matter what happened she would trust Him and His plan. That truly was my favorite line in this book.I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the narrator tell the story. She held my attention and was easy to listen to.

    16. Becky Wade is releasing a novella later this month and I truly couldn't wait to read it. Why? Simple, I love her writing. She always brings a wonderful story full of romance.I loved this story!!The setting is late summer in Martinsburg, Texas. No, I've never been to Texas, but with the vivid descriptions I was immediately swept there. We are introduced to Josh Bowen and Holly Morgan, high school sweethearts. Josh new Holly was the one for him from the moment he saw her. What happened?Life.After [...]

    17. I’m going to preface this review with the note that I generally don’t care for stand-alone novellas. I find them too short and they often feel either rushed, or as though they stop short. I always want them to be longer. While the last is true of Love in the Details, neither of the other two are. I actually loved this one! Becky is by far one of my favorite authors, so I’m very glad that I took the chance and read this novella. I think one of things I love the most about all of Becky’s b [...]

    18. Love in the Details is another novella in the Zondervan Year of Weddings series, each of which is a standalone novella. I’ve read several of them, and Love in the Details is definitely one of the better stories in the series. Becky Wade is an excellent author, who manages to inject just the right level of humour into what could have been a depressingly sad story. Holly Morgan fell in love with Josh Bowen at high school, but broke up with him during their first year of college. What he never kn [...]

    19. This was such a great story! I loved the small town setting and I connected with these characters very easily. There is humor and fun in the novella, but also a lot of soul searching on each side.Josh still doesn’t understand how things could have fallen apart so many years ago. He’s had a bruised heart for many years and struggles with anger. I really felt for him and thought that he was a very interesting character.I liked Holly so much! It broke her heart to end the relationship with Josh [...]

    20. Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes, crisp air and fall colors--this is a perfect little romance to curl up with to get in the autumn mood!How do you get over your first love, especially when your reason for breaking up in the first place was sacrificial? I felt for good-natured, take-it-on-the-chin Holly, trying to make the best of an awkward situation. As she wrestled with what to do with her still very much alive feelings for Josh, I could relate to her struggle with not listening to her inner [...]

    21. Love in the details is one of the novellas in the year of wedding series by Becky Wade. I really enjoyed this one. I felt like the plot was very realistic. Holly and Josh had been high school sweethearts. Josh is very intelligent and gets a full ride to MIT and Holly ends up breaking up with him to ensure his success at school. The story starts eight years later when they are both together for a mutual friend's wedding. Josh is now very successful with the technology company. I love that Holly w [...]

    22. As soon as I saw Becky Wade had a novella coming out, I had to get my hands on it. I'm such a fan of her writing, and this book didn't disappoint. It didn't even really feel like a novella. Of course it was short, and I couldn't put it down, so I blew right through it. But often novella's feel rushed and lack depth and character development. This one wasn't like that. This book was different than I was expecting. It focused much more on Holly and Josh's personal growth than on the love story its [...]

    23. This book was short, but both slightly sweet and slightly confusing. The author does a very good job of connecting the reader to the characters enough that they can feel the emotions right along with the characters.Holly is quite the self sacrificing type, but she also really didn't stand up for herself to keep her relationship with Josh. Likewise, Josh didn't fight for his relationship with Holly, nor did he confront her about her reasons for breaking up with him in college. The book was filled [...]

    24. "It had been as simple and fast and as inexplicable as that. He'd loved her."Josh Bowen and Holly Morgan had been the kind of high school sweethearts that shared a forever kind of love. Or at least, Josh thought that they had. Brilliant and talented, Josh departed from his hometown of Martinsville, Texas to attend the prestigious MIT University, having earned multiple scholarship, but his good fortune abruptly changed following an unexplainable phone call from Molly. Quite providentially, he and [...]

    25. It's sometimes hit or miss for me in these Year of Weddings novellas but I knew that this one would be a hit (or at least I had high hopes!) because it was by Becky Wade and I love her. I knew I had to read this one.Holly and Josh. Josh and Holly. In love but then she dumps him unexpectedly. He is angry, she is sad. Years later they cross paths again and the sparks are still there but so are the hurts. It's not a new idea for a book but I it felt fresh to me. The characters were real and driven [...]

    26. I have loved Becky Wade’s books since I picked up her very first, My Stubborn Heart, and I haven’t missed one since. Now Becky has written a novella. And she has done a mighty fine job, too.Holly broke up with Josh years ago, not really wanting to, but thinking it would be best for him.Now Josh is back in town for the wedding of friends and Holly is discovering how much she wished she’d not let him go. Becky Wade rocks Christian romance without going too far, but what I admire most about h [...]

    27. How sweet story!Easy to read, very well-written, lovely characters.I smiled like an idiot a couple of times.I liked Josh most of the novella, specially in the beginning where he seemed so confident and strong; however, in the last chapters, I find him a bit overwhelming.I could not get involved with Holly so much, I enjoyed her character, though.A really complicated issue was solved too fast, I think, but I it did not bother me that much.Pick it up if you want to have good time with a nice and s [...]

    28. Love in the Details was a really sweet second chance love story. It was simple, straight forward and fairy tale-like, in a sense. Josh and Holly made a cute couple. There was no great conflict or struggle in their story, however, an underlying question - should I or shouldn't I - seemed to exist right up until the end. Rating: 3/5Recommend: YesNetGalley ARC for review in exchange for an honest critique.

    29. I love all of Becky Wade's books & this was no exception. I'm amazed at how she was able to pull me into the main character's emotions & situation so quickly. I believe this will be published with a few other novellas in hard copy. That book would make a great gift or stocking-stuffer. Such a charming story!

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