Our Moon

Our Moon

Jennifer L. Allen / Jul 16, 2019

Our Moon Ally Monroe can t remember her name let alone the eighteen years of her life before a car accident put her in a year long coma She wakes up to the reality that her parents are dead and she has amnesi

  • Title: Our Moon
  • Author: Jennifer L. Allen
  • ISBN: 9780996456500
  • Page: 324
  • Format: ebook
  • Ally Monroe can t remember her name, let alone the eighteen years of her life before a car accident put her in a year long coma She wakes up to the reality that her parents are dead and she has amnesia.Released from her long term care facility to live with her twin brother, Alex, and older brother, Trevor, Ally tries to piece together what she can while attempting to liveAlly Monroe can t remember her name, let alone the eighteen years of her life before a car accident put her in a year long coma She wakes up to the reality that her parents are dead and she has amnesia.Released from her long term care facility to live with her twin brother, Alex, and older brother, Trevor, Ally tries to piece together what she can while attempting to live her life again Enter Chase Baker, guitarist for her brothers rock band, JACT There is something about him that Ally just can t resist, but the mysteries of her past are looming in the back of her mind, threatening to destroy anything she tries to build with him.Do Ally and Chase have a chance Or is there a secret in Ally s past that may get in the way Our Moon is the first book in the JACT series Each book has a different level of steam, and each can be read as a standalone, however it is recommended they are read in order.

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        Jennifer was born and raised on Long Island, in New York She relocated to South Carolina in 2002, where she met the love of her life They got married and live their happily ever after just outside of Charleston with their fur kids a spoiled rat terrier and a cat who think she s an MMA fighter When she s not reading or writing, she works as a behavioral therapist, and is an evening graduate student, pursuing a degree in clinical counseling She enjoys amateur photography, travelling, and music it s a bonus when she can combine all three She independently published her debut novel, Our Moon JACT 1 , in June 2015.


    1. There is one type of book I will always, always love. These type of books put a huge smile on my face and quench all my reading desires. The brother’s best friend books gives you unrequited love, forbidden love and typically the sweetest conclusion. So naturally when I was approached to read Our Moon I jumped at the opportunity and I am super glad I did.Our Moon isn’t your typical friends to lovers or brother’s best friend book. The story begins with us meeting Ally and she has just woken [...]

    2. This was a cute story. I loved Ally and Chase and them as a couple. It's amazing how love can be found, even through amnesia. It's a great fun read. The only thing not believable to me, is a 26 year-old male virgin.I don't care what he saw as a child - hormones would have taken over and there would have been at least 1 or 2 women/girls who's pants he would have gotten into. I do believe that he would have waited for Ally, not moving on and hoping that she would come back to him.Can't wait to rea [...]

    3. Our Moon is a lovely, sweet romance by a debut author. While it may have some technical issues common among new writers, it's still a heartwarming story and knows how to evoke emotions. Ally's family and brothers are a colorful world that you just want to know and be apart of. Hopefully we will get more of them in future books. I struggled with how the book ended, but it's still a fun read and I enjoyed it overall.

    4. Their moon! Ally and Chase are absolutely perfect together!The blurb does sound a little weird, amnesia, seems a little farfetched, but let me tell you, I am so glad I read this!Dual POV, first part is Ally, near the end is Chase.Ally has just woken up from her coma and has amnesia. Her parents died in the car accident she was in. This starts off to where she’s going to live with her brothers after months of therapy. Trevor, the oldest, and Alex, her twin, older by four minutes. I love these t [...]

    5. I went into this story blind, I hadn't read any sort of reviews, just the synopsis. And I'm so glad I read this because I really enjoyed this story. While this is a new adult romance, the way it's approached is different then what I've read before, and I think that's what I liked most about the book.The book is broken down into two parts: Ally learning to adjust now that she's out of her year-long coma with no memory of her past, after the tragic accident she was in along with her parents. The f [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading Our Moon. It was a sweet and clean book that I could not put down once I started it! Ally has been in a coma for a year and when she wakes up she doesn't even remember her own name, let alone the fact that both of her parents are dead and that she has two brothers. One who is her twin at that. I cannot even imagine this happening, it would be so sad and scary to wake up and not know who you are even a little. With the help of her brothers and their bandmates Ally tries t [...]

    7. **I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review**Kudos to Jennifer L. Allen for creating an amazing story that can and will appeal to such a wide range of audience.I immediately fell in love with all the characters. They each stood out in a unique way that drew me in. Their relationships, the banter, the playfulness, the family bond. I think many people will relate to the characters and their relationships. This story has two parts. I definitely loved reading Ally's POV first. I feel like [...]

    8. I should start off saying that I am not one to read sweet stories. I tend to lean towards the dark and mysterious books. However, I am so glad I went out of my norm to read Our Moon. It's a heartwarming, sad and beautiful story told in a unique way. I loved the story and adored the characters. I felt so many different emotions while reading Our Moon. I was amazed at myself when I felt chocked up at times. This book has changed my mind on reading only dark stories Thanks to Jennifer Allen I have [...]

    9. Our Moon was an original storyline that grabbed hold of me on page one and never let me go. My emotions were all over the place and tears were shed as Ally struggled to remember her past and face an unknown future. Very well written story of love, loss, and everything in between.Reviewed for FMR Book Grind

    10. 4.5 out of 5 starsThere are times when this is just the sort of book my heart needs to read and one look at the blurb and I know that I am feeding my soul just what it was looking for. Because this is an honest no holds barred romance – one that will refuse to let you go and will from page women have you tied to your kindle/e-reader/book – whatever – you will not be able to put it down.Survivor of a devastating accident that killed both her parents – Ally has fought back from deaths door [...]

    11. For a new author Jennifer L. Allen let me start by saying she writes like a seasoned author. "Our Moon" flowed, with developed characters and descriptive writing. She easily keeps the reader engrossed in the story.I will try to review without being a spoiler.This book centers around a young girl, Ally Monroe, who has her life completely ripped from her but in a way she is not aware of it. she has amnesia. After a horrible accident she ended up in a coma while her brothers (Trevor and Alex) are l [...]

    12. There was something different about this book, it wasn’t my normal “Friends to Lovers” or “Second Chance Romance”. This book put my heart at ease. Our Moon was more than just words, you felt for the characters. I am so glad Jennifer reached out to me to review this book, I will be forever thankful for her doing just that.Our Moon starts off about meeting Ally, as she just woken from a year long coma after a horrible car crash that took the lives of both parents. Since Ally has woken yo [...]

    13. Our Moon is a young adult contemporary romance following Ally who has amnesia after waking up from a year-long coma. The story is written and divided into two parts from two different perspectives. The first part follows Ally as she deals with her amnesia, and how it affects the people around her especially her family. It also shows Ally having to struggle with memory loss and endless of questions. Ally is a very likeable and strong character. I liked how she dealt with her situation. She was pe [...]

    14. OUR MOON STEPHANIE L ALLEN 5 STARS REVIEWER: DAWNThis book is told in two parts. The first part is from Allys POV The second is from Chase’s POV but taks place before Allys accident and some after. Ally has just woken up from a coma,after an accident she has lost the last year of her life not remembering anything before.Her parents died in the accident so she leaves hospital in the care of her two brothers,one of them her twin.Ally tries to remember her life before,tries to rebuild her life an [...]

    15. Reviewing on behalf of Relentless book chics ramblings and reviewsHow would you feel if you woke up one day and didn’t even know your own name? This is exactly what happened to Ally. After being in a coma for a year following a tragic car crash which killed her parents, she has amnesia and knows nothing about the 18 years of her life before the accident or who her friends and family are. Ally doesn’t know who she is anymore and has to rely on her oldest brother Trevor and twin brother Alex t [...]

    16. Jennifer Allen has created a refreshing and interesting tale with her book, OUR MOON. A young adult tale, it follows the lives of Ally, her twin Alex, older brother Trevor and friends Chase and Joey, as they navigate the difficult roles of adulthood that is thrust upon them with the deaths of Ally, Alex and Trevor's parents. The plot is a simple one, the standard boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back story with a twist. It's the twist that gives us the uniqueness of the story. Ally i [...]

    17. 4 out of 5 starsAlly & Chase have a wonderful love story that the author portrayed oh, so well! I loved the way the story was told even though I knew Chase was Ally’s mystery guy early in the novel (without doubt). Ally’s amnesia is not the main focus of the book. Don’t get me wrong, obviously it’s a very key component, but for me it was much more about the story unfolding and her finding the love she wanted with Chase. The fact that Chase is in a band with both of her brothers and b [...]

    18. Our Moon by Jennifer L Allen4 StarsI can’t imagine what it would be like to forget everything and everyone, but that’s how it was for Ally when she woke up from a year-long coma with amnesia. Life will never be the same again as she learns that both her parents are dead and she now has to live in an unfamiliar world with total strangers.Our Moon is a touching and emotional story about a young girl, Ally, and her brothers, Trevor and Alex, and is split into two parts. Part one is from Ally’ [...]

    19. Weird structure and narrationThe story is not bad, I've been interested in amnesia goir a while so that's why I bought this book. And of course because I'm quiite fond of the whole borther's best friend thing.The first thing I noticed, the narration was design for the reader to feel everything is happening right now at this moment. Everything is in present time. I just couldn't get into it tho. It was weird. The structure is also weird and left me confused for a few times. The first half of the [...]

    20. Our Moon was my first read by Jennifer L Allen and I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I really enjoyed reading her debut book. The story is told in alternating PoV’s from Ally Monroe who loses her memory and what she means to swoon worthy Chase Baker. I was so glad the author allowed the reader to get inside Chase’s thoughts as it made me fall more in love with his character. Chase is so sweet, I felt connected to his pain and it was so easy to understand his actions and views on love [...]

    21. I really liked this book, was a reading surprising, exciting, fun, with a sweet and clean love story. It 's written very well, with a fast and flowing pace, so addictive that I could not put it down.Ally had a terrible car accident with her parents: they are dead and she was in a coma for a year. When she wakes up she has amnesia and does not remember anything. Her twin brother Alex and her older brother Trevor help and support her. Her brothers are part of a band and the other two components ar [...]

    22. I loved Our Moon. Is there really anything else to say? It's really well written, and in a way that I found unique and interesting. I like the two different points of view used to fill in the blanks and give the full sense of what's going on. I found myself completely tangled up in their relationship from the beginning. I loved watching Ally heal and hurt for her when she got overwhelmed. The relationship between her and her brothers was very realistic and entertaining to watch. My only real com [...]

    23. I don't usually read YA, not that I haven't, I just tend to stick to my erotica reads but after being contact by this author to read/review her book and reading the blurb, I couldn't say no. I was just coming off a book hangover and needed something light and easy. This book is that and so much more. Sweetness, innocence, beauty, tragedy and love all wrapped up in this beautiful book. Mrs. Allen reminds me of Colleen Hoover, the ability to write a romance book without the smut and yet the book s [...]

    24. What an amazing romantic love story. The story is about two souls trying to find each other. They finally locate each other and then get lost and have to find each other again. You will laugh, cry, smile, and just love this book as you read it. The story is told in 2 parts first Ally’s and then Chase’s. Ally and her parents were driving to Ally’s friend Lucy’s house the night of her high school graduation. A drunk driver runs them off the road and her parents were killed. Ally hit her he [...]

    25. I was given a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.The GoodThis was a sweet contemporary love story. While Ally can't remember much from her past, you can't help but root for her and Chase to get together - even before you discover there was already something between them before the accident.The BadThe dual personalities threw me off at first. Not in a bad way, but it was something I had to get used to. When reading books with multiple POVs, I'm used to it flip-flopping throu [...]

    26. I was provided this ARC for an honest reviewI enjoyed this debut book by Jennifer L. Allen. The story was charming and sweet and, had a beautiful HEA. The main character Ally was in a terrible car accident where she lost her parents, but when she wakes from her coma a year later, she has amnesia and does not have any idea what happened. She does not remember her twin brother, older brother, or their bandmates. After returning home from the rehab center, she finds herself anxious to remember who [...]

    27. RATING: 4 STARSI love rock stars, and I love sweet love stories. When I had the chance to read a book that combined the two without the super-smut story along with it? I had to read it. And I am so glad that I did. This book is written in multiple POVs, which provide an intriguing and engaging read as we watch Ally suffer from amnesia, and recover from the accident that brought this on. She is guided by her brothers, Alex and Trevor, and the relationships between the three were spot-on and very [...]

    28. RATING: 4 STARSI love rock stars, and I love sweet love stories. When I had the chance to read a book that combined the two without the super-smut story along with it? I had to read it. And I am so glad that I did. This book is written in multiple POVs, which provide an intriguing and engaging read as we watch Ally suffer from amnesia, and recover from the accident that brought this on. She is guided by her brothers, Alex and Trevor, and the relationships between the three were spot-on and very [...]

    29. **ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**I love any book that can hold my attention through the whole book and make me cry (ugly cry, and that is exactly what Our Moon did. I absolutely loved Ally and Chase. I knew where their story was leading, not the details, but I kinda guessed and usually when I find a book that is so predictable I don't finish with it, but miss Jennifer L. Allen had me wanting to soak up every detail. I also completely adored the rest of the characters. [...]

    30. Our Moon by Jennifer L. Allen is the kind of book that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after you finish reading it. The story is told in two parts: the first part of the story is about Ally in the present time and the other part is told by Chase recalling the past. This was a very sweet and romantic story. I loved that Ally has a twin brother Alex, I have always been fascinated by twins and this book really showed the deep connection between Ally and Alex. All the characters in this [...]

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