A Mind for God

A Mind for God

James Emery White / Feb 18, 2020

A Mind for God To be fully human is to think The apostle Paul calls us to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ Cor But James Emery White fears that Western Christians are failing in this t

  • Title: A Mind for God
  • Author: James Emery White
  • ISBN: 9780830833924
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To be fully human is to think The apostle Paul calls us to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ 2 Cor 10 5 But James Emery White fears that Western Christians are failing in this task Because we have not developed good intellectual habits, our minds instead have been captured by our culture A Mind for God is written to help us break free from thTo be fully human is to think The apostle Paul calls us to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ 2 Cor 10 5 But James Emery White fears that Western Christians are failing in this task Because we have not developed good intellectual habits, our minds instead have been captured by our culture A Mind for God is written to help us break free from this cultural captivity through the spiritual and intellectual disciplines of reading, study and reflection This inspirational and practical rule for the mind encourages and enables us to develop our minds for God Includes book lists and resources so you can grow your brain.

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        James Emery White is the founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina president of Serious Times, a ministry that explores the intersection of faith and culture Dr White is an adjunctive professor of theology and culture at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, where he also served as their fourth president and author of than twenty books.


    1. An encouragement for Christians to read! "The purpose of developing our minds is our love for God; our mission is to contend with the darkness for the sake of the Light." As we read and learn the scriptures, history and other books, we reflect on what they teach us in light of our mission.

    2. Formative. Calls for well-read and educated christians, and presents compelling cases for (and visions of) these new, reasoning Christians to address 'serious times' in a form of apologetics.

    3. There was nothing new in this book but it was well written and I enjoyed it. A couple of observations: first, the central Christian imperative of this book is to grow a Christian mind. There is nothing wrong with this and I agree completely. But for some reason it seemed empty of what should be the consequences of a Christian mind and that is the overwhelming desire to disciple others, and to care for those who are the most vulnerable among use "least of these." Second, it seemed a bit elitist. [...]

    4. Loved this book. It is short. Easy to read. Yet, in my mind, profound for those who want their faith in Christ to guide the way they act, think, and speak. The book is a challenge to wisdom defined as "knowing what God would have us do and doing it." It is a challenge to "think Christianity" with some thoughts from the author and his many sources about ways to develop a mind that thinks in ways that reflect Christian faith.This books exceeded my expectations. It will be one I reflect on for some [...]

    5. Concise but meaningful overview of the necessity, calling, and power of developing your mind for the Lord - ultimately by learning what to think, how to think, and how to apply what you have learned and reflected upon. Inspires you to keep reading and learning in deep ways!

    6. This is a must read for ANY and ALL people that profess the Christian faith. Solid reasons why you should be growing your intellect in order to bring glory to God by being the absolute best that you can. Your mind is like any muscle - if you don't use it, you will lose it and in this world of growing animosity toward faith professing people, we need to arm ourselves adequately to stay up to the task of mindfully and intelligently engaging them in meaningful conversation. There is nothing more fr [...]

    7. The main thesis is that Christians should develope their minds for God's glory. I agree. He wants us to develope our minds with philosophy, literature, etc. (in addition to the Bible ofcourse), by reading the classics and serious stuff that is not, infact, 'over our heads.' I agree and if you agree also, then I would suggest picking up another book because this book has very little accademic, cultural, theological, and philosophical implications that you probally have allready reasoned or derive [...]

    8. This book is more of an essay in book form reminding us to form our minds, to be learners for the sake of the Gospel. The fact that he is as professor is obvious and he is definitely a fan of a classical education. Not much space given to literatures or learnings outside the western tradition in his book recommendations. All in all though, it was a refreshing exhortation to never stop learning, to apply learning to our reading, and to never substitute 'information' for intellect. I want to read [...]

    9. This is a pleasurable read that offers both inspiration and practical advice for the development of our minds. Dr. White was a wonderful professor who exemplified the Christian mind aflame with truth for all us students.I recommend this book to anyone wanting greater focus on their intellectual development. It is very readable even in a good sitting or as a seven part (based on the chapters) series for pondering.

    10. 12/2012 This short volume provided much food for thought on having a Christian mind, entering into intellectual dialogue, and exercising apologetics in today's world. The ideas in the book challenged me not to just read widely and think deeply, but to find outlets for engaging other people in discussion.

    11. LOVED this one. A short but potent work whose theme is that Christians need to engage our world intellectually instead of hiding our heads in the sand of ignorance and apathy. I'm going to include it in our required reading for school next year. Excellent book lists and resources located in the appendices also.

    12. This is a great basic lay-out of the idea that reading and learning about things like theology can better equip you to share your faith and further the kingdom. It isn't a very difficult or in-depth read, so if you're looking for something more challenging this might not be for you.

    13. This is a phenomenal book. It should be required reading in churches and even schools. It is a clarion call to fight against our culture and develop thinking minds. This is the second time I've read this through and find it even more inspiring every time.

    14. Great starting place to focus on learning and developing a vision. Great read !Is easy to follow and very helpful in understanding the role of learning. This book also speaks to our responsibilities in learning as Christians.

    15. To quote a commercial a mind is a terrible thing to waste and every now and then it's good to be reminded why! I'm challenged to read more classics and I'm thankful for being from a "reading family!"

    16. I read this entire book in one sitting and found it to be a delightful read with some fantastic insights. I believe more Christians need to take to heart the message of this book.

    17. This book has forever changed my relationship with God. White challenges his readers to reflect on the things they go through in life and what it means to be an educated Christian.

    18. Loved this:"A monastery without a library [Sine armario] is like a castle without an armory [sine armamentario]. Our library is our armory." -- a Normandy Monk wrote in 1170.

    19. Great book to get you started on a journey of learning. It really inspired me to take more of an interest in learning and reading.

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