Beyond the Fortuneteller's Tent

Beyond the Fortuneteller's Tent

Kristy Tate / Jun 26, 2019

Beyond the Fortuneteller s Tent When Petra Baron goes into the fortuneteller s tent at a Renaissance fair she expects to leave with a date to prom Instead she walks out into Elizabethan England where she meets gypsies a demon do

  • Title: Beyond the Fortuneteller's Tent
  • Author: Kristy Tate
  • ISBN: 9781508929475
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Petra Baron goes into the fortuneteller s tent at a Renaissance fair, she expects to leave with a date to prom Instead, she walks out into Elizabethan England, where she meets gypsies, a demon dog and a kindred spirit in Emory Ravenswood Emory must thwart the plans of religious zealots His mission is dangerous, his enemies are fanatical, and Petra Baron is a compliWhen Petra Baron goes into the fortuneteller s tent at a Renaissance fair, she expects to leave with a date to prom Instead, she walks out into Elizabethan England, where she meets gypsies, a demon dog and a kindred spirit in Emory Ravenswood Emory must thwart the plans of religious zealots His mission is dangerous, his enemies are fanatical, and Petra Baron is a complication that Heaven only knows he does not need Or does he Although Emory is on Heaven s errand, he learned long ago that Heaven does not always play fair As Petra slowly falls for Emory, she wonders if he really is who he seems, or if he is just as lost as she is How can they have a future while trapped in the past Or is anything possible Beyond the Fortuneteller s Tent

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      166 Kristy Tate
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        Dr Seuss was my first love When my mom left me in the children s section of the library I d find Horton and the Cat My mom hated the good doctor and refused to checkout his books He was my secret, guilty pleasure Eventually, I read about Narnia, Oz and Green Gables.When my mom grew too sick to visit the library, a friend brought her a stash of romances which she kept in a big box beside her bed Weekly, this good friend replenished the box My mom didn t know I read her books it was like the Seuss affair, only sexier Reading became my escape from a horrific and scary situation Immersed in a story, I didn t have to think about the life and death drama taking place on the other side of my bedroom wall Books were my hallucinogenic drug of choice In college, I studied literature and fell in love with Elliot, Willa and too many others to mention This had no similarity to my dating life I m no longer a child living with a grieving father and a dying mother, nor am I the co ed in search of something or someone real, nonfictional I m an adult blessed with an abundance of love I love my Heavenly Father and His son, my husband and family, my dog, my friends, my neighbors, my writing group, the birds outside my window.Because I m a writer, I also love my characters I adore their pluck, courage and mettle I admire the way they face and overcome hardships But, as in any romance, I sometimes I get angry with them and think that they are too stupid to live At those times, I have to remind myself that they live only in my imagination, unless I share Writing for me is all about sharing giving back to the world that has so generously shared with me because I learned a long time ago that the world is full of life and death dramas Sometimes we need a story to help us escape.And we need as much love as we can find That s why I write romance.


    1. This book is great for its target teenage audience. 11-16 year olds will love this time-travel tale that incorporates history, romance and a healthy dose of paranormal as well. It also has a stunning cover.I won't bore you with a recap of the plot, the blurb's above, and to be honest there are a few twists that would need mentioning that would spoil some of the fun of the read.Unlike a lot of the YA books on the market at the moment Beyond the Fortuneteller's Tent doesn't quite make the leap int [...]

    2. Imagine entering a fortuneteller's tent and leaving to find yourself in Elizabethan England. That is what happened to Petra. She tries to discover what happened and along the way, meet Emory. Together they'll have to change history in order to return Petra to modern-day. Will they succeed or is Petra where she belongs? I love time travel, especially young adult, and this one is a winner. I was taken in immediately and didn't want it to end. The characters and narration reminded me a bit of Outla [...]

    3. I came across Beyond the Fortuneteller’s Tent after I downloaded The Paranormal 13 to my Kindle. Who can say no to 13 free full-length novels? Certainly not me! Beyond the Fortuneteller’s Tent immediately caught my eye when I perused the novels in The Paranormal 13, so I decided to give it a try.This book is about Orange County, California high school student Petra Baron. She is mysteriously transported to early seventeenth century England while in a fortuneteller’s tent at a Renaissance f [...]

    4. What a strange, but entertaining book. I picked up Beyond the Fortune Teller’s Tent by Kristy Tate on a whim after spotting it on for FREE. I’m a huge fan of time travel, and the book seemed to be right up my alley. I wasn’t wrong.As far as the technical side of things goes, the book was well written. There were one or two typos, but nothing that distracted me from the story for more than a split second. The writing was clear and easy to follow, and I was engaged with the story from the v [...]

    5. YA, sweet, Paranormal, Time Travel Romance. If you enjoy a good cross genre YA sweet story, I honestly would high recommend this author and probably this series. What I didn't care for:There are a few proof reading errors that made me read sentences a few times to get an understanding. The main character feels a bit too passive at times for me which contrasts the boldness she displays at other times. She does not feel consistent. At times I wondered why she did or did not do things. Disclaimer, [...]

    6. This book started out really slow for me. I had a really hard time staying with it and pushing through. But I did, and things did pick up. I can't really pinpoint what made this book so difficult for me to settle into. Something in the execution, I guess, because the plot is a good one and even the characters show promise.Petra is young. I guess that's how I would describe her. I didn't really connect to her on a personal or emotional level and I didn't see a lot of growth in her. Emory is an en [...]

    7. I believe the reason I couldn't get completely into this book because it's for readers in a much younger group, maybe 13-16 years old. Also, it felt a lot like a kids version of the Outlander series. I will say that it had set up nicely for each transition from the 21st century and the 17th century, and giving it a good twist on the psyche. I don't think I will purchase the next book, but if it ever becomes available free on Kindle I would give it another go to see if it would grow on me.

    8. I hesitated on giving this book 5 stars, because when writing a period piece about time travel, language is omnipotent! Petra’s notes helped a bit as there is a great amount of research involved in telling this rather cute love story that left a lot of unanswered questions and a cliff hanger at the end. The book is well written with great character development and overall an entertaining read.

    9. It took me a bit longer to read this book than I had planned. There were a lot of incongruities that kept me flipping back and forth, trying to figure out which information was accurate.The characters were well-rounded, but I was a bit disappointed in their age. This was aimed more towards a younger Young Adult audience than most readers expect when they pick up a Young Adult novel. If it had been made more clear, I probably would not have purchased a copy. There were a lot of places where it fe [...]

    10. I found this story both fascinating and frustrating. I enjoyed the premise and liked the characters. They were intriguing, particularly Emory. However, the delivery of the story was inconsistent. It seemed to jolt with difficulty between being light-hearted and dealing with serious issues. Additionally, sometimes the storyline jolted between scenes. There were characters too, like Marshall, who seemed to show up only to force the plot to its next point with no clear story-related reason for it. [...]

    11. Petra and Robyn her friend plus Zoe the tag along little sister visit a Fortune tellers tent at the Royal Oaks Renaissance Faire. She had arranged to meet Kyle there after he had passed her a note asking her to meet him at the Faire. Petra likes Kyle and hopes he will invite her to the school prom. Petra doesn't see him anywhere so she thinks he might be inside the tent so she leaves Robyn and Zoe outside and she enters the tent. What she finds is the Fortune Teller Fester he tells Petra he can [...]

    12. Paranormal 13 AnthologyI'm not a big fan of time travel and I don't think this particular story was told very well and the characters were very shallow and didn't add much emotion.

    13. This book is a great time travel romance for young adults, the characters are great and the story itself is interesting and enjoyable. When Petra goes inside the fortuneteller's tent, she never imagined that she would come out not knowing where she was or what year it was, but that is what happened. While trying to figure out where she was and how she got there, she starts to fall in love with Emory, who has his own agenda that Petra complicates for him. This story lets the reader follow Petra a [...]

    14. It is no secret that I love time travel books and this is no exception. I loved the main character. She was thrown into a totally different time period and just went with the flow. I still have a lot of questions and I am definitely reading book 2.

    15. There were so many issues that I had with this story. The fact that the author/editor kept missing the fact that throughout the story the year would go back and forth between 1614 and 1610. So Petra was supposed to be smart (“I’m an AP scholar (haha) and top student in my honors English course…. also takes other AP classes), yet, I didn’t feel she was even close to living up to that title. There were tons of times throughout this story where she doesn’t understand something, whether a [...]

    16. The plucky (if privileged) heroine's quirky turn-of-phrase like "Harry Potter accent", "muffin-faced", "she who tries dies", and "sneeze the day" adds charm to this romantic time-slip adventure. Not to mention, it's every girl's dream that she'll find a partner that describes her as "one of the loveliest thingsever seen in [a] lifetime" when she's drooling. Even more impressive, the author invents a partner satisfied to see you once every 200 years like some kind of reverse-Brigadoon miracle. To [...]

    17. This is the 8th book in Paranormal 13.Such an enchanting and charming book! I know! That sounds kind of cliché but those are the words that keep sticking in my head. I didn’t think I would like this book when I first started reading it because it was obviously targeted towards a younger audience but I kept reading and found myself enjoying it.Petra Baron and her best friend, Robyn and Petra’s younger step-sister, Zoe, are at the annual Renaissance Fair that her school puts on every year. Fr [...]

    18. ~Free Ebook provided by ebooksforreview in exchange for an honest review~I´m a sucker for time-travel stories, so this seemed perfect for me. I really wanted to love it, but unfortunately I did not. Plot: 2 starsThe premise is interesting enough-Petra, the main character, goes into a fortuneteller´s tent at a Renaissance fair, and mysteriously gets transported to 17th century England.Unfortunately the plot just did not convince me. The beginning was hard to get into, and while a lot happened, [...]

    19. I think I am on some sort of fantastic reading journey because I just finished this book and it is my third in a row where I am just blown away by how AMAZING the story is/was. Normally I love reading, but I do not find many books to be a 5 star. This one my lovelies is most certainly 5 stars! It has action, sci-fi, family drama, teenage drama, romance, history, humor, intrigue, religion and more. How it has more and keeps a cohesive story I don't know, but Kristy Tate (KT) provides that in spad [...]

    20. It is what it is - a teen lit book that offers a mix of youthful adventure, coming-of-age romance with the mystery of magic, time-travel and the supernatural. It's a story about Petra, a modern day citygirl who finds herself mysteriously transported into 1610 (although a few times it says 1614 instead) and who struggles to make sense of the era. The author throws in references to modern life and creature comforts and offers Petra's baffled observations as a young girl who is completely out of he [...]

    21. I love reading about time travel so I was anxious to dig into this novel when I received it. Sadly, it came nowhere near to reaching my expectations. The story concept caught my interest at the start. Petra is a high school student that ends up traveling back in time when she visits a fortune teller. For me, everything immediately fell apart after this point. The start of it was that Petra was dressed up as a princess, including a tiara yet the "peasants" didn't so much as look at her! Her wardr [...]

    22. While it was an interesting read and I was shocked at the ending, I’m not crazy about this book. Yes, the ending had a great cliff-hanger, I just don’t feel the urge to go on. The ending was a great twist and now that I think about it, I should have seen it coming but I really didn’t.I guess that I’m just not really into the time travel genre all that much, just not my cup of tea. It got a little action-packed near the end of the journey but, it slowed down again right at the ending. It [...]

    23. Beyond the Fortuneteller's Tent: a teen time-travel romanceBy Kristy TateReviewed by: Mary K JungFrom beginning to end, I found this book to be entertaining. Time travel, or the like, has always intrigued me. Wouldn’t it be lovely to pick a date in history and travel back and just sit on a hillside and watch the story unfold? Not that this happens in the book, but I think it would be enjoyable to be able to do just that.In some ways this book starts out as a typical teen attraction Petra is to [...]

    24. This was an interesting read. I want to say I was mesmerized by it, but in reality I was a little bored through most of it. I'm not really sure what it was that didn't click with me, but I just had a hard time getting into it.Petra lives in California in 2014 and is mysteriously transported at a Renaissance Fair back to England in 1610. I'm still not sure how or why that happened. Petra was a pretty likeable character. She was believable for her age, but she wasn't stupid, which I appreciated.My [...]

    25. Wished for something betterI was really looking forward to this book. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. And to be honest, when I read the description, I would have bought it. It started off with the typical feel of a jr high fiction, and that was fine with me. It was light, but not fluffy. Petra Baron is at a school festival with her best friend and sister, but that quickly changes as she finds her self magically in Elizabethan England, by her self.She struggles with trying to [...]

    26. Petra is told she needs to go into the fortune teller's tent. Her prom date supposedly has set up something special in order to ask her. She leaves her best friend and her step sister outside and goes into the tent. She is unprepared for what happens nextIt seems that she went into the tent in her current time, but has emerged from the tent in Elizabethan England. Here she meets a mysterious man, Emory, who is on a dangerous mission of some kind. She feels an almost instant connection to him and [...]

    27. Beyond the Fortune Teller’s Tent takes readers on a time travelling adventure from modern day America back to the English Renaissance. We follow our main character, Petra, as she is whisked into a foreign place and time, and tries to figure our her main “quest” for being sent back to this period. Along her journey, she meets friends and foe, as well as encounters many dangers, giving the novel its “thrill” factor.I love reading historical fiction, time-travelling adventures, and fantas [...]

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