The Turn of the Tide

The Turn of the Tide

Rosanne Parry / Jul 24, 2019

The Turn of the Tide From Rosanne Parry author of the acclaimed Heart of a Shepherd comes an exciting and tender friendship story about two cousins looking for their destiny On a beautiful day in June the ground broke

  • Title: The Turn of the Tide
  • Author: Rosanne Parry
  • ISBN: 9780375869723
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Rosanne Parry, author of the acclaimed Heart of a Shepherd, comes an exciting and tender friendship story about two cousins looking for their destiny On a beautiful day in June, the ground broke open In Japan, you re always prepared for an earthquake That s why Kai knows just what to do when the first rumbles shake the earth And then he does the exact oppositFrom Rosanne Parry, author of the acclaimed Heart of a Shepherd, comes an exciting and tender friendship story about two cousins looking for their destiny On a beautiful day in June, the ground broke open In Japan, you re always prepared for an earthquake That s why Kai knows just what to do when the first rumbles shake the earth And then he does the exact opposite of what you re supposed to do He runs And then the tsunami hits Meanwhile, on the other side of the Pacific, Kai s cousin Jet sets sail off the coast of Astoria, Oregon She knows she should have checked the tide she always checks the tide Except this time she didn t When the biggest mistakes of their lives bring them together, Jet and Kai spend the summer regretting that one moment when they made the wrong decision But there s something about friendship that heals all wounds and, together, Jet and Kai find the one thing they never thought they d have again hope.

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        Hey there, I m the author of the novels Heart of a Shepherd, Second Fiddle, Written in Stone, and the upcoming The Turn of the Tide, all published by Random House I also wrote the picture book Daddy s Home.All of my books have won awards, some of them bunches of awards, and obviously I m proud of them all, so go look at the website for unbridled bragging.I write because I love the power of story to illuminate and uplift our world I try to write things that are heartfelt and encourage conversation in families and classrooms If you wanted to ask me a question or invite me to come speak at your school or library, I d love that When I m not writing I try to be an advocate for literacy and libraries whenever I can I like to read obviously and hike and ride my bike and ski and sail and go to the beach, and write in my treehouse.


    1. Parry strips emotions to a very raw level, a great juxtaposition of two characters experiences with their need to grow up, some great action, but the emotion is real and lovely to experience.

    2. Kai is half-Japanese and half-American, living in Japan when the 2011 tsunami hits. After a terrifying few days in which he loses his grandparents and his home, Kai's parents send him to his father's brother in Astoria, Oregon. There lives his female cousin Jet, who is determined to become a river pilot on the Columbia like her father even though it's a difficult job for a woman to break into. She loves sailing, but has lost her favorite sailing buddy, Beck, to his friendship with the obnoxious [...]

    3. When an earthquake hits Japan, Kai tries to help his elderly grandparents escape the tsunami waves, but he is unable to get them to move fast enough. After the immediate crisis, Kai is moved from his home in Japan to the safety of Oregon to live with his cousins. His parents stayed behind in Japan to work on the nuclear power plant that was damaged in the storm. Jet is the cousin that Kai moves in with. She dreams of being the pilot of a boat on the Columbia Bar. One day she misses checking the [...]

    4. When Kai's community in Japan is hit by a tsunami, he runs from his school to try to rescue his grandparents, but is unable to get them to safety. He survives, but his parents, who work at a nuclear power plant, are very busy in the wake of the devastation, and send him to stay with his aunt and uncle who live along the coast of Oregon. His cousin, Jet, loves the sea and hopes to follow in her father's footsteps as a bar pilot. She's fine with Jet coming to stay, and knows that he is still deali [...]

    5. When a devastating tsunami destroys much of his town in Japan, Kai comes to stay with his uncle's family in Astoria, Oregon. Still reeling from the loss of his grandparents and disoriented by the new culture into which he has been thrust, Kai is understandably anxious and reticent to share much. To add to his confusion, his uncle and cousin, Jet, are loud and more boisterous than is appropriate in his own culture. Jet makes several mistakes while trying to get Kai involved in preparing for the a [...]

    6. The story: Jet nearly sank her family's treasured sailboat. Kai ran instead of saving his grandparents. Now the cousins are spending the summer at Jet's home in Oregon, trying to figure out how to deal with their shame, how to get along and (at least for Jet) how to win the Treasure Island Race just like their dads did years ago. But to do that, she'll have to convince Kai to get in the water again: a tall order for a kid who's just survived a killer wave while his grandparents drowned.June Clea [...]

    7. Kai and Jet are two cousins from different continents who grow closer in the wake of a tsunami and at the prospect of a challenging sailing race. I loved Rosanne Parry's other books, and this one met and exceeded all my expectations. The relatively simple plot is fleshed out by such perfect emotion and characterization that I never wanted to stop reading.A gorgeously-written story about family and the sea and grieving and growing up.

    8. Story is good--two cousins from opposite sides of the Pacific become acquainted and learn to appreciate one another through sailing. Especially interesting is the glimpse of Japanese culture and its contrast to American culture. Too much nautical vocabulary for most student readers.

    9. I liked the "TCKness" for one and the really sad outcome of the earthquake but told in a gentle way. This could easily be a great tween read as well as some high school level.Didn't hurt that bulk of the story takes place in the PNW along the Columbia River, either:)

    10. Yet another quality middle-grade fiction book! Set in Astoria, this is the story of a girl who longs to be a bar pilot and her cousin, who is spending the summer in Astoria after a Tsunami kills his grandparents and devastates his town. There is sailing, adventure and tough choices.

    11. Cousins who usually live on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean are brought together by tragedy. Will sailing, which they both love, turn the tide on their suffering?

    12. Alas, I'm too old to become a bar pilotThis book brought tears to my eyes. I wish I had grown up learning to sail. The ocean sings to my heart, and this book is like a hymn book.

    13. Strong female character in this book but with equally strong male counterpart. Loved how the two stories were blended together. Last several pages were page turners, couldn't put the book down!

    14. Received for free through Giveaway. This is a book geared toward 3rd grade and up. I'm a school librarian and can't wait to share this with my students.

    15. Two cousins meet when Kai is sent from Japan to Astoria, Oregon after an earthquake and Tsunami devastates his town, leaving him grieving grandparents that didn't make it and fearful of water. His Astoria cousin, Jet, is obsessed with the ocean and her ambition of becoming the second-ever female Columbia River bar pilot. These 13-year-olds awkwardly work through a summer together and bond after deciding to team up to enter a sailing race that their fathers crewed together and won "back in the da [...]

    16. The cover on this one threw me off, looked very juvenile and I was concerned that my middle school readers would not be interested because of the cover. I enjoyed the story itself, though I admit some bias due to my own love of sailing, but found it to be somewhat predictable. The weird relationship back and forth between the cousins feels clunky in addition the boy Kai jumps in and out of his "traditional Japanese" upbringing to a point of unbelievability.I book talked the book with a group of [...]

    17. This book has many things going for it--an unlikely protagonist, a feminist/diversity theme, sailing and nautical terms and two ordinary children who become heroes. The action and pacing in this book is near perfect and the characters and conflict kept me reading. The stakes get ramped up in the end, will they be able to save the child? I like how the goal is a team effort the ultimately brought the two cousins together.

    18. Oregon Landscape with Great StoryPart of a summer reading challenge was to choose an Oregon author. This book had a rich Oregon culture with cultural stories creating characters realistically found in the Pacific NW.

    19. Another winner by Rosanne Parry. I think it an odd choice for the 6-8 OBOB list (maybe better for 3-5) but a solid book regardless of who's reading it.

    20. I've read all of Parry's books, and had the pleasure of meeting her at a literacy night at Imlay Elementary in Hillsboro several years ago. Her book, Heart of a Shepherd, set in eastern Oregon, was amazing. This newest one is set in Astoria and does a good job of evoking a sense of place. The two main characters, Kai and Jet, are cousins - Kai living with his parents and grandparents in Japan, and Jet with her parents and younger brother in Astoria. Early chapters describe their separate circums [...]

    21. Cousins Kai and Jet live on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean: Jet in Oregon and Kai in Japan. When a tsunami hits Kai's community, he is sent to stay with Jet's family while the adults begin the rebuilding effort. While Jet tries her best to welcome her cousin into her boisterous Swedish-American family, Kai is consumed with guilt for not being with his family and friends during this tragic time. When Jet finds herself in need of a sailing partner for an upcoming race, however, she and Kai fi [...]

    22. A terrific story about two cousins from very different backgrounds who get to know each other and themselves. I don't want to summarize the plot because I think the author does a great job letting it unfold and much of the pleasure is in not knowing the blow by blow before hand. It starts with a gripping open line, ratchets up the drama and creates a lot of sympathy for Kai, the Japanese American boy. I was particularly aware of how effective the author's technique was as I've recently read thre [...]

    23. It took me a bit of time to get into the book in the beginning--but it's an adventure tale involving two cousins. This is a great example of culture shock written into literature, drawing on Kai's Japanese culture mixed with American culture. Would love to do a literature circle discussion of this book with my 5th graders!

    24. Lovely story. One of the best I've read at showing what different cultures are like through the eyes of a character (so it didn't feel intrusive or weird).

    25. Great lesson learned in this book: Sometimes life doesn't turn out as you had hoped or expected it would, but the course change can be even better if you remain open to new ventures.

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