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Eso Pocos poemas en la historia de la literatura han tenido la repercusi n de Eso en el momento de su publicaci n ocurrida en Dinamarca en Sus versos pronto aparecieron sobre los muros de diversas c

  • Title: Eso
  • Author: Inger Christensen Francisco J. Uriz
  • ISBN: 9788415601890
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pocos poemas en la historia de la literatura han tenido la repercusi n de Eso en el momento de su publicaci n, ocurrida en Dinamarca en 1969 Sus versos pronto aparecieron sobre los muros de diversas ciudades como una forma de protesta pol tica Los gobernantes, por su parte, los citaban en sus discursos La cr tica universitaria y el gran p blico coincidieron en aclamarloPocos poemas en la historia de la literatura han tenido la repercusi n de Eso en el momento de su publicaci n, ocurrida en Dinamarca en 1969 Sus versos pronto aparecieron sobre los muros de diversas ciudades como una forma de protesta pol tica Los gobernantes, por su parte, los citaban en sus discursos La cr tica universitaria y el gran p blico coincidieron en aclamarlo Los grupos de m sica rock se lo apropiaron, y las canciones surgidas de sus p ginas se volvieron grandes xitos Algunos fragmentos del poema fueron tan c lebres que se convirtieron en expresiones de uso coloquial Eso, como si volviera al origen de la poes a y de toda tradici n occidental, es un poema de la creaci n es una cosmogon a que, a medida que surge, va creando el mundo es un himno que celebra todas las cosas que existen sobre la tierra es un tratado po tico sobre el origen del lenguaje y del ser es una reflexi n sobre la sustancia misma de la que est forjada la realidad, y sobre la percepci n que tenemos de ella es una cr tica a las instituciones mentales y pol ticas que rigen la vida humana es una construcci n arquitect nica cuyos versos han sido medidos y modelados siguiendo un esquema matem tico muy preciso es una edificaci n verbal cuyas palabras son exactas y salvajes a un mismo tiempo Eso7i, como muy pocos textos de la tradici n europea, es un poema total es un camino que nos conduce m s all de las palabras, a un lugar oscuro y luminoso a la vez que da sustento a todo, a lo inexplicable y a la raz n, al delirio y a los sue os, al miedo y a la valent a, a las ilusiones pol ticas y a la barbarie, a la belleza y a la imaginaci n, a la existencia y a la nada a eso, en definitiva.

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      • Inger Christensen Francisco J. Uriz

        Inger Christensen was born in Vejle, Denmark, in 1935 Initially she studied medicine, but then trained as a teacher and worked at the College of Art in Holb ck from 1963 64 Although she has also written a novel, stories, essays, radio plays, a drama and an opera libretto, Christensen is primarily known for her linguistically skilled and powerful poetry Christensen first became known to a wider audience with the volumes Lys 1962 Light and Gr s 1963 Grass , which are much influenced by the modernistic imagery of the 60s, and in which she is concerned with the location of the lyric I in relation to natural and culturally created reality The flat, regular landscape of Denmark, its plants and animals, the beach, the sea, the snow filled winters have determined the topography of many of her poems Christensen has also been known internationally since the appearance of the long poem Det 1969 it 2006 , a form of creative report on the merger of language and the world, which centres around the single word it and covers than two hundred pages The book clearly reveals the influence on Christensen s poetic work of such a range of authors as Lars Gustafsson, Noam Chomsky, Viggo Br ndal, R.D Laing and S ren Kierkegaard The analogy between the development of poetic language and the growth of life is, as in Det , also the basic motif of the volume of poetry Alfabet 1981 Alphabet In addition to the alphabet itself which gives the book its title and provides a logical arrangement for its fourteen sections , the structure is generated by the so called Fibonacci series, in which every number consists of the sum of the preceding two The composition reflects the theme exactly while Det points to the story of creation and its In the beginning was the Word , here the alphabet is a pointer to the A and O of the apocalypse The story of her life and work offers access to a poetry that is difficult and enigmatic, but simultaneously simple and elementary Inger Christensen is one of the most reflecting, form conscious poets of the present day, and her history of ideas also provides information on the paradox of lyric art making legible through poetic means what must necessary remain illegible, and in this way wrestling a specific order from the universal labyrinth Here the transitions between the poet and the essayist Christensen are fluid just as lyrical figures and motifs give her essays a density of their own, figures of thought and configurations of ideas return as an organic component of the poems.


    1. La elección de las palabras, la variedad, la mutación; la gama de vulnerabilidades expuestas a manera de eslabones -casi- diluidos el uno en el otro: Qué belleza.Se ha ganado un lugar entre mis favoritos de todos los tiempos.

    2. Publicado en lecturaylocura/eso-de-ingeEso de Inger Christensen. Cosmogonía de la palabraEs inevitable. Sexto piso puede añadir a sus ya reconocidos logros la publicación regular en España de la gran poetisa Inger Christensen; hablé con palabras elogiosas de su excelente Alfabeto que entró, por méritos propios, en mi top de lecturas del año pasado; vuelvo ahora para recomendar Eso, el último poemario publicado por aquí y que constituye en sí mismo una obra de arte total con la palabra [...]

    3. When I read It, I had a feeling of entering the author´s mind. A feeling of vulnerability and nudity. A not altogether positive feeling. The book should be read from start to end, because it is a story. But then you need and want to go back and explore, taste the words and find your favorites.To read it also was something of a nostalgic travel. Written in 1969 it is of course part of that era´s political and cultural influences even though it´s much much more than that. I read it in swedish b [...]

    4. Inger Christensen writes:In this context it is interesting to note that every activity carried out within the bounds of reason is in reality unreasonable, because it either comes to a dead end or is worked out automatically, with no disorder. Whereas the completely unreasonable activity is in reality reasonable, because it ends in a vision and automatically creates disorder in all our memories (in all our minds). So when a demonstrator in his cell learns that he is there to have his reason resto [...]

    5. Yikes! I read this in spurts over the course of the past several months, and its impact on me is complicated by the fact that Inger Christensen died while It was reorganizing my mind. Here's how she rethinks the line at the beginning of STAGE/transitivities/1:A word flies up tentatively Flocks hap-hazardly follow Firm biological forms Asif it were a matter of confidence It isThere is no going back to before I read this. There is, fortunately, a going forward to when I read it again icps you migh [...]

    6. One of the most successful idea-driven book-length poems I have ever encountered. Christensen somehow manages to infuse ideas with spirit, and the language is often crisp and generative.

    7. This work is one of baffling mathematical complexity, deep philosophical probing and social commentary. An epic in many senses, It asks the reader to critically examine their world with the same wonder, shock and sometimes woe that permeates Christensen’s poetry. It, her major work published in 1969, is both a collection of poems and an epic, which forms a philosophical statement on the nature of language, perception, and reality. She moves through observations of the natural world, to abstrac [...]

    8. From Susan Nied (translator):On its publication in 1969 "det" took Denmark by storm It was quoted by political protesters and politicians alike; lines from it appeared as graffiti around Copenhagen; some parts were set to rock music and became esoteric hits Today, over thirty years later, "det" is considered a seminal work of modern Scandinavian poetry. Some of its lines are so familiar to Danes that they have slipped into conversational use. For, example, the journal of Denmark's city planner's [...]

    9. Inger Christensen is not only amazing with her words, but she is also a philosopher, and a great one. "Det" or "It" is the most beautiful and reflective collection of poems - I get goosebumps just thinking about how brilliant and cool she was.

    10. "Eso" es los pocos libros que, si imaginamos que nuestro universo es finito, me da pesar pensar que terminará perdiéndose todas estas palabras bellas escritas por una excepcional mujer danesa.***4.8***

    11. El tercer día inventaron el agua. De no haberlo hecho el aguaquizá hubiese aparecido por sí misma. Parece como si hubiese aparecido por sí misma, dijeron. Y entonces probaron a ver si se podía andar sobre ella. No se podía. Todo el tiempo se hundían.Y cuando entraban en la arena tenían los pies mojados, y la arenase les pegaba. Entonces se sentaban y se quitaban la arena de los pies. Al principio era difícil porque la arena estaba húmeda. Despuésiba haciéndose más fácil a medida qu [...]

    12. A masterpiece, a cosmological epic, an ontology for our consciousness and our language, for our transcendental and ephemeral existence, in which existence always precedes essence.

    13. Inger Christensen's "It" is an epic work about history, philosophy, politics, sexuality, communication, and the human race as a whole. These themes creep into many of her writings. Yet in this single work, Christensen is taking on the whole scope of universe in a manner that few would ever attempt. The poem is at times beautiful and frustratingly obscure. There are moments of true vulnerability followed by what seems like a dense academic exercise. This mathematical structure is extremely comple [...]

    14. Those in power are not evil / but it will takea wonder to make them see anything beautifulin the foot they have standing on their tablehow can it be made into a vision / howcan an eloquent broken-off footbring disorder to their mindstheir view of things is so hardheadedthat they can see only what is unreasonable inthe foot / not the foot in what is unreasonableso it will take a wonder / it will takea wonder / perhaps a refined tortureof reason / for instance if the newspapersused the word love i [...]

    15. Prologen är helt klockren och kan nog vara bland det bästa jag någonsin har läst, men jag tycker inte att den resterande poesin håller samma kvalité. Ändå ingen besvikelse.

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