Red Gold

Red Gold

Alan Furst / Dec 10, 2019

Red Gold If you enjoy mysteries set against the rich background of World War II Europe Philip Kerr s Berlin Noir trilogy and the fine French series by J Robert Janes are prime examples you should also know a

  • Title: Red Gold
  • Author: Alan Furst
  • ISBN: 9780753818312
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you enjoy mysteries set against the rich background of World War II Europe Philip Kerr s Berlin Noir trilogy and the fine French series by J Robert Janes are prime examples , you should also know about Alan Furst He began by writing such excellent, original books as Dark Star and Night Soldiers, all set in Eastern Europe The locale then moved to Paris for The WorldIf you enjoy mysteries set against the rich background of World War II Europe Philip Kerr s Berlin Noir trilogy and the fine French series by J Robert Janes are prime examples , you should also know about Alan Furst He began by writing such excellent, original books as Dark Star and Night Soldiers, all set in Eastern Europe The locale then moved to Paris for The World at Night, where we first met the enigmatic film producer and reluctant Resistance hero Jean Casson Casson returns in fascinating form in Red Gold, washing up broke and depressed in his home city, now totally ground down by its German occupiers Recruited by a sympathetic cop, Casson joins a group of officers working undercover inside the Vichy government to help de Gaulle Casson s job is to convince justifiably skeptical French communists to cooperate to do so he must organize a complicated, extremely dangerous transfer of weapons There s nothing glamorous about the work or its result, but Furst is such a persuasive writer that we come to realize what a success it is for Casson just to stay alive This innovative and gripping novel eloquently transports us back to a different era and a different world Dick Adler

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        Alan Furst is widely recognized as the current master of the historical spy novel Born in New York, he has lived for long periods in France, especially Paris He now lives on Long Island.Night Soldiers novels Night Soldiers 1988 Dark Star 1991 The Polish Officer 1995 The World at Night 1996 Red Gold 1999 Kingdom of Shadows 2000 Blood of Victory 2003 Dark Voyage 2004 The Foreign Correspondent 2006 The Spies of Warsaw 2008 Spies of the Balkans 2010 Mission to Paris 2012 Midnight in Europe 2013 Stand alone novels Your day in the barrel 1976 The Paris drop 1980 The Caribbean Account 1981 Shadow Trade 1983 For information, see.


    1. Enjoyed this novel more than the previous book (World at Night). This continues the story of Jean Casson a film producer who becomes caught up in the French Resistence during the war.I enjoyed the atmosphere, the time period, the descriptions of life in a "seedier" darker Paris under Occupation. I really had no idea that there were different Resistance movements in play at the time.Overall from a reading perspective I felt that the two Casson books would have done far better being incorporated i [...]

    2. Lots of atmosphere and not so much of a plot, as several episodes. The protagonist Casson is likeable, at least, as is his brief Jewish paramour. Other characters flit in and out of the text like fog. Were the machine guns ever used? Furst is no Le Carré. I don't like his novels enough to purchase them, but if they turn up in local alleyways in good condition, I'll pick them up.

    3. BOOK REVIEW: Alan Furst's RED GOLD & Louis-Ferdinand CelineThe latest novel I've read from historical spy writer (his appelate, not mine) Alan Furst started out slower than usual. RED GOLD is Furst's only sequel and picks up the story of film producer Jean Casson after he has jumped ship on way to London and freedom and swims back to Occupied France "for love, not patriotism" he later confides to a flic who has run him in for questioning. As usual Furst delineates the normal people who get d [...]

    4. It’s Autumn 1941 and we’re back in Paris again as the World War II menace continues to grow. Jean Casson, once a well-to-do film producer and now a target of the Gestapo, is drawn into a mission of running guns to combat units of the French Communist Party. I was mildly disappointed with this book. I’ve read several other novels by Alan Furst which have their settings in Europe during WWII but this one didn’t have the exciting events like the ones portrayed in the others. It seems like [...]

    5. RED GOLD is Furst's sequel to WORLD AT NIGHT. Jean Paul Casson, former film producer before the Nazi occupation, is in hiding from the Gestapo. He barely survives by selling his old clothes to pay the rent for the seedy Parisian hotels where he just manages to exist. Casson is a deeply sympathetic character. As he evades the Germans, he nurses a broken heart over a lost love that nearly drove him to a break down before the war.Then he is contacted by operatives for De Gaulle's loyalist party. He [...]

    6. Worth reading after World at Night, but the book has some real weaknesses. The plot is careless thrown together, far too many deus ex machina's -- (that should be Dei ex, of course; but hey) -- Jean-Claude gets arrested; a door mysteriously opens poof! he walks out into the night, etc. And no resolution at the end -- Furst keepiing his options open for the next book(s). and what's with the anachronism of Casson buying and reading, in 1941/42, "a tattered copy" of Braudel's Mediterranean?!Eh, bie [...]

    7. In Red Gold, the fifth book of his loosely-connected Night Soldiers novels - all of which have featured different protagonists - author Alan Furst breaks form and returns us to the world of Jean Casson, the character at the center of the preceding volume, The World at Night.It is late 1941, and having, in the name of love, forfeited a chance to escape occupied France, former film producer Casson is living on the margins of Paris under an assumed name. He has lost the woman for whom he returned a [...]

    8. Alan Furst homes in on the French Resistance in Red Gold, the fifth of the 13 novels in his “Night Soldiers” series that have been appearing regularly since 1988. His mastery of the moods and the political environment in Europe before and during the Second World War is unexcelled, and the flawed, believable characters he writes about cause him to be regularly compared to Graham Greene and Eric Ambler, who were regarded as the masters of spy fiction decades before him.Red Gold features a form [...]

    9. Cover endorsements by William Boyd, Nelson DeMille and Charles McCarry (one of which compares Furst to Eric Ambler and John LeCarre) are a shorthand summary for why Furst is a strong contributor to the spy fiction genre. If his plots are not quite as memorable as McCarry and Ambler in particular, his command of detail is amazing. "Red Gold," another story set in the WWII era in Europe about which Furst always writes, reads almost too convincingly to be fiction, with innumerable small details mak [...]

    10. Originally published on my blog here in February 2001.Following on from The World at Night, Red Gold continues to chronicle the exploits of Hugh Casson, one time film producer, as he becomes reluctantly involved with the various anti-German factions of occupied Paris. While definitely wanting the Germans ruling France, Casson is not a hero and probably would have kept his head down and stayed far away from de Gaullists, disgruntled Vichy Regime secret service and certainly the Communists if circ [...]

    11. This mystery "Red Gold" follows "The World at Night", set in 1940. It is a year later (October 1941. ) The Occupation is underway and the main character John Casson has assumed a new identity. He is hiding from the Gestapo, living on a few francs during the "darkest hour" of the war when the Germans have decisive momentum. The political motives of the characters Casson meets become murky. It becomes difficult to know whether they are as they say, or double agents with other agendas. Casson becom [...]

    12. This is the 5th book in Alan Furst's "Night Soldiers" series, but it is also a continuation from the previous book "The World At Night". Once again the main character is Jean Casson, who was a well known film producer before the war. After a run in with the Gestapo, and a missed chance to flee the continent, Casson finds himself inhabiting the seedier side of Parisian life.He becomes embroiled with the French Resistance, and starts to act as a go between between two differing resistance factions [...]

    13. A decent follow-up to 'The World At Night', 'Red Gold' continues the saga of Jean Casson's struggle to survive both morally and physically in Nazi occupied and collaborating France.I prefer Furst's novels that center on Eastern European characters ('the Polish Officer', 'Dark Star', 'Night Soldiers') instead of French, but it is hard to deny that even though it isn't a major Furst novel, it is still a highly readable one. Using Jean Casson allows Furst to explore the world of those French collab [...]

    14. Alan Furst's series is about normal, everyday people stuck in the middle of Hell, when Europe goes to war. Some of them survive, some don't. Some find a way to work in the resistance, some try to escape, some help with that. He presents the situation, not idealized with brave, beautiful people who are incredible spies, but instead as people who barely manage to find ways to survive, and do what little they can to help the cause of defeating Hitler. Fear is always present and one never knows who [...]

    15. French resistance in the early 40's--gives a panoramic view of a lot of different characters, focusing on an ex-film producer's efforts to keep out of the Nazi's view and fight them in some way.

    16. Alan Furst's publisher chose to highlight him as a master of the "atmospheric spy thriller" in the note on the author at the end of his novel, Red Gold. "Atmospheric" is a pleasant but accurate tease. In Red Gold Jean Casson, a former movie producer turned anti-German activist at the outset of WWII, spends a lot of time contemplating rain lashing his windowpanes, listening to the rumble of trains taking him into danger, lurking around critical river locks in the dark, and scrounging up a few fra [...]

    17. Travel back in time to World War II occupied France with Alan Furst's characters and you are in for a gripping reading experience. Furst creates characters and settings so real you feel you know them and are experiencing their trials and small triumphs with themem. An added bonus is Furst's narrative style enlivened often by a delightful sense of humor.His hero this time, Casson, is a down and out French film producer used to the good life. War has intervened rendering that occupation a closed d [...]

    18. Another of Alan Furst's books set in WWII France. Concerns the activities of various partisan groups, particularly the communists, working to impede the Germans during the war. A very involved plot, with a lot of difficulty remembering who is working with who. The main thrust of the book seems to be all the machinations and subterfuges needed to operate within occupied France, particularly Paris during the war. Rather a lot of work to get through the book.

    19. My third experience reading Furst confirms what I wrote about the first two: as in Blood of Victory, we have low-level people here--a French ex-film producer turned not-so reluctant Resistance organizer; the anarchist who has friends and enemies everywhere; the Communist fixer; the Jewish Resistance cell; the Paris-occupying Nazi with the sexual fantasies; etc. No one in this book is going to single-handedly change the war; and, just like in Blood of Victory the plot largely consists of one-or-t [...]

    20. The fifth novel in Furst's Europe before and during World War II series, and the first one to feature a returning character. Casson, the French film producer from The World at Night, returns and his story is picked up in September 1941 and carried through until April of 1942. France is divided into pro-German Vichy under Petain and the occupied section, and efforts to resist the German conquerors are sporadic and not well organized. Despite his overwhelming need for romantic attachment - during [...]

    21. This novel could have been titled "The Continuing Espionage and War Survival Education of Jean Casson." It is the exciting and suspenseful sequel to The World at Night but not quite as intense as that book. Casson is even more vulnerable in this novel, more desperate, and has several more close calls. I loved the way Furst takes the reader into the reality of partisan action during WWII, the waiting, the unpredictability, the failures as well as the successes, and how Casson changes as a result [...]

    22. Red Gold continues the story of Parisian director Jean-Claude Casson in occupied France during World War II. It is not a true sequel to The World at Night as Casson is no longer the main character. Before, readers were shown only his point of view as he struggled to stay out of the path of war and espionage, ultimately failing. In Red Gold, Casson serves as a thread tying together various storylines and brief scenes of the lives involved in the Resistance movement. Some of the other characters i [...]

    23. Is the knock on the door at the end of the book Jean Marin’s lover or the long eluded final hand of the assassin? This tale of the twisted life of Jean Marin takes us through the workings of the many faceted underground resistance during the WWII German occupation of France. It details the need for that most necessary union of odd bed-fellows to clandestinely fight a common cause, the Nazis.It is clear from the start that Jean Claude Marin, a former film director, now in a no-man’s limbo of [...]

    24. 3.5 stars. "Red Gold" is a sort of sequel to Furst's "The World at Night" although it still a part of his Night Soldiers series. "Red Gold" picks up the story of Jean Casson, the main character from "The World at Night." In this book, we see Casson as more battle-worn than he was in the first book but still committed to trying to help the Resistance movement in France. The stakes are even higher now! The great thing about Furst's "Night Soldiers" books are that you can really start anywhere in t [...]

    25. The main setting is France, Paris based in particular although the action extends to a number of places. Opinions on what is to happen vary and sometimes a common enemy can unite some who are normally enemies, or at least big odds. Petain and the Vichy government is what is at the moment. DeGaulle is the other major French opinion force. Plenty feel the Petain group is merely collaboration with the Germans who are very definitely already here and in the ruling position. The Commnunist party is h [...]

    26. In this excellent story, the reader is re-introduced to Jean Casson, the movie producer from The World at Night. In the previous book he jumped into the water from an English escape boat to rejoin his lover Citrine. Ironically, she disappeared and eventually married someone else. As a result, penniless and friendless, Casson is back in Paris, hunted as an fugitive by the Gestapo.He gets involved with a group of Vichy officers who want to resist the Germans and try to enlist the Communists as all [...]

    27. Contrary to what the book jacket would have you believe, reading this is not similar to watching "Casablanca for the first time", and contrary to what people have said, Alan Furst hasn't done for World War II what John Le Carre has done for the Cold War. Furst's books aren't bad, on average, but this isn't one of the good ones. Furst is a much worse writer than John le Carre, with no sense of plot and no ability to create characters we want to follow through a novel, or several. Instead, here, h [...]

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