Promises Prevail

Promises Prevail

Sarah McCarty / Jan 29, 2020

Promises Prevail Wyoming Territory Widowed and barren Jenna sees the newborn left on her doorstep as a priceless gift worthy of any sacrifice She knows she ll need a husband to keep the baby but nothing prepare

  • Title: Promises Prevail
  • Author: Sarah McCarty
  • ISBN: 9781419952449
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Wyoming Territory 1870 Widowed and barren, Jenna sees the newborn left on her doorstep as a priceless gift worthy of any sacrifice She knows she ll need a husband to keep the baby, but nothing prepares her for the man who offers Big and dark, simmering with a deadly intensity, Clint McKinnely could put fear into the devil He certainly strikes fear into her But Jenna soWyoming Territory 1870 Widowed and barren, Jenna sees the newborn left on her doorstep as a priceless gift worthy of any sacrifice She knows she ll need a husband to keep the baby, but nothing prepares her for the man who offers Big and dark, simmering with a deadly intensity, Clint McKinnely could put fear into the devil He certainly strikes fear into her But Jenna soon discovers that the man behind the reputation is the one man she longs to trust A hard man burned out by the choices he s made, Clint is looking for a reason to go on He finds one in Jenna Hennessy Lushly plump, sweet and shy, she calls to him on every level When it looks as though Jenna might lose the daughter she loves for lack of a husband, Clint steps forward Having Jenna in his home brings Clint a peace he s never known, but even as he ferrets out the secrets that haunt Jenna s nightmares, Clint keeps his own close to his chest, knowing this marriage is temporary because there are some sins a man can t expect his wife to forgive.

    Promises Prevail Promise Series Book Kindle edition Promises Prevail Promise Series Book Kindle edition by Sarah McCarty Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Promises Prevail Promise Series Book . Promises Prevail Promises Series by Sarah McCarty Promises Prevail Promises Series by Sarah McCarty Promises Prevail Book in the Promise series by Sarah McCarty Wyoming Widowed and barren, Jenna sees the newborn left on her doorstep as a priceless gift worthy of any sacrifice She knows she ll need a husband to keep the baby, but nothing prepares her for the one who steps up. Sarah McCarty Books Promises Prevail REVIEWS JERR Promises Prevail is an emotion charged book that will test the limits of your heart This is an extremely well written story with a wonderful plot and highly developed characterization Jenna redefines the strong heroine, with an inner strength and tenacity for life that is outstandingThis is a book about survival, hope, Promises Prevail Sarah Sep , The Promise series is an incredible read, especially Promises Prevail Clint is than man enough for one woman and has the heart to go with it Jenna is working hard to rebuild her life after her husband tries to kill her but cannot resist the attraction that keeps Clint in her thoughts. God s Promises Prevail JRC jamesriver In this message, Pastor David Lindell shares an encouraging sermon titled, God s Promises Prevail Join us as we read Romans and hear powerful wisdom about God s promises and the way He accomplishes His promises in the lives of everyone who puts their faith in Jesus Christ. Promises That Prevail God s great and precious promises Promises That Prevail is a dynamic book about all God s great and precious promises that cannot fail Prevailing promises lead to prevailing faith God is the great Promise keeper, and He wants each believer to be a promise reaper. Promises Prevail Promises, Bk PaperBackSwap Promises Prevail by Sarah McCarty . of stars Paperback I wanted to like Promises Prevail, but I just couldn t connect with the characters.I thought Clint was a jerk at first anyway and even though there was a very valid reason why Jenna was submissive, I wasn t able to empathize with her. Promises Prevail book by Sarah McCarty ThriftBooks Buy a cheap copy of Promises Prevail book by Sarah McCarty Wyoming Territory Widowed and barren, Jenna sees the newborn left on her doorstep as a priceless gift worthy of any sacrifice She knows she ll need a husband Free shipping over . PDF Promises Prevail Promises Book Free Download Free download or read online Promises Prevail pdf ePUB Promises Series book The first edition of this novel was published in March , and was written by Sarah McCarty The book was published in multiple languages including English language, consists of pages and is available in Trade Paperback format. Promises Prevail Open Library Jan , Book Three Of The Award Winning PROMISE Series Wyoming Territory Jenna never planned on getting married again, not only because her first husband had been a brutal monster, but because no man would want a crippled barren woman, but when fate sends her a helpless little baby to love, Jenna vows to do whatever she needs to in order to keep her daughter, even marrying Clint

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name 1 romance authorSarah has traveled extensively throughout her life, living in other cultures, sometimes in areas where electricity was a concept awaiting fruition and a book was an extreme luxury While she could easily adjust to the lack of electricity, living without the comfort of a good book was intolerable To fill the void, she bought pencil and paper and sketched out her own story In the process, Sarah discovered the joy of writing Sarah writes what she loves to read fast paced stories with vivid dialogue, intense emotion and well developed characters Her attention to detail in her stories has earned her multiple awards and a reserved spot on Keeper shelves everywhere Sarah writes for Ellora s Cave, Harlequin HQN, Harlequin SPICE, Berkley HEAT and Berkley SENSATION.


    1. It’s so very rare that I come across a book that has me bawling buckets at the end but this one did the trick and so unexpectedly too. Can this woman ever write. From the first book in the “Promises” series right through to this one every single hero has had me drooling, sighing, swooning and OMG-ing pretty much from the get-go. She writes about rough and tough men, your John Wayne/Clint Eastwood movie in print.McCarty has this unique talent with the way she writes to make you really feel [...]

    2. I really liked the previous books in Sarah McCarty´s Promises series, but this one didn´t work so well for me. I didn´t "connect" with either Clint or Jenna, they just didn´t have any "spark". Granted, Clint was one sexy cowboy, but I spent the whole book trying - unsuccessfully, I might add - to understand why he thought he was unworthy of Jeanna, only to be given an explanation that didn´t make sense. Jenna was a basket case from the start, a true doormat. Considering all the abuse she su [...]

    3. This book gets four stars for great characters, a nice romance and some super hot sex, but loses a star for being a bit lengthy/wordy, focusing a little too much on the heroine (therefore neglecting the hero), and for lacking a little in originality because as I was reading I kept feeling like I'd read this (type of) story before. The lengthy thing should come as no surprise to anyone who has read McCarty before. She's got to be one of the wordiest romance authors I've ever read. And this is one [...]

    4. I was given this series which I'm grateful for because I woulda been upset if I had actually shelled out money for it.Promises Prevail was a dnf for me although, like the others in the seris, in the beginning I really liked the Hero and Heroine. But, like the previous, the author quickly lost me.In this one too, I ended up being completely annoyed with the heroine. She questioned her weight all the time. I get enough of that in real life, after the first couple times of Jenna mentioning it, and [...]

    5. Promises Prevail is the third book in McCarty's historical western, erotic romance series, Promises. This is book 3 in this McCarty series -- set in the Old West, specifically Cheyenne, WY and embracing a variety of characters.Clint McKinnely is looking for a wife and he takes all the potential candidates to the “Sweet Thyme Bakery”. A lot of the plot revolves around meek Jenna, who is horribly traumatized from abuse, coming out of her shell and realizing she deserves love.I really enjoyed t [...]

    6. I read this book on a quiet night 4 years ago and it has haunted me ever since.I had forgotten the name of the book, the name of the author and the name of the characters. All I could remember was the story line and how much I loved it.I can't believe I have found this book again!

    7. Well, I have mixed reviews about this book. While I really liked some of the emotional elements to this story, the way the hero treated the heroine made me very uncomfortable several times.The beginning was fantastic and I was pretty excited, thinking I would love this book. But then.e evening after the hero and heroine get married, something happens which just rubbed me all kinds of wrong. Clint KNOWS that Jenna has been sorely mistreated by her father and husband in the past. He knows she is s [...]

    8. Ya entiendo el común denominador de las historias de McCarty. Una chica con un pasado doloroso entre más humillante mejor. Un chico con la posibilidad de cambiar sus circunstancias casándose con ella. No hay trauma que ella no tenga que no pueda él solucionar con un poco mucho sexo. Increíblemente compro sus historias. No todas las chicas son iguales pero todas empiezan a creer y recuperar la confianza en sí mismas. Los chicos son muy lindos y a su muy terca manera las ayudan.En esta histo [...]

    9. 3.5 stars.Well, this was interesting. I liked how strong Jenna, the heroine, could be at times. I mean, she was weak through most of the book, but whenever someone else was threatened, she'd stand up for them. I wish she'd stood up for herself more, but I understood that her past made her pretty fearful. The fact that Clint, the hero, said some pretty cruel things when he knew that all too well didn't sit right with me. I mean, Clint was very kind to her, and I know he didn't mean many of the th [...]

    10. This would be a fantastic book even without the sex scenes. Not for everyone, with some graphic violence as well as anal sex more than once.Our heroine has a past that has crippled her emotionally. The hero does not feel himself worthy of her, but makes sure to be the one to rescue her when needed; he could not stand the thought of it being anyone else. Each expects the other to tire of the marriage and leave.She flinches at being touched. How does he propose to cure this? As he tells his brothe [...]

    11. Promises Prevail is a sensuous walk on the dark side, showcasing what one man's tyranny can do to a sweet and truly submissive soul and how another sort of man can throw Sunshine onto the darkest of secrets. Lush, shy Jenna has been the unnerving focus for Clint McKinley for quite a while. Clint knows that he's a hard man with nothing to offer the deliciously awkward widow. That doesn't stop him from latching onto the first reason he can to bring her brand of sunshine into his life, into his bed [...]

    12. This book blew me away in all the best possible ways. I stumbled on it after searching for historical romance recommendations and this was featured in a list of books with shy heroines. The price point was a little high for me for a new author, $5.99. But, offered a free sample. I loved the sample and quickly downloaded the entire book (note to authors: you should really use this feature. While I haven't bought every book I've sampled, I've bought more than I otherwise would have). It was magni [...]

    13. This is book 3 in this McCarty series -- set in the Old West, specifically Cheyenne, WY and embracing a variety of characters. Cousin Clint McKinnely, a former lawman and bounty hunter, needs to move beyond his transcient lifestyle and is on the hunt for a wife. He knows who he wants, but is "playing the courting game" as far as the town residents are concerned. I like this guy!! Tough, cold, calculating when he needs to be, the kind of man that is truly an icon of this era in American history. [...]

    14. #3 Promises Historical Western Erotica seriesFirst, the positive: The second half of the book was very good, lots of action and fast moving devlopments. I like the conversations and kidding between Asa, Cougar and Clint.What I didn't like: Jenna's abuse prior to her life with Clint -- that entire story line. Jenna was fuctional, running Sweet Thyme, her bakery, but so emotionally damaged that it was very hard to read about. I almost quit reading, but am glad I continued, as the second half of th [...]

    15. Nearly 800 pages of reading bliss for me. Yes, there were times when I didn't want to continue reading, but Jenna's strength was inspirational and I had to continue. The author handled the abusive scenes in such a way, that when justice was finally served, I wanted to pump-fist the air and shout "Yes!" - that's how involved I was with these characters. Jenna and Clint were meant to be together - Clint always knew, it was just a case of getting Jenna to see it. It was also great to see Ellie and [...]

    16. Clint has loved Jenna from afar since he first met her but she was married to an abusive husband. When he dies, Clint decides he is not good enough for her but looks after her to protect her and keep other men away. Then Jenna adopts a baby left on her door step and needs a husband so that she can keep the baby. Clint steps up and agrees to marry her. But Clint has to overcome Jenna's fears of abuse and intimidation that she had to endure with her past husband.

    17. The third in the western historical romance series, Promises Prevail details the story of the unfortunate and abused Jenna, after her abusive first husband dies and she is rescued from her burning house by Clint, the cousin to Cougar from the second novel. The sex and the violence in this novel are more graphic than her earlier works, but the emotional ties that are forged by Clint and Jenna in such an evil world are also deeper.

    18. K, so read this one kinda on a whim - sorta backed myself into it on an board and didn't want to put the name of the book out there without honestly having read it, so I did. This is not a deep, intense read, but it is chock full of angst. And as opposed to a tortured hero, we have a tortured heroine. She has a god-awful backstory, but the author brings it together with a believable HEA. When I'm in the mood for something dark, I know now to come to Ms McCarty.

    19. I love this series and Clint is awesome. Super steamy.He takes care of Jenna after her dead first husband abuses her in the worst possible ways. She is broken but Clint is determined to claim her.He gets his shot when Brianna shows upWe get to see Asa/Ellie and Cougar/Mara from the previous books too. These guys are all turning out to be an awesome family.

    20. I loved books 1 and 2 in the series. This one didn't do it for me. Just couldn't get into the H/h for some reason and found myself skimming through it just so I could say I finished it.

    21. No me ha gustado nada porque la protagonista no me ha gustado nada ¡¡es la unica protagonista que no me gusta de esta serie de libros!! el protagonista tampoco me gusta. le doy un cero a este libro. la historia no me ha gustado nada. ¡¡los he leido mejores!!.

    22. No words for how bad this book wasA dnf for me. No clue as to where the story was set, what year or generation - modern or historical, and the writing was clunky and downright boring. Waste of money.

    23. Another Great book in the series. 4.5/5 overall. It got a little boring at parts and the conflict between the h and H was a bit annoying by the end. I read these books out of order (1,3,2) and it was fine. You probably should read the 1st to really get who these people are but u don't really have to. The 1st was for sure the best so I would start with that one. This book starts off really confusing because from the start the H/h talk about stuff from the past and your like oh did I miss somethin [...]

    24. Usualmente no leo las sagas de golpe porque me entra una especia de resaca, y me encanta quedarme con el suspenso, simplemente esta vez no puedo quedarme con ganas de continuar, Sarah McCarty me tiene embobada y realmente adicta a cada historia y bueno, no pude evitarlo y llegué al tercer libro, que además el galán es un personaje que me había atrapado desde el primer libro: Clint. En esta serie Promesas. El día de hoy terminé Promesas que perduran.Esta vez no voy a hablar primero de él, [...]

    25. I had forgotten how much I like this author's writing and Heroes. Although her books are definitely erotic reads with very steamy sex scenes, her male leads always tick off all my boxes: strong, devoted loving, dominating (in the best way). I won't be waiting as long to read another of her books.

    26. Reseña publicada en: desvandesuenos/2012/09Ya tenía ganas de que cayera en mis manos una novela romántica adulta (o erótica, según se mire) ambientada en el antiguo Oeste. Y puedo decir que este primer acercamiento ha sido de lo más intenso y satisfactorio. Desde luego, me apunto esta autora y esta saga para seguir haciéndome con el resto de los libros, ya tengo Promesas que cautivan.Me he encontrado con una historia un tanto atípica dentro del género sobre todo en lo que respecta a la [...]

    27. Clint McKinnely is looking for a wife and he takes all the potential candidates to the “Sweet Thyme Bakery”. He doesn’t so much do it for the quality of the food, but for a chance to see the owner, Jenna Hennesey. Several months before he saved her from a burning building because the thought of her death was too much to bear. Her abusive husband died in the fire, but Clint can’t bring himself to think of a future with her, feeling unworthy of her innocence and kindness.Circumstances rend [...]

    28. Re-read review*My initial impression reading this book was how sweet Clint is, and how good the H/H are for each other, and how heart wrenching Jenna's story is. God, can these two be better for each other. The story starts off after Jenna has been released from her abused life with her husband upon his death. She's opened up a bakery/restaurant. Everything is going great, except Clint is noticing how hard she pushes herself despite her yet to hear leg. There is a reason behind that, and that re [...]

    29. Didn't think she could outdo her second book in this series but she did!!Jenna "Sunshine(to Clint)" had a very hard life. Abusive father and husband(may he rot in hell). She would pray every day to God to send her an angel and he granted her Clint McKinnely. He does not see himself as an angel rather he saw her as "Mine". I love their relationship. He helped her push past her fears(and there were plenty) and she brought out the love in him for her. So many tender moments between them that had me [...]

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