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Awake Scarlett Garner lost her memory at the age of five She accepts her parents story that it s due to the trauma of seeing her house burn down that is until a car accident causes her to start remembering

  • Title: Awake
  • Author: Natasha Preston
  • ISBN: 9781311546586
  • Page: 160
  • Format: ebook
  • Scarlett Garner lost her memory at the age of five She accepts her parents story that it s due to the trauma of seeing her house burn down that is until a car accident causes her to start remembering pieces of an unfamiliar childhood.Noah is new to town and immediately sets his sights on Scarlett The two grow instantly close, but Noah s hiding something that can filScarlett Garner lost her memory at the age of five She accepts her parents story that it s due to the trauma of seeing her house burn down that is until a car accident causes her to start remembering pieces of an unfamiliar childhood.Noah is new to town and immediately sets his sights on Scarlett The two grow instantly close, but Noah s hiding something that can fill in the missing pieces of her past Scarlett s family keep secrets for a reason.The truth can be deadly.Scarlett grew up in a cult.And the cult want her back.

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    1. So I'd just finished writing a really long, ranty review, and then my internet cut out and it didn't save. Karma.DNF @ 19%I knew this book was not going to be my cup of tea the moment it opened up with:"How old are you?" I asked. "You look older than fifteen or sixteen.""Sixteen," he replied. "What about you?""Same.""She's just sixteen," Imogen cut in, clearly annoyed at being ignored. "I am too."I wanted to roll my eyes. As if he were going to take her over the desk right now just because she'd [...]

    2. DNF at 106 pages.So, what makes you want to throw a book in a river? Is it:a. When the wishy-washy heroine is a total idiot;b. When the love interest's creepy as fuck;c. When there's a horrible case of let-me-ditch-my-friends-for-the-new-guy instalove;d. When there's 95% more telling than showing; ore. When you finally realize that you don't give a shit about the mystery?Well, dear friends, I definitely wanted to throw this book in a river. (And yes, I did answer all a, b, c, d and e!)I read and [...]

    3. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Fire and NetGalley.)“Wow, that’s a lot of people you’ve brainwashed. Nice one.”This wasn’t awful, but I didn’t enjoy it much either.Scarlett was a bit of a nothingness character, I didn’t really like her, I didn’t hate her, she irritated me a little maybe, but mainly I didn’t really feel anything for her. (view spoiler)[ Which considering her biological parents were trying [...]

    4. Oh, what a flop. Having read and loved Natasha Preston's The Cellar, I was ridiculously excited for her new book. And to say I was disappointed, would probably be a bit of an understatement. This book is a mess. Preston does disturbing and creepy very well, unfortunately the moment she throws romance into the mix it all goes to hell. I wasn't bothered by the romance in The Cellar at all, because it was such a minor element of the plot line, it pretty much faded into the background. In Awake, the [...]

    5. DNF at 12%. Another typical story of two teenagers who meet and, five seconds later, fall madly in love. Can I vent about how much I hate instant love? Authors, it's NOT realistic. If I want a romance to swoon over, make it remarkable. Make it interesting. Something the reader can relate to. Good heavens, meeting someone and three chapters later falling in love is so stupid it's not even funny. Instant love is overdone. Overused. Please, for the hope of the Young Adult genre, find something new. [...]

    6. I set my mind back to when I was a teenager so that I could still remember the rush of so called love we feel at that age, so powerful, I don't remember instant love though, "cor look at him" type of thing, but not instantly a couple that in a week are planning their future. OK maybe its the cynic in me coming out.The thing is, do you remember anything before the age of four? Well this girl did, right back to babyhood, anyway, I over looked that too.Noah her boyfriend is so insistent for her to [...]

    7. I can't help but be very disappointed in what I read. I came into this book with high hopes, like all books. But this book was one book that was extremely hard to keep reading once I got 32% into it. I don't want to make a decision for you on what you should think of this book, because if you enjoyed it I am glad. But I didn't enjoy my read. Giving it 2 stars is being generous. I understand where the author wanted to go with this book but it never got there and was way to all over the place for [...]

    8. Received from NetGalley.The blurb made it sound interesting, but within the first few pages, when Scarlett tells handsome Noah, the new boy at high school, that she has no memories before she was four (and then admits that she hates telling anyone that) I felt the authorial hand shoving these two together. Sure enough: insta-love.I think Preston does a reasonable job of depicting a creepy stalker who is determined to make this teenage girl fall in love with him, so he says everything right ("You [...]

    9. The cult thing cool, I love the cult thing But memories before she was five? *I* can bring to mind exactly two memories of before I was five, and they're both related to pain. Having no memories before five isn't a big deal

    10. I went into this book not knowing anything about it, i like the author and wanted to read more by her. Its a weird book to say the least but its a good book. It has a really interesting topic that kept me hooked throughout the entire book. Their relationship started off so innocent but quickly turned diabolic (not entirely Noahs fault) but then it transitioned back to that innocence that made me fall in love with them. The eternal light

    11. Shredded Book Reviews©2015. ARC provided via NetgalleyOh boys and girls, what a mess this was. I can deal with a piss poor female lead; as long as the heartthrob of the situation is on top of his game, we're good. But when you 1) don't have an engaging plot line or, 2) have monotone charactersWell everything goes downhill from that point and there is no saving any of it.Honestly, I couldn't get into the storyline. You've got Scarlet, who appears to be a lovestruck teenager. (Think Bella Swan).A [...]

    12. Who says you have to enter the world of fantasy to discover who and what you really are? Far more frightening, just as unbelievable is the real life world of cults, some who celebrate life and Mother Earth, some who worship Satan, there are so many in the world and they range from harmless to deadly and twisted. Scarlett has no memory of her life before around four years old, but an accident brings her past memories to the forefront, piece by agonizing piece. Are they nightmares from the trauma [...]

    13. Another great read by this Author. Had my heart racing quite a few times wondering what was going to happen. Grabbing the edge of my seat.

    14. melissa413readsalotI thought this book was pretty good. For some reason I didn't read the end of the blurb and had no idea this book was headed in the direction it took. Scarlett meets Noah as the new boy in school. They become instant friends then instantly in love. It seemed weird to me because Noah was a very handsome boy, but also very nice. He never pushed Scarlett to do things that most boys of that age would do. He was always wanting to be with her and reeling her right in. I thought it w [...]

    15. I got this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. I requested it because I really liked the plot line and the mystery that it suggested. I did find the story to be very fluid and easy to read, and it had enough mystery to it that it kept my attention, but I feel like it lacked depth.In this story you have Scarlett who had no memory of her life before the age of 5, that is until she is in a car accident and bits of her memories start to return to her. Enter Noah, the new kid in to [...]

    16. “Awake” has a very promising, creepy plot revolving around a girl with four years of missing memories and a cult. Unfortunately, I found it somewhat lacking in certain areas.Scarlett and Noah are the main characters, and the story is told using both points of view. Neither character came across as particularly well-developed, but I actually enjoyed Noah quite a bit anyway and wish more time was devoted to developing him. Scarlett, on the other hand, was not likable at all. She is presented a [...]

    17. I picked this up from work because of the clever packaging. That and the plot: Scarlett Garner has missing memories until a car accident jars them back. But what she remembers may bring dangerExcept her amnesia goes like this: she can't remember anything before the age of four.That's it. So, uhm. That's not really unusual. Do you remember being potty trained? Do you remember your first tooth or what baby food you liked or how your diapers felt? I'm betting you don't. Scarlett, you're not missing [...]

    18. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this. There were some issues with the storyline - some contradictions and continuity mistakes - that I'm thinking will probably be fixed for final publication. As I started reading, I was thinking there was just something off about the characters and the way they interacted and spoke to each other, but then it kind of turned out to work in the book's favor and I think it was intentional. I guess that's what I'm struggling with - I can't tell if it' [...]

    19. Holy shit, this was really immediately bad. The writing is just awful and the plot is so banal and instalovey and creepy and DO NOT PASS GO. Yikes.The premise, also, is ludicrous. A LOT of people don't have memories before the age of four. I mean, okay, most don't wake up from a TRAGICAL FIRE forgetting who their parents are, but bitch, you ain't special.

    20. I loved this book (Somehow it wouldn't put in my reading challenge) but it was completely amazing!!! Love the setting and the characters!!! Just beautiful!!! I wanted this book to continue with the story. At least a sequel or a trilogy.

    21. DNF'ing this. Now my least favorite book of all time (yes, including 13 reasons trash). Only got 90 pages in but you better bet your ass that I'm counting it as read for all the hell I had to go through with just those 90 pages. Review: youtube/watch?v=EqW2J

    22. anaslair.wordpress/2015/1Within the first few lines of Awake I began wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into. Scarlett's so-called best friend is portrayed as a self-centred, attention-seeker, cynic bitch. So that made it extra easy for our little innocent and lovely Scarlett to ditch her the second Noah steps in the picture.After that, everything was pretty much Noah-Noah-Noah. Eurgh. Romance. Teenage romance on top of all.I didn't even get the insta-love. Scarlett specifically says No [...]

    23. This was a truly terrible book, and, I believe, my first one-star read for the year. I'm not sure if cults are a new trend in YA, following up on the amazingness that wasThe Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly, but this book did not do the genre justice.In all honesty, I skimmed the last half of the book. The ending was entirely predictable and the execution was poor. There were times where I wanted to reach through and strangle the main character. Instead, I made a fun list: Reasons this Book is Terrible [...]

    24. This review was originally posted on [Between My Lines]OK, I quite honestly don’t know where to start with this one! There was a lot of things that hampered by enjoyment of the book so I think I’ll just lay them all out straight out for you so you can see exactly the kind of issues I had.[book-info]First Line of Awake by Natasha Preston:“Imogen nudged my arm, nodding toward the classroom door. “ What I liked about Awake by Natasha Preston:Well I finished the book so that means I did get [...]

    25. DNF - 6%Three MEH things I've noticed after reading a few pages:One: The start is pretty straightfoward but feels abrupt, like chapter 2 and it's already meet the parents abrupt. I don't know but this has the "Wattpad feel". I mean the poorly written side of Wattpad, no offense to the brilliant Wattpad works I have and haven't read. Two:"Since they’d broken up last year, Imogen had been cold with Bobby—because he had broken up with her. She didn’t like that. Imogen Forest wasn’t supposed [...]

    26. **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs**Awake is a young adult thriller. I absolutely love the cover of Awake with the rose and the barbed wire, and the concept of a cult, because I don't read too many books with cults in them. I was in the mood for something creepy, and I had heard amazing things about Natasha's last book, the Cellar. Alas, Awake didn't work out quite the way I wanted it too. I liked it alright, but it certainly wasn't my favorite. Most of the reason [...]

    27. If you don’t already know the name Natasha Preston, you soon will. Natasha Preston a relatively new author who got her start in the writing world on Wattpad newest novel “Awake” comes out on August 4th, 2015.“Awake” tells the story of a young girl named Scarlett on the verge of her 16th birthday who doesn’t remember anything before the age of 5 years old. Her parents tell her this is do to an incident involving a fire that burnt down her house. But after a car accident, Scarlett star [...]

    28. **** 3.5 Cranky Stars ****Awake is a YA thriller and the first book I have read by Natasha Preston. The plot centers on unraveling the mystery of Scarlett, the main female lead character, and her ties to a cult. The story is set in England, but answers to Scarlett’s background are found in Ireland. Scarlett is a sixteen year old high school student who, due to trauma, cannot remember anything before the age of four. Her home life is ‘normal’: she lives with two parents who love her and an [...]

    29. I loved The Cellar by Natasha Preston so I was excited to read Awake but I'm sorry to say that I did not finish this book after 14%. Even though the premise sounds amazing and interesting the writing does not live up to it. Everything seemed superficial and absurd. Plus insta-love makes me cringe.Thank you Netgalley.

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