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Al Macy / Jan 23, 2020

Contact Us On May every person on Earth sneezes Simultaneously Hours later an alien spacecraft appears over New York City and broadcasts a dire message of impending doom The future of the human race w

  • Title: Contact Us
  • Author: Al Macy
  • ISBN: 9781503366701
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • On May 22, 2018, every person on Earth sneezes Simultaneously Hours later, an alien spacecraft appears over New York City and broadcasts a dire message of impending doom The future of the human race will depend on the whims of a solitary extraterrestrial He has some nasty surprises for the residents of Earth, and the race is on to figure out the meaning of the sneeze On May 22, 2018, every person on Earth sneezes Simultaneously.Hours later, an alien spacecraft appears over New York City and broadcasts a dire message of impending doom The future of the human race will depend on the whims of a solitary extraterrestrial He has some nasty surprises for the residents of Earth, and the race is on to figure out the meaning of the sneeze event and the true motives of the alien.

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    • Best Download [Al Macy] ↠ Contact Us || [Horror Book] PDF ☆
      392 Al Macy
    • thumbnail Title: Best Download [Al Macy] ↠ Contact Us || [Horror Book] PDF ☆
      Posted by:Al Macy
      Published :2018-012-19T08:41:33+00:00

    About "Al Macy"

      • Al Macy

        Al Macy writes because he has stories to tell In school he was the class clown and always the first volunteer for show and tell His teachers would say Al has a lot of imagination Then they d roll their eyes But he put his storytelling on the back burner until he retired and wrote a blog about his efforts to improve his piano sight reading That s when his love of storytelling burbled up to the surface, along with quirky words like burble He had even fun writing his second book, Drive, Ride, Repeat, but was bummed by non fiction s need to stick to the truth yucko From then on it was fiction all the way, with a good dose of his science background burbling to the surface.Macy s top priority is compelling storylines with satisfying plot twists, but he never neglects character development No, wait his top priority is quirkiness, then compelling storylines, then character development No, wait


    1. Al Macy is a funny guy. I've read him before, even betaread him. It's the sort of thing you have to be in the mood for and today I thought why not. Why not read a quirky alien invasion story. The thing about Macy's writing is that quirk is the main ingredient, so you have to really be ok with that sort of thing, The narrative constantly walks the thin line between charmingly funny and ludicrously inane, although for the most part manages to stay on the right (former) side of things, occasionally [...]

    2. Review: CONTACT US by Al MacyI initially found this book via Kindle Unlimited, liked it and bought it. I also nominated it for a June group read, and led the discussion. I quite enjoyed this science fiction story, although it sort of knocked over my decades-long insistence on "advanced" extraterrestrial sentience.There's plenty of human interest material: characters, anecdotes, and themes; plus good work at postulating an array of possible alien advances. The author even fits in the Prime Direct [...]

    3. Is there life beyond Earth? It's a question that has been debated for ages. Many a book, whether fictional or not, has been written on this topic, but Al Macy has given us something with a unique and at times quirky twist to the never ending question. In Contact Us, aliens do exit and the residents of Earth get their first taste with one who appears in the form of Walter Cronkite. But this alien gives Mr. Cronkite a whole new personality that is indeed quite interesting. He appears to want to he [...]

    4. I enjoyed this sci-fi novel in which the whole world blinks as a strange object appears over Earth. Trying to figure out what is going on is Charli and Jake Corby. Jake is man who wants to give up the life, but is pulled back in the story to help. This book follows a series of characters through a dystopian future with a huge body count. I enjoyed this story and the characters. It had some great humor in it, but managed to maintain its thriller status also. I would definitely recommend this book [...]

    5. A well written, witty sci-fi novel in which the whole world sneezes at once as a strange object appears over Earth. Trying to figure out the mystery is Charli, a presidential aide and Jake Corby, a man of action who wants to give up the life, but is dragged back in to help. As the alien being arrives in New York, the world is about to face a fight for survival.I enjoyed this story and the characters. It had some great humor in it, but managed to maintain its thriller status also. I would definit [...]

    6. One of the best written thrillers I've readBy "best written", I mean the book is grammatically correct and flows smoothly. I wish there had been fewer distractions from the theme. I find love stories distracting, for example, but modern novels seem to require them. I am also sorry about the back story of political intrigue, which took my mind off the principal theme.

    7. Loved it!I wasn't sure if I would like this when I got it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A good mix of humor, suspense, and good storytelling. And, hoping some psychotic alien doesn't try this on us anytime soon!

    8. Who knew things going so badly would be so good?This book could have been mind-numbingly depressing, however, the events in this book were treated perfectly! Matter of fact with a bit of humor! Can't wAit to read more!

    9. FunRelatively standard plot but very well written. I enjoyed the humor throughout. I recommend this story for light, fun reading.

    10. Fun bookI thought the author did a good job of mixing sci-fi with humor and keeping the book moving and fun to read.

    11. Comedic thriller!Enjoyable character driven what if the aliens came to earth and demanded population control and other objectionable concessions from us.

    12. Not a riveting read, but if you are a science geek you may like itThis review is from: Contact Us: A Jake Corby Sci-Fi Thriller (Kindle Edition)Al Macy has written a book that throws the world into chaos when an alien who looks like Walter Cronkite comes to visit. Well good old Walter look alike isn't nice in fact he's got a lot of screws loose. His first act before even talking to us is seeding the world with microscopic bots that kill off 2/3rds of the population, see not a nice and stable per [...]

    13. Hugely entertaining romp!I've read Al's posts on Internet forums for a decade, and I tremendously enjoyed his non-fiction "Drive, Ride, Repeat". Now he's boosting his skills with a promising start to a fascinating series. At least I hope it's a series!All tackles the perpetual sci-fi controversy: what if the aliens find us, and they aren't friendly? Within Al's first six chapters he introduces a slew of interesting characters, produces not one but two alien vessels, and kills off 80% of the worl [...]

    14. If I were to write a Sci-Fi book, this would be it. This has got everything that I like about science fiction. Our hero is, of course, Jake Corby. He’s an older guy (three cheers for older guys) that has the right attitude. He’s also smart and willing to help out when the President of the United States calls. He also gets to meet Charli. Charli is a Presidential Advisor. She’s very, very smart like a Presidential Advisor should be (although the current group doesn’t appear that way). She [...]

    15. I won this novel in a drawing.This is an entertaining book with a major flaw.It's obvious the author is a fan of Visit to a Small Planet. It reminds me a lot of Gerald Kubicki's Colton Banyon series. After an extraterrestrial craft is discovered, everybody on Earth sneezes at the same time.Another craft, piloted by a lookalike of Walter Cronkite, also appears, warning the populace about the other craft. Jake Corby, the World's top problem solver is called in to deal with the mess, but first he' [...]

    16. Contact Us is a fun story. Jake Corby is the world’s number one problem solver (according to a newspaper article written by presidential advisor Charli). He has a whopper of a problem to solve as an alien in a sphere has contacted Earth and informed us that he’s taking over. There are signs that the alien is very serious, if unbalanced. He appears as Walter Cronkite on broadcasts to Earth, using alien technology to make himself a perfect replica.I liked Contact Us a lot. From about 10% I cou [...]

    17. I won this book in a first reads giveaway. This book is humorous and dark. Which could be confusing to my emotions at times. Nothing like I've ever read before. I don't read alot in this genre, but to me it was unique and constantly surprising. There was strong language and sex scenes. This isn't the first book by this author starring this protagonist, Jake Corby, so throughout the book references to his former escapades were lost on me. I think reading previous books would be helpful especiall [...]

    18. Even in humor, I must be able to believe that people in the pages could possibly exist. Mr. Macy's characters are either mundanely stock or over-the-top elite, yet still stock. Their lack of credibility was deserving of my best full-on Southern eye-rolling. To make matters worse, they all spoke with the same voice which was the same as that of the narrator. The actual words were appropriate for their particular archetype (stoically heroic, nerdily smug, etc.), but the tone, vocabulary, and struc [...]

    19. An interesting read on how the world would react if invaded by aliens, or in this case, one alien named Walter Cronkite. This book was alternately amusing and horrifying, as *spoilers* it described the gruesomeness of Cronkite's actions. I would have liked more action, as it seemed the principal players reacted more than took control. The ending seemed a bit rushed and pat, quickly wrapped up in a neat package. Following multiple characters throughout the crisis required frequent resets to get b [...]

    20. I received this book through a giveaway on . The first one I have received which for me is very exciting. I gave this book 4 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed the humor and inventive ideas. The book flowed really well and the characters were all humorous and easily relatable. Everyone's little quirks made most of them seem more human. My only criticism would be that I felt the book couldn't decide if it was leaning more towards Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy or Independence Day. I think I was able t [...]

    21. Would you think it weird if everyone on Earth sneezed at the same time? Yeah I guess we all would. Earth is contacted by a weird space alien who promises to protect humans from the coming attack. The problem is, protection seems to mean something different every time the alien reaches out. The humor is well woven into the story, along with a lot of unpleasantness as the President of The United States tries to handle the effects of miscommunication and determine what's best for the world. I recom [...]

    22. An alien who appears as Walter Cronkite does his own type of population control on Earth and wants to be dictator of the world. It's up to Jake Corby, the world's best negotiator, to find a way to stop Cronkite and save the world.I enjoyed this story. Mr. Macy creates an alien and a set of characters that make the book fun to read. And, of course, there's a love story woven in. By signing up for his email list server, I also got a free copy of the second Jake Corby book, "The Antiterrorist." Tha [...]

    23. Good read, annoying phrase.I enjoyed this book, and will be reading the next book in the series, mainly because I like the premise. But, the author used a phrase about "suffering fools lightly" way to often, no one talks like that and it was repeated enough that it really annoyed me personally, but other then that the story is a good and easy read.

    24. STOP what you're doing and Read this book!This is an OMG read!It has everything a Sci-fi and thriller reader will enjoy.There is mystery, murder,action, and intrigue to keep the reader happy. And oh yes, a happy ending!I received this Kindle book in exchange for my honest review.

    25. Macy does a good job of keeping the story moving along. Late at night I kept finding myself saying, just one more chapter.The plot was good, with just enough twists, turns and uncertainty to keep me wondering exactly what was going on.Good ending as well; very plausible, based on the information the reader had been given.

    26. I won an Advance Reader's Copy of this book. This book was an enjoyable, fast-paced read that could easily be a great mini-series. Although it is classified as Science Fiction, the author has great character development and the story flows well. I enjoyed reading this book very much and look forward to more books about the protagonist, Jake Corby.

    27. Not BadA decent book. It really held my attention and the author had really good character development and story flow. Honestly, the only reason I'm not rating this higher is because of the cussing.

    28. Good fun rompA good read for a lazy afternoon. The story is actually pretty good, the writing professional and there is good humor here and there. Most of all, it kept me turning the page.

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