Return From the Stars

Return From the Stars

Stanisław Lem Barbara Marszal / Feb 26, 2020

Return From the Stars Hal Bregg is an astronaut who returns from a space mission in which only biological years have passed for him while years have elapsed on earth He finds that the earth has changed beyond recog

  • Title: Return From the Stars
  • Author: Stanisław Lem Barbara Marszal
  • ISBN: 9780156765930
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hal Bregg is an astronaut who returns from a space mission in which only 10 biological years have passed for him, while 127 years have elapsed on earth He finds that the earth has changed beyond recognition, filled with human beings who have been medically neutralized How does an astronaut join a civilization that shuns risk Translated by Barbara Marszal and Frank SimpsHal Bregg is an astronaut who returns from a space mission in which only 10 biological years have passed for him, while 127 years have elapsed on earth He finds that the earth has changed beyond recognition, filled with human beings who have been medically neutralized How does an astronaut join a civilization that shuns risk Translated by Barbara Marszal and Frank Simpson A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

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        Stanis aw Lem sta iswaf l m was a Polish science fiction, philosophical and satirical writer of Jewish descent His books have been translated into 41 languages and have sold over 27 million copies He is perhaps best known as the author of Solaris, which has twice been made into a feature film In 1976, Theodore Sturgeon claimed that Lem was the most widely read science fiction writer in the world.His works explore philosophical themes speculation on technology, the nature of intelligence, the impossibility of mutual communication and understanding, despair about human limitations and humankind s place in the universe They are sometimes presented as fiction, but others are in the form of essays or philosophical books Translations of his works are difficult and multiple translated versions of his works exist.Lem became truly productive after 1956, when the de Stalinization period led to the Polish October , when Poland experienced an increase in freedom of speech Between 1956 and 1968, Lem authored 17 books His works were widely translated abroad although mostly in the Eastern Bloc countries In 1957 he published his first non fiction, philosophical book, Dialogi Dialogues , one of his two most famous philosophical texts along with Summa Technologiae 1964 The Summa is notable for being a unique analysis of prospective social, cybernetic, and biological advances In this work, Lem discusses philosophical implications of technologies that were completely in the realm of science fiction then, but are gaining importance today like, for instance, virtual reality and nanotechnology Over the next few decades, he published many books, both science fiction and philosophical futurological, although from the 1980s onwards he tended to concentrate on philosophical texts and essays.He gained international fame for The Cyberiad, a series of humorous short stories from a mechanical universe ruled by robots, first published in English in 1974 His best known novels include Solaris 1961 , His Master s Voice G os pana, 1968 , and the late Fiasco Fiasko, 1987 , expressing most strongly his major theme of the futility of mankind s attempts to comprehend the truly alien Solaris was made into a film in 1972 by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky and won a Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1972 in 2002, Steven Soderbergh directed a Hollywood remake starring George Clooney.He was the cousin of poet Marian Hemar.


    1. Definitely one of my favourite books written by one of my favourite authors. However sci-fi, it actually tells a story of a lonely man. A man that cannot find himself in the new world Didn't it happen to all of us at least once in a lifetime? Absolutely a masterpiece!

    2. Отпуската ми тече добре, чета на ден по три книги и съм много доволен."Завръщане от звездите" е реално първата книга от Библиотека Галактика. Първите книжки Синият тайфун и Двойната звезда тогава бяха неоткриваеми, тази се появи през 1979 г по книжарниците. Бях на 13 и книгата м [...]

    3. I'm not sure what to think of "Return From The Stars." At times I liked it and at other times I felt indifferent to it. Nothing jumps out as bad, exactly. The novel follows the main character, Hal, through the hardships of returning to Earth from a deep space exploration after nearly 130 years--only ten to him. And, of course, the world has changed and he goes through this huge cultural shock and people see that he's different straight away and he can't adjust so he goes on vacation after like t [...]

    4. I generally adore Stanislaw Lem, but what the shitting shit hell is this? A man returns from a cosmic voyage, over a century has passed on Earth and so of course the culture is entirely different. And the sticking point with him is that people have voluntarily decreased their aggression, so that there is no murder, rape, assault, or war. True, he can see the benefit of it - but what about boxing? There's no real sport left! And really the main problem is now you can't just acquire a woman. So hi [...]

    5. A couple years back, I read the first James bond book (Casino Royale) and was appalled by Fleming's allusions to "the sweet tang of rape." Even more horrifying was my conversation with a male friend afterwards, who claimed that every man wants to be just like James Bond, and continued with this claim even after I read passages to him (including the rape passage) and explained how much of a misogynistic asshole Bond is in the books. For the sake of our friendship, I'm forced to assume he wasn't p [...]

    6. The middle of the last century – the time of dystopias, every thoughtful science fiction writer considered it to be his obligation to write one. Return from the Stars is a mutiny against the total conformity and insipid living in the entirely uniform society. “Beneath a dome supported by cracked, crumbling columns stood a woman, as though she had been waiting for me. I saw her face now, the flow of sparks in the diamond disks that hid her ears, the white – in the shadow, silvery – dress. [...]

    7. chciałabym przeprosić siebie z przeszłości za te straszne uprzedzenia do Lema spowodowane lekturą "Bajek robotów" w podstawówce. przeczytałam w jeden dzień (a raczej dzień i noc), bo trudno się oderwać od tej książki. jest doskonale napisana, przybijająca atmosferą wyobcowania i samotności, prowokująca do myślenia o człowieczeństwie i sensie wychylania się poza strefę bezpieczeństwa i wygody. i jeśli to podobno całkiem przeciętna powieść Lema, jedna z wielu, to już [...]

    8. Kapitalna książka, w której bohater wraca na ziemię po latach podróży międzyplanetarnej. Na Ziemi upłynęło wiele wody w rzekach, zmieniło się wszystko, ludzie, miasta, zasady społeczne. Bohater ze swojego punktu widzenia ma ciekawe spostrzeżenia, trochę filozofuje, rozważa na tematy socjologiczne. Już w poprzednich recenzjach pisałam, że Lem to mistrz słowa - do tej pory poznałam go, jako kreatywnego twórcę nowych słówek, gier słownych, a w tej książce odkrył swoją [...]

    9. I agree with most of the positive comments by other reviewers here. In the hands of the right director, “Return from the Stars” would make an excellent film – more in the tradition of thoughtful, art-house sci-fi like “Gattaca” than as a blockbuster Hollywood movie (although someone like George Clooney would be ideal for the part of Hal – he should have filmed this novel instead of remaking “Solaris”). If you are keen on the Lem of “Futurological Congress” then maybe this boo [...]

    10. Excellent! If you are looking for thoughtful, poetic science fiction, this is it! If you are looking for an accurate prediction, well, Lem basically anticipates the disappearance of books and their replacement by something like the iPad.In a nutshell, this is the story of an astronaut who returns to earth after a ten year voyage. Because of time dilation, 127 years have passed on earth. The story depicts the astronaut's disorientation and (partial?) reintegration into a wholly changed world. It' [...]

    11. No es extraño que un adolescente se enamore de este libro en concreto y de Lem para toda la vida. El astronauta Bregg vuelve de una misión con desfase temporal a un mundo futuro que ya no le reconoce y en el que él se siente un bicho raro. Releída unos 30 años después, el hombre sigue viendo un dinosaurio que no sabe moverse dentro de un mundo castrado por fuera. Este Lem refleja como pocos la soledad interior. Alcanza en algunos momentos un lirismo poco habitual en la cf. En este caso, el [...]

    12. — Най-добре ни е сред такива древни старчета. С еей такива дълги бради. Само като си помисля за това и чак ме втриса. Знаеш ли какво? Да си купим кафез с кокошки, от време на време ще им извиваме вратовете.

    13. A sad, melancholic tale in Lem's best vein that has haunted me since teenage years, about the impossibility of heroics and bravery in a meek world made safe for convenience. A swansong that hails the probable outcome for the next centuries of our times obsessed with peace and safety.

    14. One of my favorite themes, by a master. The future, the universe is always more than your were ready to imagine, and utopia sucks.

    15. Zajímavá sci-fi, která mě částečně nadchla a částečně zklamala. Celkově převládá dojem určité nedotaženosti, říznuté jednou obskurností.Dobře zpracovaný je primární námět, popsaný v syžetu - astronaut se vrací "domů". Domů na odcizenou planetu, která opustila důvody, proč vlastně původně odletěl. Nejen to, navrátilci jsou de facto jemně a skrytě ostrakizováni.Nejlepší části popisují nový, těžko pochopitelný svět. Na to, že novela byla napsa [...]

    16. Wg mnie to arcydzieło. Mistrzowsko napisane, pełne poetyckich niedomówień, zawiłych myśli i smutku, melancholii, której ciągle w książkach szukam.Strasznie mnie ta książka poruszyła, wzruszyła i poszarpała.Człowiek to samotna istota, zawsze i bez względu na okoliczności.

    17. Hodně působivé ,a na socialistickou literaturu i nečekaně pesimistické, čtení o jedné společnosti, které se v sobě podařilo zničit lidství. Lem jako obvykle nezklamal.

    18. Una buena zambullida en lo que puede ser la mente de un astronauta. Un hombre que vuelve de una misión devastadora para sí mismo e inútil para la humanidad y que, para colmo, retorna a una Tierra en la que han cambiado las reglas del juego: una utopía ataráxica, hipertecnológica e incomprensible para él, en la que no encajará fácilmente.Resulta muy creíble el fluir mental que el autor a ficcionalizado para este personaje. La terminología que se inventa para hablar de los cuerpos celes [...]

    19. Ya había leído este libro hace años, y recordaba que me había gustado mucho, hace poco volví a conseguirlo y realmente no entiendo qué fue lo que me pareció tan genial la primera vez.Hal Bregg regresa de una misión espacial que duró 10 años, pero mientras tanto en la Tierra transcurrieron más de 100 años desde su partida. Hal encuentra una sociedad extremadamente diferente a la que dejó atrás, y la novela narra sus dificultades para adaptarse a ella.La idea de la historia me parece [...]

    20. A unique view of the future on earth. I can only say that I read this book with a growing sense of loss - like visiting the home of your childhood and finding a glistening shopping mall in its place filled with detached youths that you will never relate to. Actually, that is almost exactly the theme of the book! Our hero, a space traveller and Einsteinian time traveller (by virtue of acceleration) is a gorilla among the latest generation of humans on earth. Machines run the world, leaving humani [...]

    21. Многоплановая книга, к которой можно подходить с самых разных сторон. Есть много векторов восприятия, которые можно было бы выделить, разных ракурсов, разных эпизодов. Можно поразмышлять о прогрессе, об эволюции общества, об отчуждении, о превращении в чуждость, об эпизоде [...]

    22. I thought the story was funny, sad, thought provoking, and enlightening. It's really an interesting idea. A man goes on a expedition to the stars that last 10 years for him, but 127 years for everyone else on earth. He returns not as a man from the future but a man from the past, a Neanderthal. His knowledge is no longer relevant. Stanislaw Lem combines a scientific perspective with a sense of humor akin to Kurt Vonnegut.

    23. Astronaut returns to earth, in the future & explores the world of crystal books and mankind wishing the youth(to be young) where robotics help people in daily life and through exertions called "Betryzacja" people cannot "kill".

    24. I read this last year and didn't even remember I gave it 3 stars. It's a complicated book, but one that has kept me thinking, especially during this election cycle. I'm writing this review so some friend feels compelled to read the book and so we can talk about :)

    25. Lubię motyw eksploracji kosmosu i problemów, na jakie możemy się natknąć. Czarne dziury, paradoksy czasowe Książki opowiadające o tym skupiają się zazwyczaj na podboju planecie X, miej lub bardziej udanym, matkę Ziemię skazując na wymarcie bądź też poświęcając jej kilka, kilkanaście akapitów. Nie tutaj.Nie mogę nie wspomnieć o PIĘKNYCH okładkach nowego Lema. Gdybym była kolekcjonerką fizycznych książek, żarłabym tynk ze ścian i czokoszoki, by móc sobie na nie po [...]

    26. Interesting ideas presented with complexity and depth. The description of Hal's arrival on earth and the disorientation he feels was definitely impressive. The story examines social conditioning and consent, the impacts of being an outsider when the world has changed around you, and the importance of connection not only to society but also to your self and your personal story/identity. Also, it introduced cool technology that may not have appeared in earlier works (electronic books, "holodeck" s [...]

    27. Having only read Solaris previously I was not sure what to expect from another work by Stanislaw Lem, but I am thoroughly impressed and am once again struck by how fascinatingly Lem works with a concept.If you've read The Forever War you'll be familiar with the concept of close to speed of light travel and relativity's impact on humans that travel out and back - years for them, centuries for humanity. This isn't even the crux of the novel, however - that is instead the concept of 'betrization' a [...]

    28. Interesante, aunque, la verdad, bastante irregular. Cuenta esencialmente el shock cultural de un hombre que vuelve a la tierra tras un viaje a la velocidad de la luz. Para él han pasado 10 años, pero en la tierra han sido más de 120. La sociedad y la tecnología han avanzado tanto que él se siente como un hombre primitivo en un mundo incomprensible.El tema es genial, pero lo cierto es que el desarrollo se convierte en una sucesión de anécdotas que no parecen apuntar a ninguna parte en conc [...]

    29. The premise of this book is terrific. An astronaut returns home from a voyage to the stars after hundreds of years (thanks to time dilation) to find a world that's not only totally different, but a culture that has decided space exploration is a waste of time. That's great! And a good chunk of this book is great too.Where it lost me was with its treatment of its female characters (of which there are only two). I'm sure there's a paper somewhere about Stanislaw Lem, post-war Poland and feminist t [...]

    30. Aasta lõpus kiputakse ikka tulevikku vaatama, nii et see raamat sobis 2016 viimaseks lugemiseks kui rusikas silmaauku. Tegelikult oli seda keerukas hinnata. Oli peatükke ja lõike, millele oleksin võinud panna julgelt ka 6/5, ent ka neid, mis napilt 3/5 välja vedasid. Minu jaoks nõrgim oli just lõpp (tegelikult kõik, mis puudutas peategelase Hali suhteid naistega). (view spoiler)[Ole sa mitmesaja aasta tagusest ajast tahes, sellist valimatut rabamist ja vägistamist on ikka keeruline õig [...]

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