Logan Kade

Logan Kade

Tijan / Feb 23, 2020

Logan Kade People think that just because they know my name my reputation and my family that they know me They don t They say I m a manwhore but who wouldn t be with my face and body They say I m a partier a

  • Title: Logan Kade
  • Author: Tijan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • People think that just because they know my name, my reputation, and my family that they know me They don t.They say I m a manwhore, but who wouldn t be with my face and body They say I m a partier, and that s not going to change They say I m a fighter, and hell yes I am F ck with mine, and I ll f ck you back ten times worse.So, yes Maybe what they say is true, but thPeople think that just because they know my name, my reputation, and my family that they know me They don t.They say I m a manwhore, but who wouldn t be with my face and body They say I m a partier, and that s not going to change They say I m a fighter, and hell yes I am F ck with mine, and I ll f ck you back ten times worse.So, yes Maybe what they say is true, but that s not all of me.I m loyal to a damned fault If you earn it, I ll never leave your side And when I love, I love hard, but there s another side to me where it s dark and painful That side s been kept hidden, until her Taylor saw inside of me, and the second she was there, she owned me.People think they know me but only she can see me.

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    1. WATCH BLOG VIDEO TRAILER OF THIS BOOK ON OUR TOP READSAPRIL'S TOP READS TRAILER4.5★★★★ Firecracker StarsGenre: Contemporary Young AdultType: Book 6 of Fallen Crest seriesPOV: First Person – Dual"Logan Kade was a tornado. When he showed up, he took over, and everything was swept up in his wake."Logan Kade is the shit and everyone knows it. However; he often hides under his cool the sadness of his past. His parents are not perfect and he resents them so that he has trouble trusting peopl [...]

    2. 3 "SORRY BUT I'M DISAPPOINTED" STARSI had so many expectations from this book and in the end I was left very unsatisfied. I was really looking forward to Logan's story but I barely managed to finish it. I don't really know what happened but I just couldn't

    3. 4.5 Firecracker Stars!I loved this one! I couldn't wait to meet the girl that was going to tame the partying sex machine Logan Kade! “If I love you—and don’t get ahead of yourself because that list is really short—then I’ll do almost anything to protect you. Girls drink that shit up” The writing was on the wall. “I’m not being cocky when I say that girls like me, they really do like me. I’m funny, sarcastic, quick-witted, and enough of a bad boy to make girls wet. If I like you [...]

    4. C.O.V.E.R.G.A.S.M.! Logan Kade gets his story.Release date: March 28, 2016.Book 5.5 in series.Books in Fallen Crest High series should be read in order:Book 0.5: Mason- can be read after book 1.Book 1: Fallen Crest HighBook 2: Fallen Crest FamilyBook 3: Fallen Crest PublicBook 4: Fallen Fourth DownBook 5: Fallen Crest UniversityBook 5.5: Logan KadeBook 6: UntitledBook 7: Untitled

    5. 3.5 ''Partners in crime'' stars!Honestly to say- I was disappointed. Not with Logan, he is same devil like always, but with heroine. When I read end of last book, I expected that we will have some badass heroine. We got heroine with a lot of problems, and one of them being antisocial. I think the biggest problem was that I expected more.Taylor saw me. She saw through me. She saw into me. She saw me, and she claimed me.I'm not even big fan of this series, but I do love Logan. I'm not sure if he i [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this! It felt good to step back into the Logan/Mason world. And the writing felt like authentic Tijan from my first peek into the Fallen Crest series. Recommend highly to all Tijan and Fallen Crest fans.

    7. Wow, he waited a whole what was it like 60 minutes before he stuck his dick into random girls yet again.So she broke it off, boo hoo, and how does he show that he has deep feelings for her? Oh, that's right, he spends the next month screwing around non stop, because you know, he's so "broken". He just has to fuck other girls who he apparently doesn't even want, yet wants enough to get his dick up for each and every one of them.Seriously? Another loser bites the dust for me.Next time, at least ha [...]

    8. 1 STARGirl, I am so pissed you could fry a damn egg on my forehead. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? The starting and middle of the book is what we all anticipated from the start. Angst, drama and a whole load of "Logan Motherf***ing Kade". Everything I wanted in this book was there.I enjoyed the other books and was counting down the days for this to finally come out, heck, I lost sleep over this.But to have those scenes of Logan going back to his old ways nearing the end of the book? Wow. Disappointment [...]

    9. It didn't work for me. I'm really sorry to say that, but my expectations were too high and the story didn't even come close to them. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with it. I simply didn't connect with the characters or the plot. I love Logan in the Fallen Crest series. He's my favorite character there. He wasn't in this one. I had hoped that getting inside his head would reveal the sensitive, tortured soul we glimpsed in FC. But all I saw here was a shallow, immature shadow of the man I'd [...]

    10. Oh, shit!!! I needed to push this, fastd fast it was BUT I didn't get anything new from thisLogan and Taylor's story felt like a sloppy version of Mason and Sam's relationship, bummer for meat's all I am gonna say here, cause I am a bit disappointedbut i am giving it a fair rating, thougheven if it did leave me in a sort of a meeeh state, 3,5 stars

    11. 5+STARSYes Mason and Logan KadeI honestly don't know what to say to praise this except it's TIJAN and the KADES, enough said. This has been a series I probably would have never checked out had it not been for the 1st book Fallen Crest High that was free on , a LONG time ago for me. I don't think Tijan can be topped when it comes to a HS+ series. There is only one other author which I will not mention a name openly (you can ask personally) that gives Mason some competition yet they have some simi [...]

    12. Well done!!! Great book, I liked Taylor a lot, she was well chosen and it felt RIGHT having Logan with Taylor.I was a little worried about who would end up with Logan, and was pleasantly surprised.4.5 stars

    13. 4.5-5☆ I love the Kades! I loved the story, it stays true to what we know and love about Logan Kade. Yes manwhore, asshole, hot head, loyal, sweetcNow my only issue was Taylor. Her character was strong, independant very similar to Sam IMO. I found her getting on my nerves at timesbut a worthwhile read.

    14. Hold up. Logan Kade, as in Fallen Crest High Logan?!!!! Hell yes.Update: 3/30/2016Okay so it wasn't what I expected but Logan has always been my favorite character so I'm going to round the 3.45 stars into 4.

    15. 2.5 StarsThis was a 5 star read for me until the 82% mark. (view spoiler)[ Taylor is worried about her crazy life bleeding into Logan’s therefore she breaks up with him. That very night (only hours later) he goes out and screws another girl, with plans to screw another one later that same night. This goes on for a month. If this had happened earlier in the book, I would have moved passed it as it would still have fit Logan’s personality but that close to the end it left a bad taste in my mou [...]

    16. 3.5 ⭐️ So this wasn’t my favorite of the series but I still ended up liking it. It was just a bit slow in the beginning. I wasn’t crazy about Logan’s actions during one part of the story but I don’t blame him either. I think the way he handled the situation was kinda weak but I also understood with things that happened to him in the past with his family and with Tate the b$tch!! I’m very curious to see the new dynamic now that Logan is “wifed” up. Will they be the fearsome five [...]

    17. Logan Mothefucking Kade. I was blessed to read this in advance and I've got to say, Tijan did NOT disappoint if anything, she gave me more than I ever imagined. I'm not going into the storyline because that's shitty to do, but I will tell you you get to meet the layers of Logan and finally the REAL Logan. Watching him fall in love is fun and sweet. You're probably thinking Logan Kade sweet? But, yeah, to me it was sweet. And his girl, Taylor? She's something else. Complex and intense, fun and pe [...]

    18. Oh, how I wanted this book. I built it pretty big in my mind. It was closure on Logan after Sam and Mason settled down happily. Nate still had his bar buddy and Logan was still manwhore. All was right. Then Taylor came along. I didn't dislike her but she was so damaged from her trauma the previous year. I can't even imagine. It would seem like this would just being Logan down where it actually brought him forward. Must of been time/the right persony I didn't feel it. I really think I wanted for [...]

    19. ****Received Arc in exchange for an honest review****#loganmotherfuckingkade#loganisasexmachineI absolutely loved Logans book! This can be read as a standalone but I say read the whole series. Logan is cocky and his oh so cocky smirk makes all the girls swoon. He's real right? I need to find him :-)I loved Taylors character, she wasn't a whiny pushover. She's definitely a strong heroine. She's not easy when it comes to Logan, which I loved. I liked him squirming a bit.Be prepared it's a wild rid [...]

    20. I'm not sure how to rate this one. I genuinely enjoyed it up until the last chapter or so. And we all know why. Logan Kade meets a girl who he becomes friends with before becoming lovers. And I liked it. I like the dance between he and Taylor. I liked he found someone he could finally be totally honest with and unburden himself to. I like that Taylor didn't put up with the persona he showed the rest of the world and demanded more from him. But when the moment of truth comes-that point when we se [...]

    21. " I hope you fall in love. You can feel what the rest of us feel" BEST line because this is LOGAN MOTHERFUCKING KADE book!!!!!!What can I say, This was Tijan's best work! total 5*stars! I would give more but you wont let me! We finally see the REAL Logan! and him falling in love was the best thing I've ever read! Tijan has done Logan JUSTICES! and everyone is gonna be happy with this book!!! Taylor is as strong as Sam, and maybe even more. She's the perfect girl for Logan! Complex and intense, f [...]

    22. 4.25 LOGAN MOTHA-FUCKING KADE Y'ALL! I'm not sure what my fascination is with asshole. My husband is a very sweet guy and I wouldn't have it any other way. But dude, LOGAN KADE. I mean - DUDE! That guy delivered. This was me throughout the book:(Obviously sans the judging nun in the background. Because, well, I prefer to go all indecent in front of priests. It's hotter that way.)Anywhoooo, this book was a non-brainer for me. Logan Kade is badass, unapologetic, and yes (SPOILER ALERT) He sleeps a [...]

    23. This book was good and yet I got to admit I was a bit disappointed. I had in my head that I was going to see another Sam and Mason relationship when it came time for Logan's story. While I think that's how Logan and Taylor will be after's not what we got in this book. I get it. Logan is not Mason. I've always felt Logan is the most damaged out of all of them so yes, I do get why the author didn't mimic them. I just loved the instant bond we saw with those two that I was hoping for the same here. [...]

    24. ★2 Stars★I am a HUGE Tijan fan. Seriously. The Fallen Crest series and all of its characters are some of my all-time favourites. I have read many of her books, and I don’t think I’ve ever rated any of them less than 3 stars. With that being said, it pains me to admit that I struggled with this book. I wouldn’t say I hated it, but I didn’t particularly like it either. And I was so looking forward to Logan’s book! But it just didn’t work for me… Thumbs UPMy favourite moments were [...]

    25. Logan Logan Logan…I really loved this book. The last couple books had been hard on our man Logan. He had that whole Sam crush or want to be loved by someone. As readers we just did not know what way Tijan would go in making that Samantha decision. Team Mason or Team Logan?? But….Samantha will always be for Mason, which made some of us sad for Logan. But Logan is Logan and he found himself busy. I really love this guy’s sense of Godism. He is so full of himself…but if I was him I would be [...]

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