Sex, Straight Up

Sex, Straight Up

Kathleen O'Reilly / Sep 23, 2019

Sex Straight Up Meeting a handsome loner on a deserted beach in the Hamptons was like being hit by lightning One steamy weekend in bed with Daniel O Sullivan and Catherine Montefiore was marvelously woozy from a deli

  • Title: Sex, Straight Up
  • Author: Kathleen O'Reilly
  • ISBN: 9780373793921
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meeting a handsome loner on a deserted beach in the Hamptons was like being hit by lightning One steamy weekend in bed with Daniel O Sullivan and Catherine Montefiore was marvelously woozy from a delicious cocktail of sun, sand and superhot sex Abruptly, though, Catherine s forty eight hours of fun are at an end when her family s exclusive auction house is hit by a veryMeeting a handsome loner on a deserted beach in the Hamptons was like being hit by lightning One steamy weekend in bed with Daniel O Sullivan and Catherine Montefiore was marvelously woozy from a delicious cocktail of sun, sand and superhot sex Abruptly, though, Catherine s forty eight hours of fun are at an end when her family s exclusive auction house is hit by a very public scandal She s ready to step in and save the day, but she s hoping Daniel, her hot Irish hunk, will lend a hand After all, he s got the necessary skills and, straight up or not, Catherine wants another long drink of Daniel before another forty eight hours are up and her legacy is lost forever

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      • Kathleen O'Reilly

        Kathleen O Reilly wrote her first romance at the age of eleven, which to her undying embarrassment was read aloud to her class After taking over twenty years to recover from the profound distress, she is now proud to announce her new career a romance author Kathleen lives in New York with her husband and their two children who outwit her daily.


    1. Well, color me quelle surpriseSeries: YesSexy times: Compared to most contemps these days this was on the more tame side. But it was still blazing (see what I did there?)Plan on reading more by the author: Unknown. I'm not sure I'm interested enough in the other characters. Then againSynopsis Daniel and Catherine meet on the beach and some sexy times with no strings attached (yea, we know how that goes) happens. Daniel lost his wife during 911 and will not let go of her in any way shape or form. [...]

    2. This was surprisingly good despite its unfortunate title (obviously, I ought to start raising personal expectations for Harlequin novels)—good in its poignancy and sensitivity. Here are two rather mild-mannered people working in professional, occasionally mundane, jobs. They meet, they have a passionate affair, they break it off thinking they'll never see each other again. Of course fate works its cheeky little way in, and they become embroiled in office politics on top of their own budding re [...]

    3. Reviewed for THC Reviews"2.5 stars" Even though the first book in Kathleen O'Reilly's Those Sexy O'Sullivans trilogy was just OK for me, I was looking forward to trying the next book, Sex, Straight Up, mainly because I thought the concept of a hero who had lost his wife on 9/11 was a very unique one that would probably make a great story. Unfortunately, it turned out to be even more of a yawn than the first one which was extremely disappointing to me, as I've liked some of Ms. O'Reilly's other w [...]

    4. The first thing you have to do if you decide to read this book is to TOTALLY ERASE the title of it from your memory. In fact, I had to erase this book from my kindle because TONS of people ask to SEE my Kindle and I didn't want anyone to think I used it to read porn. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, but still.) I have NO IDEA why this book was titled so poorly. It has NOTHING to do with anything in the book that I could figure out. Apparently, Harlequin Blaze just needed to fill a slo [...]

    5. Sex, Straight Up is yet another great installment in this fun, sexy, and romantic trilogy. Another relatively short novel, yet impressively packed with an interesting story line and fantastic character and relationship development that is realistic, emotional, and truly compelling.The nature of this love story made for a fairly complicated emotional journey for Daniel O'Sullivan. He still loves his deceased wife, and knows he always will love her, but he also acknowledges that time has been tell [...]

    6. Don't judge a book by it's cover. And the title is all wrong. That said, this was the first book in a blogger bundle I purchased a few months ago. The blogger was encouraging readers to take a second look at category romances. I started reading category romances when I was 13 and I'm not ashamed to say that I still enjoy them. I have several favorite authors that are auto-buys for me: Kelly Hunter, Maisey Yates and Sandra Marton top my list. Well, now I've added a new favorite - Kathleen O'Reill [...]

    7. Ok, listen. You are going to want to roll your eyes and ignore this book because of the ridiculous title. (Why, Harlequin, WHY??) You shouldn't, though, because this book was such an amazing find. Its about a 9/11 widow who cannot move on and an introverted art appraiser who is trying to convince herself that she deserves to be 100% loved by someone. It was such a wonderful, romantic, and sometimes sad story that did not shy away from the effects of grief, especially when it is tied to such a vi [...]

    8. First, I'm 99% sure I read this before, back when the first book in this series (I think) was one of the "Save the Contemporary" picks from DA/SBTB. Second, I want Grace to read this because I want a NYC evaluation. It reads pretty well to me, but I've accepted that my readings of New York aren't always accurate. At the very least, I like that it tries to integrate itself into the surroundings it has chosen for its setting.Third, I just really liked this. A story about a 9/11 widower moving on c [...]

    9. I got this as part of the "One Click Buy" anthologies, and I wanted to take a minute to review this particular segment. Yes, the man lost his wife on 9/11 - but even with that sadness comes humor and joy. I kinda wished I could see Catherine's sketches. The auction house storyline was slightly less interesting, but it added a little dimension to Daniel's character. The opening took me by surprise. The whole thing about him reaching over every morning just hit me. But I really loved the story, an [...]

    10. The description of the book isn't exactly how the book happens. It seems super cheesy in the description and the book is not like that at all. Its a well done, very nice story. I really liked the book and got sucked in immediately. I'm not a fan of the hero being so emo for 7+ years over a dead wife, usually those books are quite sad and I don't like books that make me sad. This didn't, so that is a plus.

    11. IGNORE THE TITLE. Whoever came up with it should be sent upstairs with no dinner! Emotion-packed and good characterization. I was hooked from the first chapter. It hugely raised my opinions on Harlequin Category Romances. I just bought the next book and can't wait to read. A surprising 4 stars.

    12. DNF at about 60% complete. The characters and scenarios in this one were unbelievable, even for a novel from the Blaze line (which is ostensibly about simply getting the characters set up for the next sex scene). Foundational character traits come and go on a whim and plot points are brought up and dropped within pages of each other. Not enjoyable, not sexy.

    13. This book should win the "Most Misleading Title Ever" award. On my own I'd never pick up a book with this title. Which is why internet reading friends are so useful. I was complaining online about books that have the MC falling in love on the one-year anniversary of a spouse's death, when for most folks that's the day you realize you maybe will breathe again, someday. And, though I know we're all different, I was wishing for books that respected a longer, slower grieving process without being ab [...]

    14. *Read and reviewed for DirtySexyBooks Book Challenge*It's been a few years since I have read a Harlequin even though I own more than 500 of them and while I enjoy this type of read I have always carefully avoided thinking critically about them. I am going to try and review in comparison to the same genre rather than books in general to be as fair as I can.Like most of you I thought the title is just bizarre and would make much more sense if he actually worked at the bar rather than an accountant [...]

    15. This book was nothing like I thought given the title. I liked it a lot, but I'm pretty sure this was titled by Harlequin, not the author. Daniel and Catherine were boring, in a good way. They're both introverts and lonely (in different ways). They are both suffering (Daniel more) over different things, but they are, in essence, regular boring people, who go out to dinner, work on the weekends, and have stupendous shower sex. The business plot was interesting but I was very disappointed in how it [...]

    16. When I first picked up this book, almost a year ago, I read the title, saw the sexy cover bar scene, and thought I had raunch. I read the first paragraph, noted the dichotomy of the contents with the cover, and put the book away. I'm so glad I finally picked it back up again. I read the reviews before I started typing this, which is something I typically don't do, because then I don't know what to write without thinking about what someone already wrote first. I loved this book and it sucked me i [...]

    17. Sex, Straight Up by Kathleen O'Reilly (Blaze #388) is the second book in the Those Sexy O'Sullivan's trilogy and Daniel O'Sullivan's story. I was really surprised at how good and sexy this story turned out and I liked it more than the first book. Why? Well, mainly because Daniel is a widower still grieving for his wife who died during the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11 and he was so reluctant to let her go. However, in this book (as opposed to the first one where the male was the only reason [...]

    18. 2.5 stars. Points off for title and cover, which have nothing to do with the actual story. Perhaps it's because of the Harlequin Blaze imprint, but this clearly intends to have more emotional impact than the title would suggest; why market it differently?Story is fine, not fluffy but easy to read. Hero's grief over his dead wife was oddly distant; we are told so much about how long he's harbored it, but we never really feel it. Perhaps grief like that was deemed too heavy and so it is used merel [...]

    19. Okay, yeah, so I read a book called "Sex, Straight Up." Yes, the title is terrible, and the cover doesn't match the tone of the book either. This book was unexpectedly sweet and fulfilling. Each character was dealing with some heavy stuff: loss; grief; regret; unrealized potential; the need to be bolder and more vulnerable; the desire to take up more room and take a place at the table because it's not going to be given to you. Those struggles are real, and I enjoyed watching each character grow [...]

    20. 3.75-4.I liked this one more than I expected to when I started it. The narration in the first few pages--as the book begins with a hard-on--is a bit jarring. But, I liked Daniel and Catherine quite a bit after the book got going. Catherine was a unique heroine in that she was complete, if not a bit bored, when Daniel shows up. He's a mess, he just doesn't know it. I just realized it's a serial, so I'll be checking out the other O'Sullivans soon.

    21. Category romances can be hit or miss. This one is a winner. It is a very touching story about a man who learns to live again seven years after loosing his wife in the 9/11 attacks. Dan and Catherine made a great couple. Daniel is quiet and intense and Catherine is serious and focused on her art. They complimented each other and their attraction was very believable.

    22. Soooo weird that this is a Blaze--and the cover is crazy, too. Heroine is a loner, hero is a loner and a widower (his wife died on 9/11). The book is romantic, but not the sassy sexy romp promised by the title & cover. (I can't imagine the heroine ever, ever wearing the dress on the cover, for example.) It feels much more like a SuperRomance, other than the length. (It was good, by the way.)

    23. I didn't even get passed the first page. Sexytimes should not be mixed with remembering national disasters. I'm sure it gets better into the book. I've really enjoyed everything else she has written. I'll have to try again in a better frame of mind I suppose.

    24. Calm LovelyAfter all the books that I read with wild, emotional, semi-violent characters, this book was like a balm to my soul. It was a gentle, thoroughly enjoyable story of two adults. A well written, interesting story.

    25. This started out as a very touching story about two lonely people but he wallowed in his misery too long and I eventually started skimming. Widow Daniel's brothers talked him into spending a weekend in the Hamptons with a partying group and he gravitated to the solitary neighbor Catherine.

    26. Stupid title for such a deep, thoughtful, heartbreaking book. Absolutely loved the book - it grabbed me from the beginning. I rarely read contemporary romance - this one made me rethink that decision. Thank you, Sarah (from SBTB)!

    27. Overall a good read. I had trouble with how wishy-washy he was at the beginning and how cavalierly he hurt her time after time. I'm not sure I would have been forgiving as she was. I wanted to see her change as well as he did.

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