The Prophecy

The Prophecy

Madhuri Pavamani / Aug 24, 2019

The Prophecy In Books I and II of The Sanctum Trilogy Madhuri Blaylock took readers on a treacherous journey full of intrigue and corruption horror and despair as she wove the tale of Dev and Wyatt the hybrid

  • Title: The Prophecy
  • Author: Madhuri Pavamani
  • ISBN: 0972422773
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Books I and II of The Sanctum Trilogy, Madhuri Blaylock took readers on a treacherous journey full of intrigue and corruption, horror and despair, as she wove the tale of Dev and Wyatt, the hybrid demon created to destroy The Sanctum and her lover, once a warrior for The Sanctum, now a member of the mysterious sect of Magicals known as the Ramyan Their tale continues iIn Books I and II of The Sanctum Trilogy, Madhuri Blaylock took readers on a treacherous journey full of intrigue and corruption, horror and despair, as she wove the tale of Dev and Wyatt, the hybrid demon created to destroy The Sanctum and her lover, once a warrior for The Sanctum, now a member of the mysterious sect of Magicals known as the Ramyan Their tale continues in Book Three THE PROPHECY as battles wage, loved ones are lost, and the world seems on the brink of madness Culminating in explosive horror, one is forced to ask after all of the blood and torture and pain and death, can there be any room for hope and wonder and life and love

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        Madhuri Pavamani writes twisted love stories and dark poetry She loves whiskey, tattoos, Bukowski, and yoga She laughs constantly, says f ck a lot, and will dance anywhere She is the author of the paranormal romance trilogy, THE SANCTUM, and the upcoming urban fantasy trilogy from St Martin s Press, THE KEEPER SERIES, hitting eReaders everywhere she hopes April 2017.You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at madhuriwrites


    1. Finishing this trilogy filled me with a great sense of relief, not that the series was over but there was finally an end to the turmoil. This final book was an intense emotional ride and I couldn't get enough. What Madhuri does well is vividly share the complexities of being human (or Magical) in relationships. I took a chance on a new to me author in a genre I don't usually read and it was worth every minute. I highly recommend this book and this trilogy.

    2. *Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*6. Epic. Final. Stars.I have no idea where to start. This trilogy has reached it's fantastic end and I am still utterly depressed about it. I just finished this a few hours ago so it's only reasonable that the devastation I experienced at every turn is still fresh in my heart. I gave up sleep for this and I don't regret a single second of it.I tried putting this book off for as long as I could but I'm a masochist. I couldn't leave it alone and I pa [...]

    3. This was a stunning and gorgeous way to end the series. You will get the feels especially the end and Wyatt’s search. That will kill you I mean seriously you will just shiver and feel so emotional for Wyatt and what he is going through. And the end when he gets to his house oh wow just wow so so gorgeous there are no words to express how perfectly beautiful this book and ending was.We pick up where we left off in book two. Now Wyatt’s sister is running the NY sanctum and heading the war. She [...]

    4. I dragged out this book because I knew it was the end and I didn't want to part with these characters. Gosh, that ending. So well done. This trilogy took me on a journey folks and I loved every second of it. This end felt like it just smacked me with the feels over and over again. Every book feels like it's gearing up for the big finale and with this it felt like every chapter was just an emotional ride where things were violent and intoxicating. I love, love the writing style throughout these t [...]

    5. “You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.”~Paul SweeneyThat sums up how I feel after finishing this captivating third and final book in The Sanctum Trilogy. Blaylock is such a talented writer and her words flow from the pages with such creativity and poetry. I am in awe that she can create such intense scenes and complex characters with such beautiful words. The third book in the series is full of amazing twists and turns [...]

    6. FINALLY we get to see how The Prophecy is fulfilled! Aside from the steamy erotic fantasy, there are some epic battle scenes and intricate political maneuvers here. Everyone you love and hate is on the scene, but like any good final book, we lose a few beloved characters. I have a feeling I'll wonder, "What are Wyatt and Dev up to?" for some time to come.

    7. There comes that moment when the final scene in the final book plays out and one sits there, not knowing whether to cry because you must part or to fist pump the air because you just know that somewhere on some plane of existence, life continues for the characters you have come to know inside and out. Only an author that connects with both the readers and the characters can evoke that split second of silent limbo and Madhuri Blaylock has got the gift! The Prophecy had two high bars to hopefully [...]

    8. In The Prophecy, the final book in the Sanctum trilogy by Madhuri Blaylock, The Sanctum stands divided. The Breslins (minus one now. Heh, heh), and their co-conspirators are determined to keep hold of their brutal reign and fight the prophecy through any means necessary. Jools is no longer Acting Head of the New York Academy and is now in complete control of the resistance and has formed an alliance with the imps, who bow to no-one. Darby must come to terms with Jedda's betrayal, while Dev and W [...]

    9. Wow this girl can write! I absolutely loved the final book in this trilogy. I am almost heartbroken it is over, Dev and Wyatt,Jools and Ryker, Darby and Ahba, just to name a few of the remarkable characters in the story. I will be thinking about them. I have become so enthralled in their lives. Beautifully written, at times poetic. The beginning of the chapter where Lyth contemplates change, just a gem of a passage. The ultimate good verses evil and the boy gets the girl story. I Thank the autho [...]

    10. She killed it!! Madhuri Blaylock's Sanctum Trilogy got the closure it deserves with The Prophesy. Highly, highly, highly recommended reading! Read this on a cross-US plane ride and kept getting stuff in my eyes! So beautifully written, so much emotion - I don't believe in spoilers in reviews, so I encourage folks to pick up the trilogy and make plans to be entranced. I was!! Love her.

    11. I can only imagine that Madhuri's keyboard was molded out of some top secret material. This is the only way it could withstand the words pouring from her fingers, and luckily for us, landing on her computer screen. Madhuri wrote a blog post (I will hopefully find the link one day) where her mom asked about the author of the poetry in the beginning of the book. Madhuri explained to her mom she wrote it, but never realized it was poetry as she isn't the biggest connoisseur (my words not Madhuri's. [...]

    12. Book 3 The Prophecy (3)The unraveling,of how the actions of others put a plan into action. Way before the chosen beings were to safe everyone. And to form the saving of all Human,Magicals Vampires and alike. Dev would leave Wyatt while he slept. And went on adventures of her own. For she was riding a Dragon named Riaz. Riding the dragon at night enjoying the freedom and being at peace.In the mean,time he is concerned but understanding she needs time to herself. Her Mother Sam suggests to him,tha [...]

    13. I have to admit, this was my least favorite in the Sanctum books. Don’t get me wrong, it was very good towards the end but the beginning left something to be desired. There was too much politics and not enough action, first of all. Aside from the death tolls on the casualty reports, I would have forgotten there really was a war in action and we weren’t just gearing up for one. On top of that, I didn’t see nearly enough of the characters I had grown to know and love. There was a lot of scen [...]

    14. (I received this free book by the author in exchange for an honest review)This was a great way to end the series and it is bittersweet. I didn’t want this series to end. Every time I turned the page my excitement for the story grew. I did take my time to read it simply because I did not want it to end. I know a lot of us do that. LOL. From the twist, turns, and romance I was captivated by it all. When I finished the book I had to take a minute to gather my life back together LOL. I will miss t [...]

    15. Awesome Read! It took me a minute to get into this book because of a close family death, then falling ill myself, but once all of the interferences I was able to really concentrate on this final book of the series. I really did enjoy this read. And yes I did cry. I don't want to give anything away so I won't say too much, but I am wondering if Ryker ever caught up with Carter? I would have loved to read how he went down. I would so recommend this book/ series. Great job Madhuri.

    16. WAdult FANTASYBest love story! Never before enjoyed stories of werewolves, vamps, etc. All three books will hold your interest to the finish.

    17. The final book in the series and I have to admit I put off reading it as long as I could because I didn't want it to end. I was so right about how I'd feel, very sad that I won't be visiting with these wonderful characters anytime soon (yes I'm hoping and wishing that in the future we'll see some if not all of them again - hint, hint). And thank you Madhuri Blaylock for giving me my 2nd book hangover. The Sanctum is divided and Jools is leading the charge against the Breslins. The fight to fulfi [...]

    18. The final book of the Sanctum Trilogy was quite a journey. Blaylock's prose is amazing and her worldbuilding is freaking FANTASTIC as we were introduced to werewolf packs and imps and mother-effin DRAGONS. The fight scenes were amazingly written and gory and action-packed, the romance was epic and steamy and I honestly loved every part of this book.Blaylock had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and The Prophecy was the perfect ending to Wyatt and Dev's story.5/5 stars to The Prophecy. I [...]

    19. OutstandingThe amazing finale in this trilogy, I was hypnotized by these books! Brilliantly written, exceptional characters and storyline. In this final book everything comes to a head. It is violent and traumatic at times, especially at the end but it is worth putting yourself through it. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Loved this trilogy from the first page to the final word. Yes, it did break my heart a few times but still a exceptional work of art.

    20. Finally, everything coming together. It is more violent than the first two books, but what can be expected when they face the final battle.This third part was a bit more difficult to bring together because so much happened in it. If you feel confused about things, just continue reading, it comes together in the end and is so worth it!

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