This Way Home

This Way Home

WesMoore Shawn Goodman / Jun 26, 2019

This Way Home One young man searches for a place to call home in this gut wrenching honest novel from New York Times bestselling author Wes Moore with Shawn Goodman Elijah Thomas knows one thing better than anyone

  • Title: This Way Home
  • Author: WesMoore Shawn Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780385741699
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One young man searches for a place to call home in this gut wrenching, honest novel from New York Times bestselling author Wes Moore with Shawn Goodman.Elijah Thomas knows one thing better than anyone around him basketball At seventeen, he s earned the reputation of a top level player, one who steps onto the court ready for battle, whether it s a neighborhood pickup gameOne young man searches for a place to call home in this gut wrenching, honest novel from New York Times bestselling author Wes Moore with Shawn Goodman.Elijah Thomas knows one thing better than anyone around him basketball At seventeen, he s earned the reputation of a top level player, one who steps onto the court ready for battle, whether it s a neighborhood pickup game or a tournament championship.What Elijah loves most about the game is its predictability if he and his two best friends play hard and follow the rules, their team will win And this formula has held true all way up to the summer before their senior year of high school, when a sinister street gang, Blood Street Nation, wants them to wear the Nation s colors in the next big tournament.The boys gather their courage and take a stand against the gang, but at a terrible cost Now Elijah must struggle to balance hope and fear, revenge and forgiveness, to save his neighborhood For help, he turns to the most unlikely of friends Banks, a gruff ex military man, and his beautiful and ambitious daughter Together, the three work on a plan to destroy Blood Street and rebuild the community they all call home.This Way Home is a story about reclamation It s about taking a stand for what matters most, and the discovery that, in the end, hope, love, and courage are our most powerful weapons.

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        Wes Moore is a youth advo cate, Army com bat vet eran, promis ing busi ness leader and author.Wes grad u ated Phi Theta Kappa as a com mis sioned offi cer from Val ley Forge Mil i tary Col lege in 1998 and Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hop kins Uni ver sity in 2001 with a bachelor s degree in Inter na tional Rela tions At Johns Hop kins he was hon ored by the Mary land Col lege Foot ball Hall of Fame He com pleted an MLitt in Inter na tional Rela tions from Oxford Uni ver sity as a Rhodes Scholar in 2004 Wes was a para trooper and Cap tain in the United States Army, serv ing a com bat tour of duty in Afghanistan with the elite 1st Brigade of the 82nd Air borne Divi sion in 2005 2006 Wes spear headed the Amer i can strate gic sup port plan for the Afghan Rec on cil i a tion Pro gram that unites for mer insur gents with the new Afghan Gov ern ment He is rec og nized as an author ity on the rise and ram i fi ca tions of rad i cal Islamism in the West ern Hemi sphere A White House Fel low from 2006 2007, Wes served as a Spe cial Assis tant to Sec re tary of State Con doleezza Rice Fol low ing his time at the White House, Wes became an invest ment pro fes sional in New York at Cit i group, focus ing on global tech nol ogy and alter na tive invest ments In 2009 he was selected as an Asia Soci ety Fel low Moore was named one of Ebony magazine s Top 30 Lead ers Under 30 for 2007 and Crain s New York Busi ness 40 Under 40 Ris ing Stars in 2009.Wes is pas sion ate about sup port ing U.S vet er ans and exam in ing the roles edu ca tion, men tor ing and pub lic ser vice play in the lives of Amer i can youth He serves on the board of the Iraq Afghanistan Vet er ans of Amer ica IAVA and founded an orga ni za tion called STAND through Johns Hop kins that works with Bal ti youth involved in the crim i nal jus tice sys tem Wes was a fea tured speaker at the 2008 Demo c ra tic National Con ven tion in Den ver and addressed the crowd from Invesco Field He has also spo ken at the National Foun da tion for Teach ing Entre pre neur ship NFTE Busi ness Plan Com pe ti tion, South ern Regional Con fer ence of the National Soci ety of Edu ca tors, the edu ca tion reform ses sion of the third annual Race Rec on cil i a tion in Amer ica con fer ence, and the first 9 11 National Day of Ser vice and Remembrance.He has been fea tured by such media out lets as Peo ple Mag a zine, The New York Times, The Wash ing ton Post, CSPAN, and MSNBC, amongst oth ers Wes first book, The Other Wes Moore, will be pub lished by Spiegel Grau, an imprint of Ran dom House, in late April 2010.Wes Moore was born in 1978 and was three years old when his father, a respected radio and tele vi sion host, died in front of him His mother, hop ing for a bet ter future for her fam ily, made great sac ri fices to send Wes and his sis ters to pri vate school Caught between two worlds the afflu ence of his class mates and the strug gles of his neighbors Wes began to act out, suc cumb ing to bad grades, sus pen sions, and delin quen cies Des per ate to reverse his behav ior, his mother sent him to mil i tary school in Penn syl va nia After try ing to escape five times, Wes finally decided to stop rail ing against the sys tem and become account able for his actions By grad u a tion six years later, Moore was com pany com man der over see ing 125 cadets.On Decem ber 11, 2000, The Bal ti Sun ran an arti cle about how Wes, despite his trou bled child hood, had just received The Rhodes Schol ar ship At the same time, The Sun was run ning sto ries even tu ally than 100 in all about four African American men who were arrested for the mur der of an off duty Bal ti police offi cer d


    1. Elijah and his two best friends Michael and Dylan were really compelling fully realized characters, and I loved reading about their dynamic and interactions. None of the other characters felt quite as real or three dimensional for me as they did.I was really surprised by how high-stakes and gripping the end of this book was. For most of the book I had a pretty good idea of where it was going, but in the last scene especially I was taken aback and honestly wasn't sure how the book would end which [...]

    2. This book was very interesting to me because it was the main character , Elijah, a 17 year old who lives in Baltimore. The journey to find out who he is or what his future will hold felt very real. The issue of falling into gang life because his best friend was or staying out of it and being who he is and wants for his life. It was a great novel that explores this topic by using basketball, and street life, and how important adult mentors can be when dealing with issues for young adults. I would [...]

    3. Elijah is already being scouted for college basketball which is his ticket out of his rough neighborhood. His coach lets him know that some recruiters will be watching at the upcoming street ball three-on-three tournament. When one of his best friends, Michael, shows up with some brand new shoes for their team Elijah is so anxious to make a good impression he ignores his uneasy feeling and uses the new gear. Turns out the new stuff was provided by local gang Blood Street Nation and now the boys [...]

    4. Wes Moore, author of the outstanding The Other Wes Moore: One Name Two Fates, has written his first YA novel, and it is unforgettable. Elijah, Dylan and Michael have been best friends since they were little kids. "We're brothers. We have each other's backs. It's always going to be like that." They have helped each other navigate a neighborhood controlled by a violent vengeful gang and supported each other's dreams for a better future. Elijah has spent his whole high school experience getting top [...]

    5. Great book about inner city kids trying to make something of themselves. The main character is not only a great basketball player, but also a great student. Things take a turn for the worst though when he gets caught in the middle of some serious gang activity. I wouldn't say that the ending was as strong as the beginning, but it might be a story that many students from urban areas can relate to. I might consider using this title as a possible discussion book.

    6. Basketball is something that Elijah loves almost as his mother, it also helps that he is extremely good at it. Being an athletic young player has caused a lot of attention to come his way. Those various schools may better his future but what Elijah truly cares about is getting the attention of his father. The man has been in his life for such a short amount of time that he doesn’t remember what he even looks like. He is hopeful that a upcoming televised basketball tournament will finally get h [...]

    7. The book " This way home" is a book about three boys, Elijah, Dylan, and Michael. These boys all knew each other from the third grade and stayed close by basketball. The boys were all juniors and entered a basketball tournament meant for adults. While this was going on Elijah got a job working for his mom church friend Banks, Elijah arrived everyday on time at 7:30 a.m. Michael got the boys a sponsor for the league that supplied them with shoes and jerseys, the sponsor was from a gang called blo [...]

    8. This way home is about a group of three high school kids who are great at basketball. It focuses on one of the kids in particular though, his name is Elijah. Elijah is the best player on the team and he has a future ahead of him, but him and his friends get messed up in a gang. Elijah and his friend have to figure out what to do, do what is right or what is wrong. He thinks of many more bad things when something happens to his friend. My favorite character was Banks. Elijah worked for Banks and [...]

    9. Set in inner city Baltimore, three teenage boys, best friends since elementary school, hope their basketball skills will lead them to college and ultimately out of their neighborhood. Instead, a gang becomes interested in them and secretly sponsors their team. When the boys find out and refuse to wear the clothing and shoes in the basketball competition, the ultimate price is paid. Elijah, the main character, finds his strength from his mother and a neighbor who becomes his mentor. This book was [...]

    10. Generally I like all things basketball, including reading books with a basketball story line. The main character of This Way Home is Elijah a high school basketball player from Baltimore. He is intelligent and a talented basketball player who can earn a scholarship to college. But there are obstacles that he and his best friends Dylan and Michael must overcome. Also Elijah yearns for sometime that is missing in his life. The plot of Elijah's yearning left me underwhelmed with this book. I felt t [...]

    11. Elijah is the best basketball player in the neighborhood. He and his friends are set to win an adult neighborhood tourney. Scouts & TV will be there. However, the local gang wants the boys to wear their colors. One of his friends, Michael, even scored new shoes and uniforms with the gang's logo. Elijah is against wearing the nice, new uniforms. What does the gang expect of the boys for this stuff?In the meantime, his mom has gotten him a job doing odd jobs around the house for Banks, a crank [...]

    12. As a young 17-year-old boy, Elijah desperately looked for a dad he never knew. Being an athlete, basketball was a way to keep his mind off of it. So were his two best friends, Dylan and Michael. When the school year ended and summer started, he looked for a job. Elijah worked for Army veteran, named Banks, who was very very strange. He also played in street basketball tournaments. Elijah was never looking for trouble but found himself in it with a gang. He looks to Banks for his help to survive. [...]

    13. This Way Home is a book about three best friends who play serious ball together. They are a talented close-knit group. The boys have serious skill. Their coach gets them a chance at playing in the big leagues. Unfortunately, there is a gang in town. The gang is called Blood Street Nation. Blood Street Nation will do anything they need to in order to keep people in check and stay in control. The boys have done all they could to stay out of gangs and to make names for themselves. One of the boys g [...]

    14. Wes Moore is the author of this book “This Way Home” this book's main purpose is to tell the story about a young boy born and raised in the heart of Maryland this seventeen year old's name is Elijah Thomas. Elijah has never met his father, he doesn't even know his name or the sound of his voice, Elijah's entire life up to this point has been focused on getting his father to come home. Now Elijah is in love with the game of basketball but the only reason he is playing is to get his father's a [...]

    15. Being recruited to play basketball at the college level is the only way out of a bad situation for Elijah Thomas. His father bailed on his mother when Elijah was only two years old. Since then his mother has worked two jobs to make ends meet.Junior year has ended and Elijah and his two best friends are planning to compete in a local adult basketball tournament. Winning could earn them $3,000. Elijah and Dylan are thrilled when Michael shows up with three shoeboxes. Three awesome pairs of Jordan' [...]

    16. November 10th 2015 by Delacorte Books for Young ReadersElijah is good at basketball, and hopes that it will be his ticket to a college scholarship so he can escape his rough Baltimore neighborhood. When he and his friends form a team to play in a big tournament, he is a bit worried when his friend Michael finds a "sponsor" for them who provides expensive shoes and clothes, but he has other things to worry about. His mother has arranged for him to help Mr. Banks, an ex-military man, fix up his ho [...]

    17. This Way Home by Wes Moore is about a guy named Elijah. Elijah is one of the best basketball players around. Their team was winning a lot of games and were going to the tournament. Everything was going good until a gang called the “Blood Street Nation” tried to get their team to wear their colors and the team refused. Now they have a struggle against hope and fear. “I'm meeting with money tomorrow and we're going to work this out.” (Moore 130) They're trying to get this to where it's und [...]

    18. Anyone who knows me knows that if there's one thing I have absolutely zero interest in, it's sports. That said, when I found out this was a "sports" book, meaning one of the main topics was basketball, I was already going in with reservations. That being said, since I had to read it anyway, I tried to set that aside and read as someone who does like sports. The setting was unlike anything I could relate to. I grew up in solidly middle class suburbia, where the neighbors all know each other and p [...]

    19. Seventeen year old Elijah Thomas lives for basketball, but dreams that someday he'll be playing and look up to find his long absent father watching with approval. Thus far that hasn't happened, but he, along with best friends Michael and Dylan mesh well together on the court and have reached a level where they're going to try winning the $3,000 prize in the summer tournament. Most everyone else is bigger and older, but Elijah is their secret weapon. When Michael gets them expensive new shoes and [...]

    20. An exciting story of Elijah and his two best friends who decide to compete in an adult level basketball contest. At around the same time, Elijah starts doing chores for a friend of his mother's named Banks. Banks starts off as a odd character who claims to have been an accountant in the army. The boys live at the edge of a gang territory but have stayed clear thanks to their hard working single moms. Towards the beginning, the murder of an acquaintance brings shows the reader how close they all [...]

    21. 3.5 stars17 year old Elijah lives in a rough neighborhood in Baltimore but he is able to escape through basketball and his best friends. Hoping that staying out of gangs and focusing on basketball will lead him out of the hood. Elijah does his best to do just that. But when one of his best friends gets mixed up with the wrong crowd, Elijah may see evrything he worked so hard to achieve slip right through his fingers.This was a fast-paced story filled with heartbreak and a lot of twists.

    22. Seventeen year old Elijah Thomas lives for basketball, but dreams that someday he'll be playing and look up to find his long absent father watching with approval. Thus far that hasn't happened, but he, along with best friends Michael and Dylan mesh well together on the court and have reached a level where they're going to try winning the $3,000 prize in the summer tournament. Most everyone else is bigger and older, but Elijah is their secret weapon.

    23. Friendships and coming of age stories are a genre I enjoy reading. The three friends are basketball teammates that will take on the corner lot championship games. Each have his own reason for wanting to play and they bring it on. Competing against all odds and winning. They have a sponsor though that has ulterior motives. The first tie in is a pair of $400 shoes. Hard for a kid to resist; they succumb to temptation not knowing what the cost will truly be.

    24. This Way Home"Sometimes the dream is more important than the thing itself" Elijah, 17, is living in the West End projects of Baltimore, Maryland, with basketball being his only salvation. He and his two friends are struggling to qualify for a Championship League when suspicious events begin to ariseI have no words for this. It is a 5/5 star story that I highly, highly recommend to anyone of any age. 'This Way Home' is a rare story of true friendship and courage.

    25. Rarely do I abandon a book, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish this one. Character actions just didn't ring true to me. Holes in the plot, timing of events seemed off and I wasn't impressed by word choice- repetitive. Usually, I appreciate good urban realistic fiction. This book fell short.

    26. Suspenseful, moving, and inspiring. This is a great choice for any reader middle school and up. I imagine that middle or high school boys into basketball and/or who like urban writers such as Paul Volponi, Matt delaPena, or Coe Booth will enjoy and learn from this life lesson.

    27. Elijah just wants his dad to return and be proud of him. Basketball consumes his time but when a violent gang decides to finance his ambition and a retired army veteran tests him to the breaking point, who can he look to for guidance? Reviewer 23

    28. Elijah, 17, loves to play basketball with his friends. He is being scouted by college coaches but his rough neighborhood may ruin his chances. Gangs want to involve the boys in their schemes whether they agree or not. The novel is wonderfully exciting with surprising twists and real action.

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