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Havoc From the author of the Text Prize winning The Bridge The ceasefire is barely holding Southside waits with a kind of hope that feels like defeat Then Cityside blows up the bridge And amid the chaos an

  • Title: Havoc
  • Author: Jane Higgins
  • ISBN: 9781922147295
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of the Text Prize winning The Bridge.The ceasefire is barely holding Southside waits, with a kind of hope that feels like defeat.Then Cityside blows up the bridge And amid the chaos and rubble Nik and Lanya are drawn into a complex web of power, fear and betrayal.Who is the girl found crying out from the bombed bridge What is her connection to the secretFrom the author of the Text Prize winning The Bridge.The ceasefire is barely holding Southside waits, with a kind of hope that feels like defeat.Then Cityside blows up the bridge And amid the chaos and rubble Nik and Lanya are drawn into a complex web of power, fear and betrayal.Who is the girl found crying out from the bombed bridge What is her connection to the secret experiments taking place at Pitkerrin Marsh And why does she cry havoc But before Nik can find out he must find his father, and face the hardest decision of his life.

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        Jane was born in Christchurch, New Zealand Over the years, she has traveled away, but she returned in the 1990s she and her husband, Paul, live there still, even though the ground now shakes at regular and unnerving intervals and has done since the earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011.Growing up, she read a lot of classic science fiction, fantasy and myth, and was captivated by the astonishing beauty and strangeness of the universe and by the writers who explored it in fiction and non fiction She tried some exploring of her own, in the company of the very cool people in the Canterbury Astronomical Society people who made their own telescopes and tracked the patterns of the solar system from their own backyards She watched Dr Who almost, but not quite, from the beginning , Star Trek favourite episode The Trouble with Tribbles great, because so silly and The Prisoner great, because so weird , and kept reading She went to university and completed a degree in astronomy and mathematics and thought about spending her life sitting on a mountain being an astronomer.A trip away to Europe, post degree, derailed those ambitions Seeing serious poverty and serious preparations for war for the first time was a powerful experience She came home to study social science and learn from some amazing people about its concrete expression in the world through campaigns against poverty, oppressive labour laws and racism in New Zealand and elsewhere.She became an academic at the University of Canterbury then at Lincoln University, specializing in research with young people about their lives She wrote a lot of non fiction for academic journals, kept reading and finally had a go at writing a novel.She was lucky to be part of the inaugural intake of the Hagley Writers Institute wonderful people, including tutors and fellow scribblers In their company, The Bridge grew from a short story into something longer and complicated.She still works as a researcher with young people, still reads, still writes and still watches Dr Who.


    1. Havoc is the second novel by New Zealand author, Jane Higgins. It is sequel to The Bridge and is set six months after the events of that book. When a barrage of rockets from Cityside inflicts enormous damage on Moldam HQ, costs Breken lives and brings down the Moldam Bridge, it is apparent that the precarious ceasefire is over. Nik and Lanya rush to help, and Nik risks his life to save a girl from under the falling bridgework, a girl who seems neither a Citysider, nor Breken, but possibly a Dry- [...]

    2. After the reading (and thoroughly enjoying) The Bridge, I noted that the story seemed to have parallels to the Israeli-Palestinian situation.In Havoc, that comparison is almost inescapable, between the curfews, check points and lock-downs. But of course, it could be any city at any point in recent history divided by war and fear.And for me, that's the point of these well-crafted thrillers: that there are good people on both sides of any conflict and your loyalties - and perceptions of 'right' an [...]

    3. divabooknerd/2015/04/mHavoc is a brilliant follow up to The Bridge, but darker and more enthralling than the original. Tensions between Southside and Cityside have never been higher, and Nik with the blood from the failed exchange on his hands. His former life is in tatters and he now lives in limbo, no longer welcome in Cityside and not quite a Southsider either. In Havoc, the reader is introduced to One City, where the community is believe to be working with Southside and now a target for a Ci [...]

    4. A copy of this novel was provided by Text Publishing for review.Havoc lived up to my enjoyment of The Bridge, which is saying a lot because I really enjoyed The Bridge.The writing style that I loved so much in the first book was still as wonderful in this one. Of this I was glad. Sometimes writing style changes between books (and there were four years between these two books), but it stayed the same in Havoc, and I was immersed in it once again.Nik was just as loveable as he was in The Bridge. P [...]

    5. I loved this book. Dystopian is one of my favourite YA genres and I haven’t read one in a while so it was nice to jump back into the genre, and this one was a stand out. I haven’t read The Bridge, The first book in the series, so I was a little worried going into this that I would be lost, but I wasn’t. It stood on it’s own and I don’t think it’d be 100% necessary to read the first book before reading this. But now I’ve read this I’d love to go and read The Bridge. I need more of [...]

    6. Jane Higgins's "Havoc" is the story of a complicated war being fought between two people and a boy, Nik, who is somewhat caught between them. There are clear villains and heroes as biological warfare (HV-C6 or havoc) is being used to force one side to submit to another. Nik is left to uncover the plot, expose it, and save his friends in the process. The story is fastpaced and focused. To continue the plot, character ignorance is somewhat extended in parts and rapidly overcome in others. I found [...]

    7. "Havoc" the thrilling and explosive sequel to "The Bridge" begins with Southside's ceasefire, hoping that this step forward will spawn peaceful negotiations with the City. But in response the Breken's headquarters is demolished in a rocket attack and the Moldam bridge is blown up. Hearing a terrified cry in the wreckage of the bridge Nik Stais without thought for his own safety plunges into the ruins to save the life of a mysterious young girl whose only legible words speak of "havoc and the mar [...]

    8. Received this book for review from netgally and the publisher this has in now way affected my opinion I loved this book. Dystopian is one of my favourite YA genres and I haven’t read one in a while so it was nice to jump back into the genre, and this one was a stand out. I haven’t read The Bridge, The first book in the series, so I was a little worried going into this that I would be lost, but I wasn’t. It stood on it’s own and I don’t think it’d be 100% necessary to read the first b [...]

    9. I would have given another star if I'd been able to remember the first one - which I really liked - more clearly. This one took me a wee bit to get into because I couldn't remember the characters well enough, I see that some people on think it is ok to read as a standalone, but I really felt that you needed the background of the previous novel, and once that all came flooding back to me I was in. The characters are realistic, witty and the dialogue sparkling between them. Nicely conflicting mor [...]

    10. A city has been split in half with the haves on one side and the havenots on the other. The havenots are those that do the work. The haves want to remain in firm control over the havenots, but there’s been rebellion for years.Currently, there is a ceasefire but then the haves blow up a bridge and blame the havenots. Caught in the middle are Nik, a boy raised with the haves but who lives on the other side now, and his friend Lanya.Nik and Lanya head over to the rich side to find Nik’s father [...]

    11. This book simply thrust me into the confusion this dying world. Within the first few chapters I was in the thick of the action where Nik (the main protagonist) is in the thick of the action.This book has many themes War and Loyalty being the main ones. It is enjoyable, fast paced and dark - exactly what a teen Dystopia needs to be.A great read. Can be read as a standalone but I will try and re-read after the bridge, as I feel I'm missing a lot of the story.With Thanks to Netgalley and the publis [...]

    12. The sequel to The Bridge but could be read independently. A good read. Once again some interesting perspectives on growing up, difficult choices, power and war. Not sure why I didn't enjoy it as much as The Bridge.

    13. Higgins has a beautifully lyrical way with words, something that accentuates the stark darkness of this dystopia novel. It has been quite a while since I read the first book (The Bridge) but quickly found myself drawn into the world of the City and the southsiders.

    14. Meh! To me, nicely written dialogue and well crafted sentences do not a novel make. Take a few characters, add some dialogue, set them amid a war torn environment and play it from there. Seems like about 100 pages of prequel are missing in my mind.

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