His Gift

His Gift

Aubrey Dark / Sep 17, 2019

His Gift I m tied up blindfolded and aching for his touch I was just delivering a cake for a friend I sure as hell wasn t a birthday gift to a billionaire But now that I was here I didn t dare leave Even if

  • Title: His Gift
  • Author: Aubrey Dark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I m tied up, blindfolded and aching for his touch I was just delivering a cake for a friend I sure as hell wasn t a birthday gift to a billionaire But now that I was here, I didn t dare leave Even if I wanted to, he wouldn t let me Lacey Miller is two days away from being kicked out of her apartment when her best friend offers her a job for some quick cash Easy I m tied up, blindfolded and aching for his touch.I was just delivering a cake for a friend I sure as hell wasn t a birthday gift to a billionaire But now that I was here, I didn t dare leave Even if I wanted to, he wouldn t let me Lacey Miller is two days away from being kicked out of her apartment when her best friend offers her a job for some quick cash Easy as cake, right Wrong Billionaire playboy Jake Carville has been looking for years for the perfect submissive On his birthday, he s looking forward to a special gift a girl who can satisfy his every dark craving But when Lacey walks through the wrong door and into Jake s arms, she s everything he d hoped for and nothing he ever expected How can he lose himself, heart and soul, to a girl he was never supposed to meet This is PART THREE of the HIS GIFT dark erotic romance trilogy His Gift A Dark Billionaire Romance Part 1 His Gift A Dark Billionaire Romance Part 2 His Gift A Dark Billionaire Romance Part 3

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    1. .Well colour me happy, what an utterly delicious tale, and I just loved Jake *growls* Can't help but want more from this verse, more books from Aubrey full stop.

    2. 4.5 Paint splattered with love StarsThis trilogy of books was good. Full of need and want, sex and desire, secrets and finally some answers.This 3rd book was the perfect conclusion for Jake and Lacey. Innocent Lacey had her world awakened when she met Jake. Her senses were put on ultra high. She was encompassed with secrets that finally had light shed upon them . I was definitely not expecting Jake's dark and sad past. Plus a little added bonus we get nicely surprised with about Mr Jake!!This bo [...]

    3. The final installations in this delicious dark series is as fulfilling as death by chocolate. The mysterious Jake’s past is revealed and his journey with Lacey comes full circle. Love is about compromise, and meeting in the middle. Something that Jake and Lace learn all about through their ups and downs. I read all three books in one night. I couldn’t wait to find out what came next. If you’re interested in dark romance, but worry that it might be too heavy for you, this is an excellent st [...]

    4. 3 - 3.5 Stars.This was just a little too quick for me I loved the BDSM in it. I wanted Jake to kind of lead/guide Lacey through it instead of just putting her in the situations. Overall it was a quick read and easy to follow the ending was just a little to unrealistic to me.

    5. 3.5 Stars. This was a short sexy serial that consist of three books that total under 190 pages. That's why I rated 3.5 instead of 4 stars, I could've used a bit more. I really enjoyed the authors writing style, the hero was sexy and mysterious and the heroine was very likable. I had quite a few laughs because of her banter, whether with her friend or the hero she kept me entertained. The sex scenes were very steamy and the story, although not original, was written well and kept me turning pages [...]

    6. Secrets, locked doors Jake and Lacey have bonded through their art as well as all the erotic encounters Jake has created. Lacey begins to wonder if she will be able to say goodbye at the end of the week. She then stumbles upon Jake's biggest secret which is the catalyst to bring all his walls down. From there an amazing piece of artwork is created in one of the most sensuous scenes I've ever read. Will they say goodbye? Or will they realize that they have both found something that they don't wan [...]

    7. 3 parts, 1 reviewThis was a quick, light read. After part 1, I honestly expected a little more domination but it was seriously light on that front. A couple of spanks and a tickle with the crop and that's it. He doesn't even really order her around. There's not much of a plot but it's full of steamy scenes (even if they don't seal the deal until the very end) and I enjoyed reading it just for its hot factor alone. I'm shallow like that.

    8. Dark but Bright!At first, I was not certain about the content, then Aubrey Dark took me, the reader on a whirlwind ride! I felt like I was in the room with Kate and Lace. Watching them create their painting. The conclusion to part 3 made me want to cry! This is better than "Fifty Shades of Grey"!!!

    9. The final part in this series about Lacey and Jake. He was keeping her for a week as his birthday gift to himself. But what will happen at the end of those seven days. They've discovered a lot about one another in such a short time and feelings have become involved. I really liked this series and will definitely be reading more from this author.

    10. Part 1-3: 4 stars! Great chemistry and characters that really caught my interest. Could not put down! Part 4-6: 2 stars! Was really happy when I found out that there was a continuation to these. Too bad that they were only decent - what happened to the heat?

    11. Lacey and Jake Things see.m to look uk for these two. Jake seems to be an arrogant ass but Lacey is along for the ride. And I do me the "ride of her life"

    12. His giftWow, what a great story. Great detail, suspense, love. Couldn't put it down and had to, absolutely had to get part 2 and part 3. I had to know how this story ended.

    13. Finished Kinda where you expect to see it, but these type of books for me is in the details. It's being able to picture it in my mind as I read it. This one does that.

    14. AwesomeThis series was intriguing it took you around twist and turns and kept your senses on edge and was hard too stop reading always wanting to find out what is next

    15. This is a six-part novel series. It is very sensitive and at times very funny wth extremely hot BDSM scenes, Lacey is a graffiti artist who is about to lose her apartment. She has taken a part-time job as a bartender at night along with her job as a waitress in the daytime. Her bff Steph who owns a bakery has asked her to deliver a $2000 birthday cake for her and she'll pay her $100. Lacey's a tomboy and doesn't wear dresses. But Lucas the man that commissioned the cake's delivery has insisted i [...]

    16. I didn't give a review on this trilogy until I read all three because I wanted to see where the story was going. For me it's not necessarily the BDSM that I like in the story as much as I like the reason the character feels the desire to be sexual like that. In most stories I've read there is always a deep seeded reason for them to be drawn to it. I liked Jake's story. I also liked what he and Lacey had in common, the way they connected through art it was almost like they could see art through t [...]

    17. It's official! I'm addicted to this series! more please!!Terrific reads! My full sizzling Pages SERIES reviewClick any below to visit us!

    18. I'll review the series, because each book has like 60 pages and.So, thank GOD for Kindle Unlimited, because i don't think i would have paid money for this series.As i have said before, i don't really like short novels. They all seem rushed. This one included. BUT, this one has something new: a billionaire, but like to dress up in hoodies and paint graffitis through NY or Paris. Seriously?Anyways, something in all this smells a lot like FSOG. Alpha male handsome billionaire, who likes kinky stuff [...]

    19. I recommend,only if you like the dark.I waited to read all 3 books because really the first was kind of mild. The second a little more intense, bout the third? Yes, that showed everything everyone's true nature. Kage and Lacey will do well. They both "see" their art with sex. But only with each other. She needs his darkness and he needs her innocence, I would not say light because she enjoys his darkness just as much as he does but because she is innocent at everything I think that is why Kage i [...]

    20. What can I say. I really appreciate to read this serie and I really appreciate to read this volume but I've found that the beginning was to quick, the author made a great story but go quickly on some daysPerhaps I would prefer more details but after that the story is great, we have a lot to understand (even if at the first volume I already knew the true). But why Jake love this kind of pleasure (I mean the BDSM stuff) ? L'histoire est gentille, il manque quelques détails parfois, l'auteur passe [...]

    21. As Jake & Lacey's week comes to an end, Lacey, in allher frustration and pain, lashes out in the art studio &accidentally breaks the lock to the "forbidden" room,& discovers something Jake has kept hidden for quitesome time. When he discovers she's uncovered hissecret he's furious and a skirmish incurs. She pleadswith him to make her completely his, and he eagerlycomplies! What happens after that? I guess you'llhave to read it to believe it! This trilogy was so goodI couldn't put it [...]

    22. *Honest Review in exchange of an ARC*After reading, which was a pain a sadistic pain (pleasure-pain-pleasure-pain-pain), this trilogy was really refreshing, even it's dark, it flows wonderfully and you are expecting for more, which Ms. Aubrey delivers perfectly!Delivering a cake wasn't so much exciting before. It's all I'm saying!If you want to read something good, quick, and dark, this is it!

    23. His Gift (A Dark Billionaire Romance Part 3) by Aubrey Dark ** I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for my honest review **Part 3 was a rousing, heartwarming, salacious book! I was completely engaged from page one until the end. This was the best of the three books. Jake and Lacey opened up to each other and learned each others true selves. Their openness leads to one of the best scenes I have read in a book in a very long time. Outstanding job Ms. Dark, thank you for this [...]

    24. Ah, yes. This was the ending I was looking forward to. I'm not a fan of insta-love, but seeing as this was a serial, I could deal with it. I could understand Lacey's struggle and empathized with her. The time was winding down for them. It was supposed to be 1 week, but it was turning into more than that for her. Much more.And apparently for him, too, if the ending was any indication. After that speedy conclusion, I wasn't at all satisfied. So it was just my luck that the story continues in His R [...]

    25. As in the previous two novellas, I liked the chemistry and the developing relationship between Jake and Lacey. They interact, fight and grow with each other in a realistic, light and bubbly way (and the sex just adds some spice to the sweetness). A little short for my liking, and it didn't feel like too much happened over the course of the books, but I've discovered that there's another one (couple?) to dig up, so I won't hold it against Miss Dark. It keeps the readers coming back for more.

    26. This billionaire insta-love doesn't have much depth, but it's entertaining for such a short read. The sex scenes are kinky and quick, but feel mechanical more often than not. I'm continuing with the series in hopes of finding out where this all leads, and understanding who these two truly are, as "people".

    27. Super story!It's hard to describe the feelings I felt reading this story. The description used almost made me feel like I was there. I could feel Lacey's conflicts and desires. I definitely recommend this trilogy to anyone who wishes they could find love in the most unlikely of places.

    28. Ok seriously, someone get me a fan, cold shower, something! What an amazing end to the story. I mean that was HOT!!! Intense emotion, beyond steamy sexy scenes and a depth of passion almost incomparable. With a little bit of dark and a down and dirty sexy billionaireally what more could a story need?!!

    29. Not bad. What threw me though was when Jake finally talked about his past, revealing the secret of his family. He said the problem was that he didn't want to take over the business but Everything happened when he was 4 years old. Not a lot of 4yo CEOs nowadays.So that contradiction made the rest of the story blah for me. At least there was finally sex!! LMAO!!

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