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Swing It all started with an innocent request Melissa s friend Shane asked her to accompany him on a business trip to an exclusive resort But The Sweet Surrender is no ordinary vacation spot it s for men an

  • Title: Swing
  • Author: Opal Carew
  • ISBN: 9780312367800
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • It all started with an innocent request Melissa s friend Shane asked her to accompany him on a business trip to an exclusive resort But The Sweet Surrender is no ordinary vacation spot it s for men and women who swing As Melissa mingles with the other guests and discovers the resort s fantasy rooms, she s tempted to explore her naughty side and live out her most sinfulIt all started with an innocent request Melissa s friend Shane asked her to accompany him on a business trip to an exclusive resort But The Sweet Surrender is no ordinary vacation spot it s for men and women who swing As Melissa mingles with the other guests and discovers the resort s fantasy rooms, she s tempted to explore her naughty side and live out her most sinful fantasies but she isn t prepared for the storm of desire that awaits She soon finds herself torn between two men, one of her oldest friends and a handsome stranger who belongs to another Both men bring her the most exquisite pleasure, but which man will win her heart Her work has been described as scorching, intoxicating and brilliant, and this is Opal Carew s hottest novel yet Visit The Sweet Surrender and sample its decadent pleasures for yourself if you can take the heat.

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    1. Wow, wow, wow! Extremely satisfying, with equal quotients love, sex and desire. This is my second book by Opal Carew, and she has become a must read for me.The very first line of the book is, “Would you come to a Swingers’ club with me?” This story just jumps right in :) Shane and Melissa have been best friends for years. There’s been some hope for more, especially on Melissa’s part, and now they have suddenly found themselves single at the same time. Shane is tall, sexy, rich and ripp [...]

    2. WellAs I sit here fanning myself after reading "Swing" by Opal Carew, I'm trying to decide what to say. There is ALOT of really, really, really HOT sex in this book. There's twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, sex in private, sex in public, and light bondage. I don't think I left anything out, but surely that's enough to let you know if this is a book that will entice you or offend you!!The only drawback I found was the lead female character. In just a few days she [...]

    3. So I read fast. what can I say! ;D Wow! This book definitely lived up to my expectations! I dont even need to write a review do I? Just read Mahlet or Laura's review and you will know what I think! Smokin hot! and I love a good HEA! This was a really sexy read. Oh, and the dungeon scene! Did I mention that I thought this book was hot? I'll say it again for good measure HOT! Jeez think I liked it much?

    4. Oh Purvettes! Righteeooo Again! I might have to use Throwback as a benchmark for hot writing but this is way something altogether different. It has many more things that I like2, 3, 4 and more. OK NOW! I had to hide out in my car and drive to a park to finish this book this morning because the dishes needed to be washed and the vacuuming needed to be done and all of the Saturday stuff needed to be done. Isn't that why we have children, so they can do this stuff? Loved the dungeon. Loved the part [...]

    5. I cannot review this book, because there was no story. Or should I say none worth writing about. This book was exactly what the shelf I filed it on says. CHOCKED FULL OF SMUT AND NOT MUCH ELSE!!!!!So if that is what you are looking forlook no further!

    6. Melissa Woods and Millionaire Shane Mason are best friends and Melissa is half in love with him. Shane is interested in buying a swingers resort so asks Melissa to pose as his wife while he checks it out undercover, Straightlaced Melissa is not too keen. Then she learns her sister and husband plan to use the resort so Melissa agrees to go and check it out in the hope of dissuading her sister from going.Ty Adams and Suzanne Fox are also best friends posing at the resort as a married couple. Suzan [...]

    7. so this is book worked for me!ah Im easily seduced by this type of storyswingers/hot sex/ménage/HEA. Throw in a tropical island and a quick read and I'm all happy happy happy. Sometimes you just want to read some smut that among other things leaves a smile on your face :)

    8. Ugh! I really, really wanted to like this book. The basic story has real potential and I was excited about reading it, but the plot or lack thereof left a lot to be desired. There is no doubt about it, the sex scenes were imaginative and hot but there really needs to be more than just a lot of sex to make a book good. Quite frankly, I got a little bored with smuthahahaha! Yes, I said it: I GOT BORED WITH ALL THE SMUT!!! I felt that the overabundance of sex clouded an otherwise good plot--with al [...]

    9. Reading this book was kind of like watching two days worth of porn on T.V. and while some scenes were very good, the majority of it was monotonous and lacked in the plot department big time. I guess I should’ve know better when I picked up a book that was about a “swinger’s resort” that there wouldn’t be much of a plot, but this was my first read by this author and I was intrigued.Melissa has agreed to go with her bff, Shane, to a swinger’s resort that he is considering buying out fr [...]

    10. This book is erotica, so if that's not your thing, stop reading.This story is set on a carribean island at a swingers resort. The plot revolves around the female owner of the resort needing to sell and a male millionaire who's considering buying. Both are single, so they each ask friends to pose as spouses so they can scope out the property/buyer without the other knowing. By the HEA ending, they've swapped partners for good. Along the way, there are gazillions of menage/exhibitionist sex scenes [...]

    11. Dangerous to your health!!! Play close attention to your heart rate, take several breathing breaks & many cold showers, unless you have Lelo, if so break it out!!! You won't need lube!!! First I'd like to say that this book was packed with steaming sex scenes, covering pretty much the whole list of erotica play!! You may have noticed that from all the shelves I added it to!!Swingers Resort huh??? I thought that meant husbands and wives met up with other couples for couples play! Ha ha ha!!! [...]

    12. So I'm struggling with how I really want to rate this If I were to go on the hot and steamy factor I would give it freaking 10 stars but as far as the romance part I honestly don't even know that I could give it 2 stars because it just wasn't believable to me. I get they're all swingers and at a swingers resort and OMG let me tell you all of the sexual encounters were unbelievably hot I mean like change your panties HOT! BUT. once Melissa and Ty started to realize their true feelings for each ot [...]

    13. Holy Boinkfest, Batman! This novel has an epic amount of sex in it. Epic. A pair of friends head to a swingers resort, because what else would friends do together? Melissa is a sexually repressed woman who is waiting for a man to sweep her off her feet. She follows her best buddy (who of course is hot and rich) to help him investigate the resort for a financial investment.At the same time two more besties are infiltrating the club. Club owner Samantha, and PI Ty, are headed over to make sure the [...]

    14. This was the first book I've read by Opal Carew. I had heard great things about this book and I can tell you it did not disappoint. I loved it! This is one blazing erotic romance. It's imaginative and great characters you will love.Shane and Melissa are best friends. They are now both unattached. Melissa's hoped that one day they would be lovers. Shane asks Melissa to go with him to a swingers' resort called Sweet Surrender and pose as his wife so he can evaluate whether or not it's a good inves [...]

    15. I like Opal Carew's style of writing. This story captures ones interest right from the begining. When I read the book description on this site, I didn't catch that both main character couples were not actually married to eachother, but they we not. The reasoning she uses to go along with Shane, is that she will do some 'research' for her sister. But really, its her own gains in this. She opens up, and steps out of her shell, and discovers many different fantasies, come true at the Sweet Surrende [...]

    16. YOWZA, I think my crotch hurt just reading this book! There is so much sex, I can't even imagine being able to walk out of that club walking a bit funny. LOLthat being said, it was a great piece of erotica. The HEA at the end was a bit too convenient for me, but other than that I had a whole lotta fun reading this book.If you don't want very descriptive sex scenes in your books, then this one probably isn't for you. And if you aren't open-minded and partner swapping, then for heaven's sake don't [...]

    17. Generally I enjoyed the book. I thought the premise was sweet (ultimately). But I thought it went on one chapter too long. There was lots of sex, as was expected in a book about a swinger's club. There was a semblance of deceit on the part of both main couples, but neither deceit was mean-spirited. I thought it was maybe too soon for any of them to fall in love, but hey, it's fantasy, right? So generally I enjoyed it. I can't say I loved it or that I even liked it alot. I think it's somewhere be [...]

    18. While I am not in the lifestyle, I found the book very interesting. I must admit that some parts seemed a bit rushed or forced, like the ending for instance, but overall it is well written erotica.The sex scenes were scorchers (wow!), and I thought that the swingers lifestyle was not portrayed in a negative light (Giselle and Armand -- perfect), so that was a nice perspective.If you like a lot of sex in your erotica, and hot sex with multiple partners at that, you should pick up a copy of Swing. [...]

    19. I love erotic ménage but Swing by Opal Carew takes it much further with twosomes, foursomes, oral, vaginal and ass sex, voyeurism, a bit of bsdm and lots of group sex. Throw in a bit of a mystery, without violence or much action, that is quickly and easily resolved in the end and you have a really hot, scorching, sizzling story.The plot is pretty straightforward – Melissa has the hots for her best friend, Shane for years and when he invites her to join him for a week of “swinging” sex, sh [...]

    20. “Scorching,” “intoxicating,” and “brilliant!”WORD OF CAUTION: Very hot, very explicit sex scenes.Melissa has had the hots for Shane for a while now. And she believes that Shane simply looks at her as a friend and nothing more. And being a friend, he needs her help.Shane is looking into buying an exclusive resort, Sweet Surrender. The resort is an ordinary resort; the resort is for swingers. While single women can get in without question, single men can’t, which means Shane can’t [...]

    21. If you're looking for just smut then here's your book. The story line sounded like it was going to be great. but there was just too much sex and not enough story. The part of the story where they were at resort was like 300+ pages, pretty much just sex, and then it was like bam! the story ended. but not before another sex scene.

    22. Ok, ya saben que me encantan los libros de Opal Carew y de verdad, la portada de SWING es todo un eye-candy así que sí, no me pude resistir y lo compré. Tenemos entonces a Lis & Shane y Ty & Suzanne; los primeros, amigos con un deseo mutuo pero sin sentir algo mas alla de esa simple atracción y sin hacer nada tampoco. Los últimos, amigos también, pero con derechos, se quieren mucho -de nuevo- en la forma en que se quiere a un amigo y se acuestan de la forma en que se hace con un am [...]

    23. Porno! Pero del bueno!!!Jajajajaj!!Cómo me gustó!!! Se ve que estaba necesitando algo ASÍ de hot! jajajajajaja!En español va por el nombre de Intercambio.Shane y Melissa son amigos, y aunq ella le quiere dar, él ni pelota.Un dia el le pide q lo acompañe a un resort swinger porq lo quiere comprar y, bueh, q si q no va!Uno piensa que Shane y Melissa finalmente van a concretar y se van a querer y (aunq si ya has leido a Opal Carew sabes q en su cama 2 personas es poco, por lo q siempre hay ma [...]

    24. This was a super smutty read - pretty much just a bunch of sex scenes with various characters (and complete stranger non-characters) thrown together in a wide variety of scenarios. There was sort of a plot holding it together, and it almost could have been interesting, but ultimately it ended up being too unbelievable to be taken seriously on any level. The worst part was when Ty proposed to Melissa after dating her for exactly 0 days and apparently without having had one meaningful conversation [...]

    25. This starts as erotica, with two friends going together to a swingers' club, both of them with a personal angle to pursue - for once checking the resort he intends to buy, for the other finding arguments to convince her younger sister not to go there for salvaging her marriage.Quickly they met the owner and her pretend husband, indeed a private investigator - the attraction is strong in between those two fake couples.The hot scenes were scorching, not too unbelievable and neither too repetitive. [...]

    26. 2.5 En realidad no tengo problema alguno con los libros eróticos,pero en este toda las situación se salió de las manos y la narración solo cayó en lo erótico sin ningún tipo de argumento. Que tampoco es que me parezca mal,porque si no quiero leer de sexo para que leo un libro erótico? Pero el problema es que mas de 200 páginas de solo sexo,parecía mas una porno que un libro.Por eso,muchas veces suspendí la lectura.Pero al final tampoco es que es lo peor que he leído.

    27. My first book by Opal Carew. Swinging doesn’t really interest me, but I was curious enough about the characters to continue. There is very little bit of story in the beginning and scraps of plot and character development in between a lot of hot sex. A lot. Most of it steamy, some of it quite repetitive. Everyone wailing, lots of hard muscular chests, you get the idea. While towards the end I wanted to take a shot every time someone “wailed” and there was some cheesy dialog that made my eye [...]

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