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Spellbound How far would you go to get rid of an annoying brother Athene meets the Gloam who cast a spell on everyone who knew her little brother so that they forget all about him However it is Athene who cann

  • Title: Spellbound
  • Author: Anna Dale
  • ISBN: 9780747587163
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How far would you go to get rid of an annoying brother Athene meets the Gloam, who cast a spell on everyone who knew her little brother so that they forget all about him However, it is Athene who cannot forget her brother and so she sets out into a world of dark magic, underground kingdoms and twisted histories to save him.

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    1. An innocent summer holiday turns out to be anything but for Athene Enright and her younger brother, Zach, when they find themselves caught up in a skirmish between two groups of gnome-like creatures: The Humble Gloam live above ground and get along with humans; the Low Gloam live below ground and despise everyone. When Athene encounters the mysterious and magical Humble Gloam tribe one moonlit night of her summer holiday, she also stumbles across an ingenious way to get rid of her irritating you [...]

    2. Spellbound takes on various popular elements of English fantasy and children's literature, merges it deeply in a sense of wilderness and landscape that fits to that world of secrets, tunnels and hidden places, and tells an entertaining tale of a young girl coming to terms with the nastiness inside her. In the tradition of everything from Narnia, to Watership Down and even Harry Potter, this is the story of twelve year old's Athene's encounter on a British farmyard holiday with the world's secret [...]

    3. Kamu punya adik? Pernah nggak sih ngerasa adikmu itu menyebalkan sekali sampai-sampai kamu pingin cuma ada kamu sebagai anak satu satunya? Well, Athene merasa begitu terhadap Zach, adik laki-lakinya. Cerita ini berawal dari perjalanan keluarga mereka pergi liburan dan tinggal di sebuah penginapan yang jauh dari keramaian. Suatu malam, Athene bertemu makhluk aneh di belakang penginapannya. Awalnya sih dia ketakutan, tapi setelah bercakap cakap, ternyata makhluk itu nggak kelihatan berniat jahat, [...]

    4. i loved this book, it is probably one of the best book ive ever read. it is full of magic and adventure. have you ever had a little brother or sister that is always after you and is really annoying? well that is athenes problem. her brother zack is so annoying. athene and her family go to a vacation in a house on the outers of the city. athene goes exploring and finds the glare. the glare are people that sleep in the day light and work at night. then zack finds out about them and athene get rell [...]

    5. An ornery 12-year-old girl gets more than she ever bargained for during a family holiday at a bed-and-breakfast in the Somerset countryside. Many years ago, the two sisters who owned the farm had a bad scare, and sold the property suddenly. What were they so scared of? Lonely and a little frightened, Athene ventures out one night to find the cat, and discovers a strange little man in the field. And this is the start to her amazing adventures. Anna Dale's books are reliably well-written and the p [...]

    6. Athene tricked her brother into falling down a Low Gloam hole. Soon she fills guilty and decides to rescue him. Two Gloam decide to go with her. Down in the tunnels of Low Gloam, Athene doesn't find Zach,her little brother. Soon it looks like Zach is not in the tunnels of Low Gloam, nor is there a way out. And where is that otter?Reasons why I like this book-Reason 1- It was magical.Reason 2- I couldn't stop reading.Reason 3- I could imagine what was happening.Reason 4- It made me wonder, are th [...]

    7. This was a really cute book, but I think that it may be a bit challenging for the Y/A audience because it was originally published in Great Britain, but not edited for the American audience. Therefore, many youth (including my daughter, who I bought the book for) find translating some of the words difficult enough to get bored early on and decide that it’s not “my kind of reading”. Still, it had an interesting plot, and I actually had a hard time putting it down.

    8. I honestly didn't read this whole book. I am a mother to a young teen and a 6 year old, and the bickering between the siblings was so realistic that I couldn't handle it! I read to escape the stress of my life, not relive it!!! I really liked her writing style and the story premise looked interesting. So it is probably really good, I just couldn't get past the fighting too much like the things I mediate every day!

    9. The plot is a blend between "Wind in the Willows," and "Labyrinth."Athene is twelve years old with an annoying six year old brother.When Zach also discovers the Gloam, Athene becomes jealous and shoves him into a hallow tree trunk.Athene learns latter that the tree trunk is the entrance to the world of the Low Gloam, and reluctantly sets out to rescue Zach.Funny and not overly scary.

    10. I've always greatly identified with the main character, Athene, because -like her - I have a younger brother who I have nothing in common with and find to bethe most annoying person on earth.This book hints at the complicated relationships between siblings which I think is pretty good for a kids book. Besides that, it's also a super fun read!

    11. Anna Dale,you've done it again! I loved Whispering to Witches and this is the second book I've read by Anna Dale.I thought the story was great and unusual.I couldn't stop reading this book(when I wasn't doing something else) and truly enjoyed it! I recommend this book and all of the other books written by Anna Dale.

    12. Right through, I had the distinct impression that I had read it before. But it was a vague enough recollection for it not to interfere with my enjoyment of the book!varshaseshan/blog/spel

    13. You know, this book is extraordinary, it really is. I've read many books, but never had I ever read a book about 2 different types of human, literally, not the good and bad, but a glare and gloam. Unfortunately, it doesn't really talk about the little brother.

    14. I expected better of this book. I concluded that this book was a waste of time and because it wasn't my type of book. My type is about princessess, fairies, dragons etc but this is about exploring underground. What kind of plot is that? I liked the cover of the book though. and the title.

    15. I just couldn't get into this one right now. I have so many other books I want to read and this one didn't grab me right away like her other book Whispering To Witches. I'll try it again at another time

    16. Surprisingly fun read with twists and turns. I was all the way with Athene, Huffkin and Humdudgeon! A self centred lil brother hating sister turns hero by rescuing her brother and the entire low gloam tribe with a huge splash of another world, goggle drops and magic.

    17. i think the is book is great because in the end it says the hurry up and give me my breakfast said thene probably

    18. When she "accidentally on purpose" loses her young brother to an underground tribe called the Low Gloam, a girl must go to his rescue and free not only him but all the other captives as well. C+

    19. This is an entertaining fantasy for older children. While on vacation, Athene and her little brother become captives in an underground community where magic binds them.

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