Maya's New Husband

Maya's New Husband

Neil D'Silva / Aug 24, 2019

Maya s New Husband Maya teaches Biology in a Mumbai school She is a hit with her students for her unconventional teaching techniques such as bringing a dead man s heart to school to explain her lessons But though she s

  • Title: Maya's New Husband
  • Author: Neil D'Silva
  • ISBN: 9789385699078
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maya teaches Biology in a Mumbai school She is a hit with her students for her unconventional teaching techniques such as bringing a dead man s heart to school to explain her lessons But, though she seems ebullient on the outside, within her own heart she harbors the pain of a recently and mysteriously deceased husband In such a state, Maya s paths cross with the whimsiMaya teaches Biology in a Mumbai school She is a hit with her students for her unconventional teaching techniques such as bringing a dead man s heart to school to explain her lessons But, though she seems ebullient on the outside, within her own heart she harbors the pain of a recently and mysteriously deceased husband In such a state, Maya s paths cross with the whimsical and weird art teacher of her school, Bhaskar Sadachari An inexplicable chemistry begins working between the two and Maya feels strangely drawn to this person.Meanwhile, a serial killer is loose in the city People are going missing, leaving absolutely no trace behind as though snatched by some supernatural entity And somewhere within all this, there s a diabolical plot being hatched for Maya.Maya s New Husband is a psychological horror tale of the most vicious kind, which will leave you squirming in abject terror for days on end.

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        Neil D Silva is the author of four books His debut, Maya s New Husband, tells the tale of a woman who finds herself trapped in the wrongest kind of marriage, and the subsequent horrors that unfold upon her His second book, The Evil Eye and the Charm, consists of three short tales of the Indian lemon chili charm, each of which raises the perpetual debate between rationality and superstition using horror as their narrative element His third book, Bound in Love, is a collection of eight short stories of dark and twisted human relationships His recently released fourth book, Pishacha, is the story of a demon with a human woman.Neil D Silva also finds himself published in two anthologies The first is Vengeance, an anthology put forward by Wrimo India, India s arm of the global NaNoWriMo organization The second is When They Spoke, which is a collection of winning stories of a short story competition organized by Readomania and the Delhi Literature Festival.His stories and writings have appeared in the American MONSTER magazine He regularly puts up new stories on his website at NeilDSilva.Maya s New Husband has stayed on the bestseller charts ever since it was published in January 2015 The book is now on its way to be translated into a movie.He is also the founder of For Writers, By Authors FWBA , India s most vibrant author reader community on Facebook that has close to 10,000 members He is the creator of the Mumbai litfest Litventure as well.


    1. Maya’s new husband – Neil D’Silva This is the first horror thriller I have ever read, and the book has enticed me to read more of the same genre. One of the top 10 book recommendations from my end, would include this book for sure. The book promises thorough entertainment; the adrenaline rush, fear rush, OMG’s and everything else any horror movie would do to one, is done without any glitch in this book. First Impression – I always pick the books with black background as it attracts me; [...]

    2. Being a thriller lover, this book was on my reading for a long time and finally, I finished this book. Pooja has already reviewed this book on the site you can check it here. The first thing which catches your attention is the spooky book cover and the title. The book starts with a scared girl in the captive of a maniac man. In the city, many people are going missing without any trace. On the other hand, Maya is a biology teacher and she has a happy family of her mother and younger sister. Her l [...]

    3. I had this book for a long time on my kindle, for almost two months. It went unnoticed since I started reading the last released installment of Game of thrones. It came as a surprise when I saw this title hiding below in my kindle library.It took me around 96 hours to read the entire book. I do love watching horror and related stuff but honestly haven't read much of it except for carrie and The Shining. I even haven't read any previous work of the Author, but Maya sure does strike a chord with y [...]

    4. The story was not at all digestible. I knew people who like this genre but it was not my types. I simply will avoid these genres in future. I am a fast reader, but MNH took very long. I almost decided to quit, but I thought of giving it a go. I went for the book because it was very much hyped on "" and horror attached to it. According to me, this is not a horror genre, its completely different it should be categorized into a "Gore" genre. The storyline was gruesome and lots of things were going [...]

    5. Oddly worded with lots of extraneous details which couldn't detract from the weak plot of this gore thriller. I wish I had downloaded a sample before adding this to my wishlist to save time.

    6. Product DescriptionIn the suburbs of Mumbai, the atmosphere is gloomy. There is an evil shadow lurking around, stalking and snatching able-bodied people. The hapless victims are never found again, all their bodily traces lost forever.In the midst of this is Maya Bhargava, a school teacher trying to forget a past personal tragedy. Her career looks promising though. She is learning to pick the broken pieces of her heart and move on.While still trying to cope, love comes her way. It comes from the [...]

    7. So at last I have completed the book I was waiting to read. Yes, it is Neil D’Silva’s Maya’s New Husband; the grotesque horrendous thriller.I have completed the book in three sittings and I’ll point out below the aspects that have appealed to me.Theme: If it’s just a thriller about a cannibal serial killer, the story wouldn’t be much interesting. It is the mythical theme of worshippers of Lord Shiva that has made the book more intimidating. The mythical angle has always remained an u [...]

    8. A powerful story from a then debut author, Neil D’Silva in the indie publishing world is rare. Of course Neil D’Silva has walked many a miles since and published “Bound In Love" and I have heard a few more very powerful novels are in the pipeline. But reading the first novel by an author always clearly shows his uncorrupted, unmarred and un-commercialized talent. The Story ​Maya is a young widow whose first husband had died under mysterious circumstances. She works as a biology teacher a [...]

    9. My take on this thriller book:- It was perfect in every way! Just what I needed to read about. I would say it was more of a thrilling experience rather than horror. But it was worth the time. Actually I was bit sad in my mind when I was reaching the last stage of the book because the story was at the end part and I wished it to be more long. Anything critical? I felt that the part four of the story was going bit fast, but that's okay. Overall I just loved it! Thank you Neil D'Silva sir for givin [...]

    10. If you get a thrill from reading about gore and madness, read “Maya’s New Husband” by Neil D’Silva. The viscera is visible from the first chapter and the plotting and action are strong enough to keep patrons of the gross-out novel motivated to the end. Set in Mumbai, India, a widowed biology teacher finds herself strangely attracted to an unattractive colleague. Despite her better judgment, Maya soon marries Bhaskar and only afterwards realizes she has made a very big mistake. The reek o [...]

    11. Human mind is capable of creating its own heaven and hell on this earth- Bhagwat GeetaWhen I read Neil D’ Silva’s book “Maya’s New Husband” the above mentioned line kept coming to my head. Yes, this book is SOMETHING in the genre psychological- horror thrillers. We know the story from the first 20 pages of the book and yet keep turning the page to know why what happened, happened. And it doesn’t disappoint the reader till last, the metaphors are mind blowing, the language creates the [...]

    12. With MNH, there is no slowly easing in into the story. Neil launches right into it from the first word and you’re sucked right in with no inkling of mercy whatsoever.When I started this book I knew enough about it to know it was going to be a tough read, and tough it was. And yet, I am glad I read this book. A very well-written book wth gripping narrative, Neil knows just what to reveal and when. That’s what makes the book interesting because by the time you come to the part of revealing a p [...]

    13. Well, what to say about this book. I have seen this book being written in my own house. I have seen my husband Neil DSilva work on this story since November 2014. Even though I was reading this story on a daily basis even during those times. I read it once again after the novel was launched. The character of Maya is something that will never go out of my mind. Her new husband is someone who will also remain with me forever. It cannot be termed only as a horror story. It has several other aspects [...]

    14. I was never a great fan of horror. However MNH was in my TBR after my author friend Priyanka Naik suggeted it. I loved the blurb, also the cover of the book & grabbed it once there was a pretty good discount on Kindle and started reading it right away. The book was one of the bloodiest that I have read in this genre by an Indian author (though haven't read many by other authors :p) The book is fast paced and gripping. I have had moments of heart attack and was scared to travel in train at ni [...]

    15. What happens when the son of an Aghori falls in love with a sweet innocent school teacher?You get a scintillating book called Maya’s New Husband.This book , which is a #1 amazon best seller fascinated and yet repelled me at the same time.Only thing I can say is that it is unputdownable.This book was at once shocking and ground breaking. And okay, yes, eww with the ways of the Aghori sadhus. Reminded me of Hannibal the Cannibal. The story would have turned out to be another run of the mill Hann [...]

    16. Mesmerizing,… I would say I wasn’t disappointed at all! Maya's New Husband is a great Horror fiction written by Neil D'Silva.The Day I began reading Maya’s New Husband it left me spell bounded. The pace, plot, characterization is equally balanced. Every writer has his own style and so unique is Neil Sir’s style too. Aghoris scared the hell out of me. MNH is hope for revival of Indian Horror genre. I am eager to read his upcoming books in the same genre!My first desire on finishing it was [...]

    17. The story was quite linear and simple but kept me on the edge at the same time. I found myself reading through the night and trying very hard to stay awake. I kept on thinking just one more paragraph, just one more page and I eventually finished it. I think it was worth sacrificing my sleep for one night :)In terms of predictability, I had a fair idea of where the plot was leading but nonetheless it captivated my attention for a fair amount of time. The characters were fully developed and I was [...]

    18. Maya’s New Husband is a great book to read for all the horror lovers. But, mind you, this is not mere horror, its gore! So go for it only if you can read gore. It gets dirty and filthy at many points and you may want to throw up sometimes after reading a few incidences. But those who can manage to read the genre can, or I must say surely, should pick up this book. It is intriguing and captivating and you will just want to read on!Tip: Do not read when having food!Read full review here at : hal [...]

    19. For a self published book by a first time author, this book is really well written. I could easily finish it in 3 days. Overall the plot held sufficient interest for me to want to finish it. For not a single momemnt did I ever feel I may want to stop reading mid way. The concept of Aghoris was been well researched by the author and he does not give any wrong information. This was one thing I liked about the boook. The descriptions in the book are really good and he manages to conjure up vivid im [...]

    20. Neil D’Silva’s Maya’s New Husband had me at tenterhooks from the first line. I am not a big fan of horror but this book is something else. It is hard to believe that D’Silva is an Indie author and this book is not backed by a publishing house. D’Silva has taken Self publishing to a comepletely different level, he proves all you need is an excellent plotline and great writing skills to produce a good book. Some traditional publisher absolutely must pick this book up and give it a better [...]

    21. Bold,vividly described,fast paced and very fresh. Neil has done good research on the topic which is quite underexplored.I found it very hard to close my eyes at night because the cliffhanger was nerve-racking!

    22. Maya's New Husband kept me riveted throughout all chapters. As the author wove a horrifically wonderful story, until the end. A must read for any horror fan.

    23. Maya’s New Husband is an Indian horror thriller which hideously revolves around modernized world and hinterland parts of Mumbai, narrating the protagonist Maya Bhargava’s life who is an affable woman in thirties and by profession, a school teacher. Besides performing the quotidian pattern of her life, she is oblivious to the man, who lurks around her like a shadow attempting to draw her attention towards him. This book is a strange yet engaging combination of horror and myth with highly gory [...]

    24. I have no idea how some people have rated this 5. Reading this was an absolute borefest!The author clearly does not know anything about human behaviour, the plot is ridiculously weak and the end is totally predictable (clichéd as hell - worse than b grade movies even). Everything seems so contrived. It feels like the author just wanted to write something - thought of a Norman Bates sort of psycho - and webbed a story around it. There are no plot twists and there is nothing that surprises you. L [...]

    25. 'The pit Maya dug'Review of Maya's New HusbandAuthor- Neil D'SilvaStory- Maya, a window, is gradually falling for a colleague whom everyone considers a weirdo. What all is he capable of? The good-1. The plot thickens in the first half of the book and your mind races ahead, trying to guess the 'one'. Neil has added a twist to the twist and so deliciously mocked at the inherent nature (and capability) of guessing. I thought I had this one and voila! He completely rattles you on that aspect. 2. The [...]

    26. The perfect cover any would like to imagine for this book, especially the 4 lined cross used for every partition which is placed right that readers would connect to while reading. The cover of the novel itself is very horrifying. Without even knowing the genre, you can sense that you are going to experience some ghost encounter in it.Very well written and the author takes the reader to a different world. If you think that you don’t believe in ghosts, then let me warn you all that kindly keep a [...]

    27. The book is quite different from usual horror stories. From the very first chapter we know who's causing all those killings, but the most interesting thing is the way author has managed various incidents happening throughout the story with equally interesting reasons behind those incidents.I liked Anuradha's character along with Maya. The biggest success of the book is that we actually feel that disgust, that thrill while reading gore and killings.

    28. Cover- The cover of the book gives us a glimpse of thriller and horror segment in it as it has a woman whose mang is filled with blood instead of a sindoor.Title- The title of the book is apt as it perfect suits the theme, Maya’s New Husband and the whole story revolves around Bhaskar, Maya’s New Husband.Plot- The plot is crisp and well constructed. This is a story of Maya who happens to be a science teacher and how she deals with her life after she lose her husband, Samar. Things began to c [...]

    29. Full review at: percytheslacker/20It’s an action-oriented book, and the character-development focuses on Maya and Bhaskar Sadachari, the two prime movers in this tale. Others include Maya’s sister, Namrata, her mother Anuradha and best friend Padma.The plot is fast-paced, Mr. D’Silva’s prose is lucid and simple without pandering to the uneducated masses, and he understands how to use language. I particularly appreciated how the themes of smell and taste are used to convey emotions - fear [...]

    30. The book is a horrific love story. Maya, a widowed biology teacher, finds herself falling for the arts teacher, Bhaskar, despite the fact that he's awkward, kind of ugly, and smells weird. But, obviously, he isn't all he appears to be. A failed Aghori, he feeds on human flesh.So, the bad first. It's not a perfect book. I'm not really sure if the issues are cultural or linguistic differences, which makes it a bit difficult. I did talk to D'Silva about language and he explained to me that they spe [...]

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