The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Jeffrey Konvitz / Sep 19, 2019

The Sentinel A beautiful young model The old brownstone apartment she simply had to have The grotesque blind priest who watched down on her day and night from an upper story window The pair of perverted creatures

  • Title: The Sentinel
  • Author: Jeffrey Konvitz
  • ISBN: 9780345304377
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A beautiful young model The old brownstone apartment she simply had to have The grotesque blind priest who watched down on her day and night from an upper story window The pair of perverted creatures who wanted her to join their circle The mad little old man who gave her tea and sympathy The cool, calculating, supremely rational lover who first mocked her fears.And thA beautiful young model The old brownstone apartment she simply had to have The grotesque blind priest who watched down on her day and night from an upper story window The pair of perverted creatures who wanted her to join their circle The mad little old man who gave her tea and sympathy The cool, calculating, supremely rational lover who first mocked her fears.And the secret you will never be able to forget, even if you try

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      • Jeffrey Konvitz

        Jeffrey Konvitz was born in New York City, but after graduating from Cornell University and Columbia Law School, he headed to Los Angeles, where he lives and works as an entertainment finance attorney, producer The Sentinel and Spy Hard, among others and novelist His first published novel Simon and Schuster and Ballantine was The Sentinel, which rose to Number 2 on the New York Times Mass Market Best Seller List The Sentinel sequel, The Guardian, was also a bestseller along with his next book, Monster He is now at work on the third book in The Sentinel Trilogy, currently untitled, while The Sentinel and The Guardian are being mounted for e book sales This year, his newly written historical novel, The Circus of Satan, will be published It is a story of murder and revenge, set during the rise of organized crime in America from 1900 to 1912 when the Irish Mob ruled all major American cities, only to be taken down by its own hubris and the rise of the Jewish and Italian Mobs into labor racketeering and, then, bootlegging Filled with real events and real heroes and villains, who rampaged from New York s Bowery through to Chicago, St Louis, Kansas City and Boston, it is the story of epic, transformative times and two violent men, who meet on a descent into blood and Hell.


    1. When Allison Parker, a young model, returns to NYC after her father's funeral, she finds the perfect brownstone apartment. But what about the old blind priest who never leaves the building or her other, equally strange neighbors? What secrets is the building hiding?Some books stand the test of time. Others remain a product of the time they were written. The Sentinel is one of the second type.The setup for this book has a lot of potential. A woman moves into an apartment that seems to be a bargai [...]

    2. Hi All! So, the way I discovered, The Sentinel, was through Jeff Konvitz himself. We met, went out, enjoyed each others company. Then he told me about the book. I love a good horror read! So he gave me a copy and I read it. An easy read for a scary weekend it was fun. Then I read The Guardian, which I enjoyed even more the interesting thing is! I found the treatment for the third one!! We've been married for 14 years and I found it on the back shelf recently. Also, I found another completed book [...]

    3. This was a very entertaining and addictive read. It was mysterious. I didn't know what was going on til the very end. Halfway through it became sort of a whodunit, but I wasn't disappointed because it still kept its horror aspect. The ending was surprising and had some very interesting elements that tied it all in dealing with religious themes. I also had no idea that its a movie, so can't wait to ser it someday. Recommend strongly.

    4. Well this book was ok. Allison got on my nerves sometimes but not so much that I hated her or couldn't finish the book. The story was very interesting. I never saw that ending coming!

    5. this 1974 paperback is in my hands now, it looks like a quire of toilet roll, and it has no backflap, which means that this book is assless to meanyway, what else can i request? it's a modern horror classic, and it's an antique for me, so lucky to possess itbut, what the actual fakk!

    6. Horror Classics Book ReviewTHE SENTINELBy Jeffrey Konvitz(Original publication date: 1974) My suspicion is that there was a different expectation from horror in the 1970s. “The Sentinel” is not as horrific as one might expect from, what is considered, a classic horror work from the early boom of the genre. In 1974, Ira Levin and William Peter Blatty were the leaders of the burgeoning genre, and King had yet to become a household name. Most people didn’t know the difference between a well-w [...]

    7. Review: THE SENTINEL by Jeffrey KonvitzOriginally published in 1974, and later adapted as film, THE SENTINEL relates the tragic tale of model Allison Parker, an Indiana native living the dream in Manhattan. The death by terminal illness of her long-estranged father should finally free her from the traumatic chains of her past. Certainly, the serendipity of discovering an affordable renovated brownstone apartment is an external indicator of her new good fortune. But "too good to be true" often ha [...]

    8. I have to admit this story had me somewhat bored and I just skimmed the second half of the book to "finish" it. Not scary or even very interesting.The main character is a rich model named Allison. She starts having headaches and fainting spells for some reason. This is what happens throughout at least the first third of the book. The word "migraine" is used interchangeably with "headache", which is kind of a pet peeve of mine since I suffer from migraines and they are not a normal headache. Also [...]

    9. Great book, it has this sinister sense of foreboding the whole way through that makes it more and more suspenseful. Anyone who likes or would definitely love this one.

    10. Are Strange things happening? Or are those hallucinations? Is it god or the devil? Suspense! Horror! I loved the book and I love the movie! Totally scary!

    11. I'm pretty nostalgic about '70s Satan horror, both books and movies, and this book really fit the feeling. I'm an atheist myself, and what I find enjoyable about the religious horror of that era is that it has that kind of "Tales from the Dark Side" melting reality to reveal a supernatural underside, and to me it's the same feeling whether it's a Christian demonology underneath or some mythical magical stuff. In this case, I think the book is based more on Paradise Lost than the Bible.I like the [...]

    12. I enjoy scary books, but add Satan and a priest and I can't put them down. Catholic thing, I'm sure. For fans of Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby, the Sentinel borrows obviously and heavily. Both books are set in New York City, and both begin with a pretty young catholic girl hunting for the perfect apartment in an old brownstone. Rosemary's new husband is an overly-ambitious actor, and Allison's long-time boyfriend is an overly ambitious lawyer. You almost want to shout at Allison: "Be careful! Didn [...]

    13. This dates from 1974, and could be grouped with novels such as THE EXORCIST, ROSEMARY’S BABY, and WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AUDREY ROSE in that its horrors are rather more cerebral than gory. There are certainly two or three jump-out-of-your-skin scares here, but mostly it’s a creeping psychological terror, a sequence of inexplicable events and very weird characters that cause the female protagonist (and the reader) to doubt her sanity. The pace is slow at the start but builds steadily to a suita [...]

    14. campy yet creepy story about who guards the gates of Hell; better than the movie which was actually pretty decent(with Christina Raines). Proves the gates of Hell really are in Brooklyn, which I've suspected all along, having grown up in Manhattan.

    15. A lot more intriguing than I thought it would be, though a little heavy-handed in the end. It did, however, rise above my expectations. Will be fun to talk about on Horror 101.

    16. This review may contain spoilers, but since the book is 42 years old the cat is surely out of the bag and long dead by now.The Sentinel is a very mediocre horror story and I think I was a little too generous with my original rating of three stars so I had to knock one of them off because I'm not a very generous person by nature. In all of the places in the entire world the gateway to hell is located in an old brownstone in New York City. Alison Parker is destined to rent an apartment there and w [...]

    17. Oh man, the 70s. Such an awful decade, full of such awful self-indulgence. "The Sentinel" is another "the devil in New York" story like "Rosemary's Baby", full of shallow people living hedonistic lives suddenly finding out that the world is a lot deeper than they ever imagined.Allison Parker is a pretty young model dating a successful criminal defense attorney. All she wants is to get her own apartment and be her own person for a while. She finds a place she likes a lot, although her bunch of we [...]

    18. Excellent classic horror. Believable characters, well paced plot, and wonderfully suspenseful. The only thing keeping this from being a 5 star is the big reveal. There was just too much exposition there for my liking. I wish that had been dealt with differently. But the ending itself was satisfying. So much so, in fact, that I'm really looking forward to checking out the sequel, The Guardian. If you like horror (especially classic horror), suspense, urban mysteries, etc, check this one out!**I r [...]

    19. It’s not that difficult to go astray with horror. There’s such a fine line between it and parody, an author must make sure that he doesn’t cross it. One way to cross that line is to people your story with caricatures. Like a cigar-chopping cop who wears a fedora. Or giving the heroine a lover who you can’t imagine why she’s with him. Of course, lots of her actions are totally inexplicable. But then, so is she as a character. To the point where I didn’t really care what happened to he [...]

    20. This is a classic horror that I missed out on the first time around because I never knew it was a book. I remember seeing the movie when I was a kid or bits of it anyway but I didn't realize it was adapted from a book.A model with a dark past moves into a great apartment with affordable rent. All is well until she meets her neighbors!Some of the language is a bit dated but the story itself stands up to the test of time.I would rate it 4 of 5 stars.I received a complimentary copy for review.

    21. I have had this book since 1977 and had never read it. Because it was recommended to me by I decided to give it a go. It was a fairly usual sort of horror of its time, nasty goings on in an old building, evil spirits trying to prevent the survival of 'The Sentinel'. There was one part that made me feel uncomfortable because it seem that a sex scene had just been put in for titillation. For me it was a bit over the top and unnecessary. Other than that a run of the mill horror.

    22. A quick read. Like a lot of people, I remember the movie as something scary at the time that hasn't held up as well as some of it's contemporaries. The book filled in a few gaps that the movie left open. I enjoyed it, but could have done without the detective sub-plot. Creepy at times, but not anything that would make me want to leave the lights on. Still, I'd recommend it. Probably more effective if you haven't seen the film.

    23. Classic 70s horror from that era when the Devil and all things underworld was the rage. Decent writing and spooky scenarios kept me turning the pages quicker than expected. Not as creepy as The Exorcist, but worth the ride.

    24. The Sentinel is very much a book 'of it's time'. Take one half Rosemary's Baby, one half The Exorcist, and sprinkle over a little Amityville horror. You now have this book. That might not be a disaster if the story here was a little more gripping. There are plenty of little flashes of dread and horror, but it never coalesces into anything new or vital.The Sentinel isn't terribly written, or poorly concieved, it's just extremely flat throughout. There is a good book in here somewhere, but the exe [...]

    25. just a really dumb, messy novelThe story is thin and absurd and poorly delivered. Gatz is a hysterically bad and lazily depicted character, and the book is laden to the point of collapse with exposition. The ending (SPOILER ALERT), when a freshly dead Michael decides to explain the whole plot to Allison, is the best unintentional comedy in any book I've read in years. No effort was made to have the characters behave in believable or relatable ways. The whole thing is just a sloppy disaster.

    26. A real 70s classic. A model is moving into a flat of an old brownstone and meets some eerie people there. Who are they and where do they come from? Unforgotten is the blind priest Father Halliran always sitting int the window and staring out. Then there is Michael, Allison's boyfriend and a detective named Gatz. What role does Michael play in here? A pageturning novel full of suspense and horror. Top-recommendation!

    27. The book was good, but.This is one of the few times I have enjoyed a movie adaptation of the book better than the book itself. There are so many terrifying scenes from the movie (the dead father's first appearance) that the book was a bit anticlimactic. It may be an unfair comparison, as the film was brilliant. Still, this was good old fashioned gothic horror at its best. My advice, read the book and THEN see the movie. You won't be tainted as I am.

    28. Tells pretty much the exact same story as the movie with a few minor changes here and there.It would have been more interesting if I had not seen the movie first. Mainly read it so that I could read the sequel without any issues, but I do not think I needed to worry so much.Still recommend it for horror completists.

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