Blood Runs in the Family

Blood Runs in the Family

Rich Burlew / Dec 12, 2019

Blood Runs in the Family At long last the fifth volume of the award adjacent webcomic The Order of the Stick is here Reunited and back doing that whole saving the world thing Roy leads the team to the distant Western Contin

  • Title: Blood Runs in the Family
  • Author: Rich Burlew
  • ISBN: 9780976658085
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • At long last, the fifth volume of the award adjacent webcomic The Order of the Stick is here Reunited and back doing that whole saving the world thing, Roy leads the team to the distant Western Continent, a desert land filled with scheming warlords, creepy death priests, dim witted bounty hunters, and including some heavy handed coincidences shocking surprises forAt long last, the fifth volume of the award adjacent webcomic The Order of the Stick is here Reunited and back doing that whole saving the world thing, Roy leads the team to the distant Western Continent, a desert land filled with scheming warlords, creepy death priests, dim witted bounty hunters, and including some heavy handed coincidences shocking surprises for Haley and Elan Can Vaarsuvius deal with What Went Down in the last book Can Belkar pretend to be a contributing member of society And what about Durkon He s in this, too, right All this and in the mega ultra really shoulda planned better sized continuation of the OOTS story, Blood Runs in the Family Here s what the book contains All of the comics from 673 to 946 our biggest book ever 11 all new bonus comics scattered throughout the story Quoth the Familiar, an all new five page illustrated poem showing the first meeting between Vaarsuvius and Blackwing Durkon Turned Undead, the lost OOTS strip produced in 2003 as the third OOTS ever but hidden until now A three page recap of events to date by Haley Starshine with help from a little black bird Ten pages of author commentary for you to flip past Updated lettering on every strip with the swanky new dialogue font A foreward by John Rogers, big time Hollywood producer and writer of the official Dungeons Dragons comic by IDW.

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    1. It's kinda ridiculous how excited I was to see this book show up at my house. Yes, I'm a fan of OOTS. I read it faithfully online. I like it enough that I wrote an introduction to the third book: War and XP. But here's something you might not know. I think I've read my physical copies of this comic more than any other comic. Ever. If I was forced to guess, I'd say I'd read the first three books in the series, 30 times? 40 times? More? It's not like a carry copies around with me like Linus and hi [...]

    2. 4.5 stars.This was an enjoyable read, though I confess that "OOTS Fatigue" did set in by the end of the volume.Of course, I did re-read all 5 volumes in one LONG sitting, so that might explain it.

    3. The Order of the Stick #5. My how things have changed. In particular, I must warn there are spoilers ahead for the earlier volumes, even though this started a gag-a-day strip.It opens with landing on the Western Contient to warn Girard Draketooth of the danger to his Gate. After a few little incidents -- with a reminder that Haley wants this continent because she received a random note for her father telling her he was prisoner there -- they reach the location and start to search, knowing illusi [...]

    4. I wonder sometimes if it's possible for me to recommend this series too much. I don't think it is. But sometimes I worry I'm turning into *that person* who won't shut up about something long after everyone around them is sick of hearing about it. After the party is reunited at the end of the last book, this one starts with them heading off to the next gate. Haley has an ulterior motive to be happy about where they're going - this is the area her father was imprisoned in and she hopes to ransom h [...]

    5. After a many, many, many year wait, it's great to see The Order of the Stick back and to see that Burlew still has it. Volume 4 was fun, but as is often the case with getting-the-band-back-together arcs, it wasn't good as what surrounds it. This, instead, is another epic. There are a great new setting, great new characters, shocking reveals, and surprising action. Burlew does a terrific job of simultaneously expanding his world, torturing his characters, and continuing his ongoing plot.Another [...]

    6. The latest edition to the Order of the Stick graphic novels takes the party into the city of Bloodletting, where the bard, Elan, finds his missing father has become the ruling tyrant. As Elan is attempting to deal with the information that his father has an evil alignment, his twin brother returns to once more attempt to kill Elan. During all of this, Roy is still trying to lead the adventuring party into the desert where they must try to stop the Snarl from breaking loose from its prison and de [...]

    7. Holy moly it took me forever to read this book!!! I love the Order of the Stick but the books keep getting bigger and bigger, and they take me much longer to read.Sigh I was hoping this would be the last book but alas, tis not and who knows when book 6 will be out. I fear by then, I will not remember any of the story and have to re-read the whole series again :p Not that that is a bad thing, it'll just take me a whole year ;-) LOL - so perhaps I will have to be done with OotS until all books are [...]

    8. There was a bit of an arc fatigue settling in, but then all hell broke loose.That devastating twist with Durkon aside, I'm now legitimately scared of Redcloak. Xykon may be more powerful and while he's not stupid, he's not exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer, either (and he's just way too funny to take completely seriously unless he's pissed off). Redcloak, though This is how a ruthless villain should be - he won't waste resources, he won't take stupid risks and he'll never, ever stop until [...]

    9. I've been following the webcomic for years and it's done an amazing job of taking a metagaming funny webcomic (drawn using stick figures) and making a "serious" work of it while keeping its funny tone. I look forward to every new comic and reading them in the book format, with the comment and a better flow as I do not have days (weeks) between panels, makes me appreciate them anew.

    10. Order of the Stick remains staggeringly good: a stick figure comic that can make me cry, laugh, and really illistrate how well you can make things grow if you keep them running. Always amazing.

    11. I won’t lie: This was disappointing. The Order of the Stick was never an extraordinary series but it had a habit of improving with every arc, however incrementally. This is the first time the series got worse, and I’m unhappy to report that the decline is not only constant but also sudden and drastic. The sixth arc has just started but the comic’s self-referential jokes and fourth wall breaking have become even more prevalent and irritating.Making a villain who wishes to become a legend th [...]

    12. It’s hard to believe that a comic book with stick figures as the characters can be superlatively amazing. But it’s true nevertheless. Blood Runs in the Family is one of the better tales I’ve ever read. The “simplistic” art style masks a complex, fascinating story with three-dimensional characters, plentiful action, one of the best antagonists ever written, and the power of hope, love, and trust. The Order of the Stick has always been wonderful in the past, but in its fifth volume, it g [...]

    13. Not a great sign when what should be the next step of an ongoing quest feels like a side mission. It was during the run that this book collects that I stopped reading the webcomic. Having finished the book, I can't really point at any one thing that drove me away. Maybe it was the three month period where the creator was recuperating from an unexpected injury. Maybe it was a slight shift in tone towards being more serious in parts. Maybe it was the reason I gave at the top of this review. You so [...]

    14. I love OOTS! I tend to keep up with the online version in spurts. Letting strips stack up for a week or three and then reading them all at once. I've read through the story arcs in this volume a few times, due to my schedule and the delays in online publishing from Mr. Burlew's injury. But even rereading them for the third time is just as much fun. I also really enjoy the personal notes and commentary he adds to the printed volumes. The grand scoping themes he intends are even more impactful whe [...]

    15. The negatives--this particular story is longer than any of the other previous volumes, despite the fact that just as much happens. I think Burlew's desire to explore every separate plot thread and character arc is causing the story to become dangerously close to be bloated. It hasn't gotten there yet, but it feels possible. Additionally, while I normally enjoy discussions of story, story-structure and plot devices, I just didn't quite care for Tarquin's obsession with them, and their being such [...]

    16. I love the Order of the Stick; the fact that I can read these strips online and still shell out for the book version should attest to its quality. And this one happens to contain my favorite of all the plot arcs thus far, so the included author commentary is an incredibly interesting edition. If you're a fan of the series, buy it and don't look back. If you're not a fan of the series, google it, get a drink, and set in for a long read (971 strips so far) and enjoy a years-long epic tale about D& [...]

    17. Early on it took me some time to get into this comic/graphic novel (I'm grateful the humor moved away from D&D references), but by this point in the series I heartily enjoy it, and I think this volume might be the best. I think the story and character development (heroes and villains) and wit are wonderful. I am even a fan of the artwork- Burlew does a lot with stick figures. Reading the comic online as it slowly comes out is a major test of patience; in book form the story unfolds at a much [...]

    18. More wonderfulness from OotS. This one gets dinged down a little because it's overlong - Rich let his muse get away from him a bit and therefore some of the scenes go on a trifle, some of the challenges recur too many times, and other minor issues. They are minor (and to an extent justifiable given the personality of the main villain) but what is essentially a side quest takes up a little too much time. Still, if you're a D&D player, lay your hands on this. Well worth it.

    19. Another great entry in the series, though the overall flow of the story is starting to falter with the delays between Burlew's comic going from days to weeks to months. Rereading the print versions is soon becoming a better way to follow the rich story Burlew has going, and ironic twist on a serial webcomic!

    20. I enjoyed this book, a great romp through, well, desert, not dungeons. One thing that I appreciated about this particular episode is the character growth which took place.It did, according to my seven year old, take me approximately FOREVER to finish it, and she proved this by reading it last night. (The kids are on an OOTS kick right now.)

    21. An excellent continuation of the story and after 5 years of waiting it was great to catch up with the gang again. I'm not as fond of this book as I am of the last, but the writing and storytelling continue to be very strong.Now my decision is do I wait -like I did last time- for the next book or do I start reading it weekly from now until the end?

    22. Compilation of strips from the online comic, as well as commentary and a few bonuses. Been following this comic since (almost) the beginning. It had improved significantly over the years, both in art and storytelling. This latest volume is great. You'll need some tabletop roleplaying experience to get most of the jokes, 'tis true. Wholeheartedly recommended for gamers.

    23. I have been a fan of OOTS ever since I stumbled across the web comic. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add this book to my collection and look forward to the next. Belkar terrorizing from a top a dinosaur, what more do you need?

    24. We rejoin our stick-figure team of D&D-style fighters bent on saving everyone from the potential end of the world. Complications ensue, puns fly, and there is much humor and drama, including some worrisome parts. I look forward to more of Mr. Burlew's creations as the story continues.

    25. Always a pleasure to catch up with the Order of the Stick again. (The rest of my family reads the strips as they come out, but I like to wait for the books.) I am very impressed with Rich Burlew's ability to tell long story arcs with good character arcs and lots of humour.

    26. After the disappointing dip the series in took in #4, we are back in action! Engrossing plot line with interesting characters and relationships.

    27. Even though I read them online as they came out, there's just something about having a book and rereading all of them at once again.

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