In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great: A Journey from Greece to Asia

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great: A Journey from Greece to Asia

Michael Wood / Aug 21, 2019

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great A Journey from Greece to Asia Between and B C the Macedonian army led by Alexander the Great marched relentlessly across Asia An event of bravery and cruelty endurance and greed Alexander s expedition was a turning poi

  • Title: In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great: A Journey from Greece to Asia
  • Author: Michael Wood
  • ISBN: 9780520231924
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Between 334 and 324 B.C the Macedonian army, led by Alexander the Great, marched relentlessly across Asia An event of bravery and cruelty, endurance and greed, Alexander s expedition was a turning point in human history His conquest opened up contacts between Europe and Asia, unleashing astonishing historical energies that continue to affect the world today This extraoBetween 334 and 324 B.C the Macedonian army, led by Alexander the Great, marched relentlessly across Asia An event of bravery and cruelty, endurance and greed, Alexander s expedition was a turning point in human history His conquest opened up contacts between Europe and Asia, unleashing astonishing historical energies that continue to affect the world today This extraordinary book recreates Alexander s 22,000 mile, ten year expedition from Greece to India, following as much as possible the actual route of his journey.Historian Michael Wood traversed seventeen countries, trekking through the Zagros Mountains to find the lost site of Alexander s battle at the Persian Gates, drinking black tea in the Hindu Kush, listening to ancient stories of Sikander e Aazem, and crossing the Makran Desert with twenty three camels He traveled with Lebanese traders, Iranian pilgrims, Afghan guerrillas, and other local people on a journey that took him through many of the twentieth century s major trouble spots, including Beirut and Kurdistan.Wood bases his account of Alexander s conquest on the texts of Greek and Roman historians, but he also reconsiders the Greek adventure in terms of modern ideas on colonialism, orientalism, and racism The Macedonian conquest, which has mainly been seen through Greek sources, is illuminated for the first time by medieval travelers narratives, newly discovered oracles, and prophecies on papyrus or clay tablet.At the heart of Wood s powerful story is the towering, enigmatic character of Alexander the Great He ascended the throne at twenty, conquered much of the known world before he was thirty, and was dead by the age of thirty two A ruthless politician, brilliant military tactician, devoted son, family man, lover of both women and men, Alexander was known for his extreme generosity as well as his ferocious cruelty Following in the conqueror s footsteps centuries later, Michael Wood overhears the words of the fabled Greek mermaid who calls to passing sailors Great Alexander still lives

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        Librarian Note There s than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Michael David Wood is an English historian broadcaster He s presented numerous tv documentary series Library of Congress lists him as Michael Wood.Wood was born in Moston, Manchester, educated at Manchester Grammar School Oriel College, Oxford His special interest was Anglo Saxon history In the 70s Wood worked for the BBC in Manchester He was 1st a reporter, then an assistant producer on current affairs programmes, before returning to his love of history with his 1981 series In Search of the Dark Ages for BBC2 This explored the lives of leaders of the period, including Boadicea, King Arthur, Offa, Alfred the Great, Athelstan, Eric Bloodaxe William the Conquerer gave rise to his 1st book, based upon the series.


    1. This is the printed accompaniment to the television series of the same name. I can be truly objective, as I've never seen the telly portion, so this is reviewed as a stand-alone book. Given the many biographies about Alexander the Great, I was looking for something which integrated the countries and cultures he overran, so this seemed a good fit. While the reader gets the historical overview of Alexander's life and the wars he produced, one also gets a present-day travelogue which actually makes [...]

    2. This book was given me by Jim DeVoto, at that time a professor of Classics at Loyola University Chicago where I worked with his wife, Paula, in the part-time undergraduate division. Later, Jim and I would both work for the Ares Press and its journal, The Ancient World.Jim, a specialist in ancient Greek, especially Spartan, history, recommended both Wood's book and the documentary based on it as being substantially accurate, noting that this was unusual for popular works. And popular it is. This [...]

    3. Probably the finest work by my favorite non-fiction author. Michael Wood brings history to life and makes the reader what to explore and discover more about the events and people he covers. Highly recommended.

    4. Alexander of Macedonia was a somewhat mysterious figure in history but in this book it clears up what his family life and military campaigns were. Alexander was believed to be the son of Zeus but this is not true he was the son of Phillip II and Olympias. He was mainly raised by his mum and really loved the works of Aristotle and was actually taught by him. He grew up to be a proud warrior philosopher and had great potential. When he was 18 he was allowed to be a commander in the Greek army. The [...]

    5. This read more like a history book than I thought it would. And the chapters seemed a little disjointed, repeating earlier information but maybe the author thought we needed the reminders. I still enjoyed the book and gaining the information about Alexander. It also made me more curious about this time period.

    6. An enjoyable, very interesting series and an easy to read account on an inspirational individual. Well worth a read.

    7. Alexander of Macedon is a mysterious figure. In the West, he is Alexander the Great, the Greek king who invaded and conquered Egypt and Persia, taking his army into India, before they forced him to turn back. He was the basis for many classical and medieval works, all focusing on the heroism and kingship qualities of this remarkable leader. This continues today; barely a military history book on the ancient world is published without at least a reference to Alexander the Great.But there is anoth [...]

    8. I came back for a second read of Wood's footsteps across continents as he told is visual history of Alexander the Great because a friend commented on the pleasure he derived from a second reading. Me too. I've enjoyed the historic travelogue as much as when I first watched Wood's dramatic telling for BBC TV of Alexander's journey to the edges of the known world. It's still stirring history, especially given that Nato forces and the American military are now in their 11th year in Afghanistan. We [...]

    9. This book is half a history of Alexander the Great's rampaging conquest through Egypt, Persia and India, and half Michael Wood's travel journal. There is also a documentary of the same name, which I haven't seen. Throughout I found myself longing for more detail, both about Alexander's and Wood's journeys. I can excuse the lack regarding Alexander (since that was 333 B.C. so there probably isn't a lot of really good detail left), but for Wood's journey I would have liked to hear more about the s [...]

    10. I love Michael Wood's programmes, his books too. His In Search Of The Dark Ages is the best DVD i've bought this year. Alexander II of Macedon as i recently discovered to my surprise that he is now is now commonly referred to, is an endlessly fascinating, terrifying and sometimes inspiring character.There are so many versions of Alexander, and this is an excellent late 20th CE perspective of the story, Alexander as conqueror and war criminal is the impression i took. The telling of his tale told [...]

    11. This book is for anyone who has wondered how exactly Alexander the Great achieved all the things that he did. Wood takes the reader not just through the geography of Alexander’s conquests but also through his impact, more often than not devastating, on the cultures that he came across. He also honestly portrays the psychological profile, as best as he can uncover, of a man so driven to excess. Wood’s honest discussion of his growing despotism and maniacal behavior is particularly eye opening [...]

    12. Een zeer boeiend en uitgebreid boek over de veroveringen van Alexander de Grote. Het behoort bij een BBC documentaire en in de Nederlandse vertaling (die ik heb gelezen) bij een Teleac cursus. Helaas heb ik de bijbehorende dvd's niet gezien en dan is het wel erg jammer dat de uitgave geen historische- en moderne kaarten (en eventuele illustraties) bevat. Natuurlijk kun je die kaarten ook op internet vinden, maar dat is wat omslachtiger. Mocht er nog een herziene uitgave hiervan komen, dan graag [...]

    13. An Amazing Read!I have been fascinated by Alexander since first hearing about him in high school, yet never did read a complete book about him. I tore through this one in two days! The author's words convey incredibly solid, delightful images detailed and romantically beautiful, I could almost walk into them. The writing brings Alexander to life.A highly recommended read, full of adventure and mountains of historical information. I can't wait to watch the companion video.

    14. Slightly dated, and with a plethora of editorial comments that reveal the political leanings of the author, "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great" is intended as a companion book to a TV series. As a stand-alone work, however, the book largely works. I would have appreciated more time spent on Alexander's time in Egypt, but that's a personal bias. Overall I thought this book was a nice summary of Alexander's exploits that serves as an interesting alembic on our times.

    15. I always enjoy Michael Wood's books and this is no exception. Though I've not seen the show which this book accompanies, his text and the beautiful photos throughout are easily a fine substitute.Alexander is a difficult person to admire, or speak positively about. True, he was a brilliant leader, but he brought nothing but death and destruction to the lands he conquered. I realize this is exactly what conquerors do, but it is hardly admirable.

    16. This book is interesting, but I already know much of the stuff they're talking about from studying Alexander. I think it'd be very, very interesting for someone who doesn't know as much about Alexander as I do, but for me, it got kind of boring.

    17. Very interesting as a snapshot of the life of Alexander and really brought home how much he did and how much destruction he caused in a few short years. It would have been good to have a bit more about the journey today but I can see that that wasn't the focus of the book.

    18. This is not a literary book. It is a simple but clear Bio on Alexander and between the pictures, maps and pictures it is an enhanced book. The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well this book then has hundred of thousands of words.

    19. Wood traveled the route that Alexander the Great and his armies took east. This is a very interesting view way to tell Alexander's story. The book is solid historical writing as well as photos and maps to place the story into context.

    20. From Macedonia through Persia, into Afghanistan, down through Pakistan and India. In typical Wood style of his 'in search of' books, he takes us on the mind boggling journey, even finding modern day remnants of Alexander's army.

    21. An excellent book, goes very well with the BBC TV series. Informative and accessible, it tells the story in a very easy to read way, but still leaves you thinking you've learned something. The author's passion for this subject is clearly apparent, and adds to the impact of this book.

    22. Really brings to life the extraordinary man which was Alexander The Great.This is helped both by Michael Wood's writing style and also his travels which follow Alexander's conquests.

    23. Read this some years ago after watching the tv series. Very good. Michael Wood's approach makes history more immediate for me. Read several of his books & they I recommend them all.

    24. Fabulous! Only thing better than reading it is watching the DVD of it. (But the book, of course, has more information).

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