One Right Thing

One Right Thing

Matthew Iden / Feb 19, 2020

One Right Thing Retired DC Homicide detective Marty Singer is driving through rural Virginia when he sees a billboard by the side of the road with the picture of a man and a simple stunning question J D HOPE WAS MUR

  • Title: One Right Thing
  • Author: Matthew Iden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Retired DC Homicide detective Marty Singer is driving through rural Virginia when he sees a billboard by the side of the road with the picture of a man and a simple, stunning question J.D HOPE WAS MURDERED ON MAY 6TH DO YOU KNOW WHY To most, the message means nothing But Marty stops the car, turns around, and rushes headlong into a deadly mix of drugs, lies, and double Retired DC Homicide detective Marty Singer is driving through rural Virginia when he sees a billboard by the side of the road with the picture of a man and a simple, stunning question J.D HOPE WAS MURDERED ON MAY 6TH DO YOU KNOW WHY To most, the message means nothing But Marty stops the car, turns around, and rushes headlong into a deadly mix of drugs, lies, and double crosses.Because Marty s got his own history with the man on the signd he needs to find out who murdered J.D Hope and why if he wants to do One Right Thing.This is a new release of a previously published edition.

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      • Matthew Iden

        I write fantasy, science fiction, horror, thrillers, crime fiction, and contemporary literary fiction with a psychological twist I ve held jobs with the US Postal Service, international non profit groups, a short stint with the Forest Service in Sitka, Alaska, and time with the globe spanning Semester at Sea program Trips to Iceland, Patagonia, and Antarctica added to the creative pot, as well, and I started to put all those experiences to good use about eight years ago thinking, dreaming, and writing.Please email me at matten AT matthew iden, Tweet CrimeRighter, or find me on Facebook, facebook matthewen.The Marty Singer detective series is A Reason to Live Marty Singer 1 Blueblood Marty Singer 2 One Right Thing Marty Singer 3 The Spike Marty Singer 4 The Wicked Flee Marty Singer 5


    1. "There’s going to be another time when you’ll wonder if you got it in you to do the right thing. You gonna be up for it?”This is the third installment of Marty Singer mysteries -- and only within few days, and three books in, I already know that this will be a series I follow religiously. Marty is driving on Virginia’s Route 29, when he sees a billboard not far from Cain's Crossing, with a sign "J.D. HOPE WAS MURDERED ON MAY 6TH. DO YOU KNOW WHY?". The sign causes him to stop and calls t [...]

    2. I received this via FirstReads in exchange for an honest review. -----3.5 stars took awhile for this to pick up but when it did it kept my attention. The mystery itself was so-so for me and I guessed a couple things (usually don't) but it didn't take away from my reading at all.The characters and setting were well done. I warmed up to Marty Singer right away. I think him and another detective from another series I like would get along well:).The final twist of the story with the one guy I didn' [...]

    3. "This would be a great time to call the Cain's Crossing PD and give Warren my suspicions and deductions. He'd be so impressed, he might deputize me. Or run me out of town for continuing to stick my nose in places it didn't really belong. On the other hand, he had to know the meth labs were there. If he wasn't doing anything about themwell, I didn't like where those thoughts led" Marty SingerThis is the third book in the "Mary Singer Mystery" series. A trip to Virginia to see a friend turns into [...]

    4. In Book #3, One Right Thing, we find that our sarcastic and stubborn retired homicide detective Marty Singer has taken a road trip, a holiday to recuperate from his recent cancer surgery. On the way back to Washington he drives through a sleepy town, and notices a massive billboard advertising a murder. If this wasn't odd in itself, the victim is someone that he arrested 20 years previously - and for those 20 years his conscience has been bothered, because something just wasn't right about that [...]

    5. I was most pleasantly surprised with this book. Kept me wondering what was coming next and how this character fit into the story.

    6. One right thing by Mathew Iden is a mystery and thriller and general fiction (adult) read. Retired DC Homicide detective Marty Singer is driving through rural Virginia when he sees a billboard by the side of the road with the picture of a man and a simple, stunning question:J.D. HOPE WAS MURDERED ON MAY 6TH. DO YOU KNOW WHY?To most, the message means nothing. But Marty stops the car, turns around, and rushes headlong into a deadly mix of drugs, lies, and double-crosses.Because Marty's got his ow [...]

    7. I loved the first two Marty Singer mysteries and this one, the third in the series, continues the streak. Part of the appeal is the twist on the genre, since technically Marty is no longer a policeman. He doesn’t have to operate under the same constraints. He doesn’t have the same readily available resources. Yet, in his heart, he’s still a cop and the series still feels like a police procedural.I also like Marty for the kind of person he is, approaching his vocation turned avocation to pr [...]

    8. Matthew Iden has created a protagonist who is a fully realized and complex human. Marty Singer finds himself struggling with illness, the loss of a long and satisfying career, and feelings of guilt and regret over unresolved cases. The heart of the mystery here is not necessarily the current murder that he is drawn into investigating, but one of the old cases that linger in his mind. That latter case is the root cause of the recent one, and Marty tries to solve the new one in order to resolve th [...]

    9. This third in Iden's Marty Singer series is every bit as good as the first two. In "One Right Thing" Singer stops in a small Virginia town on his way home from visiting a friend and in drawn into solving the murder of an ex-con Singer had helped convict many years before. Singer is no longer a cop and many might have thought the victim was not worth the trouble, but Singer has a special reason for wanting to find out who done it. This is a good book, and I surely look forward to future tales of [...]

    10. I finished this in one day as I just couldn't put it down. Marty Singer feels like an old friend and just had to find out how he was doing.I loved the story. This is my favorite of the three.It starts out with a "sign" for Marty which he can't let go. I just love this character. There were a couple of things that I never saw coming. Great story!Can't wait to check back in on Marty for the next one!Laine

    11. "One Right Thing" is a good Book 3 in the Marty Singer Series, not quite as good as the first two, but a good read none the less. There's no romance but more surprise twists in this one which may even suit your tastes better. There are also slightly more editing errors, but nothing serious. I definitely plan to continue the series and read Book 4.

    12. This, the third Marty Singer mystery, makes you keep turning pages. You're rewarded with twists and turns, and - when you thing everything is clear - there's yet another twist. When I turned the last page, I was sorry it was over. I'm glad I have another Marty Singer waiting to be devoured.

    13. Another excellent book by Matthew Iden. I rated this one 4.8 stars. Jim finished this book 11-29-13 and gave it 4.5 stars.

    14. Kept me guessing.I thought I had it all figured out, then Iden threw a curve ball. I was right about who killed J.D at least.

    15. I sort of like these Marty Singer stories. The bad guys weren't really evident but when they were finally revealed it made perfect sense. Some things seem just a little bit dated.

    16. Many surprising turnsI've read a couple singer novels; I like the character. This novel has a complex plot as the characters are not whom they seem and trust is in low supply. By the end you wonder how you could have trusted any of them!

    17. I usually don't put 5 stars for genre, but (a) I love Iden's work and (b) the premise of this one knocked my socks off.

    18. I love the writing style of Matthew Iden. One Right Thing allows the reader to accompany Marty Singer as he fulfills a desire, no, a need, to right a wrong from twenty years ago during his career as a cop. Now retired due to a serious health diagnosis, the story picks up after Marty has recovered from surgery. The story revolves around his unsanctioned investigation to help a family discover who murdered their loved one. Chapters are inserted every so often that recap his involvement in a questi [...]

    19. Another cracking story in this series and I greatly look forward to stories four and five which got released since I bought this one and got round to reading it !! Book two is still my favourite, though.Marty's story goes from strength to strength and he remains the likeable guy he's always been.There were a few errors in it-the odd missing word and relived used once when relieved was meant. Then he tells us of people listening in on a conversation who perked up when the words "murder investigat [...]

    20. I received this book via ' First Reads. This was the first book in the series that I read. You don't have to read the others to read this one, it stands alone very well. I usually don't like crime fiction but this is the exception. It all starts when Marty sees a sign while driving back home. Even though he's retired, he couldn't resist the phone number on the sign and it lurches him into a thrilling mystery. The story is well written and you feel sympathy for the characters and you really care [...]

    21. This third installment in Matthew Iden's Marty Singer series is the best yet! My full attention was captured from the opening lines, and kept me looking for every opportunity I could find to read this book.From the first page, I was drawn into this story so well that I could envision each situation, and at times imagine the smells and scenery as if I was right there! (No spoilers, I promise) This book did not lag at alla well-written page turner.Although I don't feel that one MUST read this seri [...]

    22. J.D. Hope was murdered on May 6th. Do you know why? When Marty Singer, the retired detective who put J.D Hope in jail 20 years ago, sees the colossal billboard with J.D.'s photo, and this question on it, he feels compelled to call the phone #d to try and get answers for J.D.'s mother and sister. The billboard grabbed him, and that opening grabbed me! I enjoy reading crime fiction on occasion, and I know that I will be picking up more Marty Singer novels when the mood next strikes

    23. 3.5 stars. If the others in this series (this is #3) read anything like this one, author Iden has created a very decent entry in the hard-boiled detective genre. I liked Marty Singer, flaws and all, though I hope he doesn't always get the crap beat out of him like he did here. Not that he didn't give as good as he got. . . but I digress. Fans of JP Beaumont and Leo Waterman might give Marty a try.Note: I received received a free copy of this book from the publisher or author.

    24. This was another easy, good read. Again, Marty (a retired DC cop turned homicide detective) throws himself into a 'who-done-it', with twists and turns that make the story interesting and keeps you guessing. This has all the elements - murder, drugs, lies and double-crosses; author Iden makes the characters human and believable. This series is good beach material for sure!

    25. I received a copy through Good reads First Reads. Marty is a retired Homicide detective from DC. When driving home he sees a billboard asking for information about the murder of a man he had arrested years ago. He must stop and look into JD's death. The book has lots of action. I enjoyed the story.

    26. Another good read from Matthew Iden. The main character, Marty Singer is flawed, but very likable, the writing draws you in, and each book in this series is an interesting read. I am not a fan of books written in the first person and hardly ever read them. This entire series is in the first person and I have enjoyed every single one of them! I am looking forward to more in this series.

    27. Love These Marty Singer Mysteries****I've read mysteries all my life, and Matthew Iden writes excellent mysteries.This one was exciting all the way through. Great plot, great characters, great twists.a really great mystery!!!I have already ordered the next Marty Singer mystery in the series. Looking forward to a fun Summer weekend of reading.

    28. Another very good book.You'll be doing "One Right Thing" by reading this book. Fast paced with many turns and twists. Mystery of who killed J.D or who is the head of operation will keep you guessing. Ending is shocking, but very glad Marty is doing good. Can't wait to read more about him in the next book.

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