The Attraction

The Attraction

Douglas Clegg / Sep 23, 2019

The Attraction College students make a wrong turn into nightmare countryin this all out drive in horror movie of a book from New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg For fans of Richard Matheson Guillermo de

  • Title: The Attraction
  • Author: Douglas Clegg
  • ISBN: 9780843954111
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • College students make a wrong turn into nightmare countryin this all out drive in horror movie of a book from New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg For fans of Richard Matheson, Guillermo del Toro and Stephen King.The Dark Coming of Age series books do not need to be read in any specific order they are stand alones built around a theme of dark coming of age.College students make a wrong turn into nightmare countryin this all out drive in horror movie of a book from New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg For fans of Richard Matheson, Guillermo del Toro and Stephen King.The Dark Coming of Age series books do not need to be read in any specific order they are stand alones built around a theme of dark coming of age.

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        Douglas Clegg Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Attraction book, this is one of the most wanted Douglas Clegg author readers around the world.


    1. "The Attraction" Originally a classic Leisure Books Horror novella!Starts off with a group of college kids (Josh, Bronwyn, Griff, Tammy, and Ziggy) set out on a road trip to L.A. from from Virginia. They end up in the Southwest and a roadside attraction promising " MYSTERY OF THE ANCIENT WORLD!" They are soon introduced to this great mystery and wind up stuck in the desert with a creature. Great stuff. 4.5 stars

    2. The first time I became acquainted with Clegg's work was through this Harrow series with a novel called "Mischief" and let me tell you, the man can write! I still remember reading the book through the night and simply being unable to put it down. Just as with the other book, his writing is very smooth, easy to digest and simply impossible to put down. This book is really two short novels in one. The first being a 170 page story about an Aztec monster out for fresh blood in the desert and the sec [...]

    3. Douglas Clegg was one of the first horror authors I've read of quality (unlike say Koontz) and therefore always has a special place in my heart. Attraction was the first book I've read by him in a long while and it's nice to see that the quality is still there. The book is comprised of two novellas, which are very different and should be reviewed individually. The titular piece, The Attraction, is a fun semi contemporary read. Creature feature set in the Arizona desert, elevated by Clegg's writi [...]

    4. This book is an old fashioned horror novel with a scary and unique creature. A mummy is put on exhibit in a roadside gas station. When 5 college kids take a road trip and steal it they think they're cool and funny, until the thing begins to feed.If you're looking for a fun fright this is the way to go!

    5. More two novellas in one.The Attraction had a good little story, some great characters (imagine the first 20 minutes of 1000 corpsesbut the characters had MORE character!) and there's some suitably violent deaths. My niggles were that some felt a bit rushed or glossed over, and the ending was a little weak. But this was still a good, fast paced read.The Necromancer is the other novella and I loved it. It was like reading the old Clive Barker but more to the point. It rocketed along and packed in [...]

    6. Set in 1977, this short novel features 5 college friends on a road-trip across the US, who - through one contrivance after another - find themselves at the titular garage in the middle of the desert. Acting up, they break the case of "the attraction" and all hell breaks loose. This is an odd story, it's short but seems to take forever to get going and then, after an admittedly good set-piece with the monster decimating the cast, it seems to take forever to wrap up. The characters are little more [...]

    7. Fun! But atypical Clegg, at least from what I've read. The Attraction has the feel of a summer horror flick--road trips, teenagers, stereotypes, crazy rednecks, and sex--as opposed to Clegg's more fantastic, atmospheric tales. It's a quick read and highly entertaining. The monster is memorable, and the book somehow reminded me of King's short story "Chattering Teeth." (If I'm recalling the name correctly. You know, the one with the salesman and his wind-up chompers.) Just expect popcorn, not a f [...]

    8. This is a two story book. I loved the first story couldn't put the book down. It was horrific and strange. It really scared me. I will never stop at a road side, run down shack of a place in Arizona again. The second story, very weird and didn't fit with the first. Came out of left field. Like a diary of a true madman.

    9. This book was a thrill. I never want to encounter Scratch or any other mummy for that matter. I may never stop at any roadside attractions again either. A fun, gory thrill ride. If you're a fan of Clegg you won't be disappointed. Read this if your on a road trip this summer and enjoy.

    10. The Attraction is not a novel-rather it consists of two unconnected novellas, The Attraction and The Necromancer. In terms of pure creepy The Necromancer wins hands down. It is best described as the fictionalized early life of Aleister Crowley with more perversion thrown in. This tale is part of Clegg's Harrow Cycle of stories/novels which I have not cared for and have mostly read by accident rather than design. Ironic then that this is the high part of the book, as I bought it for the title sto [...]

    11. When I purchased The Attraction, I had no idea that it was the third part in a trilogy. There was literally no indicator anywhere on the book. Luckily, it appeared to be a stand alone novel. Still, I wondered, if, by entering this world in this fashion, there wasn't something I was missing?Although Douglas Clegg was recommended to me by a splatterpunk web site, he is pretty tame compared to the likes of Richard Laymon or Bentley Little. The Attraction is my second novel by this author. The After [...]

    12. EhNot that great. Could have been written better. The characters were 2-dimensional and at times, the writer seemed confused about what he wanted to say, so he just said anything that popped into his head. Could have ended better also.

    13. The premise of this one really made me takenotice. The offering up of a bizarre roadside attraction in one of those old beat up gasstations you might find on some desolate stretch of road is what drew me in.All the elements were here, kids on a roadtrip, poking into things they shouldn't, getting wasted along the way, raisinghell when the mood hits.The monster here was also a uniqueone but somehow the story as a wholeleft me wanting more. The book itself was quite short andmaybe better suited as [...]

    14. THE ATTRACTION/THE NECROMANCER by Douglas CleggReview by Nickolas Cook05/18/06 The novelette format is a tricky business for a writer. Too short, and a reader can feel as if it’s been rushed and incomplete. Too long, and it becomes perplexing as to why it wasn’t left as a novel instead. But Clegg handles the format admirably with his newest release from Leisure, “The Attraction”. He gives enough back story and characterization to keep the pace moving along, as he makes use of Native Amer [...]

    15. I'm one of those weirdos who read authors' dedications. I couldn't help but notice that Clegg dedicated this one to Edward Lee. After finishing THE ATTRACTION, I can see why. Lee's good at creating wonderfully offensive stories and letting it play out in kind of a slasher-ish way. That's how this book works. This isn't the kind of thing Clegg regularly does, and it's fun to watch him play with new toys. But I prefer the novella that is added to the end, "The Necromancer." The Harrow stories fasc [...]

    16. This is the first book by Clegg that I have read, I thought it sounded interesting so I picked it up. The only problem I had is that I didn't realize that the entire book wasn't The Attraction but rather only about 175 pages was. The rest is a novella called The Necromancer (this is about Harrow House, a book series of Clegg's that I have not read). However the writing skills of Clegg made The Attraction very interesting even if it wasn't very long. The story is a fast paced one about a group of [...]

    17. this book is really more like two novellas, the attraction and the necromancer. the first (the attraction) has a decent concept -- kids unleash a hellish monster at a roadside attraction doing stupid kid things -- but the execution is pretty poor. it seems like one of those bad horror movies that you'd rent at blockbustere second (the necromancer), has a lot more style and substance; it's clearly a love letter to the gothic/decadent writing era, even if it's more in the modern decadent style tha [...]

    18. This is actually two books. The first, which is the books title, is a paint by numbers, juicy little yarn about a midget Aztec mummy, released from a hick roadside attraction, flaying a collection of archetypal victims. The slut, stoner, responsible kid, and brainy girl all get their turn. You've read it before, but that does not make it bad. A comfortable, old fashioned, mean little romp with little teeth.The second story is just this sublime little period piece, with an profane images and dist [...]

    19. Kind of an entertaining schlock-fest, if you can get into the stereotypical group-of-college-friends vs. monster-in-a-remote-locale. There were a couple of interesting elements to the creature, but they're never fully explored, and what little explanation is given is kind of an eyeball roller. Clegg is a better writer than this material. Hoping for better from the next book of his I read.Update: I had to give this book one more star for the novella "The Necromancer" that is included. Now that's [...]

    20. the book was okayz about five students who come across a mummy exhibited at a local gasstation in Arizona desert.They think that this little creature is cool and cross the barriers when one of them accidently feed it by spilling blood.The rest of the story goes like 70s-camp horror movie.You can imagine it.This little novel comes along with cleggs' bromstoker award winning novella'necromancer'.Writing style is lucid.Nice cover design.A very good opening.But a very disappointing endingTTOMLINE:JA [...]

    21. The Attraction is a set of two novellas rather than a novel. The first of which titled The Attraction is an homage to 80's college students in peril/creature feature horror films that is fast, fun and bloody. The second is a sort of prequel to Clegg's longer Harrow series of novels and will be primarily or interest to those who are familiar with that series.

    22. Although some of the scenes and dialogue in "The Attraction" were clichéd, I liked the overall story of teenagers lost in the desert confronting an ancient monster. I also liked the second story, "Necromancer," especially how the narrator discovers the truth about his twin's death.

    23. This book is made up of 2 novellas, The Attraction and The Necromancer. (The Necromancer gives a little back story to the Harrow House books.)Both were very good, but The Attraction was my favorite.

    24. Clegg's "slasher" novella is a quick, fun read. Some have issues with the build up but I liked it, especially since I've known some people similar to the characters. I've yet to read the second novella within these covers.

    25. Especially great for those of us who grew up riding the highways of Arizona seeing billboards for THE THING! Thanks to this book I finally had the chance to visit it in which was, without question, a much more entertaining way that the actual attraction.

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