Three Twisted Stories: Go Deep, Necessary Women, Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line

Three Twisted Stories: Go Deep, Necessary Women, Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line

Karin Slaughter / Feb 22, 2020

Three Twisted Stories Go Deep Necessary Women Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line This genre bending eBook bundle proves that not only is Karin Slaughter one of the best crime novelists in America The Washington Post she s one of today s very best writers period From the halluci

  • Title: Three Twisted Stories: Go Deep, Necessary Women, Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line
  • Author: Karin Slaughter
  • ISBN: 9780804180979
  • Page: 350
  • Format: ebook
  • This genre bending eBook bundle proves that not only is Karin Slaughter one of the best crime novelists in America The Washington Post , she s one of today s very best writers, period From the hallucinatory noir novella Go Deep to the twisted short stories Necessary Women and Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line, this collection showcases the New York Times bestselling auThis genre bending eBook bundle proves that not only is Karin Slaughter one of the best crime novelists in America The Washington Post , she s one of today s very best writers, period From the hallucinatory noir novella Go Deep to the twisted short stories Necessary Women and Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line, this collection showcases the New York Times bestselling author s dark humor, limitless imagination, and masterly command of voice and character GO DEEP Growing up dirt poor, Charlie Lam worked his ass off to make something of himself, no thanks to his deadbeat father or his long suffering mother And now a lot of people depend on Charlie by his last count, sixty eight employees at his Atlanta auto dealership, eleven shiftless brothers and sisters, an ungrateful wife, a spoiled daughter, a shameless girlfriend Who could really blame him for wanting a little extra The arrangement is simple Charlie picks up a suit from the dry cleaner s In the suit pocket is the name of a very important man The next day, that man walks into the dealership, drives out in a new car, and Charlie gets a fat envelope full of cash Everyone s happy No one gets hurt So long as Charlie doesn t cross his business partner But with one twist of a knife, the unthinkable happens And suddenly Charlie is in deeper trouble than he could have possibly imagined NECESSARY WOMEN In a border town between Georgia and Alabama, in a three room house made of cement block, a fourteen year old girl watches her mother die Her father is a long haul trucker, away for weeks, sometimes months, at a time Her mother, with two menial jobs cleaning restrooms and working nights at the laundry, had been just thirty years old A week before she died, noticing her daughter getting attention from a boy, the girl s mother warned her not to make the same mistakes she did Now, her father tells her, she s the woman of the house, and she must do all the necessary things the woman must do the cleaning, the cooking, the laundry But there s a lot to being a woman than fixing dinner and doing the wash Her mother was right She won t end up like her and she ll do anything to prove it REMMY ROTHSTEIN TOES THE LINE As an intrepid adjudicator of World Records, Mindy Patel has met lots of strange people in lots of strange places But they re no match for the Swampers of the Georgia bayou Mindy has braved the oppressive August heat in search of Remmy Rothstein, who they call The Cajun Jew If the photos are indeed accurate, she might be about to certify Remmy as the World Record Holder for Longest Tongue in the World and maybe even the Widest First Mindy meets Remmy s half brother, Buell Rabinowitz, surely the world s only one legged, albino, Jewish African American Then she makes the acquaintance of Remmy s mother, a foul mouthed old woman with an impressive beard None of which prepares her for an eyeful of Remmy a man who measures up to his singular reputation in ways that will change the course of Mindy s life.

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        Karin Slaughter is the New York Times and 1 internationally bestselling author of seventeen thrillers, including the Grant County and Will Trent series, COP TOWN, PRETTY GIRLS, THE GOOD DAUGHTER and the e original short stories Snatched Busted Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes and Last Breath Slaughter was born in a small southern Georgia community, and now resides in Atlanta She is widely credited with first coining the term investigoogling in 2006E GOOD DAUGHTER, is available now Facebook Facebook AuthorKarinSlaughter Website karinslaughter


    1. I had a blast writing these stories, which are VERY DIFFERENT from what I usually write. Oh, except there are murders in each one, but other than that, different. So you have been warned.GO DEEP, the first novella in the collection, is satire. I actually got the idea when I woke up from a drugged sleep after slipping a disc in my back (which I do not recommend) NECESSARY WOMEN is a story I wrote years ago, and it was really the kick-off to me writing a bunch of crazy stories with killer last lin [...]

    2. With these short stories, Karin has taken imagination then given it some acid and told it to have a nice trip. Sometimes you read a story that truly transports you to another place in record time and you can't arise from that place until the last word on the pages has been read, this was how Three Twisted Stories was for me. It's a book of three stories, the first and third being the longest, with a shorty in the middle. NOW, if you are a fan of Karin's work, throw out any preconceived ideas of [...]

    3. GO DEEPCharlie Lam owned a car dealership; he’d risen from a “nobody” to what he called a “somebody”, the only one of his siblings to make a go of his life. But Charlie wasn’t a nice person (that’s an understatement!) and when things went terribly wrong while he was picking up a suit from the dry cleaners, his life changed irrevocably. NECESSARY WOMENFourteen years of age was not a good age to watch her mother, (not quite thirty years old) die, but when her father informed her she [...]

    4. I had Karin Slaughter pegged as one of those novelists who writes police procedurals with extremely detailed autopsy scenes that are inexplicably popular (Patricia Cornwell, Mo Hayder, that sort of thing). That’s why I stayed away from her writing but on a whim decided to give her a shot with this collection of three short stories. I’m so glad I did because I was blown away! She is nothing like that (at least going by these stories)! The first of the stories is Go Deep which is set in the 19 [...]

    5. Three Twisted Stories consists of a novella and two short stories by popular American author, Karin Slaughter, in electronic format. Go Deep is a brand new novella, while Necessary Women and Remmy Rothstein Toes The Line have been previously published elsewhere.Go Deep features successful car dealer, Charlie Lam, a man weighed down by responsibility, whose deal with a mobster provides a little extra he deserves, even if the arrangement, involving a suit at the dry-cleaners and a client getting a [...]

    6. Go DeepWhat a great humdinger of a story was this!This is about Charlie. He owns a car dealership, has a wife, daughter who love to spend his hard earned money.He has a girlfriend on the side and nearly 70 employees.A very busy man.There is a fast paced unexpected crime that will happen that will knock your socks off.Necessary WomenA 14 year old girl watches her Mother die in poverty. Her Dad is a truck driver who is gone for long periods before he goes to his next destination.She tells her dad [...]

    7. I just LOVE everything Karin Slaughter writes. This time, we get three short stories to get our teeth into. They are quirky and dark, and had me hooting with laughter.The first story is of a man who owns a car dealership, Charlie Lam. He is sexist and a rather unpleasant crook. He gets a taste of his own medicine.Story number two is of a young teenager. A girl has taken over the running of the home, following the death of her mum. We see that the girl has interesting culinary skills. I will say [...]

    8. It's been a while since I read Karin Slaughter, but this has reminded me that I should get back to her books.A collection of three short stories, all with a twisted theme.In the first story "Go Deep", Charlie Lam has worked hard to make something of himself. But somewhere along the way he has lost his respect for other people. Someone thinks it is time he learnt to regain that respect.The second story "Necessary Women" was my favorite. A 15 year old motherless girl has her father's girlfriend fo [...]

    9. Go Deep - 4.5/5 starsThis was a quirky, magical realism story set in the 1970s and featuring a used car salesman. Loved it.Necessary Women - 4/5 starsWow that was grim. The shortest story in the anthology but it definitely packs the biggest punch.Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line - 5/5 stars My favourite by a long way, it was laugh out loud hilarious, and full of awesome characters. The story follows our narrator Mindy Patel as she heads out to the deep south to verify a world record for the longest [...]

    10. There are very few things in the world capable of pleasing me more than finding one of my favourite authors on NetGalley with the chance to advance read one of their books. So, to start off, I will begin with the good news. NetGalley and the publisher made my day when I was accepted to read this – honestly, thank you for that – and I jumped straight in. Unfortunately, after reading Three Twisted Stories, I find myself giving my lowest rating to anything by Karin Slaughter that I have read.I [...]

    11. When award-winning crime thriller author, Karin Slaughter writes, her fans listen! When she says, “THREE TWISTED STORIES” is different, “it is”. No worries, Karin still brings her bold, edgy, and dark humor to a collection of twisted tales, with murder of course; and creativity and imagination only she can pull off! You have to love her; being she is my favorite female crime author, and she lives and writes about Atlanta, another added bonus, since I spent most of my career there, before [...]

    12. Three Twisted Stories is a collection of twisted short stories written by author Karin Slaughter. I'm pretty new when it comes to Ms. Slaughter's novels but what I've read so far, I've absolutely loved. So seeing this easy audiobook collection pop up at my library had me excited. As you can see below, I loved them! I can acknowledge that they may not be for everyone - you will see that from the variety of reviews - but I am definitely a fan and will be reading many more of Ms. Slaughter's books [...]

    13. I don't usually read short stories, but I am a big fan of Karin Slaughter's Will Trent and Grant County series, which is why I wanted to read Three Twisted Stories.The book contains three stories - Go Deep (the longest story, with nine chapters), Necessary Women and Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line. Each story is well written and highly readable and I didn't feel like I was missing out by not reading a longer novel.Go Deep was my favourite of the three stories. It was a little slow to start with, b [...]

    14. Not much like her excellent series. These three stories are appropriately titled "twisted." Go Deep is the longest and best, with real character development, delving into the age-old issue of biases, and, like a Cracker Jack box, it has a surprise inside: it probably deserves three stars. The other two are stinkers in my opinion. Necessary Women is depressing, about a girl with a horrific existence, and Remmy Rothstein, which is written in a series of diary-type entries, a format that is usually [...]

    15. Karin Slaughter is a good writer, but this collection of shorts didn't appeal to me. Just a little too much like the Twilight Zone for my taste. I'm also not a fan of dark humor that borders on the vulgar side.

    16. These are three very different off-beat stories from master of suspense, Karin Slaughter.The first, a novella, Go Deep, is dark, very satirical and a little bit supernatural. Charlie Lam, a car salesman is a thoroughly despicable, sexist, racist character who thinks the world owes him. You’ll love what happens to him when he gets a serve of what he deserves. The second, very short story, Necessary Women, about a young girl stuck out in the boondocks after her mother has disappeared, is also ve [...]

    17. I love Karin Slaughter. I usually walk away from her books with a sense of unrest because I know it will be a long time until I can read another. I was excited to see Three Twisted Stories pop up on my friend Julie's reading list. Yay! New stories!! The title is apt. These stories are twisted. Go Deep left me with an uneasy, WTF? sensation. I listened to Necessary Women previously but it still disturbed me. Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line had me laughing hysterically. (Belachew Girma holds the rec [...]

    18. Omg! These were SO FUN!!! I totally ran the whole gamut of emotions (skeeved out, mortified, cracking up, etc etc) Now THAT is some GREAT writing, eh?! I admit, at first all I could do was miss Will & Sara & drug my literary feet a bit before reading this. WHAT A DOOFUS I AM! Seriously, if you are doing the same thing-waste not another minute! READ. THESE. STORIES. I loved the "Three Twisted Stories". A LOT.Record setting potential for most twisted short story? (Inside joke). Karin Slaug [...]

    19. 4.5 starsFor fans of the Will Trent and Grant County Series, this is probably going to come as a shock to those who favored the strictly love and mystery story lines opposed to the other readers who found the darker parts just as intriguing to read. As a Karin Slaughter reader, I fall into the latter group, and I am not shocked by the twisted and dark nature of these stories. These stories are equal parts clever and disturbing. The only reason this is not a complete 5 stars for me is because I f [...]

    20. Nobody writes shorts like Karin Slaughter. Take the leap of faith! You will be rewarded by an amazing reading experience.

    21. Karin Slaughter normally writes crowd-pleasing, commercial mainstream thrillers which I rarely find too interesting. So I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Three Twisted Stories, especially the longest of them, Go Deep. It’s a wickedly witty depiction of justified retribution visited upon an utterly deserving, thoroughly despicable, unreconstructed chauvinist pig. Set three or four decades ago, Go Deep is told from the perspective of Charlie Lam – a crook, a cheat, a bully and a bit of a b [...]

    22. Karin Slaughter is a great American crime writer. I have read most of her previous books and even had a character named after me in Broken. This was an obvious choice for me. Karin's crime novels are of a high standard and always keep you guessing. Her short stories and novellas try something a bit different. They look at the weird and wonderful and jump straight in to exploring quirky people. These Three Twisted stories are no different.The first story is about Charlie, the used car salesman in [...]

    23. Well first and foremost I cannot stress how much I love Karin Slaughters' booksexcept, unfortunatley, this one. The first story, Go Deep, started off really good. I liked the characters in that they were interesting and had a certain something about them. For me, this story reminded me a lot of something Stephen King would write. I liked the plot and thought it was clever in the sense of how it developed but the ending disappointed me. I know it is a short story but felt that just a little bit m [...]

    24. A short and not-too-sweet review from me this time. Sadly.I love Karin Slaughter. I struggled a little with Cop Town - which was a departure from her previous work - but appreciated the messages within the novel and I liked some of the key characters. Sadly the same can't be said for ANY of the characters in Slaughter's three short stories. I don't even know where to start. It's like Slaughter's REALLY tried to move away from her usual genre and more interested in shocking her readers than enter [...]

    25. As the title suggests this book is made up of three stories.Go Deep the first of the stories is the longest story and was by far my favourite one. The storyline reminded me very much of Stephen Kings book Thinner which I also loved. Charlie a cars salesman is your stereo typical male chauvinist and after a run in with a homeless man his whole world turns upside down. There were no likeable characters in this story or really throughout this book that I particularly liked but that didn't stop me f [...]

    26. Twisted? For sure. Also, sick, surreal, funny, disgusting, wtf?, bizarre, and just plain rad (that's what the kids say these days, right?). So we have three stores: Go Deep, set in April 1974, that stars a truly loathsome man who I sorta started to feel sorry for near the end. Very interesting and well-thought out tale. This is the longest story of the three. Necessary Women is the shortest and the one where I had inklings as it went on of where it would end up but it went even farther and surpr [...]

    27. Well, Karin promised us twisted and that's exactly what we get! Especially the first two stories, the language and content was not what I expected, but as a fan I insist on reading all of her work regardless. So, if you are easily offended, steer clear of this one. Overall, it's not my favorite of hers, but it's different and clever for sure!

    28. Twisted would be right. Story one was classic Slaughter with a touch of paranormal. Two was odd A bit of a twist I didn't see coming. I skimmed most of story three. Couldn't grasp the point of it.

    29. The first story was twisted but funny. The other two were just weird and crazy. Four stars over all. Mainly for the 1st story

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