Son of Hamas

Son of Hamas

Mosab Hassan Yousef Lidia Grădinaru / Jan 19, 2020

Son of Hamas Povestea ororilor petrecute in sanul gruparii teroriste Hamas Mosab Hassan Yousef este fiul unuia dintre liderii si fondatorii Hamasului Aceasta carte este autobiografia lui Desi crescut intr o famili

  • Title: Son of Hamas
  • Author: Mosab Hassan Yousef Lidia Grădinaru
  • ISBN: 9789738890169
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • Povestea ororilor petrecute in sanul gruparii teroriste Hamas.Mosab Hassan Yousef este fiul unuia dintre liderii si fondatorii Hamasului Aceasta carte este autobiografia lui Desi crescut intr o familie islamica, contrariat de violenta grupului din care facea parte, Yousef a decis sa se converteasca la crestinism si sa lucreze pentru Serviciile secrete israeliene.Mosab HaPovestea ororilor petrecute in sanul gruparii teroriste Hamas.Mosab Hassan Yousef este fiul unuia dintre liderii si fondatorii Hamasului Aceasta carte este autobiografia lui Desi crescut intr o familie islamica, contrariat de violenta grupului din care facea parte, Yousef a decis sa se converteasca la crestinism si sa lucreze pentru Serviciile secrete israeliene.Mosab Hassan Yousef si a petrecut copilaria dorind sa devina un luptator Hamas Era, de altfel, ceea ce se astepa de la orice copil arab din zona Cisiordania A fost arestat de israelieni de mai multe ori fiind fiul cel mai mare al seicului Hassan Yousef, era considerat urmasul legitim al acestuia si constituia ca viitoare parte importanta a Hamasului o amenintare puternica pentru partea israelita.A inceput sa aiba dubii despre Islam si despre organizatia Hamas atunci cand a vazut brutalitatea cu care se actiona in sanul acesteia, modul in care oamenii Hamasului se foloseau de civili si de copii pentru a si atinge scopurile.Cartea Fiul Hamasului este un raport din interior despre ce s a intamplat in anii 90 in interiorul Hamasului si al Serviciilor secrete israeliene.Mosab Hassan Yousef s a nascut in 1978, in Ramallah, oras aflat la 10 km nord fata de Ierusalim Tatal sau, seicul Hassan Yousef, a fost chiar unul dintre intemeietorii si liderii Hamasului si a petrecut multi ani in inchisorile israeliene.Intre 1997 2007, Mosab Hassan Yousef a fost spion al Israelului Shin Bet, serviciul israelian de securitate interna, a declarat ca Yousef a fost cea mai importanta sursa se spionaj pe care a avut o infiltrata in grupul liderilor Hamas.Intre 1999 2000 s a convertit la crestinism, iar in 2007 s a mutat in SUA Este renegat de familia sa.Mosab Hassan Yousef nu a primit bani pentru activitatea sa de spion israelian, motivatiile lui au fost ideologice si religioase.Yousef a fost direct contactat de agentii Shin Bet in 1996 I au aratat modul crunt in care Hamasul isi tortura colaboratorii suspecti A fost ceea ce l a determinat pe Yousef sa accepte propunerea Serviciilor secrete israeliene de a deveni informatorul lor A activat sub numele de cod Green Prince verde de la culoarea steagului islamist, iar print de la calitatea sa de fiu al fondatorului Hamas Serviciile acordate de Mosab Hassan Yousef taberei israeliene au contribuit la demascarea catorva celule secrete teroriste, la arestarea unor lideri palestinieni cheie Ibrahim Hamid, comandatul Hamasului in Cisiordania, si Marwan Barghouti si la prevenirea a zeci de atentate si atacuri asupra unor importante figuri israeliene se pare ca in 2001 a deconspirat tentativa de asasinare a lui Shimon Peres, pe atunci prim ministru, astazi presedinte al Israelului.

    Son of Hamas A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal The oldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founding member of Hamas and its most popular leader, young Mosab assisted his father for years in his political activities while being groomed to assume his legacy, politics, status and power. Mosab Hassan Yousef Yousef s co authored autobiography, Son of Hamas A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices, written with the assistance of Son of Hamas Mosab Hassan Yousef s weblog Son of top Hamas leader to produce epic historical account of the prophet Muhammad despite controversy surrounding Anti Islam film Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of the NY Times bestseller Son of Hamas, condemns the film Innocence of Muslims, on one hand, and the ignition of violent protests throughout the Arab world, on the other. Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef Jan , Son of Hamas is probably the most important book I ve read this year It s an autobiography account Mosab Yousef, eldest son of one of the founders of the terrorist organization Hamas, and an extraordinary insider s view of the infamous organization According to Yousef, Hamas didn t begin as a terrorist organization. Son of Hamas a Phony Israel National News Son of Hamas Denounced as a Phony Yousef became a celebrity when he wrote his book, which detailed how he assisted Israeli agents against Hamas As the son of a high ranking Hamas official, he had access to real time information that helped the Shin Bet nab numerous wanted terrorists and saved many Israeli lives. Son of Hamas A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal Son of Hamas A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices by Mosab Hassan Yousef Son of Hamas is now available with an all new chapter about events since the book s release such as the revelation of Mosab s Israeli intelligence handler s true identity, and Homeland Security s effort to deport the author. Son of Hamas Mosab Hassan Yousef The oldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founding member of Hamas and its most popular leader, young Mosab assisted his father for years in his political activities while being groomed to assume his legacy, politics, status and power. JPost News, Son of Hamas Time to expose Muhammad YouTube Jul , Mosab Yousef in a candid interview about the prophet s role in perpetuating terror Read the full article here More from The Jerusalem Video Son of Hamas aish The most poignant thing he said was Hamas was born to destroy, they don t know how to build This is the meat of the matter When you see the terrible living conditions, you have to feel sorry for the people that Hamas dominates. Mosab Hassan Yousef Son of Hamas Founder tells the truth Jul , Mosab Hassan Yousef Son of Hamas Founder reveals the truth about how Hamas Terror group aims to kill civilians and uses Palestinian Children as human shields CNN

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    1. I haven't read much so far, and I am duly and genuinely shocked, just as I am supposed to be, about the terrible things the Israelis did on a daily basis to the occupants of the Gaza strip. I am not terribly impressed with the glossing-over of the 'guaranteed-non-violent, peaceful, moderate' stance of Hamas during this time. When I read, continually and in detail, that the Israelis often shot innocent Palestinians for just being Palestinians but that a Palestinian just went and shot a couple of [...]

    2. Here is a book to break your heart. Mosab Yousef is the son of one of the founders of Hamas, and was intimately involved in its operations. He was also doing intelligence work for the Israelis, all while in the process of becoming a Christian. This one really is a page turner. With regard to the Palestinian situation, this book will really give you a different vantage point from which to look at everything. When you are done, you will ache for everybody over there, and be angry with everybody ov [...]

    3. I'm skeptical of many of the author's claims and have a strong feeling that he's telling us what he thinks we want to hear in these troubled times. The book is strongly self-serving and I doubt that his alleged conversion to Christianity is valid.He lied to the Israelis, he lied to his Hamas compatriots, he lied to his familyd I think he lies to his readers.

    4. You don't comprehend the sociopolitical relationship between Israel and Hamas!? Neither do I. Neither do most of us. Neither, still, do people living in Israel and the occupied territories--who have a mortal interest in their own sociopolitics. Neither do people who work for Israeli Defense Forces (military), Mossad (CIA equivalent), or the Shin Bet (FBI equivalent)--who have a security interest in the sociopolitics. Neither do people in Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, or the Palestinian Authority--who [...]

    5. لا اعرف كيف ابدأ حديثي عن هذا الكتاب الصادم.بدايةُ الحكاية كانت عندما سمعنا في وسائل الأخبار عن هروب ابن القيادي في حركة حماس الشيخ حسن يوسف إلى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وارتداده عن الدين الإسلامي وتحوله إلى الديانة المسيحية بالإضافة إلى اعترافه بالتجسس لصالح الكيان الص [...]

    6. There is little I could say that would do justice to this book. If there are criticisms that could be made, I won't make them. This is a deeply felt story of a life. So far it's still a somewhat young life and I pray the best for the writer.Is this book inspiring? In some ways. Is the book frightening? Yes in other ways. Are there lessons to be learned? Undoubtedly. Is there Hope in this story? Yes.I'm not here to lecture, I'm not here to give a synopsis. I'll avoid that as anything I might say [...]

    7. One of the most moving events in the New Testament is the story of Saul going on his way to Damascus to persecute the infant Catholic Church there. On the way, he was blinded by a light and confronted with a Voice that inquired: "Saul, why do you persecute Me?"Saul eventually became St.Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles and one of the greatest saints."Son of Hamas" is the fascinating and moving memoir of Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Palestinian who is also a son of one of the founding leaders of Hamas, [...]

    8. بدايةً يتحدّث عن أبيه بكلّ احترام، لا يتهمّ أباه بالارهاب أو شيء من هذا القبيل، بل يقول إنّ والده "كان مختلفًا عن باقي الرجال المسلمين" و إنّه لم يرَ منه سوى الجانب الجيّد والطيّب من الاسلام. عدا ذلك يشنّ هجومًا على مبادئ الاسلام ويعتبره دينًا ارهابيّا وكذلك حركة حماس--لا يكتف [...]

    9. What the heck do I do with this book?Initially Mosab enraged me. The author's perspective as a Palestinian engaging in gratuitous acts of violence toward Israelis as a child and painting the Israelis as the big bad bullies was infuriating, especially in light of the recent murder of a three-month-old Israeli baby by Palestinians, not to mention a bomb just a few blocks away from me targeting innocent civilians at a bus station going about their business.But then Mosab writes about his offer from [...]

    10. It's hard to know where to start in reviewing this controversial book about a controversial part of the world and a controversial choice made by its author, but the number of stars should be a hint. I came to this book with little other than a cursory knowledge of the tenets of Islam and the intricate workings of the Middle East conflict, and eager to learn. I was most interested, as a Christian, to read how a son of Hamas came to a place where he was willing to renounce not only terrorism but I [...]

    11. This is a fascinating book written by the son of one of the founders of the Hamas, a Palestinian terror organization. It chronicles his youth as the son of a devout Muslim iman, to his years in prison, then follows his years as a spy for Israel. Mosab's autobiography reads like a spy thriller. He was uniquely positioned to see the inner workings of the Palestinian terror organizations plus the inner world of the Israeli FBI. The book is interesting on two fronts: First, it is an inside view on t [...]

    12. It is important to understand the Arab-Israeli conflict, for it is at the literal and figurative center of religious and political strife today. Son of Hamas gives the reader a ground view of this conflict from 1987 to 2007 through the eyes of its author, Mosab Hassan Yousef. His perspective is a unique one, for not only is Yousef the first born son of one of founders of Hamas, he became an intelligence asset of the Shin Bet - Israel’s internal security service. Balancing these two whether pat [...]

    13. I would never have picked up this book to read on my own. I'm so glad it was a bookclub book. I've always been sort of pro-Israel when hearing about events in the conflict between them and the Palestinians. This is probably due to all the WWII and Holocaust books I've read. Why can't they finally have a country of their own? And what better place than their original spot? Right? Reading this book was such an education. To see things from the point of view of a Palestinian who ended up not hating [...]

    14. There’s a saying that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. This book is proof that truth can be more exciting as well.Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the founders of Hamas, an Islamic resistance movement which has been classified as a terrorist organization. His father remains one of the organization’s most prominent members and spokesmen.This book, written with help from Ron Brackin, is Mosab’s story of growing up in the Gaza Strip, taking part in the A [...]

    15. Son of Hamas is probably the most important book I've read this year. It's an autobiography account Mosab Yousef, eldest son of one of the founders of the terrorist organization Hamas, and an extraordinary insider's view of the infamous organization. According to Yousef, Hamas didn't begin as a terrorist organization. In fact, his father isn't a terrorist in one sense (Yousef is at pains to paint his father as a man who doesn't engage in or actively encourage acts of terror), but rather a benign [...]

    16. I have been wanting to read this book for a while now. It was probably a year ago that I heard Yousef speak at a live gathering, and I was intrigued then. The pace of the narrative, and the matter-of-fact way it is presented, make it easy to forget that this is an autobiography. It's hard for a Westerner like myself to realize things like torture, interrogation, and bullet dodging are actually a reality for some people. The greatest thing I was able to take away from this book was a deeper under [...]

    17. لن أنظر إلى الكتاب كما نظر له البعض بأنه محاولة من محاولات الصهاينة لدفعنا للتشكيك وإثارة الفتن، ومع أنّه يُحتمل ذلك، إلا أن قراءتي للكتاب كانت لسبب آخر وللأسف؛ عندما انتهيت من قراءتي للكتاب، نما لديّ اليقينُ بأنّه مجرّد "محاولةٍ" أخرىلقد قرأتُ الكتابَ بدافع معرفةِ السبب ال [...]

    18. The title of this book describes exactly what it is. It is a gripping, powerful, terrifying tale of unbelievable choices, political intrigue and betrayal of the most potent sort.Mosab Hassan Yousef, known as the "Green Prince" to the Shin Bet (an Israeli intelligence service comparable to America's FBI), is the oldest song of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a cofounder and leader of Hamas since 1986. What is Hamas? It is an Islamic resistance movement in the West Bank and Gaza, listed by several organizat [...]

    19. Mosab begins his book with a letter to his family, acknowledging the pain, deep wounds, and separation he has caused by his choices. Had he stayed and become a terrorist, he would have gained the status of hero, dedicated to his faith, family and nation. But he does not think he would have been much of a hero, based on the Lord’s commands he now holds dearly. Instead, he is now considered a traitor in their eyes, bringing shame instead of pride. Once a royal prince, he is now a stranger in a f [...]

    20. I can’t tell whether this book is the product of an elaborate disinformation campaign or simply the excrement of a feeble mind. Either way, it is total crap.The purported author is the son of a founding member of Hamas and his muse has connections to the Washington Times – I guess I should have known what I was in store for once I learned that the Moonies were involved. Anyway, his goal to deliberately distort history is demonstrated straight off as the “Time Line” appended to the story [...]

    21. Apparently this book was a best seller and caused all kinds of waves when it was published. I must live under a rock because I never heard of it, though I vaguely remember hearing something about the author possibly being deported (he wasn't). Anyway, I caught it on the Kindle for like one dollar and it looked interesting.It was interesting. Parts of it were fascinating. When Mosab stuck to telling of his relationship with his father, a major Hamas leader, and of his spiritual journey to Christi [...]

    22. I can't remember running out and getting a book hot off the shelf like I did with this book and it lived up to every penny. First of all if you are any bit interested in the complicated middle east conflict this book will educate you on the war that won't end. This isn't a simple political conflict, this is a vast web of history, faith, family and land. He shares his unique experience, as son of Hamas as he grows in his new found faith and also journeys through the sad reality that Islam will ne [...]

    23. I wasn't optimistic about reading a true story when the young man says on page 10 that the Arabs lost because they were outgunned and outnumbered in the First Arab-Israeli War in 1948. But on the next page he begins to talk about the psychology of Islamic extremism and redeems his story a bit. The book is an easy read and, if the events related are reasonably accurate, he has an interesting story. He whitewashes much of the Palestinian terror actions and paints Israelis in a bad light in most si [...]

    24. It seemed to flow pretty well. It may seem a bit disjointed because it was obvious he wasn't telling the whole story. He left a lot out and changed names and places. If he really was a Shin Bet spy, then much of his story is classified. This may be a spoiler if you have not read it all, but he becomes a Christian, is baptized, resigns from Shin Bet and immigrates to the U.S. The fact that he gets through security so easily and into the U.S. on an almost expired visa is chalked up to divine inter [...]

    25. I admit that as an Israel-loving Christian I had some reservations, but they were dispelled. There is so much I learned about "the other side". I knew next to nothing about the lives of Palestinian Arabs, how and by whom they are led, and this book shed quite some light on that. While I don't expect non-Christians to do so, I totally agree with M. H. Y.'s final conclusion.What I admired most are Mosab's courage to go public like this, the fact that he shows no bitterness towards Israel and his l [...]

    26. An unbelievable true story of the son of a high ranking Hamas leader in the Palestinian Territory. "The Green Prince" as named by the Israeli CIA (shin Bet) tells about his life as a double agent. It is a riveting account of why there may never be peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis as there are fundamental cultural beliefs that must change before peace can be attained. His life and story is testament to this. The book will surprise the reader with a spiritual discovery that helps to [...]

    27. I read this book for an ecumenical book club that I belong to. It is quite interesting to discuss. I learned a lot about the difficult histories of Palestine and Israel. The part I liked best was the fact that Yousef's father was a good man, as were his Israeli contact when the author became a spy, the Christians that mentored Mosab were also good people. So there is good in the best of us no matter what our religion may be.

    28. Es un testimonio de un conflicto que va más allá de la lucha por territorio y religión, es una lucha de ideologías y creencias, y por mas que capturen a las cabezas del movimiento, no se va a llegar a una paz duradera. Hasta que la humanidad entienda que lo más importante es el respeto a los demás en todo el ámbito de la palabra, será cuando llegue la paz verdadera.

    29. I started reading this and stopped to read some reviews on when I got a weird feeling about it. Apparently this is less of a book about personal experiences of middle eastern politics, and more of a book about how the only way to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict is for everyone to become Christian.

    30. Got 50 pages into it, and it just didn't ring true - self serving, more like. Bad boy made good but I really wasn't that bad. He annoyed me immensely from very early on, and I gave up before I got really upset.

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