My Favorite Husband

My Favorite Husband

Pam McCutcheon / Aug 21, 2019

My Favorite Husband After five years of being lost in the archaeologist Chaz Vincent has finally come home to his wife Kelly only to learn that she has had him declared dead When he attends his own funeral Chaz find

  • Title: My Favorite Husband
  • Author: Pam McCutcheon
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  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After five years of being lost in the , archaeologist Chaz Vincent has finally come home to his wife, Kelly, only to learn that she has had him declared dead When he attends his own funeral, Chaz finds out that Kelly married another man just that morning Now she has to choose between them Who will be her favorite husband Sequel Caught in the Act A breath of freAfter five years of being lost in the , archaeologist Chaz Vincent has finally come home to his wife, Kelly, only to learn that she has had him declared dead When he attends his own funeral, Chaz finds out that Kelly married another man just that morning Now she has to choose between them Who will be her favorite husband Sequel Caught in the Act A breath of fresh humor in the land of romantic comedy Laughter, sex, a hero to die for what else could the romance reader want My Favorite Husband is a laugh out loud hit Sandra Hill, New York Times Bestselling Author Taking a page from movie classic My Favorite Wife, Pam McCutcheon dishes up a delightfully amusing and wacky comedy Over the top fun and humor make this a screwball classic Jill M Smith, Romantic Times four stars My Favorite Husband is by far one of the most pleasurable books I have read this year From page one the action never stops I could not put the book down I stayed awake into the wee hours reading and laughing and turning pages and laughing some The secondary characters are integral to the story, and provide tons of comic relief, but the focus is on Kelly and Chaz and the decisions they must make The romance is poignant and sexy, and Chaz is the ultimate romantic hero Ms McCutcheon expertly intertwines laughter and fun within different plot threads, and just when I thought she had them all together, she adds yet another twist to this wonderful story My Favorite Husband is a fun and exciting escape from everyday life, and is well deserving of Romance Review Today s Perfect 10 award Diana Risso, Romance Reviews Today Five stars This romantic comedy testifies that if something can go wrong it will go wrong This is the best romantic comedy I ve read this year I read this book in a day I couldn t put it down I carried it with me all around my house Yeah, my husband thought I was totally bonkers, especially when I burst out in hysterical laughter My Favorite Husband is a must read Melissa Alvarez, About Five Roses This book was a riot from cover to cover, the laughs just kept coming The scenes where Chaz and Spencer compete for Kelly by having the best date are some of the funniest I have ever read Think rappelling, spying, wining, dining, and of course a little lovin These two men are polar opposites, Chaz is Indiana Jones come to life and Spencer is a debonair man about town How can one woman chose between two wonderful men like them Well it is no easy choice, but to console all you happy ending fanatics, I will share one little secret both men end up happy at this end of this book I had a hard time putting this little gem down If romantic comedy is what you like then take my advice and put Pam McCutcheon s new novel, My Favorite Husband at the top of your shopping list Jen, A Romance Review Reminiscent of the old screwball romantic comedies, My Favorite Husband will make you laugh until your sides ache as Kelly tries to straighten out the complicated mess her life suddenly becomes Author Pam McCutcheon has used her considerable talent for comedy to catch and hold the reader s attention as Kelly moves from room to room in the classy hotel Spencer had chosen for their honeymoon She doesn t move alone, but unwillingly with an entourage of self interested characters who are hilarious in their efforts to complicate further an already tabled situation.

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    1. To be blunt, I hated this book, pretty much from the beginning. I think it's probably that I hated the main character. I found her annoying, unbelievable, and of poor character. I wanted to stop reading right away, but I hate not finishing a book. You never know when the book might turn around. For me, this one just never did. Given my reaction to this book, it's unlikely I'll read anything else by this author.

    2. Couldn't finish this book, but I really wanted to like itThis book could've been hysterical. A woman is set to marry her second husband of the day her presumed-dead first husband resurfaces. it sounds like the perfect setting for an outlandish, hysterical, fluffy piece of escape literature. Unfortunately, the whole plot of this book centers around the main character being terrified is being called a polygamist, and thus being forced to hide out with both her husbands so as to avoid the waiting p [...]

    3. I seriously hate to give bad reviews but sometimes it just can't be helped. On the plus side, I was somewhat entertained by this comedy of errors. There were parts that made me laugh but that was mostly due to the pure absurdity of the situation. There weren't any glaring grammatical errors which is a big pet peeve of mine. But everything went downhill from there. The gist of the story is girl's husband is lost during a plane crash in some remote jungle. Girl marries husband #2. Husband #1 retur [...]

    4. I think I'm done. Like many others said, it had a promising synopsis. It absolutely could have been funny and interesting, but the author fell flat. It's too predictable at this time. And I agree with another rater: they seemed more horny than in love. Which is sad. I'm actually more lenient on books usually but I found myself wishing I could rewrite every scene to cause the audience some suspense.Luckily, this was free. I only read 45% of the book and that was basically, lazily forcing myself.

    5. Cute Twist to a Couple of Old Movies.I loved the two movies that came before this book, but you left out the kids , and nobody can perform in this movie like Doris Day and Rock Hudson, and Chuck Connors (who played the stranded castaway with Doris Day), in the second film version that this book is loosely based on. It's always been a great movie, and I believe the twists in this book would be great for a movie based on this different perspective of the originals. The brother in this story got to [...]

    6. I was promised this was going to be funny.I did not laugh once.I didn't have to finish this to know who she will choose, it was obvious from the beginning. Actually rephrase that, when we find out Kelly's boss, Caroline, is in love with her second husband Spencer, that's when I put the book down and gave up.**Just a heads up, this might be spoiler, but who know cause I actually didn't finish this.Without finishing it I bet you Kelly ends up with Chaz, her first husband.Caroline ends up with Spen [...]

    7. This book was so much fun reading! Who gets married to one husband and buries another on the same day? Well Kelly does. What she did not plan on is her "deceased" husband showing up alive to his own funeral! When you think things cannot get worse for Kelly you are proved wrong. There were so many funny twists and turns that I was hook! I was rooting from the beginning for her first husband, Chaz to win her back. He was definitely My Favorite Husband!I would highly recommend this book!

    8. If you like your rom coms over the top and in your face, then give this book a go. It's based on a Cary Grant movie, and I can easily visualise these scenes playing out on a screen. It just wasn't really my cup of tea.

    9. What a cute contemporary romance! I can see this as a Hallmark movie. It's quirky and fun with interesting characters. Kelly's getting remarried! Her wedding day should be blissful until her presumed dead husband shows up for the funeral that the same day.

    10. The errors in this book were beyond frustrating and there was so much that didn't make sense to me!? It was clear from the second what the end result was going to be.

    11. Do not waste your time on this book. I have a pretty hard time dropping a book I've begun, or I wouldn't have wasted my time either. The genre was listed as romantic comedy and the synopsis sounded interesting. It turns out to be a screwball comedy with ridiculous and underdeveloped characters. In short, a woman's husband of three years disappears in the ian jungle. After five years, she has him declared dead and marries a co-worker with whom she has supposedly fallen in love. The day of her wed [...]

    12. I normally don't read romance novels, but picked this up because the synopsis reminded me so much of one of my favorite old movies, "Move Over Darlin" with Doris Day and James Garner (which itself was a remake of the Cary Grant/Irene Dunne vehicle "My Favorite Wife). While this book has some similarities to the movie, it in no way is as entertaining.Rather than be entertained by the characters, I found them mostly annoying. Whiny, indecisive and unbelievable are not endearing. Would a woman real [...]

    13. omg what a stupid book. i can't believe i wasted my time on such garbage. if you're gonna write a book, make it a little believable just a little bit. if you're into ridiculous books, and if you're into reading the same things over and over and over, this is for you. my god i never seen such repetitive writing in my life. this isnt even worth one star!

    14. I chose to read this book because the description sounded interesting to me. The first thing I thought is who would have a wedding and funeral on the same day?! Crazy right!Parts of the book were very hectic and all over the place but it was a very amusing book. If you're looking for an easy book to read that's kind of silly and not at all difficult to get into then this could be a good one.

    15. I found this book for free using bookbub. It was fine as a free read or for checking out from the library. It was very unbelievable but I think the author was looking more to be humorous and there were definitely parts that made me laugh. If you are looking for a deep read, there isn't much meat to this one. For a light read, this is a fine choice.

    16. This story was uncessarily long with no direction. Unfortunately this is a direct rip off of "The Perfect Wife" Directed by Garson Kanin in 1940

    17. My Favorite Husband is a romantic comedy by Pam McCrutcheon. This is a hilarious novel about the unlikely occurrence of a bride having two real husbands. On what should be the happiest day of her life, Kelly Richmond was not having a good day. The only one who knew how she felt was her brother Scott. Her mother, Claire, was too excited about the wedding to pay attention to Kelly. Today, Kelly was to marry her business partner, Scott Vincent and leave for her honeymoon. Between the time she marri [...]

    18. A wedding and memorial in the same day is the way this book starts out. Kelly makes it through the wedding but during the memorial for her husband, who was recently declared dead after missing for five years, he, Chaz appears. So Kelly, Chaz, and her brother, Scott, all load up in the limousine her current husband, Spencer, had waiting to whisk Kelly to their honeymoon. What you might think is going to be a comedy ends up mind numbing boring. With full disclosure, I ended up skipping from chapte [...]

    19. A crazy twist on love, life and change, one man comes back to the comedic horror of his own funeral, then discovers his wife has remarried - that same day. A humorous exploration of love and life, and why we hold dear the things we do. The author makes a point with great levity that women and men live out loyalty and love in different ways. What is more tempting to you? The man who is not dead asking if Elvis is in the casket at his memorial service? The man who tries to re-shape you into his id [...]

    20. The book is filled with likable quirkiness! Kelly's husband Chaz is missing 5 years. She declares him legally dead. And on the same day as Chaz's memorial service, she weds Spencer. While Spencer is waiting for her at the hotel, she attends the memorial. Only problem- so does Chaz. She faints, when she realizes it's him. When she comes to, she learns that Chaz had been held in captivity. Chaz wants to make sure Kelly tells Spencer it's over so Chaz and Scott (Kelly's brother) jump in the Limo wi [...]

    21. Despite all the bad reviews I read this book anyway. I'm glad that I did. It wasn't a horrible book, it just wasn't a great book. Scott was the best character in this book. I wish the author would have wrote a book featuring him. There was a few funny moments. There were a lot of eye rolling moments. I shook my head at the absurdity of the attitude of some of the characters (the mother), especially towards the end. I feel that the author, by the end, just wanted to wrap things up in a nice bow a [...]

    22. I picked this as a bit of light reading. Which is what it was. It's like candy floss. Light, airy, a little bit of fun. By no means brilliant, but ideal for the person who always has to be reading something and has just finished something that either took a while to read or was heavy going. Or perhaps for on a beach or on a plane or train.That being said, I was interested to see which husband was the favorite and had one I was rooting for over the other. I wanted to see how it ended. I read this [...]

    23. PROCRASTINATION STATION ***To be honest, I thought this book could've ended a lot sooner than what it did. A lot of it was quite unrealistic eg hotel staff letting media everywhere. The main characters were annoying as hell and some of the language used was super irritating/misplaced. On the positive side, it was easy to read and was a trashy, chick novella you could pick up without having to invest anything into it. Just a shame some of the central components of the book were missing.Group: Pro [...]

    24. Spoiler alert!!! Kelly finds herself in the most surreal position of having to choose between her first and second husband whilst married to them both sort of. This book was light reading but did me me laugh out loud. the sexy scene that used the words "suckling" and "nub" was a little awkward but I guess that just added to the comedy value for me. If I was Kelly, I wouldn't have chosen either of them!!!

    25. Fun but annoyingMy Favourite Husband is your typical chick-lit so if you like that sort of thing, it's great. It does drag on, however, and the main characters aren't always likeable. In fact, they can be downright annoying. Some of the supporting characters are much more interesting and should have bigger roles whereas others are completely redundant. The ending is pretty obvious from the beginning but, hey, that's chick-lit.

    26. A bit of funI enjoyed this story, it was light hearted and funny, I have to admit I wasn't keen on the main lady Kelly and have no idea why 2 men would ever fight over her as I didn't really find her to be that great and she was a bit Ott on the woe is me side. Bit the story as a whole deserves a 5* as kept me entertained and laughing

    27. Very cute and funnyQuick and fun read. With a great group of characters, this book is interesting from beginning to end. Kelly has to make a choice between a man that excites her and a man that speaks to her more refined side. Never a dull moment and definitely a perfect pick for romance readers.

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