Cat in a Yellow Spotlight: A Midnight Louie Mystery (The Midnight Louie Mysteries)

Cat in a Yellow Spotlight: A Midnight Louie Mystery (The Midnight Louie Mysteries)

Carole Nelson Douglas / Aug 18, 2019

Cat in a Yellow Spotlight A Midnight Louie Mystery The Midnight Louie Mysteries USA TODAY Bestselling series Midnight Louie is the funniest hairiest hard boiled PI on the planet JANET EVANOVICH FUN FROTHY AND CHARMING Publishers Weekly Readers are biting their nails as the pop

  • Title: Cat in a Yellow Spotlight: A Midnight Louie Mystery (The Midnight Louie Mysteries)
  • Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
  • ISBN: 1500926205
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • USA TODAY Bestselling series Midnight Louie is the funniest, hairiest, hard boiled PI on the planet JANET EVANOVICH FUN, FROTHY AND CHARMING Publishers Weekly Readers are biting their nails as the popular alphabetic Midnight Louie feline PI mystery series nears its end with this 26th entry Even then, Las Vegas s hairiest sleuth whose feline noir voice has been compUSA TODAY Bestselling series Midnight Louie is the funniest, hairiest, hard boiled PI on the planet JANET EVANOVICH FUN, FROTHY AND CHARMING Publishers Weekly Readers are biting their nails as the popular alphabetic Midnight Louie feline PI mystery series nears its end with this 26th entry Even then, Las Vegas s hairiest sleuth whose feline noir voice has been compared to Hammett, Hammer, and Nathan Detroit will not be hanging up his fedora CAT IN A YELLOW SPOTLIGHT The Las Vegas reunion show of a groundbreaking multi ethnic band revives a deadly duel between its two divas Now petite PR powerhouse Temple Barr and her faithful feline roommate Midnight Louie, assisted by the Vegas Cat Pack, must sniff out clues to save the Crystal Phoenix hotel s reputation and any at risk lives, including their own Tabloids went wild over the shocking disappearance of Black White s two singing divas and flamboyant manager years earlier The women made comebacks, but manager Cale Watson was never seen again As murder stalks the rehearsing band members, Temple moves into the celebrity hotel suites to uncover sabotage, while Louie and the Vegas Cat Pack sniff out clues like, um, dogs Meanwhile, Temple s ex, magician Max Kinsella, makes a shocking decision Deadly encounters and unexpected reunions force all the main characters into unforeseen loss and disclosure, the suspense leavened by Douglas s characteristic wit and heart For sleuths and suspects, it all comes down to the black and white lies that destroy hopes, lives, and family Secret revealed Douglas plans a final entry to follow the Z book, Cat in an Alphabet Endgame The series first two non alphabetic titles, Catnap and Pussyfoot, have been reissued in ebook as Cat in an Alphabet Soup and Cat in an Aqua Storm So in this typically fun filled, witty and comic Midnight Louie outing, Douglas tackles a multitude of serious and topical issues including monogamy, celibacy, sexual responsibility and familial responsibility, theology, stalking, sanity and lack of same, honor and commitment, and the keeping of vows and trusts M0STLY MURDER on Cat in a Flamingo Fedora BESTSELLING NOVELS FEATURING MIDNIGHT LOUIE AND TEMPLE BARR The always engaging Midnight Louie prowls the alleys of Las Vegas solving crimes and romancing runaways like a furry Sam Spade People Nine lives wouldn t be nearly enough for this dude Publishers Weekly glitters and snaps like the town that inspired it NORA ROBERTS a finale that ll run you within a whisker of your ninth life Kirkus Never a dull moment Library Journal Sophisticated, mainstream, and upmarket CAROLYN NICHOLS The most erudite feline ever, Midnight Louie Mostly Murder Wild, witty, and utterly irresistible San Francisco Chronicle ABOUT THE AUTHOR Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of the bestselling Feline Noir Midnight Louie mysteries She penned the New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Good Night, Mr Holmes, about Irene Adler, and also writes the Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, noir urban fantasies She specializes in witty, adventurous novels in the mystery thriller, high and urban fantasy, and romance women s fiction genres A former award winning newspaper reporter, she three has lifetime achievement awards in mystery suspense from RT Book Reviews and has won many Cat Writers Association Muse Medallions In 2012, she was inducted into the Texas Literary Hall of Fame She rescues cats and the occasional dog in her spare time.

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      293 Carole Nelson Douglas
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        Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of sixty three award winning novels in contemporary and historical mystery suspense and romance, high and urban fantasy and science fiction genres She is best known for two popular mystery series, the Irene Adler historical suspense novels and the 28 book Midnight Louie contemporary mystery series Delilah Street, PI Paranormal Investigator , headlines Carole s noir Urban Fantasy series.Once Upon a Midnight Noir is out in eBook and trade paperback versions This author designed and illustrated collection of three mystery stories with a paranormal twist and a touch of romance features two award winning stories featuring Midnight Louie, feline PI and Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator in a supernatural run Las Vegas A third story completes the last unfinished story fragment of Edgar Allan Poe, as a Midnight Louie Past Life adventure set in 1790 Norland on a isolated island lighthouse Louie is a soldier of fortune, a la Puss in Boots.Next out are Midnight Louie s Cat in an Alphabet Endgame in hardcover, trade paperback and eBook Aug 23, 2016.All the Irene Adler novels, the first to feature a woman from the Sherlock Holmes Canon as a crime solver, are now available in eBook.Carole was a college theater and English literature major She was accepted for grad school in Theater at the University of Minnesota and Northwestern University, and could have worked as an editorial assistant at Vogue magazine a la The Devil Wears Prada but wanted a job closer to home She worked as a newspaper reporter and then editor in the Minneapolis St Paul area During her time there, she discovered a long, expensive classified advertisement offering a black cat named Midnight Louey to the right home for one dollar and wrote a feature story on the plucky survival artist, putting it into the cat s point of view The cat found a country home, but its name was revived for her feline PI mystery series many years later Some of the Midnight Louie series entries include the dedication For the real and original Midnight Louie Nine lives were not enough Midnight Louie has now had 32 novelistic lives and features in several short stories as well.Hollywood and Broadway director, playwright, screenwriter and novelist Garson Kanin took Carole s first novel to his publisher on the basis of an interview article she d done with him five years earlier My friend Phil Silvers, he wrote, would say he d never won an interview yet, but he had never had the luck of you Carole is a literary chameleon who s had novels published in many genres, and often mixes such genre elements as mystery and suspense, fantasy and science fiction, romance with mainstream issues, especially the roles of women.


    1. I was so excited that in the epilogue of this alphabetical mystery series, Midnight Louie reveals that his adventures won't end with the next book. Love this sassy cat and his adventures solving murders in Vegas.

    2. Cat in a Yellow Spotlight: A Midnight Louie Mysteryby Carole Nelson DouglasThis is the 26th episode in the Midnight Louie mystery series -- the second series that is, as Midnight Louie starred in a 4-issue series prior to this one, so, in reality, Douglas has now penned not 26 Midnight Louie adventures, but 30. In the first four books, classified, I believe, as romances, Louie was the house cat at the Crystal Phoenix, owned by Nicky Fontana, and these books detailed the romance and marriage of N [...]

    3. This was a classic Midnight Louie book -- but we're moving closer to the end, and things are getting tense!I've been reading the Alphabetical Midnight Louie books since around "Cat in a Midnight Choir" - I checked them out of the library, at first, and then gradually got my own copies, and read and re-read the first half of the series until "Cat in a Neon Nightmare" came out, and since then I've been reading them almost as soon as they've come out (I lagged a little with this release ended up wi [...]

    4. Once again Midnight Louie, along with Midnight Louise and his mom's clowder, comes to the rescue. Temple is tasked with "babysitting" a reunion band that will be opening at the Crystal Phoenix. So she is moved in to the suites with the band so she can keep an eye on them and figure out if someone is trying to sabotage the act. But how do you keep an eye on such a motley group when one of the divas is falling apart, a dead body is found on the set, and secrets are being held by everyone?In the me [...]

    5. This is the "Y" book in the alphabetical Midnight Louie mystery series. Las Vegas PR maven Temple Barr is given the assignment to handle the PR for the top-secret reunion of Black and White, a popular rock group that had a spectacular breakup 20 years before. When one of the divas shows signs of drug abuse, Temple needs to get to the bottom of it before it derails the reunion. She is aided by her intrepid cat, Midnight Louie, and his self-proclaimed daughter, Midnight Louise. Meanwhile, her rela [...]

    6. This entry felt more disjointed to me than some of the other's in the series. It also felt like it was very much a placeholder/filler as we finally (almost, maybe?) get to the final installment in this far too long running mystery series. I didn't really enjoy the central mystery (a broken-up band of aging divas reunites for a secret Vegas show). The black and white theme was harped on WAY too much and I didn't really care about any of the band members. The extraction of Max from Temple & Ma [...]

    7. Once again, the intrepid cats save the day, solving the mystery and protecting the good guy humans. This is a very long series, so that even if you have been reading since the beginning, it is hard to remember what's happening in the story lines that continue across books. So don't start with this book! Midnight Louie, the cat, is such a great character, and Midnight Louise is now coming into her own as well. The humans are finally becoming aware that the cats are actually aware of what's going [...]

    8. I've loved this series and am sad to see it is about to come to an end. The reunion of a 60s music group helps solidify temple and matts future, begins to bring closure to the anti terrorist mission of max and his relationship with Kathleen, and begins to loosen the secret of Molina, Mariah, and Rafi. However,midnight Louie is not happy with what he believes may be his future and you are left wondering where to next.

    9. If you have been reading this series you know there are many stories. Everything you think has wrapped is once again at the forefront. Nothing is settled. Midnight Louie has much to do to keep up with Temple and her friends. It is a good thing that Louie has many co-horts to call upon.If you have not read this series, I suggest you not jump in with this book. Carole Nelson Douglas does include brief reviews but to really get the story start at the beginning of the series.

    10. Thanks to a dear friend, I'm finally getting to finish this series (author changed publisher and my library quit getting them). I do have to say I was a bit disappointed in this one. I don't know if it was the change in publisher or what, but it felt like Douglas spent about half of the book rehashing everything that has come before. Once we get past all of that filler, it was fine, but it definitely wasn't up to the standard that I've come to expect from these.

    11. I started listening to this book because it's a mystery with a black cat as a detective and was pleasantly surprised. The plot was engaging and the characters well developed. It's well along in the series and I plan on listening to/reading the rest!

    12. I enjoy this series! Getting near the endShe has changed publishers and this and the "Z" book are only available in trade paper.

    13. Love Midnight Louie books. Getting near the end and still as fresh and exciting as the first one. Carol Douglas has a love affair with the way to put words together. AWESOME!

    14. Always goodEvery single book in this series is wonderful. I love that Louie is a conceited, sarcastic cat. I really enjoy his banter with Louise and his mama.

    15. Louie never fails to disappoint! He's as funny as ever in this latest installment while multiple mysteries continue to unfold.

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