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Shadow Never trust an elf a thief or a woman Shadow is all three Shadow a light hearted and light fingered elven thief returns to her homeland after several centuries absence only to find that a great hu

  • Title: Shadow
  • Author: Anne Logston
  • ISBN: 9781594261619
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Never trust an elf, a thief, or a woman Shadow is all three Shadow, a light hearted and light fingered elven thief, returns to her homeland after several centuries absence only to find that a great human trade city has grown up next to the forest in which she was born Now the elves and the humans maintain an uneasy alliance, but when Shadow steals a magical braceleNever trust an elf, a thief, or a woman Shadow is all three Shadow, a light hearted and light fingered elven thief, returns to her homeland after several centuries absence only to find that a great human trade city has grown up next to the forest in which she was born Now the elves and the humans maintain an uneasy alliance, but when Shadow steals a magical bracelet, she finds herself caught in the middle of a plot that may tear the city and the alliance apart forever.

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        Anne Logston Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Shadow book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Logston author readers around the world.


    1. This was one of the books that we checked out of the library repeatedly when we were younger, then eventually *had* to buy a copy. I think we would have held onto the Shadow trilogy out of sheer sentimentalism at this point but wanted to read it and see how it held up compared to our memories.I recommend reading Greendaughter, by the same author, before this book; the plot is entirely spoiled by Shadow. However, having read Greendaughter later ourselves, we can attest that it's still enjoyable e [...]

    2. I love Shadow. She's fun, feisty, talented, and always up for an adventure. All of the Shadow series books are just good fun reads. I first read Shadow when I was younger and it was so refreshing to read a female protagonist that did not constantly think about being female. There was no plot or pressure put on the fact, it just was. That may seem like an odd thing to enjoy, but it was a breath of fresh air when I first read it and it was again when I re-read Shadow recently. If you enjoy elves, [...]

    3. This is my friend Anne's first book and she dedicated it to me! A delicious twist on Dungeons and Dragons-style medieval sword and sorcery.

    4. Funny, fast-paced,and fresh. I don���t know what happened to this lovely lady (the author). After writing several novels, she seems to have dropped off the radar. COME BACK TO US, ANNE. COME BACK!! We need your sharp, well-plotted medieval fantasies surrounding the elf-thief Shadow and her friends.

    5. Reread. Sexually active 500 plus year old female elf thief steals Mcguffin. Plot ensues.Really good of its king of thing, nice to have available again. Always good for a reread. Wonder what Logston is up to these days.

    6. Shadow is a thief who steals a little more than she bargained for when she enters the city of Allanmere. Somehow the little magical bracelet she pickpocketed is the lynchpin of a much larger mystery. She'll need all her skills to figure out what's going on before the fallout gets her killed.This is a bit of an odd one. Shadow herself is almost perpetually happy, as she goes around stealing whatever she can get her hands on and settling herself for a time in this new place. As an elf, she's natur [...]

    7. I didn't like the protagonist. Everything seems too easy for her - she's good at everything and never wants for anything as she just steals it without any consequences (or, in the case of the many male characters she beds, they fall into her lap). To me this just made the story feel like it lacked depth and reality.

    8. A light-hearted romp, read. Shadow is the kind of antiheroine you can't help but like and yet, just dastardly enough not to make her a heroine. Whimsical adventure and dangerous magic. A kushy ride and cozy fantasy.

    9. This is my fourth or fifth time reading Shadow. I love this entire series so much! It's a quick read, but not dumb or unengaging - instead, its exciting and fun and easy to pick up or put down at any time.

    10. This is a fantastic, fast, and entertaining romp through the eyes of Shadow, an elven thief who really doesn't want to have anything to do with responsibility and gets it anyway. Classic light fantasy.

    11. I read this in Jr. high and had trouble fully comprehending the storyline (probably because it was bit mature for my innocent 12 year old mind), but I remember enjoying the female thief plot. I should probably re-read it. Age 14 up.

    12. I always loved this book and all the author's other stories. I wish she had written more books. Her characters are approachable and yet also wonderfully foreign. The land is just obscure enough to not be ours but also familiar enough to make it believable. I love her humor and her characterization.

    13. A light quick fantasy read featuring Shadow the elf, a quick-fingered thief constantly in pursuit of a good time. Nothing profound in this novel, and the characters are superficially developed. Read this when you don't want to think (you know, instead of watching television).

    14. I read this in high school and it still stands apart as one of my favorite books ever. This is the first in a series of three. Also there are two other series based on this novel out there. They are hard to find, but a great read!

    15. I read this 3 book series while I was sick one weekend; pretty good story but fairly cheesy. It's one of those you don't put down because you have nothing else to do.

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