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Pablo This award winning graphic biography of Pablo Picasso captures the prolific and eventful life of one of the world s best loved artists Pablo explores Picasso s early life among the bohemians

  • Title: Pablo
  • Author: Julie Birmant Clément Oubrerie
  • ISBN: 9781906838942
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • This award winning graphic biography of Pablo Picasso 1881 1973 captures the prolific and eventful life of one of the world s best loved artists Pablo explores Picasso s early life among the bohemians of Montmartre, his turbulent relationship with artist model Fernande Olivier, and how his art developed through friendshipswith poets Max Jacob and Guillaume Apollinaire,This award winning graphic biography of Pablo Picasso 1881 1973 captures the prolific and eventful life of one of the world s best loved artists Pablo explores Picasso s early life among the bohemians of Montmartre, his turbulent relationship with artist model Fernande Olivier, and how his art developed through friendshipswith poets Max Jacob and Guillaume Apollinaire, the painter Georges Braque, and his great rival Henri Matisse Julie Birmant and Cl ment Oubrerie depict a career that began in poverty and reached its climax with the advent of cubism and modern art.

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    1. Pablo is a graphic novel biography of the early life of Pablo Picasso. The narrative take place from the point of view of Fernande Olivier, Picasso's lover and muse and the subject of over 60 of his early works. Being a student of Art History, this really piqued my interest when I spotted it as I was walking out of my city's library. "A graphic novel biography!?", I thought. "Might as well give it a go."The novel begins with Picasso's arrival in Paris and leads us through his transformation from [...]

    2. Picasso was one of the greatest and most fascinating artists ever. A few years ago I went to an exhibition at the Chicago Art Institute on Picasso and Women which took a close look at one of the issues critics from all directions focused on for years. How did cubism and his complicated relationships with women coincide? Why is it he sometimes seemed to depict love as something like murder when he had such passionate relationships with so many women? Did he hate women? Was he a genius? Was he cra [...]

    3. I have yet to read a Picasso biography and thought this graphic biography might be a good place to start. I was mistaken. There were lots of people coming and going, and since I did not know many of them, it made for a rather confusing read. I gather this is also a collected edition, which might explain some of the choppiness of the reading experience. I was expecting a biography of his entire life and work, but this one is rather narrow in scope, and is restricted to the first several years as [...]

    4. This was an interesting book. I was expecting more of a general biography of Picasso, but this is more narrowly focused, telling only the tale of his early years in Paris, before his style was fully formed. It also delves into the life of Fernande, his lover and muse during those years, and is as much her story as it is his. The book examines the various influences on his style, and helps put his work into the greater context of art history in general. I'm not sure how meaningful this book will [...]

    5. This was far more interesting for the story told about Picasso's model, lover, muse - Fernande Olivier. So often relegated to a name, or not named at all, her story reflects more about the context in which art was created in the period.

    6. Graphic not-novel biography of the artist himself with brilliant artwork. A collection of vignettes featuring various figures in Picasso's life, told from two points of view: Pablo and Fernande, his lady love in Paris. Just loved all the eccentric artist and expat crowd stories from Montmartre and side trips to Spain. Didn't feel "ended," so I'm hoping for the artist to cover the next important scenes in this amazing life in future volumes.

    7. I really didn't like this graphic novel. The artwork was great, but the story wasn't. I found it really hard to follow. There were a lot of characters who came in and out of the story that I couldn't keep track of. It also skipped around a lot, I think maybe having chapters would have helped. I suppose I learned a little bit about Picasso and his life reading it, but I mostly just felt confused when I finished it. Maybe something was lost in translation? I did like the Vincent van Gogh book that [...]

    8. What a fun way to read about an artist. This graphic biography of Pablo Picasso tells the story of Picasso's early career and his model and lover Fernande. Picasso is living in Montmartre in Paris and his friends include other famous artists. Julie Birmant has written another biography about Van Gogh which I would also like to read.

    9. Coming back from a holiday in Spain, I brought back two books on Picasso; one was The Illustrated Biography (Dosde Publishing) and the other was this one, Pablo: a 350 page comic book on the life of the artist, with magnificent drawings and beautiful watercolors. In Pablo, the story of Picasso is told from the perspective of Picasso’s first big love, Fernande Olivier – so the narration is mostly limited to the five years that they were together (plus a rushed account of the years leading up [...]

    10. It was difficult to rate this book, because I really enjoyed and respect the illustrations, but didn't like the way the story was told. It's neat to have a narrator who was an important figure in Picasso's life, but the novel ends up being more about their relationship than about his life or work, so it seems a stretch to call it a biography. The authors also tell the story in vignettes, which many times led to characters being introduced very briefly, as if significant, and then never appearing [...]

    11. This graphic biography of Picasso does what I imagine it was trying to do and it was exactly what I wanted. It does a really good job of placing the artist and his work in context. This volume focuses on a short period of his life, when he was beginning his career in Montparnasse/Montmartre among other visual artists and writers at the Bateau-Lavoir. That Bohemian ambiance is captured well. We are shown his story through the eyes of his lover Fernande. Realistically, her story is soon eclipsed b [...]

    12. 'Pablo' is a biography of the artist Pablo Picasso told in graphic novel form. It details his life in France between 1900-1910, focusing on his love affair with model Fernande Olivier. This is a tale of obsessive love, violent passion and possessive jealousy. It depicts the loose debauchery of Bohemian life among the artists of Montmartre. We see the development of Picasso's style and his fluctuating inspiration, influenced by friendships with inhabitants of the art world (Max Jacobs, Guillaume [...]

    13. GLORIOUS PENWORK AND COLOUR. Comics are a visual medium first and foremost and this book has exceptionally fine draughtmaship. detail and colour (Sanda Desmazieres deserved a cover credit for this). You fall in and swim around in it. The story can be a bit choppy and repetitive (how many drunken poets can we take) and you need to do a bit of to and fro and to follow it but the dialogue is strong and the translation fresh and colloquial. Of course it also shows Picasso to be a sexist creep and t [...]

    14. I didn't have as much trouble following along as others did but I found myself disappointed in the story overall. The decision to focus on a relatively small sliver of Picasso's resulted in the author taking a lot of liberties in the story telling. In the end it feels too long for what it is. Also the book covers the Blue and African Periods which were both very fruitful time for Picasso but you wouldn't know if from reading this volume. The focus is on the relationships, particularly with Ferna [...]

    15. Mediocre art. It was often hard to tell the characters apart. The story telling is weak, as if told by a high school student. The focus of the book is limited, focusing on Picasso's early years. I did learn a few things that I did not previously knw about Picasso, and that is why I did not give the book a 1!

    16. Pablo is the latest in the Art Masters Series published by Self Made Hero (a British graphic novel publisher). The earlier two were Vincent and Rembrandt, the former telling the life of Vincent Van Gogh I have written about here before.The review copy has come at the perfect time, as I just came back from my New York trip, in which I saw tons of Picasso's works in the Met and MoMA. Prior to that I've seen a couple of his paintings and many sketches in London. I haven't got a chance to go to Pica [...]

    17. Ehhh this is ostensibly of the same series as the phenomenal Vincent, but here is what I learned about Picasso from this 400 plus page book -- he was nicer than some and meaner than others, he alternated between creativity and just cranking stuff out to make money, he liked ladies a lot, he probably liked drugs more. It really showcased the art world as a popularity contest/high school boys club. I know it was not contemporaneous but it felt like this is exactly what Vincent Van Gogh was running [...]

    18. I liked the art well enough. I liked the character of Fernande Oliver, she is made into a credible narrator. The story chopped and changed too much, though. One minute we're reading about Pablo, the next we're with Max Jacob. I found it less cohesive than it could have been.Picasso's a horrible but talented man. It's a shame to find that out - not Birmant's fault, of course, but it's harder to like a book when one of the main characters is so flawed.It was ok. There were gaps that made me wonder [...]

    19. Powerful and moving--the reader inhabits the story and the time period. It's magical in a sense. Though I wish I'd written my review for the book before I read this article from The Atlantic: theatlantic/magazine/a because I had some fondness for him and now I find him to be detestable. I suppose if nothing else, this book remains for me a way to go back to a time in Picasso's life before he'd had the opportunity to make choices that would ruin lives and friendships, when he could still choose t [...]

    20. I was wandering our large county library in the YA section of graphic novels and jotted down some titles to read. I chose Pablo because he is one artist I know less about his life and more about his later work. This book is an incredibly work of art on its own with detailed panels that suck you into the early life of Picasso.What I did take away from this book was the seamy life Picasso lived. His passionate side contrasted with his narrow jealousy, his dalliances and drug use. I suppose one cou [...]

    21. The early years of Pablo Picasso told through the eyes of three influential figures in his life at the time.It helps to know that this is 4 separate volumes merged into one. That might account for jumpy feeling of narrative. I walked away from this book with strong sense of Picasso's mercurial and obsessive persona (sex! drugs! death!) and the lively and chaotic modern art scene in Paris. I had lots of trouble keeping straight the multitude of artists/influencers since as there were oh so many t [...]

    22. This was a surprisingly in-depth look at the period of Picasso's life few of us know about, when he was young and not yet famous. It's told through the eyes of his mistress at the time, who in many respects has been lost to history. The book is equally about her, which I really enjoyed. The art is absolutely gorgeous in this edition, and I found it very inspiring to keep on with my own work. Any art history lover, graphic novel enthusiast, biography hound or someone who likes a slightly dirty, s [...]

    23. The artwork is beautiful and the story is very interesting. Made me feel like I was there, experiencing things with them. Made me want to watch Moulin Rouge or even Amelie. It also, definitely made me want to see more of Picasso's actual works and read more of his story. There is nudity/sex and some spicy language, so it's definitely more for mature readers. Also wonder how different or better it might be in the original French.

    24. A scramble of a book meandering through Picasso's early life in Montmartre and sliding over a variety of themes without becoming more than a fragment. The book uses several focalizers, most notably the admirable Fernande. The graphic work shows a few sly touches. All in all, this is an enjoyable way to experience the bohemian life as it occurred in Paris in the first decade of the twentieth century. One blurb on the book's back cover reads: "Sardonic, informative, and sexy." Yes, well mostly.

    25. Well written graphic novel biography of the early life of this complicated man. Occasionally I struggled with new characters dropping in and out of Pablo's life but the overall thread of the the story of a man struggling mightily with his demons and with his struggle to find and define his style was very interesting.

    26. I love biographical graphic novels, but this one didn't do it for me. I felt like I was being told how avant-garde his work was, but it wasn't explained why. And sometimes the narrative was just too difficult to follow--I was confused a lot.

    27. I thought it was interesting to tell the story of Picasso through one of his lovers, but it meant that ultimately, we only got a very small slice of his life. I'd like to have seen a fuller biography, but still very interesting.

    28. I give it three and a half stars. The artwork is more than adequate, but the story is disjointed. There are also too many characters that float in and out of the story, but only a few of them are developed. It held my interest at times, but not enough to rate it higher.

    29. I think I needed more background knowledge on Picasso to really appreciate this book. Possibly because of the translation, I felt a bit lost at times. Not my favorite graphic biography, but I think someone who already knows a bit about Picasso would enjoy this book.

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