The Predictions

The Predictions

Bianca Zander / Aug 21, 2019

The Predictions From the author of the acclaimed The Girl Below comes a stunning novel of one woman s attempt to outrun the destiny that is predicted for her moving from a remote New Zealand commune in the waning da

  • Title: The Predictions
  • Author: Bianca Zander
  • ISBN: 9780062108180
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of the acclaimed The Girl Below comes a stunning novel of one woman s attempt to outrun the destiny that is predicted for her, moving from a remote New Zealand commune in the waning days of 1970s free love experimentation to the heady music scene of 1980s London.Gaialands, a bucolic vegan commune in the New Zealand wilderness, is the only home fifteen year From the author of the acclaimed The Girl Below comes a stunning novel of one woman s attempt to outrun the destiny that is predicted for her, moving from a remote New Zealand commune in the waning days of 1970s free love experimentation to the heady music scene of 1980s London.Gaialands, a bucolic vegan commune in the New Zealand wilderness, is the only home fifteen year old Poppy has ever known It s the epitome of 1970s counterculture a place of free love, hard work, and high ideals least in theory The reality is complicated and sometimes fraught, especially as its children reach adolescence Poppy is drawn to handsome sixteen year old Lukas, who s increasingly skeptical of Gaialands and the adults who shape its rules.To help heal the commune s energy, new arrival Shakti harnesses her divination powers in a Predictions ceremony All of Gaialands teenagers receive a card outlining their futures Poppy, predicted to find her true love overseas, joins Lukas when he follows his dream of starting a punk rock band first in Auckland and then on to London, where punk has given way to 80s pop and hair metal Struggling simply to survive as they navigate the city s squats, pubs, and burgeoning clubs, she and Lukas drift apart Poppy finds a life that looks very like the one her prediction promised, but is it the one she truly wants And if not, can she define her own happiness, even if it takes her in unanticipated directions The Predictions is a mesmerizing, magical novel of fate, love, mistakes, and finding your place.

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        Bianca Zander was born in Britain but has lived for the last two decades in New Zealand She is an established journalist who has written for national magazines and newspapers including the The New Zealand Listener, Sunday Star Times, and Dominion Post In addition, she has produced radio shows and written for film and television In 2009, she wrote the dramatic short film The Handover, which screened in competition at the Chicago Film Festival She holds an MA in creative writing from Victoria University, Wellington She lives in Auckland with her husband and son The Girl Below is her first novel.


    1. In Zander's second novel - following her flawed but extremely likeable debut, The Girl Below - Poppy and Lukas are teenagers raised on a commune, Gaialands, in New Zealand. The story follows them from 1978 to 1989, as their relationship, which could very accurately be described as star-crossed, is tested not only by a move halfway across the world, poverty, and (later) incipient stardom, but by 'the predictions' of the title, visions of their future laid out by an eccentric and charismatic proph [...]

    2. I loved 'The Girl Below', and 'The Predictions' is another singular coming-of-age story by the talented Bianca Zander. It starts in a 1970s Coromandel commune, with a gloriously mucky pig-shit-shovelling opening scene. A stranger comes to town - or more precisely Gaialands - in the guise of a Californian hippy. Shakti is a brilliant character. A fortune-telling, free-loving trickster spirit, she destabilises the spartan ideology of the commune. She holds a predictions ritual for the 7 teenagers, [...]

    3. It’s 1978, and teens Poppy and Lukas have grown up at Gaialands, a commune in New Zealand. This is not a smoke-pot-and-groove commune; this vegan community grows its own food, lives without electricity, lives in leaky, mouse-ridden shelters, shares everything, and works hard all day, every day. Even the kids have been brought up communally, having their own group shelter rather than living with adults- they didn’t even know who their parents were until recently, when circumstances forced the [...]

    4. An adult novel, written with the fast pace of a YA, this is the coming of age story of a teen raised in a New Zealand commune in the 1970s, and her efforts at a new and different life in 1980s London.I can't give less than 4 stars to a book that held my interest and kept me reading enough to finish it in within a few days. But the entire time it struck me as not very well-written; there was an immaturity to the narrative that was not due to the character's age, and events occurred so quickly it [...]

    5. A great journey through the culture of the times. If she weren't so young I'd have believed that the author lived these times.

    6. A truly addictive read from start to finish. The novel begins being told by Poppy, a teen who has grown up in a vegan New Zealand commune. Right away a character, and I mean character, appears and throws a huge wrench into the machine that is Gaialands. The book follows Poppy as she transitions into adulthood trying to follow the prediction that Shakti, the newcomer, sets out for her. With lots of twists and turns plus excellent writing, I could not put this book down. It kept me interested from [...]

    7. I read this book more than one year ago, yet its themes and characters still stay with me. Very readable, the writing flows, and draws the reader into the story from the first page. A strong sense of time and place gives authenticity to this narrative of coming of age. The characters are memorable and the themes, even if they draw on the local, gesture towards the universal: nature versus nurture, the power of affection to both blind and resurrect, inner strength and kindness as means of bootstr [...]

    8. I have contradictory feelings about this novel by author Bianca Zander. British-born Zander has lived in New Zealand for 20 years, where she is a creative-writing lecturer and recipient of writing awards and bursaries. In The Predictions, she spins a tale that spans the globe from New Zealand to Great Britain.The Predictions is the story of Poppy, a young woman growing up in a commune called Gaialands in New Zealand in the 1970's. Part of what I didn't like about The Predictions was the way in w [...]

    9. So, truth be told, I'm still not entirely sure where I stand with The Predictions. When I saw the synopsis, the word "commune" jumped out at me. I've always had a fascination with communes and cults. Obviously they aren't the same thing, but the simple idea of living together with so many other people, of relying on all those people, fascinates me. What is it like? I hoped this book might tell me.Now, and this is entirely my fault, I didn't quite grasp the fact that Bianca Zander's book focused [...]

    10. For Poppy, life in Gaialand was a bit like paradise. Until she started to grow up. The turn began with the arrival of Shakti, a woman whose exotic nature drew almost everyone in the commune to her. Shakti planed a ceremony for the seven commune children, one in which she promised to predict their future paths. Poppy's promised true love in a foreign land. It was a prediction that immediately began to affect her choices, and led her to leave the commune behind for London. But was the prediction w [...]

    11. To be honest, I'm not really sure what to say about The Predictions. It was kind of a weird journey for me. The book begins when Poppy is 15 and living in a commune in New Zealand. They essentially live off the grid trying to be completely self sufficient. The children have no idea who their birth parents are since all of the adults have raised them together. After newcomer Shakti shakes up their peaceful existence, Poppy flees to London with Lukas to find her true love. Maybe it's because I hav [...]

    12. I won a copy of The Predictions: A Novel through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program to read and review. The main character, Poppy Harvest, is a naive young woman who has been raised on a commune in New Zealand where the members share all their minimal possessions and they shun modern conveniences such as electricity. When Shakti, a New Age Priestess of sorts, tumbles into their lives she exposes the commune to new ways of thinking and empowers the women and empowers them to become more fre [...]

    13. 3.5 stars. Poppy grew up in the seventies living in a commune in rural New Zealand. Her unusual upbringing provided many bizarre opportunities including a divination ceremony that gave predictions to each of the seven children. As they reach adulthood Poppy and her boyfriend Lukas leave the commune to try their luck in London. As Poppy deals with Lukas's tumultuous music career, her prediction never strays far from her mind. This is a well written book and I like the way it explores how parentin [...]

    14. Zander hooked me in Chapter Two of The Predictions. I won’t give away what was in the chapter, but it was bold, graphic, realistic and in keeping with the spirit of her setting and the promises she was establishing at the outset of her narrative. The rest of the book did not disappoint. It features a fictitious 70s commune in New Zealand which introduces the theme of parental experimentation; an intense romance between Poppy, her first-person protagonist, and Lukas; and a wonderful treatment o [...]

    15. I really enjoyed the premise of this novel: a coming of age story, starting on a commune in 1970s New Zealand and journeying into the gritty rock scene of 1980s. It is written well, and the underlying narrative of a potentially self-fulfilling prophecy was strong. Maybe it was the youthful tone but I came away from it thinking it would be a good book to study in school there are plenty of interesting themes to carry the story but it isn't exactly challenging.It was an enjoyable read. I appreciat [...]

    16. The writing is done well and is easy to read and understand. The romance aspect is a bit much to swallow for me but I feel many readers of that genre will enjoy it anyway. The descriptions and set-up for the commune area are well done yet a touch off-putting for me. I did like the familiarity with the era's. Overall it is a good read but not one I enjoyed enough to give more than 3 stars. I received an ARC through Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influenced my opin [...]

    17. An interesting coming of age book. Certainly different context than many have experienced. I am not a stranger to communal life, but this is certainly more extreme than I remember.More Kibbutz than hippie. Strict. No wonder the kids want out.I can't say I really connected with the characters, but I found the trip fascinating nonetheless.An adventurous story of growing up.See my full review here - livinginthekitchenwithpuppies.

    18. *** I RECEIVED THIS BOOK FREE FROM FIRSTREADS ***I was hesitant to start this book because I wasn't sure I could get into the whole commune thing. I surprised myself. It only took me a day to read it because it completely sucked me in. This book is beautifully written and the characters are easy to like/dislike. I loved Poppy's story and was happy it ended the way it did. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

    19. The book definitely told a new story, disturbing as it was. In some ways, I found it intriguing to be on the inside of a commune that held the ideals of what a commune was supposed to be. In other ways, it was far too weird. See rest of review: amusingreviews/20

    20. Nice little tale of young love in an interesting setting, a drug free, alcohol-free, free-love free, family ties free commune in New Zealand where everyone works their buns off and eats lousy food. The interaction between Poppy and Zachary are especially appealing. Seems like it was raining all the tine, kinda dimmed my interest in visiting New Zealand.

    21. I won this book.Poppy grows up on a commune in New Zealand that was not the typical "hippie" commune where they hadto work hard, had no Tv . Her and Lukas start dating and move to London while he tries to be in a band. I really like how this story came alive on the pages it was a fun read with a conclusion no plot holesanks for the opportunity.

    22. I received The Predictions from a give-away. I enjoyed reading this book - the story was interesting and the characters were people that I could believe in. Definitely worth picking up, sitting down in a comfortable chair and turning the pages.

    23. I powered through this book. I like books about alternative upbringings. I read her previous book and enjoyed that too.

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