The Heart in Exile

The Heart in Exile

Rodney Garland / Sep 18, 2019

The Heart in Exile None

  • Title: The Heart in Exile
  • Author: Rodney Garland
  • ISBN: 9781873741238
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
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        Childhood His father was a civil servant in Hungary, first as a county official and then in the Treasury He rose to a high position and retired with a title.Work When Adam de Hegedus was 21 in 1927, a year before his university final examinations, he traveled to Britain, partly to learn English for the Hungarian diplomatic service, and partly to read up on international law for his doctoral thesis He lived in a South Kensington boarding house and spent some of his time at the British Museum Library, but a great deal time investigating London He lived in London from June to December, and after those five months he decided to return to Hungary to complete the final examinations, but that he would abandon the diplomatic service and return to Britain to become a writer.He then abandoned his diplomatic career and decided to go into journalism and he returned to Hungary He contributed to The Observer, The London Mercury, and other weeklies.Bibliography The Golden Cock, 1934, a short story in Lovat Dickson s Magazine, volume 3, number 1, July, page 20 Hungarian Background, 1937, 302 pages Don t Keep the Vanman Waiting A Chapter of Autobiography, 1944, published in London by Nicholson Watson, 246 pages Mainly a memoir of army life during the Second World War, but also reflects on his earlier life Patriotism or Peace , 1947, published in New York by Charles Scribner s Sons, 266 pages Rehearsal Under the Moon The state of the world Home and away, Notes on England after the Second World War, 1951, published in London by Hutchinson, 232 pages The Heart in Exile, 1953, a novel, as Rodney Garland, published in London by W H Allen, 296 pages.Friends Relationships He stayed for a while in Paris and made friends with Andre Gid He settled permanently in London in 1939 and took a flat in South Kensington The landlord, Philibert, and another tennant, Gustave, were interested in the plight of the national minorities in Europe, and Gustave produced political periodicals Adam de Hegedus got a reduction in the rent in return for editing an English edition During this time he made his living mostly by sending articles to his newspaper in Budapest.


    1. The novel is one of the first to openly discuss homosexuality in England, printed originally in 1953.The book starts off well, along the standard detective line, with a femme fatale coming in to the shop and asking for help, her fiancé is dead and she wants answers.Our hero detective is a gay (bisexual?) psychiatrist who takes the case due to his own involvement with the deceased and the book plays out as a series of investigations into the death.There's several good things in the book, and it [...]

    2. First published in 1953, this novel uses the investigation of a gay man's suicide as a framework to educate the reader about homosexuality and the gay subculture. The protagonist is a gay psychiatrist who explains the many different types of gay men and gay lifestyles to the reader as he questions various people who knew the suicide. He also engages in some analysis of why homosexuality exists, though the only point there a modern reader is likely to agree with is that gay men cannot be "cured". [...]

    3. The tag line is, "SENSITIVE AND DEEPLY PERCEPTIVE STORY OF THE HOMOSEXUAL AND HIS UNDERWORLD . . ." That about sums it up as, during his investigation into a friend's suicide, we come across several types of "INVERTS". From his POV as a psychologist, each of these is analyzed and, oddly enough, still ring true today. Quite an intriguing and informative book, with a little bit of heart at the end . . .

    4. thomaswischer/ I happened upon this book while I was looking up the definition of “occult”, when that word is used to describe something as secret, hidden or concealed from view. There was this quotation supporting the definition:“Although in the typically occult language of the time, Garland's prescient account [in his notorious homosexual novel of 1953 The Heart in Exile] catches society at a crossroads.”“Occult”, “ prescient”, “ notorious”, “homosexual” – this book s [...]

    5. 2.5 stars. There’s a passage in the novel where Terry, a secondary character, asks why gay novels always have such tragic titles and endings, when the reality of most gay relationships isn’t like that at all. Oh, the irony: this novel doesn’t have a tragic ending only because the tragedy (a suicide) is there from page one; and can you think of a more depressing title than The Heart in Exile? Either a case of being oblivious to the proverbial plank in one’s own eye, or the author had a re [...]

    6. Not the most well written book you'll ever read but hyper important in queer lit, especially given the era in which it was written. Like most gay fiction, it has the Air of tragedy but without a whiff of apology. That, like Highsmith's the Price of Salt, makes it a big deal. Groundbreaking in its honest examination of gay life style. Still holds up.

    7. It's strange that this novel isn't more celebrated. It's so of its time (London just after WW2) and yet very forward looking in it's attitude towards the way gay men struggled to achieve self-esteem. The narrator - a psycho-analyst - at times is thoroughly dislikeable and at other times completely admirable, very much like how we feel about ourselves.

    8. Four stars as a study of gay British life in the 50s, but the narrator had such a didactic tone and being in his POV was not great. Lots of out of date, "not even wrong" Freudian theories.Probably the low point was him seriously comparing his homosexuality to another person's pedophilia.

    9. The narration was too slow. I was a third into the book before the mystery finally presented itself. There was a long section where all the MC does was ask the same questions over and over. I'm ashamed to admit I DNF.

    10. Fabulously dated lines about the appeal of the working classes. A real glimpse into a life no longer in existence. Class and sexuality both changed so much since it was published. Lovely description of Islington as a slum area.

    11. Some parts of the book were interesting, particularly those parts which described life in the 50's. On the whole, I found the book boring.

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