Hollywood Crows

Hollywood Crows

Joseph Wambaugh / Oct 18, 2019

Hollywood Crows Hollywood Crows A Novel

  • Title: Hollywood Crows
  • Author: Joseph Wambaugh
  • ISBN: 9780316025287
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hollywood Crows A Novel

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        Joseph Wambaugh, a former LAPD detective sergeant 1960 1974 , is the bestselling author of twenty one prior works of fiction and nonfiction, including The Choirboys and The Onion Field Wambaugh joined the Los Angeles Police Department LAPD in 1960 He served 14 years, rising to detective sergeant He also attended California State University, Los Angeles, where he earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees In 2004, he was named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America He lives in southern California.


    1. Everyone in Hollywood is crazy. I know this, because I've just finished Joseph Wambaugh's Hollywood Crows (Little Brown and Company, 2008).The novel centers around several police officers at the Hollywood Station, including members of the Community Relations Office (the CROs--Crows). The police are weird enough, including Flotsam and Jetsam, two surfers; "Hollywood" Nate Weiss, who dreams of becoming a movie star; "Doomsday" Dan Applewhite, near retirement and terrified of something messing it u [...]

    2. I'll start off by saying the main thing that attracted me to this book is the setting. I love Los Angeles so much and I feel that this book captures the true ambience of Hollywood. It is sexy, action-packed and complex; much like the Californian city. Loads of places were referenced such as the Walk of Fame, Santa Monica and even Rudolph Valentino's grave!Whilst some of the characters were entertaining and interesting such as Nate, Margot and Ronnie, some of them bored the hell out of me - e.g. [...]

    3. I went back to this second in the "Hollywood Station" trilogy to see if I was being unfair in my earlier reading. Since I liked its successor from Joseph Wambaugh so much (see my review of "Hollywood Moon" last December 28th), I was wondering if I sold "Hollywood Crows" short. Nope. The strong attraction to Wambaugh's tragic-comic characters from a precinct house was there. Perhaps not as fully realized as in "Moon" but certainly compelling. The big difference is that Wambaugh's weakness for plo [...]

    4. Hollywood Crows, by Joseph Wambaugh. A-minus. Produced by Hachette Audio, narrated by Christian Rummel, downloaded from audible.We’re back with Wambaugh working at Hollywood Station, the weirdest station you’ll ever find-with cops who are surfers who say “dude”, with cops who want to be actors and are always auditioning for something, and then with “normal” cops. Hollywood Crows are the Community Relations Officers, the ones that talk to neighbors about turning down the volume, not p [...]

    5. Ronnie Sinclair and Hollywood Nate Weiss join the Crows, the Community Relations Office who look after the 'sissy beat,' sedate quality-of-life complaints such as noisy neighbours, illegal parking, panhandlers, etc.The surfer dude cops Flotsam and Jetsam are back, they still talk exactly like Bill and Ted. A typical shift might involve dealing with dragons, trannies, tweakers, and of course the Street Characters of Hollywood Boulevard, Batman, Spider-Man, Porky Pig, a crack-dealing Bugs Bunny.Th [...]

    6. I don’t know if this is technically a series, but this is the second book Wambaugh has written about Hollywood Station. What I like about these books is that they’re not *really* about the situation Margot and Ali Aziz are not the center of this book. The book is about the cops. There’s a few familiar faces — Hollywood Nate and the surfer dudes Flotsam and Jetsam come to mind — and some new ones. And much like real life, there’s not always a happy ending. A good read.

    7. Hailed as "the master of the modern police story" (St. Petersburg Times), Wambaugh is renowned for his groundbreaking, gritty portrayals of police work in the City of Angels. Critics lamented that, unfortunately, copycat writers have flooded the market in recent years, consigning the once-innovative dialogue and storylines to the realm of the clich_

    8. This is Wambaugh of old, back in his old haunts -- Hollywood Precint -- so if you liked Black Marble, Delta Star, Blue Knight and the rest of the early Wambaugh novels, you will like Hollywood Crows. wwl

    9. This is the second or third time I've read this book. I love Wambaugh's character development. He brings them alive on the page. His plot lines are somewhat convoluted, but the unique characters make up for that.I just realized that his two patrol cops "Flotsam" and "Jetsam" names are never revealed. None the less, they are pivotal additions in all four of these books in the series "Hollywood Station"Great reading experience.

    10. It took a while to get used to the many names, the cop lingo, and the vocabulary of California surfers. I held on through multiple side stories, vignettes of a sort, and was rewarded with a solid ending.

    11. Joseph Wambaugh describes his novels as "character driven." That's certainly the case with his Hollywood series, all based on the L.A.P.D. I reviewed Hollywood Station several months ago, and I just finished Hollywood Crows, the second book in the series. In both cases, the reading experience was very similar. I was first drawn to the characters because they're so incredibly vivid and engaging. You've got surfer dude cops, alcoholic cops, actor wannabe cops, and any manner of bizarre bad guys, a [...]

    12. If you didn't know it was Joseph Wambaugh, you'd swear that Carl Hiaasen took a vacation in LA, hung out with the LAPD, and wrote this cynically funny tale of cops and those they protect, and especially those who they are protected from. But Hiaasen could never tell a police story with Wambaugh's authority, and only an ex-cop could render it with Wambaugh's sincere passion for the men and women in blue. Like it's predecessor, "Hollywood Station", "Crows" (short for LAPD's "Community Relations Of [...]

    13. Hollywood Crows is a literary version of "Crime Watch". Joseph Wambaugh takes the reader on the streets with nine very different cops from the LAPD. Together with them we encounter lonely elderly women who sees crimes everywhere (and who are sometimes right), unusual criminals and logic-defying situations constantly reminding the cops and the readers that "This is Hollywood. Here anything can happen and usually does."Through Joseph Wambaugh's characterizations he makes us either love or hate, sy [...]

    14. Within the LAPD division are a group of men and women known as the Hollywood Crows. They are different then your regular LAPD. Yes, they respond to the calls but they usually charged with dealing with all the desperate, unusal, and just plain wacko Hollywood. One of the crows is Hollywood Nate Weiss. Nate is a stand up good guy as well as good-looking. During one of his routine stops, he meets a gorgeous woman by the name of Margot Aziz. Margot invites Nate over for dinner and some drinks. What [...]

    15. Wambaugh churns out another LAPD cop novel and produces a mildly entertaining read. I could see how the novelty of the specific details of police work and the vulgarities and humor of the amusing Hollywood characters would appeal to a first-timer, but for those of us who've read Wambaugh before know that his earlier works were better. Wambaugh has a knack for police jargon and creating colorful characters as well as judiciously mixing the two.However, the narrative in "Hollywood Crows" was the w [...]

    16. This is the sequel to Hollywood Station.Coming from a family with career law enforcement members, I enjoy Wambaugh's work. Wambaugh's books are filled with language, characters and situations that ring true to the world of law enforcement and are not like so many other works that might be good stories but aren't plausable, if you have any knowledge of the profession. This was one of Wambaugh's lighter reads and the ending was satisfying even with the one character's story line that broke my hear [...]

    17. HOLLYWOOD CROWS is the second novel in Joseph Wambaugh's HOLLYWOOD series. It is a continuation of his authentic depiction of the lives of some police officers at the Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, post-Rodney King, post-9/11. HOLLYWOOD CROWS centers on the Hollywood Division Community Relations Office (CRO, pronounced "crow"). The officers working there are often called "crows."Wambaugh gives us such authentic-sounding dialog in HOLLYWOOD CROWS you'd think he lived amo [...]

    18. This book, while good, didn't measure up to the first one, Hollywood Station, for sharpness. It didn't have the 'snap' that book had. Perhaps it was because I read them almost back to back.Many of the characters from that first book are back but several have disappeared and some new ones added. I wish Wambaugh had left the old crew intact and added new members. That was how Ed McBain did it in his 87th Precinct series and Del Shannon did it in her Luis Mendoza series. It gives those books a stro [...]

    19. Wambaugh's a good read, for fans of police fiction, because he was a LAPD cop for years before retiring to write. His stories and characters ring true, for anyone with any level of professional law enforcement as a background. The CROWS (Community Resource Officers) of the Hollywood Station of the Los Angels Police Department are the group tasked to handle community relations/complaints that don't require any force; you know, the really important issues such as homeowners association meetings an [...]

    20. The follow-up to Wambaugh's excellent Hollywood Station follows the police officers of the Hollywood precinct as they go about their business. A couple of the officers transfer to the Community Relations Office and are referred to as "Crows" giving the book its title. The novel follows the colorful officers of the unit like "Hollywood Nate" who is a police officer while taking bit parts in TV movies and waiting for stardom to come. Flotsam and Jetsam are surfing cops who talk in a dialect all th [...]

    21. It had been some time since reading a Joseph Wambaugh novel. It's good to know that he can still crank out a very good story. Hollywood Crows read like an old episode of Dragnet. I could hear Jack Webb narrating the scenes were Wambaugh explained police procedures. But when it came down to character interactions, the author crafted superb scenes of dialogue. Now, the story itself was no classic. The final rise of action and climax could have come straight out of a T.V. crime series, in the way t [...]

    22. I read this second book about the Hollywood cops immediately after I finished Joseph Wambaugh's first book in the series. The second book is more of the same following the cops and criminals of the Hollywood area.I didn't enjoy Hollywood Crows quite as much as I did the previous book as I missed some of the characters which didn't appear in this book and didn't feel that the "new" cops were as likeable or memorable as some of those from the earler novel.Again the book is episodic and we see stor [...]

    23. The first half of this breezy, enjoyable romp by cop author Joseph Wambaugh reminded me mostly of Carl Hiaasen. Characters are slightly cartoonish, definitely buffoonish, both the cops and the criminals, but in an endearing way. By midway, the strands of the story kick in for a satisfying double revenge story with just enough suspense to propel the forward thrust of the story. It probably helped that the characters and scenes satirized the fringe of Hollywood and LA life: surfer cops, tweakers, [...]

    24. This sequel to Hollywood Station is populated by the same cast of characters and like that earlier book it really does not have a single plot but is more the episodic lives of the cops in the Community Relations group of the LA Police, and what they experience. At the same time there is a single story line about a woman and a man who both want to kill each other and are plotting during the book on how to accomplish same. Wambaugh clearly knows the scene and his stories and dialgue feel authentic [...]

    25. Joseph Wambaugh really knows Hollywood and Hollywood cops. There were a lot of his usual characters in this book, such as Hollywood Nate Weiss and Flotsam and Jetsam, the surfer cops. There were also some characters I hadn't seen in other books, just to make it more interesting. As always, there were a lot of different threads in this story. Some of the contacts the different cops had with people that resulted in no arrest or having to release them the next day reminded me of how people always a [...]

    26. I don't know where Joseph Wambaugh went, but it looked like he'd pretty much vanished from the scene. But here, now is "Hollywood Crows," a darned good read that has less to do with mystery than it has to do with cops -- who they are, how they socialize, what they think -- all of it pretty engaging stuff if you care more about character than plot. (That's not to say the plot isn't any good. It is, with a good pace and just enough twists to keep you interested.)I had also forgotten that Wambaugh [...]

    27. #2 in the Hollywood Station series. Anyone who had read one of Joseph Wambaugh's LAPD early novels (The New Centurions (1970) or The Choirboys (1975)) would recognize the same author behind this series about LAPD cops 35 years later.Hollywood Station series - A spiritual sequel to Hollywood Station (2006), different officers and perpetrators but the same feel for police dialogue and their take on civilians. Hollywood's Community Relations Officers (CROws) and the officers of Hollywood North beco [...]

    28. A bizarre look at life as a cop in Hollywood. I found the story fascinating and the characters diverse and interesting. There were so many characters, though, that none of them took on a real personality. And the book read like the highlights of a police blotter, with the best anecdotes from a career as a real life Hollywood cop. Overall the book was full of anecdotes and really didn't have much of a plot, although it pulled many of the characters together for one story at the end.I like books t [...]

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