The Djinn

The Djinn

Graham Masterton / Sep 18, 2019

The Djinn An Arabian spirit The Djinn of the title trapped inside an ancient jar is released from its prison with predictably disastrous results Harry Erskine rogue psychic who also appears in the Manitou b

  • Title: The Djinn
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: 9780352395269
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Arabian spirit The Djinn of the title , trapped inside an ancient jar, is released from its prison with predictably disastrous results Harry Erskine, rogue psychic who also appears in the Manitou books investigates.Typical early Masterton slim, fast moving, occasionally horrific and often fun Erskine is an eccentric character who adds much to an otherwise sleigAn Arabian spirit The Djinn of the title , trapped inside an ancient jar, is released from its prison with predictably disastrous results Harry Erskine, rogue psychic who also appears in the Manitou books investigates.Typical early Masterton slim, fast moving, occasionally horrific and often fun Erskine is an eccentric character who adds much to an otherwise sleight tale.

    Jinn Jinn Arabic , al jinn , also Romanized as djinn or Anglicized as genies with the broad meaning of spirits or demons, depending on source are supernatural creatures in early Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. All About the Islamic Demon Known as the Djinn ThoughtCo The djinn and men feared each other mutually, but the djinn were able to instill fear intensely than men The djinns are fearful beings by nature, but they can also feel such human emotions as anger or sadness In fact, the djinn benefit from these states, being better able to cause fear in the heart of man. The Djinn The Blacklist Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Djinn is the fourth episode of Season of The Blacklist and the forty eighth episode overall It aired on October , on NBC Red and Liz continue their mission to clear Liz s name. Djinn definition of djinn by The Free Dictionary djinn Islam an invisible spirit mentioned in the Koran and believed by Muslims to inhabit the earth and influence mankind by appearing in the form of humans or animals djinni , djinny , genie , jinnee , jinni The Blacklist The Djinn No TV Episode After dispatching Leonard Caul to find Dembe, Red surprises Aram in his apartment to ask for the FBI s help in finding The Djinn, a woman who dresses in all white and fills perverse revenge fantasies for the highest price According to Red, several Cabal members number among her clients, and he s determined to get her ledger. Djinn Define Djinn at Dictionary any of a class of spirits, lower than the angels, capable of appearing in human and animal forms and influencing humankind for either good or evil Also jinni jin Taking a Look at the Djinn Mysterious Universe The story of the Djinn is detailed in the pages of the Quran, which is the sacred book of Islamic teachings and which those of the Muslim faith believe is the word of God or, in their religion, Allah, as he is known. Djinn Supernatural Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Djinn, also spelled Jinn and sometimes even called Genies Jinni , are a rare race of supernatural cave dwelling hermits that have the power to produce powerful hallucinations inside the minds of humans.They have been encountered by a few hunters including Sam and Dean Winchester. Djinn film Djinn film It is set in the United Arab Emirates and features the djinn The film, produced by Image Nation, is in both Arabic and English languages The film s theatrical release has been delayed since Djinn premiered at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival on October , . What are jinn GotQuestions Jinn are often considered the Islamic equivalent of however, they are complex than that Muslims do not believe that angels can sin, although Scripture indicates that they can Muslims believe that Shaitan was a jinni, not an angel named Lucifer who refused to obey God and was cast from heaven.

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        Graham Masterton was born in Edinburgh in 1946 His grandfather was Thomas Thorne Baker, the eminent scientist who invented DayGlo and was the first man to transmit news photographs by wireless After training as a newspaper reporter, Graham went on to edit the new British men s magazine Mayfair, where he encouraged William Burroughs to develop a series of scientific and philosophical articles which eventually became Burroughsi novel The Wild Boys At the age of 24, Graham was appointed executive editor of both Penthouse and Penthouse Forum magazines At this time he started to write a bestselling series of sex how to books including How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed which has sold over 3 million copies worldwide His latest, Wild Sex For New Lovers is published by Penguin Putnam in January, 2001 He is a regular contributor to Cosmopolitan, Men s Health, Woman, Woman s Own and other mass market self improvement magazines.Graham Masterton s debut as a horror author began with The Manitou in 1976, a chilling tale of a Native American medicine man reborn in the present day to exact his revenge on the white man It became an instant bestseller and was filmed with Tony Curtis, Susan Strasberg, Burgess Meredith, Michael Ansara, Stella Stevens and Ann Sothern.Altogether Graham has written than a hundred novels ranging from thrillers The Sweetman Curve, Ikon to disaster novels Plague, Famine to historical sagas Rich and Maiden Voyage both appeared in the New York Times bestseller list He has published four collections of short stories, Fortnight of Fear, Flights of Fear, Faces of Fear and Feelings of Fear.He has also written horror novels for children House of Bones, Hair Raiser and has just finished the fifth volume in a very popular series for young adults, Rook, based on the adventures of an idiosyncratic remedial English teacher in a Los Angeles community college who has the facility to see ghosts.Since then Graham has published than 35 horror novels, including Charnel House, which was awarded a Special Edgar by Mystery Writers of America Mirror, which was awarded a Silver Medal by West Coast Review of Books and Family Portrait, an update of Oscar Wilde s tale, The Picture of Dorian Gray, which was the only non French winner of the prestigious Prix Julia Verlanger in France.He and his wife Wiescka live in a Gothic Victorian mansion high above the River Lee in Cork, Ireland.


    1. √(2GM/R) is the escape velocity formula (no, I didn't remember, I just looked it up) and substituting earth values will give you about 11.2 km/s. That's how much you need to accelerate your disbelief to when you tackle a Graham Masterton (because suspension does not cover it - you need to have that weightlessness that comes with space flight). When that's done, get ready to ignore a very stale-feeling view on women or two. Done? Ok, now you can enjoy a bit of pulp horror. The Djinn is not the [...]

    2. I flew through another Graham Masterton, I think this was my second this week. I love how short and sweet his books are, and how easily they flow. Although I admit that I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to horror novels. Nothing keeps my interest and attention better than a good old fashioned scary book.By the way, does anyone else besides me picture a slightly younger Jack Klugman as Harry Erskine?To be honest I didn't like The Djinn as much as The Manitou. It took a lot longer to get to [...]

    3. I loved it but then again was there ever the slightest doubt that I wouldn't? - it was a re-read after all! :o) I'd forgotten this was a Harry Erskine tale, gonna have to dig the rest of the series out now.

    4. Worthy sequel of The Manitou. The final chapter is horrifying. More detailed review in Bulgarian here:citadelata/the-djinn/

    5. Další stará kniha vytažená z knihovny a další údiv "jak jsem to sakra kdysi vůbec mohl číst?". I když je to ještě raný Masterton, který ještě není tak čistá kombinace gore s pornem (tohle je víc v Koontzově stylu a sado-maso je až ve finále), tak asi nejlepší na tom je ta obálka (která nemá s knihou samozřejmě nic společného). Ostatní je fakt absolutně průměrný horor osmdesátých let. Na začátku hrdinovi umře děda, který má doma džbán s džinem. T [...]

    6. It's the return of Harry Erskine, first seen in The Manitou. This time Harry's tangling with The Djinn, an Arabian supernatural entity (from which we get the English word "genie"). But this is no lantern-bound wish-granting jokester; it has 40 monstrous manifestations and they're all, well, fatal for humans. At 200 pages, you can read it in one night enjoying pulp horror goodness.Plot ***Spoilers***It begins with the funeral of Harry's godfather, Max Greaves, who committed a horrendous, self-mut [...]

    7. When you pick up a Masterton novel, you really should know that all bets are off!! The Djinn is a tidy little story and Masterton uses his skills to manipulate your imagination into seeing things a hundred times worse than he could ever describe (Although he is pretty damn good at it!) he just kind of, nudges (Perhaps I mean violently shoves?) you in the right direction :0)This was far better than the last one of his books I read 'A Mile Before Morning / Fireflash 5' which suffered mostly from a [...]

    8. As with most of Masterton's novels, The Djinn is like reading an entertaining B horror movie. The characters lack depth, but the story moves at full speed and gives the reader absurdly horrific descriptions. While the premise is about a spirit being trapped within a jar, it's really just another haunted house story as the majority of the story takes place at an old house and the entity in the jar is doing its best to destroy what's left of a family. Unlike most of Masterton's novels, this ends w [...]

    9. I have to be honest, I didn't like it. I felt that the novel just coasted and coasted and coasted. I found the resolution dull. Not to be crude, but it reminded me of being constipated. You struggle and fight and once you are done, you are happy for being done with it.

    10. Έβδομο μυθιστόρημα του Γκράχαμ Μάστερτον που διαβάζω και μάλλον είναι το πιο αδύναμο. Αυτό, όμως, δεν σημαίνει ότι δεν πέρασα καλά ή ότι δεν αξίζει να το διαβάσουν οι φαν του συγγραφέα και γενικά οι τρομολάγνοι που διαβάζουν τέτοιου είδους βιβλία τρόμου. Απλά κατά την άποψή [...]

    11. A quick, decent read. I read the recent edition put out by Telos with new illustrations. If you can get past the sexism (it was put out in '77, not long after Masterton joined Penthouse as an editor) it bobs along nicely until the end when all the women die and all the men survive. Whatever. The most striking thing about this book is that it was by the same guy who had a massive hit with The Manitou, another creature feature that was turned into a B-film with Tony Curtis. THe best thing about it [...]

    12. Remember the days of VHS? When, prior to watching your selected film, you had to sit through an unpredictably lengthy series of trailers for all manner of crappy films? I loved that. I have immensely fond memories of cheap, schlocky horror films all seemingly narrated by the same guttural voice (too few of which I actually managed to see). All cheap thrills and even cheaper effects, and all made delightfully entertaining in a way seemingly forgotten.That’s what I’m reminded of while reading [...]

    13. I thought I remembered reading this book as a teenager, but on rereading I don't know if I would have stuck with it as long as you had to for any action. I was sure I remembered the djinn turning an unfortunate person inside out. Well I must have been mistaken as this did not happen. In any case I found the characters very dated and dull. Given that the book was written in the late 70's, I will forgive them their old fashioned habits.I have never reread a book before and this only makes me feel [...]

    14. Featuring Harry Erskine, the likeable protagonist from THE MANITOU (the events of which, oddly, aren’t mentioned), this one starts well but in the second half the style of writing deteriorates quite considerably. There’s a lot of graphic adult content but at its core the plot is juvenile and very silly, with the characters either not doing what they should (run!) or suddenly making the right move unprompted by any new information or circumstance. It’s fun and fast-paced—and there’s one [...]

    15. Harry Erskine regresa tras su aventura en "Manitú" con su habitual sarcasmo y gusto por las mujeres bonitas. Esta vez se enfrenta a un espíritu encerrado en un jarrón árabe que un padrino suyo, empresario petrolero, había obtenido en uno de sus viajes a oriente medio. Si bien la novela es divertida y se lee en un suspiro, nunca alcanza las cotas de ritmo y locura de su predecesora, aunque el monstruo tiene su gracia y el clímax es lo suficientemente emocionante y violento, algo que ya espe [...]

    16. What a creepy little bookThis was an awesome book. It was pretty scary with a minimum of violence. Well worth the read . I hope that I can continue to find these classics from Graham Masterton. I was fully creeped out , I could not put the book down. I highly recommend this book to all fan's of modern horror!!!!

    17. Another of Masterton's early horror books. It was a good, fast read but not one of his better ones. Readable but not a must read.Back Cover Blurb:It began with a curious investigation of an ancient Arabian jar and the strange legends of sorcery it symbolised. The legend and logic demand that the jar be opened - the secret of the djinn must be exposed to the light of reality.

    18. A fast read. Old school horror with a bit of old-fashioned male chauvinism thrown in. Felt a bit like a short story spun out to novel length. Not as a good as The Manitou, which it reminded me of.

    19. Scary. I don't think I'd like it anymore but when I first read it back in highschool all the blood and gore were good.

    20. A fun quick novel, not really a must read but enjoyable.Harry Erskine is the protagonist, but that is the only real link to The Manitou series.

    21. I've read both this German version and the original version, from the German translation there's a page missing, probably because it was deemed to gory at the time.

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