What We Don't Know about Children

What We Don't Know about Children

Simona Vinci / Feb 24, 2020

What We Don t Know about Children A best seller in Italy where it sparked intense debate Simona Vinci s first novel was awarded the prestigious Elsa Morante Prize and subsequently was acquired by publishers around the world Clearly

  • Title: What We Don't Know about Children
  • Author: Simona Vinci
  • ISBN: 9780375404115
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A best seller in Italy, where it sparked intense debate, Simona Vinci s first novel was awarded the prestigious Elsa Morante Prize and subsequently was acquired by publishers around the world Clearly an accomplished and important book, it is also a profoundly disturbing one.In a suburb of Bologna, three boys and two girls ranging in age from ten to fifteen enter the seaA best seller in Italy, where it sparked intense debate, Simona Vinci s first novel was awarded the prestigious Elsa Morante Prize and subsequently was acquired by publishers around the world Clearly an accomplished and important book, it is also a profoundly disturbing one.In a suburb of Bologna, three boys and two girls ranging in age from ten to fifteen enter the season of long summer days and the mysterious beauty of the cornfields surrounding the town There, in an abandoned shack, they discover the excitement of being part of a group with its own rules and secrets Normal kids who Rollerblade and play the same video games and Oasis and Alanis Morissette CDs that kids play everywhere, they come from normal families, their parents just as busy as most are these days Although everyone assumes that someone will keep an eye on the kids they re always playing out front in the parking lot, aren t they this assumption turns out to be false.Tiring of familiar childish pastimes, these five ride bikes or scooters out to their clubhouse and awkwardly begin their sexual initiation, liberated by innocence and driven by natural curiosity But this rite of passage is gradually perverted by images from the adult world as these increase in creepiness and violence, inevitably the games these confused and powerless children play, mimicking desires not their own, become horrifyingly real.Claustrophobic, mesmerizing and unflinching, What We Don t Know About Children is a brave exploration of eroticism and a harsh indictment of a society whose dark, disturbing aspects leave that most fragile, vulnerable blessing childhood forever at risk.

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        Vive a Budrio, in provincia di Bologna Il suo esordio letterario risale al 1997, con il romanzo Dei bambini non si sa niente, edito da Einaudi nella collana Stile libero il libro, vincitore nel 2000 del Premio Elsa Morante opera prima, fa ottenere alla scrittrice un grande successo di pubblico e di critica, suscitando anche scandalo e polemiche per il tema trattato Il romanzo stato tradotto in dodici paesi, tra i quali gli Stati Uniti Nel 2009 stata fra gli ospiti del festival letterario Mondello Giovani dedicato agli autori di nuova generazione.


    1. BAMBINI DI CEMENTOCapisco che sia piaciuto, gli ingredienti giusti ci sono tutti.Capisco perché viene sempre tirato in ballo McEwan, è evidente.Immagini forti, colori brillanti, odori acuti, sapori acidi, atmosfere dense, tanto cinema.Una cosa sconosciuta e allo stesso tempo familiare. Divertente.

    2. Storia di un gruppo di bambini che, guidati da un adolescente, scoprono il sesso, quasi senza rendersene conto. Quello che sembra quasi un gioco, però, si trasformerà in tragedia. Una scrittura semplice, molto lineare ma efficace. Una storia terribile, piena di una violenza che però non viene mai esplicitata del tutto, rimane sempre sullo sfondo, e, anzi, a volte sembra che nemmeno l’autrice se ne accorga. Non consiglierei a tutti questo libro: nonostante la scrittura quasi asettica, la sto [...]

    3. Libro ben scritto, che affronta con crudezza e semplicità un argomento spinoso come la scoperta del sesso. La storia poi ha una deriva che arriva come un pugno nello stomaco. Bello, anche nell'ambientazione resa con dovizia di particolari in modo estremamente evocativo.

    4. The characters all seemed pretty shallow and a lot of the content was shocking just to be shocking rather than working to forward the plot.

    5. Scenderemo nel gorgo muti. Appena l'ho finito mi sono detta a questo libro non posso dare un voto e non credevo che mi potesse capitare, ma qualunque voto sarebbe ingiusto in un senso o nell'altro. Un pugno nello stomaco, non c'è altro modo di dirlo, è come se ti strappasse qualcosa dal ventre (la sensazione fisica è proprio quella), e ti lasciasse con un vuoto indescrivibile e terribile dentro Mi aspettavo un libro e fino a un certo punto le mie aspettative erano esatte, ma non c'era nulla c [...]

    6. I was really unimpressed with this book. I think similar stories are probably scattered in notebooks of teens and young adults everywhere, stories about people just like them who took the dark aspects of life too far too soon, and that this author was just the one who bound it up in a readable package. I think we stopped just shy of getting to know the characters, and I felt like all the author wanted to do was write sexually "deviant' and sadistic scenes involving tweens and teenagers. I probab [...]

    7. Given to me by a friend as part of our seasonal reading challenge. It's rare for me to be shocked by a novel. It's rare for me to be shocked by much. This leads me to wonder if only fiction still holds the possibility to shock me.This novel is short and carefully written. It's sparse and gentle, whilst delivering an unsettling storyline that will linger in my mind for sometime.There was an other-worldly atmosphere throughout, which in a strange way made the events all the more real.It reminded m [...]

    8. (Premessa per una recensione difficile: Me l’avevano detto in tanti che era un libro sconvolgente, che turbava, che avrebbe rotto la mia consuetudine di lettrice. Ci ho creduto, ma ho pensato di farcela, tranquillamente. “Ne ho già letti di libri così”, dicevo tra me e me, pensando alla Oates o Ellroy o Bret Easton Ellis. Il tema sapevo quale fosse, non mi spaventava. Non troppo almeno. E così ho letto questo libro, Dei bambini non si sa niente).Continua a leggere: temperamente/contempo [...]

    9. Told from the point of view of young italian girl; it is the summer holidays and the school children in a dusty, boring italian suburb find an old hut in which they play. One of the older boys introduces pornography to the group and persuades the others to play sex games. He introduces more extreme pornography and the play becomes extremely abusive, particularly of the smaller girls, who accept it as the price of belonging to the group of bigger children. The tragic conclusion, however inevitabl [...]

    10. one of those books where you finish it, yet it continues to haunt you for days. be ready for some greusome details, its pretty tough to read the horrific events spurred by a lack of attention given to the children. I read this novel in Italian while studying in Italy, and the author actually came to our class to give a lecture. it was great hearing her perspective on how she thought of such an unthinkable plotline. great story but be prepared to be appauled and extremely uncomfortable

    11. Really really powerful. At points I had to put the book down because there were couple of really raw scenes. However, Vinci's descriptions of the country as well as her varying points of view of the children really gives the reader a fresh perspective on child-like innocence and the types of material children are exposed to. Without trying, Vinci also makes the reader question parent involvement with their children and if the policy of "ignorance is bliss" is really the best parenting policy.

    12. Disturbing and creepy and not totally plausible. The descriptions of childhood sexual awakening and discovery are realistic and quite good, but the story seems to focus not enough on particulars and plot development and ends rather abruptly. Could induce nightmares. Might have worked better as a short story and not a novella.

    13. I'm glad that I've found out there are some books out there that can still shock me. This book shocked me, kind of. If it were written by a man instead by a woman, the author would probably be arrested, threatened, attacked, maybe even murdered. Anyhow, even like this, it is a very brave book. Sickening.

    14. L'ho letto anni fa, quindi non potrei sinceramente dare un parere ragionato. Tuttavia, mi sento di avvisare chi lo vuole leggere che può essere estremamente disturbante, questo libro, ricordo che per tema e descrizioni l'ho trovato assai soffocante, quindi attenzione, se non siete in un periodo in cui nulla vi scalfisce lasciate perdere!

    15. Disturbingly provocative but captivating at the same time. Vinci offers an entirely new perspective on the modern conception of the "paessagio" of adolescence in its rawest form. A page-turner that at times has the power to make your skin crawl.

    16. This book is a beautifully written creepfest. I forget about it every so often and then it pops back in my mind. Childhood exploratory sexuality through a Lord of the Flies lens.

    17. I was a little bored. It had potential, but I couldn't "feel" the book so to speak. Maybe it's because I couldn't read it in it's original language. It seemed almost clumsy.

    18. The writing is excellent for a first booke characters could have been developed more and the content was disturbing.

    19. Nem tudom miért, de nekem tetszett. Bár amit Mirko csinált, az nem tetszett. De basszus, ilyen kegyetlenek és idióták tudnak lenni a gyerekek, ha nem figyel rájuk senki….

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