Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa

Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa

Peter Moore / Feb 25, 2020

Vroom with a View In Search of Italy s Dolce Vita on a Vespa It was love at first sight the Vespa had everything he wanted a few dents and scratches saddle seats and temperamental electrics When Moore sat on it for the first time he felt like a sharp suited

  • Title: Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa
  • Author: Peter Moore
  • ISBN: 9781933572017
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was love at first sight the Vespa had everything he wanted a few dents and scratches, saddle seats and temperamental electrics When Moore sat on it for the first time, he felt like a sharp suited, Ray Ban wearing young Marcello Mastroianni Riding the back roads, visiting small towns, sleeping in haylofts, Moore shows us an Italy rarely seen from picnicking in the IIt was love at first sight the Vespa had everything he wanted a few dents and scratches, saddle seats and temperamental electrics When Moore sat on it for the first time, he felt like a sharp suited, Ray Ban wearing young Marcello Mastroianni Riding the back roads, visiting small towns, sleeping in haylofts, Moore shows us an Italy rarely seen from picnicking in the Italian Alps to rattling through cobbled hilltop towns to gate crashing France Mayes s villa When Moore s girlfriend, Sally, joins him for two weeks on the road, his fantasy is complete, summer in Italy on a Vespa with too much chrome and a pretty girl riding on the back But it is Sophia s delicate constitution we owe the greatest gratitude Her need for constant pampering and frequent stops hypnotizes all those who gaze upon her The locals, unaccustomed to foreign visitors, graciously invite Sopia and Moore into their homes, inns and restaurants to share their memories of their first Vespa their first serious romance Sophia forced Moore to slow down, gave him time to enjoy the simple beauty of Italy and its people and let him experience Italy s dolce vita.

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      • Peter Moore

        Peter Moore born 18 July 1962 is an Australian travel writer.Moore, who was born in Sydney, claims to have visited 99 countries He currently lives with his wife and daughter in London He has published many books that re tell tales of his travels.He is a Vespa enthusiast and his 2005 book Vroom with a View and 2007 book Vroom by the Sea feature trips through Italy taken on vintage Italian motorscooters.


    1. Vroom With A View is a fun, light read. If you have ever traveled in northern Italia, Toscana and Lazio, this book transports you back quickly. What is even more fun is he does so on a classic Vespa for his 40th Birthday. As Moore describes the roads, the people and the vistas, I am reminded of my last trip to Italy turning the same age milestone navigating the Eurorail and Autostrada finding my own La Dolce Vita.

    2. I got this book from a friend (Thanks Leigh!) before my trip to Italy, and so in the spirit of reading thematically, which I like to do on trips, I brought it with me, though the cheesy cover art gave me pretty low expectations. While I don't agree with the reviews on the cover proclaiming it "hilarious," it's entertaining and lighthearted and actually contains quite a bit of information about various parts of Italy. Combined with facts gleaned from my guidebook, it gave me a much better sense o [...]

    3. Loved it - a wonderful entertaining read about author Peter Moore's travels around Italy on an eBay bought 1961 Vespa. The people, the famous cities and countryside, the not-so famous out of the way places, the frustrations and disappointments, and the great delights, all told with a wonderful humour. And also the elusive search for a little green plastic Kinder Surprise Vespa!By the way, I must mention that I LOVE the cover illustration!I shall look forward to reading more of Mr Moore's books.

    4. A must read for all us armchair travellers. I have a new appreciation for kinder surprise choc eggs.This was just wonderful,the magic of journey , the people along the way and the food all contributed to just wanting to buy a vespa.

    5. Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa is a very amusing travelogue through Northern Italy as seen from the back of that most iconic of Italian motor scooters - the mighty Vespa. Meandering via the back roads through bucolic countryside and visiting the best tourist spots the regions of Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Lazio have to offer, Vroom with a View provides a breezy armchair escape to one of the most loved parts of the world.Having watched too many Sophia [...]

    6. Found this when I went to release a few books in Toowong Village! I love Peter Moore and though I have just started this book, it looks to be as good as Swahili for the Broken-Hearted, which I loved.12 January: You know, this book was even better than Swahili, which I didn't think was possible. I think that might have something to do with my lingering desire to go to Italy, and the general theory of travel dreams. PM really makes you want to travel Italy on the Vespa as well.

    7. Absolutely love this book. My favorite travelogue ever. Whoever stated that, "this book is a love letter to Italy," was spot on. Looking forward to reading its companion - "Vroom by the Sea."

    8. There's something romantic about exploring Italy on a scooter. Maybe not one that breaks down every so often, but it's the misadventures and wrong turns that lead you on some forgotten and hidden paths that make a trip more worthwhile and memorable. 'Vroom with a View' is a unique, sometimes whimsical, journey from Milan to Rome that's full of colorful, mostly friendly and helpful Italians and plenty of overnight stays at obscure places that have remarkable views of Tuscany and the Italian count [...]

    9. When he was young, Australian Peter Moore saw an old black and white movie with Sophia Loren riding a Vespa through Italy. When he turned forty, he decided to fulfil his dream and he bought a 1961 Vespa on eBay. Picking it up in Milan, he took a summer to drive it down the west coast of Italy to Rome and wrote about his misadventures in “Vroom with a View”.This was an entertaining book, easy read, and proved that tourists to Italy should buy a guide book to get around. Even then, they will g [...]

    10. What a great book to 'discover'! This amateur writer from Australia composed an engaging and fun story, taking me into his adventure starting with his long-held wish to ride a Vespa through Tuscany, Italy. Sure, you may have read many books about this region (I have), but not like this! Prior to reading this book, I had a dream of riding a road bike through the region, but now I'm rethinking it. Taking my time ("Piano! Piano!") is my plan to really see, smell and feel all that this region of my [...]

    11. I'm in the midst of this light, funny travel journal of sorts recommended to me by my mom and enjoying every minute. I love bringing it to the gym and laughing out loud on the elliptical machine! For anyone who travels-especially in Italy, this will bring a huge smile to your face and loads of similar memories that you love to re-live! It's about a 40-year-old Auzzie who decides to live out his life-long dream of traveling through Italy on a 1961 Vespa and the experiences he has along the way. I [...]

    12. I forgot how much I liked this author!!! I bought a couple of his books when I was over in the UK like a million years ago and I haven’t read anything since. And when I was just browsing the travel section at the library, I saw this one and just took it. It is about an Aussie who buys a vespa in Italy and drives it around all summer. He goes to small towns and has issues with the bike along the way and it’s really entertaining. It’s an area I have been to many times, but I wish I could rem [...]

    13. I am absolutely loving this book which I'm reading in short spurts alongside my fiction reads. I just want to drop everything and fly off to Italy, perhaps hiring a car rather than a Vespa, I'm not that daring! Have finished this and it was a fabulous read, extremely readable, humorous but filled with little vignettes of Italian life. I wish I had his spontaneity! Will certainly be reading more by this author, he certainly has an extremely attractive writing style and you feel like you're on Sop [...]

    14. I met Peter Moore, then bought his book at a scooter event. That little Aussie has some really big stories. His more serious work tells of his time in Iran, but Vroom describes a fun romp around Italy via Vespa Vecchia. I thought it was pretty cool, but I'm biased: I'm a scooter nerd and also was planning a trip to Italy, so his insights on culture and off-the-beaten-path locales were quite useful.I also got through it in about 2.5 hours. It's a really fast read (paced somewhat like a downhill c [...]

    15. This book chronicles the adventures of a guy who, on a whim, bought an old Vespa scooter on Ebay. In Italy. He then flew there to pick it up and spent the summer meandering around the Tuscan countryside. I had always dreamed of doing something similar and I read this book about a month or two before my own trip there with Melinda. This book didn't tell me anything I didn't already know about scooters (I already owned a 1962 Vespa myself) but it did teach me how to curse at other drivers in Itali [...]

    16. Loved it! I am probably a bit biased as I have just returned from Tuscany and having visited many of the places Peter visited I found myself reminiscing my wonderful holiday. All credit to Peter that he was able to rekindle my happy memories. I totally agree that bicycling is potentially very dangerous on the very narrow back roads. Vespa would be a great way to travel. Very entertaining Travel book!

    17. This guy is one of my new heroes a funny, laid-back Australian guy who one day decided to drop everything, buy a Vespa (on eBay Italy, sight unseen, no less!), fly to Italy to pick it up, and roam around the back roads of the Italian countryside on it, experiencing the culture.Makes me want to throw away my job and home and go mooch off the hospitality of the locals over there, for a month or two or forever! What a fun, warm read :)

    18. A great, easy travel read, which had caused me to buy a ticket to Italy to experience 'la dolce vita' for myself I love the way this book showed the ways that meeting new and interesting people (by purpose or accident) add layers to our own stories. a little clogged sometimes with superfluous explanations of setting and heavy motor jargon (but not being into motorbikes myself this may appeal to other readers). Other than this, a great read. I will be picking up the sequel immediately.

    19. This book fun to read. The author had an amazing time in Italy, and that came out in the narrative. But I think the author's personality shines through in the book, and because he's a likeable, you end up really liking the book. It does get a bit slow at times, but picks up in time so that you don't get too bored. And the best part is that you're actually getting great tips about travelling in Italy, but in a humorous and fun way.

    20. Riding a Vespa as old as himself (in need of a bit of work but able to do the job) what a way to travel , and what a journey, I laughed and if you were lucky enough to see some of the places he goes it will remind you how lucky we were to have been there, and if you haven't been well lucky you, you have something to look forward to . Read it , laugh and learn ank Sophia ( read and you will understand )

    21. I liked this book. It makes me want to visit Italy again, but this time on a Vespa! I was able to relive some of the places I had been to. I'm not sure how entertaining this book would be if you have never been to Italy. The author does not describe the sceneries in great detail, so I could imagine there could be some confusion. I think reading this book after having traveled to Italy would be helpful.

    22. anyone into vespas, iltaly or just a fun book should read this. i really enjoyed it. i'm horrible at writing witty quips about books, so my reviews are either i liked it, it was ok, or it sucked. this one gets the i like it vote, and 5 stars. it was fun to go to peter's website and view his photo slide show from the book.

    23. A very enjoyable book that almost makes me want to learn to drive and buy a Vespa to tour Europe. However, I know what driving is like in Italy (from the passenger seat) and I have much admiration for Peter Moore! I jotted down a few places I would like to visit in Italy and have been put off by others. It was lovely to hear about the people he met, both good and annoying.

    24. A wonderful read that took me through several of my favourite places in Italy! Cinque Terre and Tuscany are absolutely breathtaking. There's only 1 thing that still puzzles me how on earth could he (Peter Moore) not like Florence??? It's my favourite city in Europe, the very sight of Florence makes me happy.

    25. It's been a few years since I last read this, but it's still entertaining and informative. It's well written and obviously has a lot of research in behind it. It's not the lightweight story of a carefree romp through Italy that it suggests it is, and comes across as just a bit unbelievable.Still, I like it a lot.

    26. A fun romp through central Italy. The Aussie sense of humor shines through, as it gives you an outsider's perspective on what it's really like to ride a Vespa around Italy. Good therapy for a cold winter's day.

    27. Lighthearted, breezy and interestin. Made me want to be in Italy. One thing that struck was his disdain for "tourists", seeing himself as different and better. Other than his mode of transportation, he was no different from most tourists.

    28. Have read all Peters travel books in this series. All are very easy reading and really good fun. Come on Peter when is the next instalment due, it's been a while. Favourite book still your travels around Italy in hour Vespa. Motivated me to explore Italy and 5 holidays later still love the place.

    29. "Nice, laidback style - no gushing nor attitude. Looking forward to reading more of this author's work. Each chapter is "themed" by the surprise toy inside that segment's chocolate egg purchased during his voyage."

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