Ninja Bunny

Ninja Bunny

Jennifer Gray Olson / Jun 24, 2019

Ninja Bunny A fresh funny and hip picture book about a little bunny who wants to be a ninja How to be a SUPER AWESOME NINJA Rule You must always work alone Rule You must be super sneaky especially in the m

  • Title: Ninja Bunny
  • Author: Jennifer Gray Olson
  • ISBN: 9780385754934
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fresh, funny, and hip picture book about a little bunny who wants to be a ninja How to be a SUPER AWESOME NINJA Rule 1 You must always work alone Rule 2 You must be super sneaky, especially in the most dangerous of situations Rule 3 A super awesome ninja must possess incredible strength, achieve invisibility, master the skill of climbing, gain the ability toA fresh, funny, and hip picture book about a little bunny who wants to be a ninja How to be a SUPER AWESOME NINJA Rule 1 You must always work alone Rule 2 You must be super sneaky, especially in the most dangerous of situations Rule 3 A super awesome ninja must possess incredible strength, achieve invisibility, master the skill of climbing, gain the ability to fly.Our little bunny is ready to embark on his path to becoming a ninja But is he cut out for the ninja life Especially if it means leaving his friends behind

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    1. Ninja Bunny! I love it! Cute, cuddly, and deadly. “Hi-yah!”Jennifer Gray Olson’s Ninja Bunny hops from one ninja rule to the next—strength, climbing, balance, and more. But Ninja Bunny learns the best and biggest lesson of them all when trouble comes his way. Even ninjas need a little help from their friends.Cute read. Pick it up at the Library.

    2. 'Ninja Bunny' is a fun children's picture book that will leave readers of all ages wanting more! The story is about a bunny who wants to become a super awesome ninja. There just happens to be a book that tells you how to become one of these ninjas - along with ten rules that all ninjas have to follow. The book goes through each rule (for example, rule 4: A super awesome ninja must: achieve invisibility) on how one can become an awesome ninja. The rules are believable and fit in perfectly with th [...]

    3. I thought Ninja Bunny was a very cute and fun book and I really enjoyed reading it to my girls. The concept is cute and I like that the book also has a lesson in it for the kids. The illustrations are adorable and funny, with characters such as a bunny dressed as a ninja and a very large bear. The way it was presented was very appealing to kids and gender neutral, which is always a plus. There were a lot of laughs and giggles while reading this, both from the kids and from me. I would totally re [...]

    4. The perfect picture book for your little Ninja. Ninja Bunny wants to be A Super Awesome Ninja. In order to achieve the Super Awesome status, Ninja Bunny follows a 10 step process He feels the best way to do this, is accomplishing things on his own. But when Ninja Bunny comes face to face with a big enemy, he realizes that sometimes even a Super Awesome Ninja needs a little help from their super awesome friends. Ninja Bunny is a must have picture book. It's action packed with a great story, wonde [...]

    5. Who doesn't like ninjas? Enter ninja bunnies, especially one spastic ninja bunny, to create a solid gold reading experience. Bright, comical illustrations assist in telling the story of one bunny who is determined to be a ninja. As he lays out the rules for ninja-ness, he begins to realize the necessity of having a few friends around. The only drawback for me is that the story seems to end rather abruptly. Perhaps this has to do with the construction of the book, for I turned the page expecting [...]

    6. Adorable. I look forward to trying this out in Preschool storytime. Lots of humor and a nice message at end. Cute pictures, too.4/27/16 Possibly the favorite in N is for preschool ST theme. The kids loved the pictures. I had them act out some of the ninja actions. And they loved seeing the bear run away. So good!4/26/17 Used as closer for N theme. They loved it!

    7. This is a silly story about an adventurous bunny who is reading a rule book on how to be a "Super Awesome Ninja". It's a fun, fast read and the illustrations are terrific. We enjoyed reading this book together.

    8. As a secret ninja, I appreciate this book. As someone who once lived on three acres with lots and lots of ninja bunnies I love this book. Hi-ya!

    9. Little Bunny wants to become a super ninja. There are 10 rules that Little Bunny must follow to become one. One day Little Bunny meets up with a large bear. There is one lesson that Little Bunny learns that is very important - that is having some super friends.The book explores Little Bunny's experiences in learning each rule. The pictures use bright eye catching colors. The wording is great for children 3 to 7 and in grades Pre-K thru 2. This book would be prefect for a lesson on friendship. It [...]

    10. Determined to be a great ninja, a bunny follows all the rules to success. But he faces a little problem when he encounters a fierce bear and is expected to handle his adversary alone as ninjas tend to do. Wat a minute, he thinks. On second thought, he could use a little help from his friends. The simple text and illustrations, created with ink and watercolor, are humorous and deliver a good message that sometimes it's best not to try to go it alone. Having friends at your side or your back can b [...]

    11. The cover art charmed me. Olson captures a child-like spirit and stance in her bunnies that kept me turning pages. The pictures provide the humorous reality to the understated, sparse text that is a list of rules to follow in order to become a ninja. The plucky book-reading bunny totes his how-to tome across the pages and with the bunny covered head to toe in ninja garb, the emotion is conveyed with a skillful adjustment of bunny eyebrows! I received a review copy from Random House/Knopf Books f [...]

    12. Want to become a super ninja? There are rules of course and rule number one "you must always work alone." Bunny is willing to try to follow all of the rules (achieve invisibility, possess incredible strength, be super sneaky) until he comes upon a gigantic bear. But don't worry Bunny's friends have his back. A story about friendship and following your dreams you won't want to miss.

    13. There 10 hard and fast rules on becoming a super awesome ninja. The first one being that one must work alone. Ninja bunny follows all the rules no matter how difficult, but when face-to-face with fierce opponent Ninja bunnies sees the value of rewriting rule number one.julianaleewriter/books-ali

    14. Rules for becoming a ninja bunny And the importance of having friends. Could be a fun perspective on beginning of year rules/friendships.Would also be a fun visualizing lesson (after ninja drawing lesson, of course). We could draw what we think is happening without looking at the pictures and then read again and see the author's vision.

    15. I loved Ninja Bunny because it features a central character who uses reading to to learn how to be an awesome ninja. The book is formatted primarily as a list of rules which could position it as a good mentor text. But it's universal theme about the advantages of working together vs all alone also makes it a good read for classrooms in which that message is critical.

    16. In Ninja Bunny, one little bunny is willing to do whatever it takes to become a super awesome ninja, even if that means going solo. But, after coming up against a big enemy, Ninja Bunny realizes that sometimes you need a little help from your friends - and that's okay too! Ninja Bunny is a perfect reminder that asking for help and needing your friends doesn't mean you're not super awesome.

    17. Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for allowing me early access to this title (otherwise known as an ARC:-). A ninja bunny must exhibit superior strength, create ninja weapons and know how to escapel alone. That is until the big bear comes and the ninja bunny discovers how great it is to have friends. A wonderfully illustrated book that I can't for to come out!

    18. Bunnies. It must be bunnies. Okay, now that I've got that horridly needed quote out of the way . . . go ninjas! This is a super cute picture book that I can see being a huge hit in storytimes. The plot is easy to follow, and is joined with some super cute art that had me chuckling more than once. Ninja Bunny can count me as one of his/her friends!

    19. This is a picture book that is going to out cute all the other picture books. Your kid won't want to read anything else. Action packed and filled with adorable, you actually might not mind reading it a hundred times.

    20. Hi-yah! Love it! This book has great illustrations that encourage scrutiny and sound effects. The story told via rules of Super Awesome Ninjaness is funny and sweet by turns. The text itself changes from scene to scene, to complete rather than overcome or be lost among the illustrations.

    21. Super fun, especially the illustrations which are where the real laughs come from. I smiled from the moment I opened the book on. Nice little friends are important message without being heavy-handed. Short read that the kids are gonna love.

    22. This was cute, read for a story time out loud. My little reading assistant enjoyed saying the numbers to count the rules & I liked the pictures and the moral in the end.

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