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Havenstar The Eight Stabilities are islands of order surrounded by lethal chaos and the order is being swallowed by the unstable The religious leaders of Chantry try to maintain the Stabilities by ordering the

  • Title: Havenstar
  • Author: Glenda Larke Glenda Noramly
  • ISBN: 9780753503904
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Eight Stabilities are islands of order surrounded by lethal chaos and the order is being swallowed by the unstable The religious leaders of Chantry try to maintain the Stabilities by ordering the necessity of a once in a lifetime pilgrimage across the chaos And in that ever changing world, the most important person is a mapmaker who can make a chart of secure pilgrimThe Eight Stabilities are islands of order surrounded by lethal chaos and the order is being swallowed by the unstable The religious leaders of Chantry try to maintain the Stabilities by ordering the necessity of a once in a lifetime pilgrimage across the chaos And in that ever changing world, the most important person is a mapmaker who can make a chart of secure pilgrimage routes Keris Kaylen is a mapmaker s daughter When her father is murdered and a mountain disappears, Keris is betrayed by her brother Forced to flee into the Unstable, she finds her safety is in the hands of a man bonded to the Lord Carasma, the Unmaker and her ordered life is turned upside down Her survival will depend on a map and a place called Havenstar but she can t reproduce the map, and Havenstar may not even exist

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        Glenda was born in Western Australia, the daughter of a farmer She was educated at government state schools and the University of Western Australia, where she obtained a degree in history and a diploma in education Married to a Malaysian scientist, she has grown up children, and now lives in Malaysia, where she is actively involved in rainforest conservation Author of The Isles of Glory trilogy The Aware, Gilfeather, The Tainted The Mirage Makers trilogy Heart of the Mirage, The Shadow of Tyr, Song of the Shiver Barrens and, writing as Glenda Noramly, a stand alone book Havenstar.


    1. This is the book that started it all! My mum picked up for 99p at some sea-side tourist store thinking it was some love in the dust romance. Upon realizing it wasn't she handed it to me when I was just a kid not even a teenager yet. I shared it with my friends and my original copy disappeared for years because I lent to to someone who lent it to someone else. I went to ebay to find another copy and thats where I found out that it wasn't actually in print anymore due to publishing problems. It wa [...]

    2. Clever, clever stuff. Glenda Larke has created a fascinating world for her novel which we uncover slowly and steadily as the story progresses. No boring "info dumps' and only occasional passages describing the past events which led to the current situation. The characters are all nicely fleshed out, including the secondary ones. The story flows well and ends in a good way for nearly everyone. I am very glad I read it and will now look out for more of her books.

    3. Sigh Another book with delusions of grandeur. A romance story that fancied itself as an epic fantasy. Had great concept, but poor delivery. World had so muh potential, but it was glossed over. Where more detail was appropriate, there was none, and where it wasn't, there was too much. The romance didn't make sense. The heroine was meh. The hero was meh. The old blind man was also meh (and had a personality pretty uncoordinated with what it was supposedly written as). All the characters felt weird [...]

    4. This was the author’s first published work, but shortly after its appearance in 1999 the publisher sank, and the book with it. Now the author has self-published it (hurray for the digital age). Not only is it available once more, it has been picked up by a traditional publisher too. A result whichever way you look at it.The story has one of the most original settings I’ve encountered. A cataclysmic event tore the world apart, spreading chaos everywhere apart from a few islands of stability w [...]

    5. Very difficult and slow starting outbut keep at it because it all comes together and makes sense!

    6. Havenstar has a history, a bit of a sad one. It was Glenda Larke’s (writing as Glenda Noramly) first novel, released in 1999 under the then Virgin books SF imprint.It raced up the charts(getting to 81 on the general list) only to be orphaned and out of print as the publisher imploded.Thankfully Glenda was made of stern stuff and has gone on to release another 9 novels with more on the way.She decided to re-release Havenstar as a self published eBook. No longer do fans have to contemplate infl [...]

    7. Pretty decent read, and I guess I'd round this up to 3.5 overall stars. The world building was complex and intricate and I struggled to follow all the "rules", but the author did a fab job of not info dumping and letting the story naturally progress so that you learned as things happened. The plot was fast paced and there was a lot of goings on in this cross country journey. The secondary characters were all well rounded and added a bit of comic relief to what could have been a bit of dark fanta [...]

    8. The first published book by one of my favourite authors (i.e. Glenda Larke). This book is out of print. I paid $50 for a second-hand copy of this book and don't regret the expense one bit. It now goes for anything up to $400 (as of December 2012).Why am I reviewing this book now? First, I wasn't on when I read it, duh. Second, it is now available as an eBook. This book, and now the eBook version, is a must read book for all Glenda Larke fans. I also highly recommend it to all lovers of fantasy [...]

    9. A bit too blatant in its Christianity/religious fervor (even it it is somewhat veiled in fantasy terms). Also in need of some editing (dragged on in places and the final resolution seemed a bit too simple - in the "really, no one had thought of that in a thousand years?" way).Bit of insta-love as well - that did not help.

    10. Basic plot: The realm is divided up into "safe" areas and unstable areas where ley (kind of magic?) and chaos rule. People live in the "safe" areas and have to live by fairly strict rules in order to maintain the safety of those zones. Along comes Keris who has run away from home and falls in with a group who are out to change the world- a group that doesn't believe people need to follow strict rules and that thinks that the unstable chaos areas can be conquered. There is a basic romance which h [...]

    11. Oh, wow.Oh, wow.Where do I even begin with this book? Seriously. When I read and adored Larke's Watergivers trilogy, Havenstar was out of print, but numerous people told me that it was the best of all Larke's work. I found it hard to believe that anything could be better than the Watergivers books, but when it showed up as an ebook I snatched it up instantly.And you know what? Every one of those people was right. I'm still amazed that it's possible, but this is even better.Havenstar starts out w [...]

    12. A couple of housekeeping items: again the description is short and lacking. And also, this is currently only available on Smashwords, but I understand it will be released soon on in physical format. This was Larke’s first novel, before the Isles of Glory series, and was written as Glenda Noramly.Havenstar had all the excellent detailed worldbuilding I’ve come to expect from a Larke novel. The characters had complex back stories and fleshed out personalities, where they could’ve easily be [...]

    13. DNFStarted oken became promising and I really like the whole map idea, until the bad guy, Carasma, made his appearanceAnd I thought, really?I mean I get it that the author wanted to emphasize the seductive nature of evil but it felt like she was stressing a bit too much that the Lord of Chaos had a hugewell, that he was too-well endowed!And later, a bad guy makes his appearance and again he is naked and the stress is put on his sexuality a bit too muchI have nothing against sexuality at all, but [...]

    14. I discovered this fantasy novel when exploring self-published e-books. There's much to like about Havenstar: likable main characters, world building that strays a little from the norm, moral dilemmas, religious criticism (for some readers that may be a turn-off), imaginative monstrosities that actually make the novel proper fantasy and not just "a medieval themed story set in a parallel universe", and decent action scenes. Naturally, it also comes with a dose of slightly-teenage-flavored romance [...]

    15. I'm not sure what to think of this book. I think it's more of a 3.5 stars, but I rounded up.First, I loved the worldbuilding. This was an extremely unique concept, and I thought it was very well-executed.**SPOILERS AHEAD**The story is pretty typical hero's journey. I thought the love story between Keris and Davron was completely unnecessary, forced, and contrived. It seemed amazingly abrupt, and it didn't add much to the story at all.The final battle was amazingly anticlimactic. The book also se [...]

    16. There is so much I want to say about this novel but some how the words fail me. I've read a lot of books this year, for uni, for judging and for personal pleasure. This book is, without shadow of a doubt, my favourite to date. There was absolutely nothing I didn't love about this work: the characters, the setting, the world-building and the religion, each and every part of it was pitch perfect and believable. I fell into the world of Stabilities and Instabilities, into Havenstar and into the Cha [...]

    17. I have conflicted feelings about this book. On one hand, it's a fabulous world building, very rich and original. Characters, though none exactly captivating to me, are dimensional. On the other hand, I dislike the religious implications, the obsession of people with the "Maker". Well, sure, in fantasy gods exist in whatever way the author wants, and after all there are "magic" in those worlds, what can better explain it than gods? The problem is the "Maker" in this book holds too much resemblanc [...]

    18. An old favourite. Havenstar is just a beautifully written book. It's fantasy at it's finest, combined with the best elements of urban fantasy (a strong female lead and plenty of adventure). Noramly knows her heroine and she knows her world and she knows exactly what she wants to say with this book. It almost reads like a twisted fairytale, twisted in a dark way, twisted in a role-reversal way. It's just an exciting, creative, suspenseful adventure all the way from beginning to end, and I read it [...]

    19. I love this book! I first found it in a second hand shop and immediately fell in love with the characters and the witty writing. But alas my copy started to fall a apart so I set about trying to find another copy. Imagine my horror when I discover that it was now out of print and had become very rare with copies selling for $50 online. Then came the amazing day that I discovered that the author had finally managed to make an ebook version available through Smashwords. Joy at last. Once again abl [...]

    20. I stumbled across this book years ago in a bookshop and loved it. It's incredibly hard to find as the publisher went bust soon after it was published, but I've heard that the author is going to re-release it herself this year. The story is about a girl whose father dies leaving her a magic map. The world building is so unique and different from the usual fantasy stuff. I loved it when I first read it years ago and I love it still. If you can find a copy, definitely pick it up.

    21. I loved it. As mentioned before - there are lessons to be learned or you might just enjoy it. The ideas are wonderfull and so much different then most Fantasy books. I really enjoy Glenda Larks' books. She has wonderfull Imagination.

    22. Crazily this was a book that I bought intending to read,yet it sat on the shelf for far too long. Drawn into the world and by the end wishing there was a sequel as enjoyable from page to page. At least I discovered a brilliant writer, once I discovered who she 'became'.

    23. Have always liked this author so no surprise I loved this book. What a fantastic piece of writing for her first novel published.

    24. Pleasantly surprised by this book. I think I need to read more fantasy books because this really sucked me in and I really enjoyed it.

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