Lord of the Storm

Lord of the Storm

Justine Davis / Jan 19, 2020

Lord of the Storm Her every wish is his command He lives only to serve her desires A warrior A sex slave from a conquered world What will he do to her if she sets him free Shaylah Graymist ace fighter pilot for a brut

  • Title: Lord of the Storm
  • Author: Justine Davis
  • ISBN: 9781611945126
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Her every wish is his command He lives only to serve her desires A warrior A sex slave from a conquered world What will he do to her if she sets him free Shaylah Graymist, ace fighter pilot for a brutal intergalactic Coalition, is given a slave as a reward for heroism in battle The incredibly virile slave named Wolf wears a collar which controls him completely, alloHer every wish is his command He lives only to serve her desires A warrior A sex slave from a conquered world What will he do to her if she sets him free Shaylah Graymist, ace fighter pilot for a brutal intergalactic Coalition, is given a slave as a reward for heroism in battle The incredibly virile slave named Wolf wears a collar which controls him completely, allowing her to make him do anything she wants Yet Shaylah has an old fashioned belief in love and refuses to take advantage of him A tense friendship grows between her and Wolf, along with deep desires he refuses to admit The Coalition destroyed his people He won t betray their memory When Shaylah returns to battle, Wolf rebels and is sold to a prison colony She frees him, and together they journey to his home planet As she learns about Wolf, she begins to question her loyalty to the Coalition, and the passions between them burn out of control.

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        Author biographies are supposed to give you all those statistics, books written, awards won, etc and I will, I promisebut first let me tell you about this ornery little tomboy back then, the boys had all the fun who was always the one to make up the stories the neighborhood kids would play For those who came of age in the computer game era, this is something that was done usually in the backyard, by any number of summer bored children, with props where appropriate Did you know a 55 gallon drum tied to a picnic bench makes a very cool horse It wasn t until much later that this tomboy realized two things A not everyone made up stories in their heads all the time, and B in real life, the boys that had already had all the fun now seemed to always be winning.But I digress I was born on a farm down in Iowa.well, not quite, but close Boone, Iowa is in the middle of farm country, but I arrived at a hospital In a snow storm Make that a blizzard My sister tells me she knew my destiny when I was very young, because when I first saw the Disney classic Old Yeller, I was apparently so upset that I promptly went home and rewrote the story In my version, the dog lived, of course Should have been a clue.Possibly in response to that blizzard I was born in, I ve been a West Coaster since before I was a year old, and intend to stay that way I have a history of staying I started my first full time job right out of school well, there was a very brief sojourn at a place where they made, among other things, burial vaults, but I prefer not to recall that one and stayed for twenty one years I ve been married to the same wonderful guy for going on two decades now We lived in our last house for seventeen years I won t even mention how many dumpsters we filled moving after that long Readers seem as fascinated by my first career as they are with my writing My time in law enforcement was many things, exciting, nerve wracking, and irritating, but most importantly never, ever boring It was fascinating enough that I didn t think about writing seriously for several years I kept a journal, and wrote long letters, collected quotes, mentally rewrote movies, and still made up those stories in my head, but never dreamed of actually writing for publication I was having too much fun helping to catch bad guys, and being continually amazed at the situations people get themselves into And eventually I walked away with a wealth of background and story ideas, and knowing some truly great people who work very hard to keep all of us safe I m proud to have been one of them, and I m very aware that I have had the great good fortune of having had two jobs in my life that I love Many people don t get even one.But now that I m in the delicious position of being able to make a living telling those stories in my head, I promise my readers two things A I m staying I ll keep writing as long as you keep reading, and B in my stories, the girl tomboy or not always wins And now, the official stats Justine Dare Davis sold her first book in 1989, and followed that up with the sale of nineteen novels in less than two years Her first four books were published in 1991, and she saw all reach the finals for either the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Award or the Romance Writers of America prestigious RITA Award She has since won the RITA award four times, along with several Reviewer s Choice awards and three Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times At the 1998 national conference, Justine was inducted into the RWA Hall of Fame, making her one of a very select group of just eight writers She also had four titles on the Romantic Times Top 200 of All Time list Her sales now total than 45, and her books have appeared regularly on best seller lists, including the USA Today list She has been featured in several local newspapers and nationwide by Associated Press, has appeared on CN


    1. Ahhhhh! Come here to me, my perfect book! Is Lord of the Storm great literature? Nope. Is it everything I want in a romance novel? Hell yeah. If I had a paper copy of this book instead of e-copy, I bet it'd be dog-eared and kept under my pillow. So, what does it have that hits all my kinks?1. Space opera/scifi setting. Scifi/space opera romances are pretty much the rarest subgenre out there. I have no idea why, as cyborgs, spaceship pilots and aliens are a lot more fun than yet another blood-suc [...]

    2. Setting: futuristic, space, planets, slaves wear collars used to control their minds and bodiesHeroine: Shaylah Graymist – dark haired, young Captain / fighter pilot in the CoalitionHero: Wolf (Darian) – blonde hair & golden skin, a sex slave from the planet Trios, believed to be the last of his race, just a few years older than the heroineVillain: the Coalition – responsible for destroying Triosian people and enslaving WolfHighlights: A page-turner, quick read, original story line wit [...]

    3. 3 ***I bought this book in August '14. It would get buried deep in the dark recesses of my kindle then I'd do a clean out and I'd move the book forward. I've been juggling this book for years. The first thing I realized, the title has _nothing_ to do with the story, neither does the cover image. The next thing is that it reads just like a HQ. I looked the author up this morning and sure enough she writes HQs. That's not necessarily a bad thing. We all know what we're getting when we read a HQ. I [...]

    4. Lord Of The Storm was the first book I had ever tried out from Justine Davis and it certainly won't be my last. I was swept away by this story and I couldn't believe how much I fell in love with it. It really shocked me especially considering its been a while that I have had this sitting in my kindle. Lord Of The Storm is the first book of the series. It features our two main characters Shayla and Dare. Shayla is a captain of a ship of the coalition. She is good at what she does. She feels a con [...]

    5. I've had this on my "just-can't-decide" list forever, but the cover is so corny that I kept avoiding it. I just knew there were going to be heaving bosoms and glistening abs, long flaxen hair fluttering in the windBut it really wasn't bad. I liked the plot and though the hero wasn't as fleshed out as the heroine, I enjoyed them both. I haaated one of the supporting characters with a fiery passion. I was so surprised at the strength of my reaction, too! And I almost wanted to DNF it because I cou [...]

    6. I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I was pleasantly surprised by this one!Sure, the synopsis sounded intriguing, but secretly I expected this book would let me down simply because of the genre. But I was invested from the beginning.Lord of the Storm wasn't perfect, and it was even corny at times, but I loved the lead characters. It was such an interesting dynamic between Shaylah and Wolf. Sometimes Shaylah's insipid dialogue made me wince a little, but overall she w [...]

    7. Lots of potential but the plot was tiresome at timesAt times I found this book to be incredibly draining but I cant deny it had great potential. I just never really cared much for the hero or heroine. All she seemed to do was apologize. The storyline was creative and could have really been amazing but I just felt myself losing interest at times. I also feel it is quite over priced a it's current price of over $4. It was ok but I'm not sure if this is a series I will continue.

    8. This was a good sci-fi romamce. It touched on complex issues such as slavery, trust, war and rebellion. The world building was good and I liked the MCs. But something felt off. It's in part due to the circular nature of the plot with the romance. Shayla does a really cruel thing to Wolf and he doesn't trust her. I don't blame him. She was so selfish and stupid. But she luuuurves him! So she goes back and begs his forgiveness. Sexy times happen. But he's holding something back. She feels him pull [...]

    9. Once upon a time the heroine wanted nothing more than the adventure and honor of captaining a ship for the coalition. But time and war and her beliefs have warn her down and she's beginning to finally understand the deeply flawed culture of her people. Always she admired the ease and devotion of the enemy. Her parents were bonded and dedicated to one another and this is something that she's always desired for herself even if this is against the way of her people who use sex as just a release and [...]

    10. All Shaylah Graymist ever wanted to do was fly a ship of her own. Now she flies as a Captain for the coalition. There are things about the coalition she disagrees with, such as slavery, but what can she do to change it? While on leave she is sent a sex slave by a friend as a reward for her heroism. She has no intention of forcing this man to do anything against his will. Wolf is taken by the beautiful pilot, and is confused by the way she treats him. When it becomes imperative to rely on one ano [...]

    11. I don’t’ know how many times I’ve read this over the years. I’m thinking it’s close to double digits. When I switched from print books to ebooks this is one I always kept an eye out, hoping it would come out as an ebook and when I saw that it had I scooped it right up. I have a review already written somewhere and if I find it, I’ll post it. In the meantime I’ll just do a mini review.This is a Sci-Fi romance and one of my very favourites. Shayla Graymist is an excellent pilot, resp [...]

    12. Great sci-fiThis is more than sci-if, the characters are alive and real. The story powerful and draws you in. Just re-read this for the third time, keep finding more to love about it.

    13. Writing was okay, no real problems there. Plot was alright too, although I thought they should have brought in the rebellion thing earlier. The slave-or-not plotline got a bit draggy after a while. I liked that Shaylah retained most of her agency even after Wolf was revealed as the King of not-Earth and leader of the rebellion and became the unattainable beloved wild lion or whatever. But there's one thing I cannot let go of. She freaking raped him, then consciously kept vital information from h [...]

    14. I liked the characters in this book, especially the heroine. She had been raised under a set of society's assumptions, and only focused on her wish to be a pilot of fast spaceships.She wins battles and achieves recognition enabling her to fulfil her dream, but begins to become aware of the ugliness of the system that gives her this dream.In the end, she gives it all up for integrity and unselfish commitment to a set of values. It is almost incidental that she falls in love with the hero.The hero [...]

    15. Pleasure slaves with golden collars and space captains with Tolkein-y names, photon torpedoes, loin cloths and space jump suits - this one has it all. Beam me up, Mr. Sulu.

    16. DNF @ 75%This was an okay read. However, with the blurb and the cover, I had envisioned something different, something more on the line of both the hero and the heroine kicking ass in an adventure. Instead, we have the heroine as a doormat for the hero's "tortured soul" to push down the heroine's actions. And the hero is a disappointment with all his angst. All he does is complain and complain and complain and so on.So instead of an adventure with two kickass main characters, most of the story i [...]

    17. I really dislike the Coalition in this book. I know I'm supposed to dislike them but wow, what an awful society.I think Justine Davis did a good job showing how hard it would be for someone who was a slave in this society to trust anyone. There was a draw between the two characters but neither one could trust it for a variety of reasons. It didn't stop the attraction but it did complicate it immensely.There was quite a bit of space opera mixed in with the romance, so the book never really slowed [...]

    18. Not a new book review, this is an older sci-fi romance book. I have a wonderful happy feelings whenever I go back and re-read the wonderful sweeping epic romance classic. It is on my top keeper shelf along with its sequel (which is even more of a dear favorite) The Skypirate. Oh how I love these old classics. I have re-read them many many times. This is the story of a highly decorated intergalactic starship captain who falls in love with a sex slave who just happens to be a a kidnapped crown pri [...]

    19. Despite the old-school cover, this book is a surprisingly modern science fiction romance, turning the "helpless virgin captured by the brutal barbarian" trope on its ear. Here, the captor is a female star pilot; the helpless slave is, well, Fabio. (Is that Fabio on the cover?) The science fiction and plot are both fast-paced and interesting, with plenty of space left over for the usual throbbing members etc. I was continually surprised by the fact that I didn't have to make allowances for this b [...]

    20. I must of bought this book between 1994 (when it was published) and 1997. I'm not sure if I read it at the time, or not. I didn't get deja vu while I was reading so maybe/maybe not.Actually, I was surprised to really like this book. Most of the books I bought from that period were entertaining at the time, but no longer fit my current reading tastes. This did. I was actually reading it to throw it in the charity pile, but I'm thinking of keeping it.SF/Futuristic romance. I guess some would call [...]

    21. The cover is so very horrific - our stalwart space pilot heroine who is famous across the galaxies for having WON SO MANY BATTLES is portrayed as a breasty slave girl on her knees clutching at the legs of what looks like a blonde Zombie-eyed version of Fabio. I had serious reservations about allowing this cover to enter my home. It's just damned embarrassing. Yep, I even hid it from the cleaning lady in a kitchen drawer under the cheese grater.The book also has some serious problems on the plot [...]

    22. Ace fighter pilot for the Coalition, Shaylah Graymist is given a slave as a reward, but she befriends him and as she learns more about him begins to question her loyalty to the Coalition and the passions between them burn out of control in this mesmerizing sci-fi romance.This steady to fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge with lots of suspense, drama and romance. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and the strong, compelling characters draw the rea [...]

    23. 3.5 Stars Due to my recent space-fantasy addiction, I decided to go old school and read Lord of the Storm and Skypirate. Anything that promises space pirates is a definite read for me. I didn’t know what to expect, but what I got, wonderfully, was not it.Captain Shayla GraymistThe Coalition war hero.WolfThe Triotian sex slave.The characters are very intriguing. The book is fast-paced, loaded with suspense and dark romance. Review

    24. This is the first novel I've read that has been recommended to me as a romance with a hurt hero rescued by a strong woman. Oh yes. I love to finagle with my own writings with these kinds of themes, and I'm delighted to find out it's a "thing" other people like. But anyway, onto my review:Whilst Wolf was never quite as broken as I was hoping for. But whenever he was at his full strength/confidence/what-have-you, I was glad to see that Shaylah did not suddenly lose her own strength and become a we [...]

    25. Captain Shaylah Graymist is a fighter pilot for the Coalition on R & R after destroying 3 enemy airships. At the spa she is offered a sexual slave, Wolf, to attend her every desire. Shaylah refuses the slave, who is controlled by a collar surgically attached to his brain. She is opposed to slavery and abhors the part she plays in defeating worlds from which these slaves come. When she discovers that the beautiful male she rejected was brutally punished for not satisfying her, she demands his [...]

    26. A lot of things I liked, some I really didn't but I still couldn't put this book down.In a multi world universe where the Coalition is the ultimate power, the annexed world are destroyed and the citizen taken as slave. But not your ordinary slave, ones whose even their mind and thoughts are controlled. In this setting, Shayla, hero captain finally opens her eyes and try to make a difference. While falling in love with Wolf, a unbroken slave, she will do everything to earn his trust and love.I lo [...]

    27. 2013, 29 August - I love this book. I've just re-read it, curious to see if my memory of how great it was had been altered by time or my slightly simpler tastes back when I first read it. Well, now I know. It's a book I could not put down, even now, that I just had to keep reading - sometimes with a stupid smile on my face, other times with a lump in my throatDo you know how there are times when, if you watch two people who are deeply in love, you can actually "see" all that love shining on thei [...]

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