Practical Theology

Practical Theology

Peter Kreeft / Dec 10, 2019

Practical Theology From a lifetime of studying the writings of St Thomas Aquinas popular author Peter Kreeft says that his amazement has continually increased not only at Aquinas theoretical philosophical brilliance a

  • Title: Practical Theology
  • Author: Peter Kreeft
  • ISBN: 9781586179687
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • From a lifetime of studying the writings of St Thomas Aquinas, popular author Peter Kreeft says that his amazement has continually increased not only at Aquinas theoretical, philosophical brilliance and sanity, but also at his personal, practical wisdom, his existential bite Yet this second dimension of St Thomas has usually been eclipsed by the other Kreeft wrote thisFrom a lifetime of studying the writings of St Thomas Aquinas, popular author Peter Kreeft says that his amazement has continually increased not only at Aquinas theoretical, philosophical brilliance and sanity, but also at his personal, practical wisdom, his existential bite Yet this second dimension of St Thomas has usually been eclipsed by the other Kreeft wrote this book to help bring that sun out from its eclipse He provides easily digestible samples of the religious wisdom of Aquinas.Here are 359 pieces of wisdom from St Thomas s masterpiece, the Summa Theologiae, which Kreeft says are literally valuable than all the kingdoms of this world because they will help you to attain the one thing needful, or the greatest good, the ultimate end and purpose and meaning of life Three of its names are being a saint, beatitude supreme happiness and union with God That was the principle for Kreeft in choosing which passages to use do they help you to attain your ultimate end sanctity, happiness, union with God St Thomas would have agreed with writer Leon Bloy, who often wrote that in the end there is only one tragedy in life not to have been a saint.These 359 gold nuggets have helped Kreeft in the struggles of real life, to live in the real world, to grow closer to the Lord, and he hopes they will do the same for his readers After each passage directly from Aquinas, Kreeft provides brief spiritual commentary to help explain it and apply it practical, personal, existential, livable thoughts.He has framed these readings as answers to questions that people actually ask their spiritual directors Each answer is taken word for word from Aquinas.Among the many topics Aquinas and Kreeft cover here include The problem of evilInterpreting the BibleLove vs knowledgeReconciling justice and mercyHuman freedom and divine graceAngels and demonsThe need for theologyPredestination and free willThree kinds of goods

    Association of Practical Theology Promoting critical The Association of Practical Theology APT promotes critical discourse that integrates theological reflection and practice Reconstituted from its predecessor organizations , the APT was sparked by the investigation of practical theology as an integrative hermeneutical endeavor at the heart of theological education, characterizing not only the ministerial sub disciplines but also a manner Center for Practical Theology CPT Today Church Planting in Post Christian Soil Theology and Practice Homiletic Book Review December , Dr Kathleen Cahalan presents the Center for Practical Theology What is practical theology GotQuestions Question What is practical theology Answer Practical theology, as its name implies, is the study of theology in a way that is intended to make it useful or applicable Another way of saying it is that it is the study of theology so that it can be used and is relevant to everyday concerns. Fundamental Practical Theology Don Browning Fundamental Practical Theology Don Browning on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The most concerted account yet of how the churches practice might organize theological inquiry as a whole Browning has opened up important lines of inquiry that merit further investigation Craig L Nessan Southeast Missouri State University Don Browning manifests a masterful interaction Opening the Field of Practical Theology An Introduction Opening the Field of Practical Theology introduces students to practical theology through an examination of fifteen different approaches ranging from feminist to liberationist, Roman Catholic to evangelical, Asian American to Latino a After an introduction to the field of practical theology and its broad range of practice today, the book features chapters written by leading experts in the Home apton The APTO conference is for practical pastoral theologians, reflective pastoral practitioners, teachers, researchers and policy makers and research students from all Christian denominations across the whole of Oceania in range of fields listed below and beyond Keeping a Pure Mind Free Sunday School Lessons KEEPING A PURE MIND from MacArthur s The Vanishing Conscience The Bible clearly teaches that sin goes beyond behavior Sinful behavior always starts with sinful thinking in the mind. The King s University Campus News About TKU The King s University is an accredited, Spirit filled, evangelical university based in the heart of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Hearing Loop Articles and Media Nontechnical information on hearing aid compatible assistive listening has been authored or produced by The New York Times , front page , Scientific American , the Chicago Tribune , front page , the American Psychological Association s magazine , NPR s Science Friday , All Things Considered , the Hearing Journal , The Washington Byzantine Theology holytrinitymission Excerpts from Byzantine Theology, Historical trends and doctrinal themes By John Meyendorff Please get the full version of this book at your bookstore

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        Peter Kreeft is a Catholic apologist, professor of philosophy at Boston College and The King s College, and author of over 45 books including Fundamentals of the Faith, Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Heaven, and Back to Virtue Some consider him the best Catholic philosopher currently residing in the United States His ideas draw heavily from religious and philosophical tradition, especially Thomas Aquinas, Socrates, G K Chesterton and C S Lewis Kreeft has writings on Socratic logic, the sea, Jesus Christ, the Summa Theologica, angels, Blaise Pascal, and Heaven, as well as his work on the Problem of Evil, for which he was interviewed by Lee Strobel in his bestseller, The Case for Faith.


    1. For some book reviews I am almost tempted just to mention that some author has a new book out and that should be sufficient to pique your interest.Case in point is Peter Kreeft’s new book Practical Theology: Spiritual Direction from St. Thomas Aquinas. This is an author always worth reading. Since he is also a rather prolific author, directing your attention to specific books of his is also worth doing.Peter Kreeft’s books have had a positive impact on my life. His book Handbook of Christian [...]

    2. Okay I cheated. Usually people write a review after they finish reading the book, or if they find that they cannot continue and finish it. Well I haven't finished this one, but this book is SO good I must review it immediately.So I've been a self-proclaimed little sister of Thomas Aquinas for a while now, to the point that I call him "brother" or "big brother" in my prayers. I feel that other than the Lord and the Blessed Virgin, I can connect with him the best, both intellectually and empathica [...]

    3. Spiritual direction has been an essential part of Catholic tradition since the earliest days of the Church when desert fathers were sought out for their wisdom and guidance. Today, a renewed interest in attaining personal holiness and an ever-increasing attraction to monastic spirituality has put spiritual direction in the spotlight. In 2012, Emmaus Road Publishing released Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God by Executive Director of the National Catholic Reg [...]

    4. I've been noting Jeff Miller's progress with this book. Though he is a fast reader, this book's been taking him a while. I've never been interested in reading Aquinas and Jeff's slow progress wasn't inspiring me to get a copy of the book, though I am a Peter Kreeft fan from way back. Then, lo and behold, a review copy came in the mail.And it happened. Kreeft laid a zinger on me on the very first question "Yes, organized religion is a crutch. You mean you didn't know that you are a cripple?" and [...]

    5. This is not a book to read in one go. After a while your mind is just full with the great variety of questions and answers. I am now at 62% of the book, plus I skimmed through some chapters at the end that seemed interesting to me. This is what I think of it so far:This book is a great introduction for me to get an impression of the great amount of things that Thomas of Aquinas wrote in his Summa Theologiae.Lots of interesting subjects. Each chapter starts with a question and then some quote of [...]

    6. Kreeft's "350+ ways your mind can help you become a saint" tag made me think maybe this is a real shortcut to spiritual understanding and even living happily ever after. A shortcut, no. But spiritual understanding, and living happily "ever after." Maybe a yes.St. Thomas, a Dominican friar and Catholic priest who died over 740 years ago, is considered the Catholic Church's greatest theologian and philosopher. Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, and bestselling author has made a mas [...]

    7. If you've ever wondered how the theology and philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas can impact you in a practical way, read this book. Kreeft structures the work as 358 single-page reflections, each covering a specific question about life/theology/philosophy. I would venture to say that at least 1/2 of the questions cover topics of inquiry that the average person has considered, and at least another 1/3 will engage you to contemplate questions you never thought you had.I read this book in somewhat of [...]

    8. An excellent primer on theological topics which most closely affect one's life--as promised by the subtitle. His weakest sections were on the subject of Limbo, but both Kreeft and St. Thomas know that all opinions on Limbo are speculative. I highly recommend this work to anyone who wishes to enrich their spiritual life or wants a good introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas or Peter Kreeft.

    9. Peter Kreeft has a gift for not only developing a deep understanding of difficult theological concepts, but for articulating them in a very accessible, easy-to-understand method. He uses ample references to books, movies, and other such popular culture, as well as concrete metaphors, throughout his work. If anything, he might sometimes take on a too casual tone for some aspects of his subject, almost coming off as flip. However, one cannot take his work in total and understand that he has anythi [...]

    10. This is a great bathroom book. What I mean by that is that it is the type of book that is great to read one or two pages at a time. It's like the old Reader's Digest we used to keep in the bathroom and would be read one article per trip at a time. Kreeft takes Thomas Aquinas and turns him into 358 bite sized chunks of Systematic theology. He presents a topic, gives a brief quote from Aquinas, and then writes his own commentary on it. All this in 3-4 pages at a time. When he is presenting basic C [...]

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