The Ultimate Goodreads Guide for Authors (Building Blocks to Author Success)

The Ultimate Goodreads Guide for Authors (Building Blocks to Author Success)

Barb Drozdowich / Oct 22, 2019

The Ultimate Goodreads Guide for Authors Building Blocks to Author Success Do you need to connect with readers but find you waste valuable writing time trying to figure out Many authors struggle to master the site and many will give up before tapping its true potential Don t

  • Title: The Ultimate Goodreads Guide for Authors (Building Blocks to Author Success)
  • Author: Barb Drozdowich
  • ISBN: 9781496194473
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • Do you need to connect with readers but find you waste valuable writing time trying to figure out Many authors struggle to master the site and many will give up before tapping its true potential Don t let this happen to you With 50 million account holders and almost 8,000 book clubs from every country in the world, this site should be part of everyDo you need to connect with readers but find you waste valuable writing time trying to figure out Many authors struggle to master the site and many will give up before tapping its true potential Don t let this happen to you With 50 million account holders and almost 8,000 book clubs from every country in the world, this site should be part of every author s platform Technical trainer Barb Drozdowich brings decades of teaching experience and breaks down this Reader Heaven into understandable sections By using a combination of a how to book and an easy to follow video demonstration course she provides clear instruction for every type of learner Feedback from authors just like you I found this book very helpful in giving me an overview of and the paths by which to navigate what had long been a deep forest into which I dare not venture Eileen Goudge Barb did a good job covering all the bases She didn t promise a get rich quick scheme as some do of this genre She did explain all the tools and how to use them William Joiner This book will demonstrate how to create a strong profile that convinces readers to buy show hidden gems of functionality that help authors keep in contact with interested readers illustrate networking opportunities share how to tie the power of the author blog and other social media to for increased marketing effectiveness reveal how to optimize your time on This book and video course will demonstrate how to create a robust presence, network with millions of readers, and do so in an effective, time saving manner Pick up a copy and start marketing effectively today.

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    1. In her book, An Author's Guide to : How to Network with Millions of Readers, Barb Drozdowich writes that she loves . That she does love she makes clear in the positive, enthusiastic way in which she wrote her book. I found it to be a refreshing, reassuring book to read. For one thing, her advice on Giveaways reassured me that they are a good idea. I have read both positive and negative thoughts by authors on the subject of Giveaways in various threads I have read on the site, until I was not [...]

    2. Based on the premise we, as authors, need to find our audience, and is a free platform with over 50 million subscribers worldwide, it’s a potential goldmine for writers to connect with readers – but of course, it’s not without hard work and commitment. Drozdowich, in this second book on , focuses on the need to network. Actually, this book comes as a responses to her first book- The Ultimate Guide for Authors - and the fact the visual (screenshot) approach didn’t work across all readin [...]

    3. I love ‘how to’ books. Like most authors my life is very busy reading, writing, editing, re-writing and promoting to say the least. If I can save time and gain knowledge by picking someone else’s brain I’ll do so. I find a maze but I know to be a successful author it’s a website I must get to grips with. I’m a visual person too. So ‘The Ultimate Guide for Authors’ is up my street. Like most books of this type it’s not something to read from cover to cover. A useful Table of C [...]

    4. This is not a book one really finishes, but comes back to. Technically, I read through it all to get a general idea of what has to offer its authors. But I haven't come close to applying the tips provided in the book. One negative aspect of the book is that on the Kindle e-reader, the illustrations were almost impossible to read.

    5. I downloaded this book because I had a account, but I was sort of floundering. I claimed my book and did some things, but I didn't find the website that user friendly or enticing. It was not a site a really engaged with. I wanted to become more intentional with my approach on when I was getting ready to publish my second book. This book really helped me with my approach. I really liked the way the author mentions that is a place to network and meet other readers--not a place to shout about yo [...]

    6. As a writer who has been intrigued but confused with how to use GoodReads, this book is a godsend! Barb Drozdowich dissects this enigmatic website and explains it in a way that can be easily understood. GoodReads is a must for authors, because it is fast becoming the one and only site an author needs to establish a platform and an audience, as it doubles as an author page and a blog host. Thanks to Barb's help I plan to create a robust presence on this site to use as a hub for all of my future w [...]

    7. The ultimate User manual For any author wishing to maximise the use of this book is a must, especially if they are interested in achieving the benefits of serious networking. An extraordinarily comprehensive manual, it is best used while the reader is on the site. It is as if the author is sitting beside you making sure that you understand each section fully, and step by step. Very good value.I was provided with a complimentary copy of the book through Reading Deals so that I could give an ho [...]

    8. If a subject covers information from 1 to 10, the average how-to book starts at 5, assuming the reader already knows the "kindergarten"of the subject. This frustrates me no end. Drozdowich, however, starts at 1 and held my hand, step b y step, through the entire process, which was exactly what I was looking for. Good Reads can be difficult to negotiate, especially for a newcomer. This writer makes sense of it all and give excellent guidance for even the newest beginner. I recommend without reser [...]

    9. Lots of Great Info, Good for BeginnersThis book definitely gave me more than a few things to add on my to do list. I'm pretty comfortable using GR as a millennial but as an author there were still several things I was totally clueless about. The possibilities for an author on GR are more than I thought. Most importantly, I loved how the author drove home the fact that GR is really reader focused. She emphasized this, especially authors commenting in the review section.That's a no. I've seen that [...]

    10. Barb calls “the candy store for readers.” That being said, why wouldn’t an author wish to learn more? These days many authors struggle with finding readers and sharing their books. Barb’s primer covers the basics and share insights on how to maximize the features and networking opportunities. Written for the new author wishing to leverage the immensely popular bibliophilic network, An Author's Guide to : How to Network with Millions of Readers is an excellent primer on the platform. B [...]

    11. Barb Drozdowich has tackled the millipede that is , and given us a book for the networker-author, as well as for the avid reader – both want to leverage all the complexity of the jam-packed premier web destination for readers. The book’s entry-level walk-through revealed a lot to me, even though I am a long and active user/review writer on , and I was happy to learn skills of using the site successfully for an author. How to put a Group Widget on an Author Website is a happy find, and so is [...]

    12. Extremely helpful. Concise and well organized. Ms. Drozdowich takes a tangled web of marketing tools that are available on and turns them into a comprehensible and manageable toolbox. A valuable read for all authors.

    13. The author really knows the intricacies of . I've used for a few years and hadn't figured out the "social" aspects of it. I shelved books, ran a few giveaways, and that was it. Now I see some of the things I had been missing. can be difficult to navigate and sometimes I feel like I'm going in circles there. To some degree I felt like the book content did the same thing, circling back to topics previously covered. Perhaps that's an inevitable result of explaining the navigation. Overall, it wa [...]

    14. The Drozdowich/Hightower duo write another superb short and easy to use guide. This well-organized book with step-by-step instructions and graphics will help many writers exploit all the author advantages built into the famous GoodReads social networking site.I'm not an authorI'm a reader in love with the whole craft of writing. I'm impressed with this team's books and will buy any others they write!

    15. This was so incredibly helpful in explaining all that has to offer and how to navigate the various options. I'm eager to go through and reorganize my shelves, join some discussions and try out some other suggestions offered in this guide!

    16. I read it to discover whether I wanted to be active on or not. I found the book to be full of good information and felt that it outlined what I might do to gain value as an author from being on . That being said, I decided that I did not want to pursue this option. This was an important realization and I was spared many hours of exploration as a result of this book's clear exposition. For this, I thank the author for her thorough presentation and so have awarded An Author's Guide to a 5 star.

    17. I found a number of useful tips in this small guide: insight on the nuts-and-bolts of hosting author giveaways, the importance of sharing author events, hosting trivia and quizzes, etc. While I wish there had been a bit more information about tags and keywords (where/how to insert them, their importance), I found the instructions, overall, easy to understand. This guide offered a quick read on the key functions of and its value to authors. I've been a reader on the social media site for more t [...]

    18. I read this excellent guide a while ago as I am a huge fan of Barb Drozdowich. I used the easy to understand online tutorials included with the book to help get my author page up to speed, but one thing I didn't do yet is a giveaway. Barb stresses how much a giveaway can do for an author on . That's the final piece I want to use, but it took me a while to figure out what book to promote on the giveaway. My last book as it turns out is a Christmas mystery and I have meandered just long enough fo [...]

    19. I am writing out my marketing plan for my next book and have purchased about a dozen different Marketing books (or books that had chapters on ). I initially rated this a four but after sitting down and starting my plan, I continued to come back to this book for my information. Simply outstanding. I also liked for Authors by Lisa Shea, Naked by Gisela Hausmann and for Authors by Michelle Cambell Scott. Ultimate did not impress at first due to the no frills look, but is worthy of a five start [...]

    20. I won this on a giveaway and it's been quite useful. It does start out very basic and so the first few chapters were largely pointlessif you can enter a giveaway, you can certainly master the very basics! I have changed how I approach the site on the back of some of the information, so thank you for your help!

    21. I did find a couple of ideas in this book, but the illustrations in the e-book are too small to see and they don't enlarge like the type does.

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