Guns & Hoses

Guns & Hoses

Brenda Cothern / Aug 26, 2019

Guns Hoses Tigger Flint and Thomas Flame shared an instant mutual hate for one another from the day they met in sixth grade Their dislike grew into competition and rivalry throughout high school as they were stu

  • Title: Guns & Hoses
  • Author: Brenda Cothern
  • ISBN: 9781311028136
  • Page: 349
  • Format: ebook
  • Tigger Flint and Thomas Flame shared an instant mutual hate for one another from the day they met in sixth grade Their dislike grew into competition and rivalry throughout high school as they were stuck in the same honors classes and played the same sports That hatred and rivalry followed them into adulthood as one became a cop and the other a fireman.Sharing the same haTigger Flint and Thomas Flame shared an instant mutual hate for one another from the day they met in sixth grade Their dislike grew into competition and rivalry throughout high school as they were stuck in the same honors classes and played the same sports That hatred and rivalry followed them into adulthood as one became a cop and the other a fireman.Sharing the same haunt, Guns Hoses, gave everyone from both departments plenty of opportunity to witness their personal war Being forced back onto the football field for charity gave both men another venue for their hatred and rivalry to make an appearance.But those feelings weren t the only emotions in attendance and the winner of game could just be both of them.This book contains m m sexual situations and is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.

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      349 Brenda Cothern
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    1. While I did not care for this tale of rivals-to-lovers, I expect there are some that will gladly overlook what I found distasteful just to get to the sex. 'Cuz the sex was rough, angry and brutal. I love that, yes sir, but when there is no emotion behind it, it's just plain 'ol sex to me. And you can get plain 'ol sex anywhere on the WWW for free.The MCs in this book, Tommy Flame and Tigger Flint (seriously) were together for the sex and for the sex only for 95% of the book. Both of their code o [...]

    2. Talk about Hot Men in Uniform! Throw in 2 childhood enemies with sudden sexual tension. Add to that some major flag football frotagge and you get one steamy read. Tig and Flame were off the charts yummy!!My only complaint with this book was that for the first 50% we had to read the word "rival" way too often. We get it. They didn't like each other until now.

    3. Original Blog Post: multitaskingmommas/201The bar G&H is a bar considered common ground for cops and firefighters both. They go there to spin their tales, drink their beers or simply have some party time and really a place they all could feel safe and just be who they are: rough and tough guys and gals whose chosen career was full of stress and a lot of danger.Tigger or Tig Flint is a cop. He is huge, played quarterback in high school and a tough guy. He is danger personified and can be trus [...]

    4. Punching. And bad editing.Detailed Spoilers - I want to remember the specifics of why this book was so awfulThis is not a vampire novel. Neither of them are vampires. or werewolves. sorry. That, in particular, is neither a positive or a negative.There is moaning groaning and punching. Redress is used to mean to put clothes back on. Per say is used in stead of per se. It goes on.I kept being ejected from the story by the clangers.Also the sex is horrible. At one point they have unprotected sex wi [...]

    5. I love me some Tigger and Flame!They had an instant dislike of each other from the moment they met. It was only made worse as their mother's became best friends, they were about the same size, both smart and on the football team. They kept being forced together and dislike turned to hate.One became a cop, the other a firefighter so the rivalry just grew.But hate and love are so close together as emotions that once they finally took a moment to really look at one another something was bound to ch [...]

    6. I really enjoyed the pace of this book. For the first ten chapters the sexual tension builds and then in the last ten chapters I found that it was worth the wait. Lots and lots of hot sweaty sex. Like another reviewer, I found myself wanting a little more closure at the end but from reading other books by Brenda Cothern, I know that she may have have left us hanging because she is planning on another book with these characters. Overall, a good read that I would read again.

    7. Wtf with the ending? It was rushed and we never even find out why the Fck Tigger was so mad at Flame, when Flame never did shit. Tigger was fckin dumb.

    8. 2.5 stars.Outdated writingI have no patience anymore for the mad jumping between POV-s from one sentence to the next. And was it necessary to implement song lyrics to every step the heroes took in their relationship? The hate-sex was good, tho.

    9. I was hesitant to read this because one of my Good read friends gave it a low rating but I figured what the hell and read it anyway. OMG so glad I did, this started out with hottie fire fighter Flame and hottie detective Tig with tons of animosity towards each other . Throughout the book it turned from that to curiosity to attraction to lust to something that could possibly continue into a relationship. This was definitely a truly hot and exciting read!!!!! :-) First time I've read this author a [...]

    10. I loved the enemy to lover aspect. The fact that both main characters are public servants (firefighter and cop) makes it spicy to read. The mental issues Tig had added depth that was interesting as I am sure that would happen in real life too. While I was able to read this in beta format the finished product still managed to keep me in my chair until I finished it (again). Great read!

    11. A good read. Hot sex and some emotion.Sexy fireman meets sexy police detective.The connection seemed a bit off to start with but it built. Could have had more.Sex wasnt enough to make it a great read

    12. I actually really enjoyed this book. However, there's a lot of head hopping and I found myself having to go back and read to figure out who was talking. I should probably knock off a star for that and the cheesy names, but I devoured this book so it stays a 5

    13. 1.5 starsugh. This was not for me.Flame and Tigger are literally clones of one another, except for their occupation and eye color there was NOTHING to distinguish them from one another. They are the same height, the same build, live in the same closet, are both tops, both alpha-holes, both absolutely hypersexed sporting erections when the wind blows in the right direction and able to come and come and come 3 orgasms a fuck is the norm for these guys They may as well have been the same person!The [...]

    14. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.25 StarsI must just start by telling you that every time I see this book on my kindle I misread the title and wonder where the book called Guns & Hoes came from!This is the second book I have read by Brenda Cothern this week and I must say I really like her stories and the way she tells them. She gives us very real characters and believable story lines and some very hot sex!Tigger Flint and Thomas Flame are sworn enemies and have been since childhood. They h [...]

    15. If you like hot firemen and police officers, mixed in with a enemies to lovers theme, then you will enjoy Brenda Cothern's "Guns & Hoses." Fireman Tommy Flame and cop Tigger Flint have despised each other since sixth grade. But when an inter-departmental flag football tournament throws the men together sparks fly! Cue some really sexy hate sex, and as Tigger and Tommy spend more time together feelings develop.This is the fourth Brenda Cothern book I've reviewed and my favorite. I hope the au [...]

    16. The book was rather well written. I really liked the sex scenes and the falling in love process. I may have forgiven the weak reason for the rivalry, or the lame character names, but unfortunately, the author chose too many unoriginal and overdone plot twists or whatever you may call it Like the whole "suddenly getting caught kissing another person misunderstanding" or the "Omg you almost died and made me realise my love for you" situation. I also didn't like the conveniently fitting lyrics from [...]

    17. All I can say is that I'm a sucker for enemies to lovers storyline and they're in law enforcement to boot. With names like Tigger and Flame, I knew what kind of story I was going to get and rated it accordingly. I love that it didn't get overly cutesy just because they were together and all asshole behavior didn't almost immediately went out the window. The reason that this wasn't perfect read was because the excessive use of pop song lyrics to convey a feeling and it was never really explained [...]

    18. DNF at 65% sadly. I couldn't handle the chaotic POV or the strange song lyric obsession in the writing. It seemed that there just wasn't actual chemistry between the MC's other than simple lust and there was minimal character development.

    19. As with I.N.E.T I shouldn't have loved this book. I'm finding a trend here with Ms. Cothern. She can write an a**hole like nobody's business! And I love every single one of them even though I know I shouldn't. I loved both of these MCs, but Tig pushes all of my buttons. Every. Single. One.On to book 2. I know. I'm weak.

    20. The storyline was great but its just to devolve into a smut/porn book. Too much sex; not enough story. I expect a romance enemy to lover with a couple sex scenes but all the sex just made me fast forward.

    21. Lots of hot sex. Could use a bit of editing to weed out the repetitiveness. Really wanted to smack Tig at least half the time. Wish we would have seen a bit more past where the story left off. Narrator's voice was sexy.

    22. The sex was hot, the cop and the firefighter were totally fantasy worthy, and the story was ok. I would have liked to see an epilogue or something to tie it up at the end. But overall, it was good.

    23. Really good story with great characters. The only thing I did not like was the ending. I hate abrupt endings that leaving me totally unsatisfied and feeling like the story was unfinished.

    24. It was good, but was missing the uniqueness a book needs to stand out. spoiler:: I don't think there should've been a threesome so close to the ending, especially when things weren't fully clear with the 2 mcs.

    25. There aren't enough words to describe everything that I found wrong with this book. Maybe with the help of a decent editor it could have been an okay read but as it stands I had to force myself to finish it. I don't recommend this to anyone.

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