Second Daughter

Second Daughter

Susan Kaye Quinn / Jan 18, 2020

Second Daughter Aniri s life is supposedly perfect she s beloved by the people of Jungali and betrothed to their handsome prince He s a noble barbarian who s pledged to use his skyship for peace but the threat of a

  • Title: Second Daughter
  • Author: Susan Kaye Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
  • Format: ebook
  • Aniri s life is supposedly perfect she s beloved by the people of Jungali and betrothed to their handsome prince He s a noble barbarian who s pledged to use his skyship for peace, but the threat of a second skyship in the hands of rival country Samir looms over their impending marriage and Aniri begins to question her rush to marry a man she barely knows When the SecondAniri s life is supposedly perfect she s beloved by the people of Jungali and betrothed to their handsome prince He s a noble barbarian who s pledged to use his skyship for peace, but the threat of a second skyship in the hands of rival country Samir looms over their impending marriage and Aniri begins to question her rush to marry a man she barely knows When the Second Daughter of Dharia is poisoned, Aniri tells her soon to be husband she must rush off to Samir to care for her beloved sister After all, how can she wed when Seledri may be dying But in her heart, Aniri fears she may be like her long lost father, fleeing the responsibilities of crown once again Aniri may be a runaway bride, but the dangers in Samir are real Seledri is being stalked by an assassin, the second skyship could bring war, and the three Queendoms have never had so much unrest As Aniri fights to free her sister from a husband and a country she does not love, she unlocks tightly kept secrets that might have been better left uncovered and she wonders whether a love pledged in the heat of adventure can survive the looming threat of war SECOND DAUGHTER is the second book in the Royals of Dharia Trilogy It is told from Aniri s point of view.

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    1. You guys holy crap! This book. This WONDERFUL book!I mentioned in my review of the first book that I wasn't totally sold on the romance between Aniri and Ash. But this book proved just how totally wrong I was. I NEED more Ash. Ash is my bae. Nothing could stop me from reading the next book. Nothing. Not even the zombie apocalypse. Because ASH <3 <3 <3Second Daughter is a perfect follow-up to Third Daughter. It has so much more intrigue, drama, adventure and (swoony) romance. Seledri is [...]

    2. This book is another amazing example of Susan Kaye Quinn's excellent writing. Her writing draws you in and doesn't allow you to escape until you finish the book. The world she writes is stunning and vividly created in our imaginations with women wearing bright purple dresses and orange corsets to an air ship sailing across the sky. This book offers lots of action, gun fights and saber duels, and political intrigue. The main character, the third daughter, is still having issues with playing polit [...]

    3. Aniri is back in Jungali with Prince Malik. Now that things have settled down a little though the threat of war with Samir looms large, Aniri now has time to wonder if she has rushed into her engagement with the handsome prince. Aniri has good reason to doubt given that her last affair with the courtesan Deevish ended in betrayal. Aniri barely has a change to deal with her jitters before she is notified that an assassination attempt has been made on her sister, the second daughter of Dahria, Sel [...]

    4. There’s nonstop action in Susan Kaye Quinn’s new steampunk novel, Second Daughter, the second book in her Dharian Affairs Trilogy. First Daughter was a fun and fast-paced read, setting the stage for loads of drama in Second Daughter. The colorful environment, costumes and characters are enchanting, as she takes us on a gender-bending, East Indian-themed adventure. Second Daughter entices us with further development of the charming characters, first introduced in Third Daughter, plus a pletho [...]

    5. This book begins where the last one ended. In this second book, the eveing before Aniri’s wedding to Ash she learns her sister Seledri is in trouble. Someone has made an assassination attempt. Aniri leaves to “rescue” her sister because there are rumors that her sister’s new country is planning war against Dharia.I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinons expressed here are my own.

    6. Second Daughter is even better!I thoroughly enjoyed the Third Daughter but the Second Daughter was even better! I can hardly wait for the First Daughter now. I stayed up well past my normal bedtime because I couldn't stop reading this story and it was well worth it. Get these Books!!!

    7. Finally had a chance to finish Second Daughter today. It ended with a great cliffhanger, and I immediately started on the third book in the trilogy, First Daughter. I can't recommend the series highly enough.

    8. In the second bookAfter Aniri and Ash sees the sky ship everything changes. They think there's another. But now Aniri needs to face the music, her wedding plans. She becomes unsure about her wedding, then news about her sister Seledri reaches her. Ash and her along with everyone else is upset that she wants go to seledri. Ash also suspects she is having second thoughts. Aniri also has other plans not just to see if her sister is ok but to bring her home to Dharia and away from her loveless marri [...]

    9. Ouf another cliffhanger I also loved the second book in the trilogy! Though I must say, not as much as the first one. This was mostly due to the fact that Aniri was in Samir for the majority of this novel and I missed Ash. :( I missed the romance and the sparkles between them, even though we got to see a bit of Aniri and Ash together in the last part. But it just wasn't enough.Another thing that I didn't like as much was the fact that Devesh kinda is a good guy in this book. I don't really app [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book even more than the first book. It was fun to see the growth of Anira's character from a flighty, spoilt, self-centered girl into a young woman coming into her own own womanhood and power. She continues to get into adventures and scrapes while wrestling with love, and little matters like rescuing her sister, and the threat of war. The plot kept me spellbound until the end and I can't wait to read First Daughter.

    11. Not as good as the first but second-half of the book was emotional and riveting enough to keep me speeding through it to find out what happens. Now onto the final book! High hopes because so far am loving this series (even if Aniri can be a bit annoying at times).

    12. Got a little tired of her wishy-washiness when it came to her feelings and how she treated Ash, but still a great worldbuilding tale and adventure

    13. This book was exciting in it's own right, but what is best is that it leads tothe final book which I believe will be a great read.

    14. After reading The Third Daughter, I just had to read the WHOLE series. Second book takes off like a skyrocket. It never slows down. Awesome world crafting.

    15. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    16. Fun & Action-Packed, with Just the Right Amount of K-I-S-S-I-N-G!(Full disclosure: I received a free e-copy of this book for review from the author.)When last we saw the Third Daughter of Dharia, she was on board the reclaimed skyship Prosperity, bound for Jungali with the “barbarian” prince Ash at her side. The two planned to wed – for love, not country – but their happy ending was somewhat overshadowed by the possibility that their former Samirian allies had build a second, undisco [...]

    17. WonderfulThis had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading! A grew continuation to the story! Can't wait to start the next one.

    18. When last we saw Aniri, she was due to marry Ash, Prince of Jungali, in a week. Her mother and eldest sister have arrived in Bhatki, Jungali's capital city, for the wedding and Aniri had iceberg feet. She's barely 18, and unsure that she could make a good Queen--let alone a good wife. Plus, she fears that her affection for Ash was the product of their adventure together. She knows he's a good man--Aniri feels a bitunworthy. Then, on the eve of their wedding, Aniri's pregnant sister, Seledri surv [...]

    19. Step 1: Purchase Second Daughter today.Step 2: ASDFJKLSecond Daughter is another great installment of The Dharian Affairs trilogy, and definitely had me falling in love with Susan Kaye Quinn's work all over again - even if the ending made me throw things and scream into pillows. The sequel is just as fast paced and exciting as the first novel and will have readers begging for more. (And, you know, throwing chairs or something.)It isn't always easy to have a strong voice while writing in the thir [...]

    20. [Full disclosure: After seeing my 5 star review of Third Daughter, Susan Kaye Quinn provided me with a free ebook of her second book in exchange for an honest review.]As you guys know, I really don’t read much steampunk. It’s never really appealed to me as a genre but I’ve picked up the odd one here and there. I almost didn’t request Third Daughter on NetGalley several months ago, but I’m so glad I did. I was even happier when Susan Kaye Quinn contacted me about reviewing the sequel. I [...]

    21. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Second Daughter continues Quinn's exuberant bollywood steampunk series, keeping the action high and adding in more political intrigue. Although the books are titled after the 3 daughters, the story only follows third daughter Aniri's perspective throughout. Which isn't a bad thing since she's our plucky heroine and the one we want to read about.Story: Aniri is worried that she is moving too quickly into marriage with Ash; her hesitat [...]

    22. This is a series that I'm really excited about. The first book hooked me and I've been waiting, waiting to hear about the second book's release. I love the "east-Indian-flavored" steampunk romance. It's unique and because Susan Kaye Quinn is a gifted author, the flavor part of that statement really shines through. I always feel like I'm immersed in richness when I read her books. Especially these.One of my favorite parts of this book was a scene where Aniri dresses up for a traditional celebrati [...]

    23. Not as crazy as the first one but still keeps you on your toes. The end was a wild and very scary adventure. I'm nervous as to how our characters are going to fair in the next one.

    24. Second DaughterThis is the second installment of The Royals of Dharia. I like this series and like the characters. Each of the three royal daughters has a unique royal standing, and each has a unique personality partially due to her royal duties. In addition, there is a whole host of strong supporting characters to draw you into their circle. You will follow across three queendoms, into flying machines, through wrenching marriages arranged for politics and love, into the ravages of war, and look [...]

    25. Secrets. Romance. Sky ships. War. Betrayal. Put all of these together and you have a novel where almost anything can happen and just when you think you’ve figured out what’s going on, an unexpected event occurs and you think, I never saw that coming.What am I talking about? Author Susan Kaye Quinn’s novel SECOND DAUGHTER: The Dharian Affairs, Book Two, of course. Third daughter Aniri is back with her plans to marry Ash and bring peace between their countries. A difficult task made even mor [...]

    26. 3.5/5I don't know what went wrong with me here, ladies and gents, but I could not get into this book until the last third of the novel. I was a bit taken aback considering how much I enjoyed Third Daughter, the first book in this series. Oh well, as the say: "sh*t happens".First of all, Aniri coming to Samir and playing hide and seek with all her entourage against the royal guards felt a bit silly. I understood her desire to save her sister, but she went about it in a very half-arsed way, and th [...]

    27. Someday I may learn to charge my Kindle's battery before I open one of Ms. Quinn's books. That oversight is the only reason I didn't devote the entire day to reading Second Daughter. I still finished this book much too quickly. I knew that would happen. I loved Third Daughter. While I wouldn't say that I liked Second Daughter better, I do think it added a lot of depth to the main characters. I felt like I got to know them better, and it was a treat to meet Seledri as well. That lady has nerves o [...]

    28. Full of excitement and energy, Second Daughter is a great second book in The Dharian Affairs. Though Third Daughter Aniri agreed to marry Ash for love at the end of the first book, she is now having second thoughts about marriage. The night before her wedding, Aniri discovers that someone has tried to assassinate her older sister, the Second Daughter of Dharia and Princess of Samir. Aniri rushes off for another adventure in the skyship, this time to save her Seledri and discover Samir's plans fo [...]

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